Author: Athea (
Series: Jonny Quest cartoons, part three

Dr. Benton Quest closed his eyes and stilled his busy fingers. Closing his laptop, he stretched and felt the joints crack at the release of tension. Resting his head on the tall seat back, he thought back over the last two days. He'd given a successful paper on the uses of computer virtual reality. The boys hadn't gotten into too much trouble in Miami. And Bandit had actually foiled a jewel robbery. With Race's help, of course.

Opening his eyes, he cast a fond look at the white haired pilot. Even at a computer conference, Race couldn't stay out of trouble. He seemed born to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the right time if you counted saving Johnny's life. Turning his chair, he watched his son and his friend asleep in the pull-down beds. All that energy finally at rest, he thought tenderly. Even Bandit was curled up at Johnny's feet, snuffling in dog dreamdom.

For himself, he was just glad to be going home. Conferences were all very well and good but there were too many people wanting his attention. Some of them were pushy celebrity hunters who had to be treated kindly but kept at a distance, while others were scientists who just needed his time/attention/brains/ideas, etc. They were harder to handle because he never knew when one of them might have a worthy idea and become a collaborator. Normally, however they were simply a nuisance. They all took enormous energy from him and there was simply no time to replenish it.

He swiveled back to watch Race talk to the control tower. They must be getting close. Benton smiled again and watched the pilot make the simple course corrections. All his movements were concise and controlled. So much power leashed in those long fingers and strong hands. Hands that were capable of such tenderness and finesse that just thinking about them made him shiver.

Those hands had cradled his head, massaged his neck and shoulders, soothed away the tensions and then created a firestorm of passion that had burned him to his core. No part of his body had remained untouched, unloved. Every inch of skin kindled to white-hot desire that only Race could put out. Those fingers had sought and breached parts of him he'd never thought of. They had brought him to a trembling peak and kept him there until he'd begged for release. Then they had gently pushed him over the edge and caught him when he fell.

Benton smiled tenderly and checked his watch. Twenty minutes to landing, half an hour to get the boys settled back to sleep in their rooms and then the night was theirs. An hour from now and he would show Race what the hands of a scientist could do. His eyes caught Race watching him inquiringly.

"Almost home?" He asked quietly.

"We've started our descent. Palm Key in about twenty minutes." The deep husky whisper flowed across the cabin.

"A swim? After you check security and I get the boys back to sleep."

The chuckle did severe damage to his breathing patterns. "Midnight swim? Could be dangerous."

Benton smiled slowly, holding his gaze with all the love that burned within him. "Yes, it could."

It was a promise they would both keep.

End part three