Author: Athea (
Series: Jonny Quest, Race/Benton, part 16
Date: 10 September 2000
Note: I was reminded recently that I hadn't written in this genre for over a year. Which started me thinking -- not always a bad thing. <g> It starts off Sandy then goes to Race.
Energy Overload

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, actually it was afternoon and it hadn't started to rain yet but you get the picture. The Boss was back from a solar installation on an island off the coast of Honduras and he was a little upset. Oh hell, he was a lot upset. In fact, he was breathing fire and lashing his tail -- metaphorically speaking.

I was lying low, trying to not attract attention and keeping out of his way. From his ranting, I figured out that the local politician had thrown a spanner into the works, by refusing a permit unless he was 'properly' compensated.

In other words -- a bribe.

Now the Boss is pretty good-natured usually but corruption brings out the dragon in him. And he was practically breathing fire about the sanctimonious official who was willing to let some of his people suffer for lack of power to run their hospital, operate their well motors and provide electricity for the schoolrooms.

He and Jonny had gone alone this trip for some father and son bonding time. And they'd finally gotten the panels installed, the batteries hooked up and the hospital online again. But from what Jonny had managed to whisper to me, his dad had pretty much kept up a continuous stream of consciousness the entire flight back.

Now Jonny and I were making our escape for a good long swim before the rain squalls hit. Race was listening patiently while making shooing motions with the hand behind his back. Dr. Quest was pacing in front of him and as soon as we left, I'm betting that Race will find something to take care of the problem.

Looking at the slim blond at my side, I wished for just a moment that he were older. For now, I'll settle for a swim and some talk. But the next two years will pass quickly, especially with this crew and I have plans for his 21st birthday. If he's not taken then Race isn't the only one who plans on pouncing a Quest.

I really do love this job.


Race nodded patiently to the second retelling of what Captain Garcia had said when he demanded more 'paperwork'. He was willing to wait for a few more minutes until Sandy and Jonny could get completely away before taking care of the little problem Benton seemed to be having with his excess energy.

The computer screen behind the scientist showed the squall line moving closer and he hoped they decided to use the inlet rather than the bay. The wave surges were going to be spectacular with this tropical storm. But he figured they had a good hour before it hit and Jonny knew better than to fight the sea.

Poseidon always won that battle.

Okay, that's enough of this. Standing up from his comfortable perch on Benton's desk, he reached out a long arm and reeled the fuming scientist into his arms. Lips honed in on still talking lips and cut him off in mid rant. He'd only been gone three days but it felt more like weeks. He'd missed the long hard body in their bed, his comments at the breakfast table and their beach runs that always seemed to end in the Moon-Rise pavilion.

His tongue dueled with Benton's while his hands slid up and down the lean back muscles that were quivering with tension -- just not the good kind. Yet. But Race had a sure fire remedy for that. Moving them both without breaking the kiss, he pushed Benton onto his desk and reached in front to flick open his pants. Unzipping and delving within for the treasure he knew waited for him, he lovingly stroked the lifting cock with a firm grip.

When he judged him ready for more, he pulled just far enough away to drop to his knees and take Benton into his mouth. Moans from above and fingers combing his short hair encouraged him to take him deep and begin the hum that sent such delicious shivers up his lover's back.

"Oh god, that feels so good." Benton could still manage words and that meant he wasn't at the right level of pleasure yet.

So, Race slid the bunched cloth down so he'd have more to play with, his right hand gently rolling Benton's testicles like a pair of dice. The words dwindled to repetitions of his name and when he tongued that spot just under the crown, his lover thrust and came hard. Milking him clean, Race tenderly spent long moments simply licking any stray seed away from the pale skin.

"Well, I feel better." Benton's hands were back on his head. "You sure know how to welcome someone home. Did we wait until Sandy and Jonny escaped?"

"Yep." Race stood up and pulled Benton into his arms, letting him feel how hard he'd gotten. "Now, I think we should go for a run before the storm hits and you can welcome me right back."

"Sounds like an excellent idea, Race." Benton kissed him gently before pulling away. "I need to change clothes."

"I'll meet you at the east beach." Race kissed him hard one more time before letting him leave. He had a couple of chores to do before continuing play time. Heading for the control center, he checked to be sure that everything was in lock-down mode. Then he jogged to the eastern shore of the island and found Benton slowly stretching out his muscles.

The long legs and strong arms were on prominent display with only a pair of navy shorts and a white muscle shirt in the way. Benton's eyes twinkled at him and he nodded. Caught looking again, he thought with a grin, he got caught a lot at that lately. They started off at a fast walk that became a slow run, side by side along the shoreline. This was their favorite path and in about two miles, they'd be at the Moon-Rise pavilion.

Race had already set up the pavilion with Benton's favorite snacks and a new supply of lube to replace the almost spent container. Plus, he'd found a new massage oil who's scent reminded him of the sea and he was eager to try it out. The tight muscles that Benton kept trying to surreptitiously loosen in his neck and shoulders looked to be uncomfortably tensed.

Half way to the pavilion, the clouds opened up and let go. The rain felt cool against heated skin and they slowed to enjoy it. Race loved seeing Benton's hair slicked back over his shapely head. The shirt began to cling to his skin, outlining his hardening nipples. Race licked his lips, thinking ahead to the moment when he'd be able to taste them again.

