Author: Athea (
Series: Jonny Quest cartoons, part 14
Date: 14 February 1999
Valentine's Day Surprise

Benton hummed under his breath while he puttered around the lab. For the time being, he was alone while Sandy went to a conference in Bogota. They weren't presenting this time but she was there to listen to what others were doing in the field of alternative energy. For once, he'd had no desire to hear for himself. It was only two weeks since the hurricane had gone through and Race was still limping.

He shivered for a moment while the memory of Race lying trapped under the steel girder flashed across his mind's eye. Life was too short to run all over the world. Much better to stay home and continue working on the Cirrus project. Not to mention loving your heartmate to pieces every chance you got.

Smiling to himself, he set up the next parameters for the computer to run through while he remembered the sensuous torments he'd put Race through the night before. He'd had him begging for release while he deep throated him and massaged his prostate at the same time. Maybe he'd serve him dinner at the moonrise pavilion and make love to him by moonlight.

Stretching, he rolled the chair back from the table and stood up. He'd been sitting too long. Time to get up and move around. 1:00. I wonder where Race is? It's definitely lunch time. He headed to the office to remove his lab coat and found a package on his desk.

Picking it up, he turned it over and shook it slightly before peeling back the tape and pulling off the white paper decorated with red hearts. The cardboard box was simple with a lid that just lifted off. Inside, nestled a tube of lubricant with the red letters ForePlay written on the plastic tube. He started laughing and reached for the intercom but a pair of familiar arms around his waist stopped him.

"Don't you like my present, love?" A husky voice from just below his ear made him shiver.

"I love your present, Race. I was thinking of taking a lunch break. Join me?" Benton gripped the hands that were caressing his stomach muscles.

"Lunch? Why thank you, Dr. Quest. I believe I will." A wet tongue lapped behind his ear and a bulging crotch pressed between his cheeks. "Let me help you off with your lab coat."

Benton smiled and wiggled back against his lover before feeling the hem of his white lab coat come up over his head from behind, bringing his arms with it. Soon he was trapped in the white cotton folds and Race's body was slowly bending his over the desk so he lay face down on the oak top.

"Race?" His voice was muffled and he couldn't resist wriggling just a bit.

"Oh, this is nice, lover. I see what I'd like for lunch right here on your desk. Grab the edge for me and let me see what I can come up with." Race's voice was purring and without his sight or the use of his hands, Benton's other senses began to intensify.

Strong hands reached around and undid his belt while flicking open the button closure and sliding his zipper down. The cool lab air caressed his buttocks as his pants and boxers were slowly teased down his legs and off, taking his loafers with them. Then his socks were peeled off and a moist tongue licked the high arch of his right foot, making him groan.

"Hm-m-m, I was right. A tasty feast all laid out for me right here." Race's tongue licked higher and Benton shuddered when he reached that sensitive spot behind his right knee.

Race's mouth continued his journey upward and the feel of his denim jeans and cotton polo shirt between his naked legs teased him into instant arousal. But when the callused hands spread his cheeks and a hot breath puffed across his puckered opening, Benton felt as if he would lose all control. Soft lips kissed his balls and first one then the other were drawn into moist heat and savored before being released into the air-conditioned air of the lab.

"Race!" Benton was panting and squirming on the hard desktop, his hands flexing on the edge in rhythm with his racing heartbeat.

"Not yet, love. This is just the appetizer. Main course coming up in a few minutes."

The first probe of tongue made Benton quiver. Rimming was still something that astonished him. That Race could enjoy it so much made him feel very humble. When his lover told him that he found every inch of skin kissable and then proceeded to touch and taste it all, he felt the most loved man in the world.

"Oh, God!" The nerve endings were shooting little sparks into his anal canal and Race's hands on his hips were all that kept him on the desk. His cock was hardening with each lick. "Race!"

"You're so impatient, Benton. You must be hungry and I have just the thing to ... fill you up." Race's voice was sultry and Benton heard the top of the lubricant tube pop open.

The innuendo made him lift his hips towards Race and he loved the chuckle that flowed out even while he knew his back was blushing with heat. "Please."

