Author: Athea (
Series: Jonny Quest cartoons, part six
Date: 11-07-97

Race Bannon stood, hands on hips, watching Dr. Benton Quest hunched over his computer. The look of concentration was complete, brow furrowed, eyes squinted, jaw clenched. Race shook his head and thought about leaving him to his work. But his internal clock told him that Benton had been online for over five hours and enough was enough.

"Dr. Quest. It's time for bed."


Opening round - normal. Race smiled fondly and left to get ready for round two. He checked on the boys and set the internal security alarm that would warn him if anyone went in or out of their wing of the complex. Rummaging through the kitchen, he prepared a plate of cheese cubes, crackers, celery sticks and chocolate covered peanut butter balls. He pulled out a wooden tray and opened a bottle of Lambrusco. Arranging the plate, glasses and wine, he carried it through to the lab.

Benton hadn't moved but the screen now showed a site Race recognized. In Australia, it was day and the University Microbiotics department was up and running. This was going to be a real challenge. Their research fascinated Benton and he'd been able to give them some valuable input. Maybe he should wait?

No, Benton needed his sleep. Silently, he cleared a space on the computer desk and set down the tray. He poured a half glass of wine and held it under Benton's nose, moving it back and forth enticingly. Benton twitched and brought his left hand up to grasp the glass. Race let it go slowly caressing the long fingers with his own. Benton smiled and took a sip.

"I'll be done in just a minute, Race." His eyes never left the screen.

Race had heard that before. He popped a cheese cube and fed one to Benton who chewed appreciatively. Okay, he's taking nourishment so part of his body is paying attention. The celery stick took a little more effort to chew and it was time to move in for the kill. Choosing his ammunition, he held a peanut butter ball to his friend's lips. At the first taste of chocolate, Benton sighed and briefly closed his eyes. He licked his lips and chewed slowly. But when his eyes opened they went right back to the file.

Race grinned. Round two - a tie. Time to bring up the big guns.

Resting his hands on Benton's shoulders, he began a slow soothing massage. Working the tight neck muscles, he kept up a steady kneading. Alternating deep muscle manipulation with light tissue caresses, he slid his hands forward to slip the top buttons open on Benton's green oxford shirt. He kept up a rhythmic stroking with one hand while the other combed through curly chest hair.

Finding a small nub nestled among red curls, he tweaked it gently. Benton hissed and arched under his hands but still didn't take his eyes from the screen. Race smiled to himself. Hard ball, huh? Time to escalate the sweet torture. Moving his hands back to the wide shoulders, he trailed his fingertips down the long arms until he was stretched along Benton's body and his lips were nuzzling just under his left ear. Benton sighed, tilting his head to give him better access and murmuring his name. "Race."

But he kept watching that damn screen.

Time for the kill. Race straightened and took a sip of wine. Moving around the desk, he sank to the floor and shoved the computer cables to one side. Kneeling between the scientist's legs, he nudged them apart and began a determined assault on Benton's zipper. Rhythmic kneading of the cock which pulsed just to the left of the seam, brought it to life. The zipper hissed open and Race reached within to pull aside the boxers and free the hardening shaft. The crimson head of the flaring cock poked free and Race licked it lovingly.

"Race!" Benton's strangled cry echoed under the desk.

He pulled back with an evil smile, "Just keep working, Benton. Don't let me interrupt you." And he went back to tormenting his lover with teeth and tongue. Nibbling down one side then licking up the other, he listened to the moans from above.

More importantly, he heard the clicks that meant the file was being saved and closed. Then the staccato sound of a sentence being typed and the logging off chime. Grinning, Race gave a last lick before deep-throating the now steel hard cock. Benton's hands were off the keyboard and stroking Race's head. Taking the long lean shaft all the way to the back of his throat, Race swallowed once then pulled back to suck strongly.

Benton's hips thrust forward helplessly in an involuntary movement, easily controlled by Race's hands on his thighs. Increased suction brought another thrust and the beginning spasms of release. Race gentled his mouth and swallowed the bitter salty gift. Benton's groans became sighs of completion. Taking a last lick at the sated flesh, Race rolled Benton away from the desk and followed on his knees.

"What? Done already, Benton?" His sunny tones were masterly. "Sure you don't want to work some more?"

Benton pulled him close and bent to kiss him. "No more work." His tongue invaded and twisted around Race's. Long moments of serious mouth fucking ensued before Benton slid his lips over to an ear and bit it gently. "Time to play."

"Agreed." Race levered himself up and pulled Benton with him into a hug.

"You're getting better at that." Benton said ruefully.

"Distracting you is getting to be my second favorite job." Race grinned and zipped him up.

"I think I'm afraid to ask what your favorite is." Benton licked his way down Race's throat.

Race pulled him closer and ran a hand down the back seam of Benton's jeans. The man in his arms shivered and bit him gently.

"Let's take this party to bed," Benton ran his hands up the strong back "and you can show me."

"Good idea. Do we need the chocolate?"

"Nope." Benton kissed him gently. "You're the only stimulate I need."

Arms around each other, they turned out the lights and headed for bed. Race declared the skirmish over and both sides the victor.

End of part six