With the pavilion in sight, they began to slow even farther so they could stretch the nicely warmed muscles in their legs. Rain began to fall faster, whipped by a rising wind that almost stung in intensity. Just outside the shuttered shelter, Benton stopped, holding his arms out and turning slowly with his eyes closed and his face upraised to the storm. For a moment, Race saw the Viking God Thor fantasy that Sandy had once confessed to him.

The crack of thunder overhead reminded him of Thor's hammer and he waited by the door for Benton to join him. Green eyes sparkled and a wide smile gleamed whitely at him. "Come here, love. I've got a surprise for you."

The smile got impossibly bigger then he had an armful of warm, wet lover. Somehow they got through the door and into the warmer shelter. Cold hands slid over chilled skin, slowly frictioning warmth back into both of them. Race made sure the door was hooked close so neither the wind or a person could join them. It was one of the few places on the island that had absolutely no monitors of any kind.

They didn't share their loving with anyone.

He had Benton stripped in a matter of moments before draping a towel over the sopping wet hair. Toeing off his running shoes, he let his lover strip him down to skin before tipping him back onto the wide mattress. The hot pot by the bed had warmed the massage oil to skin temperature and he reached for it while Benton finished towel drying his hair.

Pouring a small pool of oil between his nipples, Race bathed each one to a shining peak before spreading it over the damp skin. Benton hissed at the first heat then relaxed all over. Race spent long moments on each arm, rubbing the oil into tense muscles that slowly grew limp and heavy. Working his way down the lean torso, he massaged each leg into nirvana then turned him over and started working his way back up. Bypassing the tempting ass, he straddled Benton's hips and began the long sweeps that would gentle the tension right out of his back and shoulders.

Except for an occasional moan, the only sounds were the rain hitting the wood shingle roof and the wind rattling the steel shutters. Race felt himself relax right along with his lover. These were the moments in their lives when everything narrowed to just them. No world crises or interesting experiments to take them away from each other; he grinned to himself and watched the little arch in Benton's neck as he tried to get Race's fingers in just the right spot.

He was willing to bet that Benton had forgotten such a person as Captain Garcia even existed. So, he began to lighten his touch, trailing fingers down the long back muscles to the neglected ass. Shifting back a little further, he moved the long legs farther apart so he could kneel between them and eased the white buttocks apart so he could squirt some of the massage oil directly into the tight little hole. Benton twitched and moaned, lifting his hips almost wantonly.

"Yes, please, love. Massage all of me." He pleaded with an enticing look over his shoulder.

"I was planning on it, Benton. Hand me a pillow, please." Race stuffed the rolled bolster under the hips, making sure he oiled the hardening cock as he passed by. "Comfy?"

"There's still some tension, I'm afraid. You may have to do some deep massage." The suggestive tone went right to Race's cock.

"Oh, I plan on it, Benton. The deeper the better, right?" He slid a finger through the spasming muscle and got only a moan for an answer. Grinning a little, he wiggled the oil inside the tight channel while his other hand rolled the testicles gently back and forth. Coming back out for more oil, he leaned down and blew tenderly across the pink hole before sliding in two fingers.

After they were apart, it seemed like they had to reconnect again. And now seemed like the perfect time to join his lover. His cock was hastily oiled with one hand while he scissored his fingers to relax Benton completely. Then he was breaching the protective muscle, holding still to let his lover accustom himself to the large intruder and finally sliding balls deep inside the tight, hot channel. Kissing the back of Benton's neck, he waited for the signal that he could move.

"I love having you inside me, Race." The voice was slow and dreamy. "I always feel so safe when you're plastered to me like a second skin. Have I told you I love you since I got back?"

"Nope. I guess the honeymoon's over." Race licked the skin behind Benton's right ear and decided the new oil didn't taste all that bad when it was combined with salty Benton-sweat.

"No way, love. This honeymoon is going to last as long as we do. However, I think some movement is in order." And he flexed his inner muscles around Race's cock.

"Nice. Maybe I should let you do all the work." Race bit the nearest earlobe and felt Benton's shiver all the way to his toes. "Or maybe not."

Bracing his knees on the mattress, he spread Benton's legs even further apart before beginning the slow thrusts that they both enjoyed. It only took two strokes for him to find his lover's prostate and after finding it he made sure that he hit it every other time. When the burn started, Benton was on his hands and knees while Race's hands held his hips steady.

Steady pleading from his frantic lover induced phase three of their lovemaking -- a hard pounding that frictioned them both into release. As they collapsed onto the bed, Race made a mental note to get a new bolster for the bed. It would be the fifth one this year. Tiredly, he wondered if he should just lay in a stock of twenty or so for just these moments.

He got them on their sides, still firmly lodged within his lover. Spooning together, he rubbed small soothing circles onto Benton's stomach. A sigh was their only reaction when he softened and slipped from his lover's keeping. Only when they began to cool down did he sit up and pull the cotton blanket from the foot of the bed over them both. Benton turned until they were front to front so he could slide his arms around him.

"Love you, Race. Next time, you come too." The sleepy voice did something severely twisting to his heart muscle.

"Guaranteed, Benton. Now rest so we can do some more welcoming home exercises later." He held him close, enjoying the sleepy chuckle before the breathing smoothed out into sleep. Never let you go, Benton, and that's a guarantee.

End part sixteen