The sound of a zipper being lowered and the first finger coated with lube breaching his opening, happened simultaneously. His back arched and he accepted the flexing digit with a wiggle, while his cock hardened to steel-like proportions. "More."

"So hungry, lover. That makes two of us." Race added another finger and began the scissoring motions that stretched him wide. When the third was added, Benton began to pant, knowing what was coming next. The hot hard bulk that pressed against him made him take a deep breath, letting it out as Race slid deep inside him.

They both paused and Benton felt again the same astonishment he always felt each time that they made love this way. "We fit so well, together."

"We do, indeed. Ready for me?" Race caressed his lower back with soft touches.

"Always ready, love. Make me taste you." Benton gripped the edge of the desk and flexed his inner muscles around the solid cock inside him.

"Damn." Race pulled almost all the way out before pushing back in with controlled speed. His hands rubbed Benton's firm cheeks and when he spoke again, he made Benton blush harder. "I wish you could see this, love. The way my cock looks sliding between your cheeks. Disappearing into your tight, hot channel. Then coming out all glistening with melting lube before going back in."

Benton could imagine it all too well, since he loved watching his own cock disappear into Race's depths. He squirmed, trying to get a little pressure on his own forgotten cock but he wasn't positioned right to use the desk as another hand and he groaned in frustration.

"Need a little something to go with the main course, love? How about something warm and slick?" Race always seemed to be able to read his mind and the warm, lubricated hand that reached around to grasp his cock was just what he needed.

"Yes-s-s-s." He hissed and arched back, his legs on either side of Race's, scrambling for purchase on the cold tiles of the lab floor.

A couple of strokes and the hand was gone but before he could protest, Race had moved him forward a little and was raising his legs to wrap around his bodyguard's waist. It was a little awkward but it put the invading cock at a different angle and his prostate started tingling with the increased stimulus.

The hand was back and now, it was all Benton could do to hold on to the desk while Race slammed into him over and over. Both of them were panting in unison and their moans were rising with the friction of their lovemaking. Benton felt a flush flow over his skin while the flames that had been licking at his nerve endings finally burst into a full-fledged forest fire.

He froze and erupted into Race's waiting grip with long spasms of pulsing white-hot fluid. Another thrust and his lover followed him with a stream of seed that Benton could have sworn he really could taste. His lover covered him with his body and the scientist felt his legs sprawl back to the floor, glad that the desk was strong enough to hold them both up.

"Gods, Benton. I love the way you do lunch." A satisfied purr sounded from between his shoulder blades where Race's head had landed.

The laughter started at his bare toes and rippled all the way up to his trapped hands. It proved to be infectious and soon they were both laughing deeply while they disentangled themselves from each other. Benton clenched tight to keep Race inside of him for another moment and he felt the kiss even through three layers of cloth.

"Never want to leave. But I'd hate to have Sandy come home and find us here on your desk, still stuck together." The deep voice chuckled and when he rolled Benton's satiated balls between his fingers, the scientist flinched and allowed him to slip free.

Strong arms pulled him upright and clever fingers finally freed him from the straight jacket of his lab coat. Turning, Benton gazed into the beautiful blue eyes of his lover and sighed. "I love you, Race Bannon. Thanks for lunch. It really ... hit the spot."

Race shouted with laughter while he finished buttoning up his jeans. "I love you too, Benton. Now, what say we go and see what Lazlo has for our stomachs. Now that our other appetites have been satisfied."

Benton eased his still tender flesh back into his pants and zipped up gingerly. Every time he moved, he could feel the ache deep inside him, reminding him of Race's power and strength. He felt his voice deepen while he caught his lover's gaze.

"That appetite will never be completely satisfied. But I suspect you're going to need your strength for later when I ... thank you properly for my nice Valentine's Day present."

Race kissed him gently. "I look forward to it. Maybe a little protein to boost our energy?"

Benton laughed and headed out the lab door, secure in the knowledge that Race was right behind him. He was already plotting a dinner that his lover would remember for a long time. Just where had they put the swing?

End part 14