Author: Athea (
Series: Jonny Quest cartoons, part five
Date: 10-17-97
Energy Squared

"Dr. Quest!"

Benton Quest stopped his rapid stride towards the glass and chrome elevators of the Miami Hilton and turned to see the portly gentleman hurrying to catch up with him. If only I hadn't stopped to chat with Dana.

"A masterly summation, Dr. Quest." Dr. Raymond puffed to a halt and mopped his brow with a spotless handkerchief. "But only theory, of course?"

Benton quirked an eyebrow at the shorter man. "Thank you, Dr. Raymond. I didn't realize you were interested in solar energy."

"It's an interesting concept but do you really think the fossil fuel industry is going to allow this idea off the drawing board?" His purring tones made Benton grit his teeth.

Hiding his distaste under a half smile, Benton clasped his hands behind him and rocked forward on the balls of his feet. "The industry you've named," and probably work for "has little say in the matter." you little weasel "I would never release data before through testing." unlike some I could name "The solar panels are in place and providing energy in three separate locations in the Pacific."

Dr. Raymond's eyes widened but before Benton could continue, a deep voice from his right shoulder broke in. "Dr. Quest. I'm sorry to interrupt but you're needed back in the suite."

Benton turned his head, taking in the serious features of his bodyguard, Race Bannon. "Thank you, Race. Excuse me, Dr. Raymond."

"Of course, Dr. Quest. Perhaps later." The rotund scientist mopped his brow again and moved off towards a cluster of other conference attendees.

Benton headed for the elevators again, knowing Race was shadowing him. He spoke quietly out of one side of his mouth, "Thanks, Race. How did you know I needed rescuing?"

"It's my job, Dr. Quest." The calm voice belied the laughter in the crinkling blue eyes.

Benton nodded to two more of his fellow scientists but he and Race were the only two who got on the elevator. Leaning against the opaque wall and looking out at the beach, he sighed in relief. "So, I'm needed, am I?"

Race jabbed fiercely at the button for the 11th floor. "You have no-o-o idea."

Benton felt a pleasant frisson run up his spine at the graveled whisper. It had been a frenzied week of preparation for this conference on alternative energy. And the last two evenings had been full of brainstorming sessions among like-minded scientists drawn together by this rare opportunity to share ideas and experiences. He'd literally fallen asleep over his notes this morning about 3 a.m. He hadn't even awakened when Race had carried him to bed and covered him up.

Race had his key to the suite out and in the door before Benton was more than two steps from the elevator. "Something's come up, Race?" He teased his friend.

"Yes, sir." Race nodded pleasantly to the maid who pushed her cart down the hall. "An urgent problem came up right after you left."

Benton closed the door behind them and locked it with a little click. But before he could move further into the room, Race firmly held him immobile against the solid oak. Sliding his hands up the long arms to grip his shoulders, he slowly nuzzled the tempting throat of the scientist. Rubbing his whole body against the warm solid body of his friend, Race gave an excellent imitation of a big cat, complete with purr.

Benton surrendered totally to the sensations of hard angles and warmth, his hands gripping Race's back. Feeling the muscles ripple under his touch, he sighed and let his head fall back to rest against the door. Easing one of his legs between Race's, he enjoyed the pulsing heat that settled against his own. "I can feel what came ... up."

The answering murmur came from the tender spot behind his right ear. A tiny bite then a rough tongue to sooth the hurt. "You're the only one who can take care of the problem."

"A big problem." Benton's hands delved into the waistband of the tight fitting jeans and pulled Race closer.

"And getting bigger by the minute." Race's hips undulated forward, pressing hardness to hardness.

"Urgent, I think you said." Benton nipped a convenient ear lobe, evoking a hiss of approval. "I'm willing to give it top priority," his fingers pressed deeper within the convenient crease, eliciting a shiver of desire from the man sucking his left nipple through the cotton shirt, "but I think we should move this into the bedroom."

Race rested his forehead on Benton's shoulder and took a deep breath. With a smile, he brushed a kiss across his lips and pulled away. "You're the doctor."

Taking a moment to set the security bar, Benton started to shed his clothes. By the time they reached the bedroom with the balcony and the view of the beach, they were both naked. Benton traced the well defined muscles of his long time lover, enjoying the restrained power that rippled beneath satin smooth skin. His chest heaved once as the clever fingers tweaked a nipple on their way down to the column of flesh that jutted proudly between the long legs.

Sinking to the floor, Benton held the slim hips still and gave an experimental lick to the inviting erection. "I've seen this problem before. I'll have to defuse this ... before it explodes." And without further teasing, he deep throated Race.

Race threw back his head in anguished delight, his hands moving to gently cradle Benton's head. Fingers combing through the red hair, he rocked in and out of the hot, moist mouth. One of Benton's hands came forward to cradle the balls that hung so enticingly close. The other slid around back to trace the crease between the firm white buttocks, grazing the small round opening with tantalizingly brief caresses.

Race pressed back onto the questing finger, then forward between the talented lips with a brief moan. Benton smiled around the hardening flesh and began to vigorously suck while sinking his finger deep into his friend. Rotating the digit, he sought the gland that would push Race over the edge. With a strangled shout, he did just that, filling Benton's throat with pulse after pulse of warm fluid. Slowing his suction, Benton began to pull back, leaving little licks along the softening member.

"Damn, Benton, that was too fast." Strong hands pulled him up while warm lips opened his own so tongues could intertwine, sharing the sweet salty taste of love.

"So, this time, we'll go slow." Benton smiled and tumbled them back onto the bed, catching himself before he could hurt Race. Covering his body with his own like a living blanket, he proceeded to let his hands wander.

"You're just full of ideas, aren't you, Dr. Quest?" Race arched in abandon under the welcome weight, his own hands doing some wanton moving.

The next few moments were spent in lingering caresses and whispered endearments. The scent of sea and salt, semen and sweat rose around them until Race stilled Benton's thrusting with a laugh.

"I need you inside me, Benton. Don't waste this," he pressed firmly at the base of his erection. "Get me ready."

Benton took the tube of lubricant and spooned up behind Race. First one slickened finger sank into the delicious heat, then two rotated, loosening the tight muscles. Brushing a kiss onto the nearest shoulder, Benton whispered, "I never get tired of this. You trust me not to hurt you. To let me into your body."

Race turned his head to kiss him. "Only you, Benton. You're in my heart. In my soul. My body recognizes you and the pleasure you bring." Three fingers wrenched a sigh of longing from him and he pushed back impatiently. "Now, love. Now!"

Replacing his fingers with himself, Benton pressed home. The tight hot depths of Race's channel surrounded and massaged him. Resting for a moment, he kissed the soft spot under a nearby ear and moved his hands from hard hips to Race's renewed erection. Slowly, they moved together in a rocking movement that began to speed up when Benton got the angle right and nudged his prostate. Race pressed back more urgently, beginning to pant.

"C'mon, Benton. You've waited long enough. Let me have all of you."

Benton rolled Race forward, staying inside of him while easing his legs apart. Urging him onto his knees, he held onto the bronzed hips strongly enough to leave bruises and began to slam into him. "Was this ... what you ... had in mind?"

"Oh, yeah." Race met him more than half way.

Benton could feel the tremors begin, the small shivers that presaged Race's climax. Knowing that all that power and strength was given freely into his care, fueled his need to make him come first. One hand snaked around his hip to grasp and slide smoothly up and down the pulsing flesh. Three strokes were all it took before Race was climaxing in his hand. The contracting muscles squeezed him unmercifully, ripping his own orgasm from him deep within Race.

They collapsed onto the bed, wrapped tight around each other. Breathing gradually slowed and Race brought Benton's hand up to his mouth, licking the fingers clean of his own juices. Benton rested his forehead against the short white hair and breathed in the clean male scent of his lover. His softened member slipped from Race and he rolled onto his back, leaving his arm across Race.

Race moved to face him, offering him a kiss of gentle thanks. Even that small gesture sent a streak of electricity through the scientist. A stray thought made him chuckle. Race went up on one elbow and looked down on him, his hand idly stroking through the mat of red curls on his chest.

"What's so funny, love?"

Benton traced lazy eights on his arm. "Well, we are here at a conference on alternative energy."

"So." Race leaned down to slowly lick the small nipple nestled in the curls, teasing it to a hardened nub of sensitized flesh.

"So," Benton arched slightly, almost losing his train of thought, "if we could just harness the energy we create when we make love, we'd have a new source of power."

"Hm-m-m." Race suckled a little harder before moving to the other nipple and giving it his undivided attention. Long moments passed in lazy enjoyment before Race raised his head and grinned a wicked grin. "You'd have to experiment a lot."

"That goes without saying." Benton nodded solemnly, eyes twinkling with mirth.

"We'd ... have to experiment a lot. In different settings and different configurations."

"Indeed we would." Benton laughed joyously.

"Should be a hell of a paper." And Race moved on top of the laughing scientist to start yet another round of loving.

End of part five