Author: Athea (
Series: Kung Fu, the legend continues
Rating: Kermit/Peter, part ten
Date: 4 December 1999
Summary: Had an exercise at a writing workshop that asked for an erotic scene set in a laundry room. <g> This is an expansion of what I wrote there.
Laundry Kermit

I poured another cup of coffee and looked out over the street below. It was a quiet morning in the neighborhood and the sun highlighted the few cars parked along the curb. I had the day off and a long list of projects to complete, although the loft was pretty well finished. The big changes were done; walls dry walled; plumbing complete; electrical outlets and switches installed; oak floor refinished.

But there were a host of small projects that still needed doing and I lazily went through the list while I soaked up a little sun with my coffee. The painting was done but I still needed to varnish the windowsills. The wiring was in but the dimmer switch in the dining area still needed to be installed. The shelving unit for the laundry had to be put together and set into place around the new washer and dryer just off the bathroom.

I grinned at the domestic thoughts. For most of my adult life, my laundry meant collecting quarters, clothes and detergent and traipsing down to the local Laundromat once a week to wash and dry. But now I had my very own laundry with gleaming new white appliances that just begged to be used. For some reason, this seemed like an important mile stone in Peter's and my relationship.

And he wasn't even here to help me celebrate. He had to finish up some paperwork on the Heinz bust and he'd gone down to the station. Oh well, I'd just have to start without him. Finishing my coffee, I headed for the hamper in the bedroom closet. It was full to the brim and several pairs of silk boxers had fallen behind. They didn't have frogs on them and I smirked. There was still rampant speculation about my underwear at the precinct.

Shaking my head at the silly things people wanted to know about their co-workers, I wheeled the hamper out and over to the kitchen to collect the towels that were several days old. Sniffing one, I decided that maybe weeks old was more like it. They all went in on top of our clothes and I rolled around the corner to the mirrored bi-fold doors that hid the laundry. All the water connections were clustered together so we had our kitchen and bathroom back to back with the laundry on one side and a big pantry on the other.

I grinned at the memory of all the planning we'd done about what went where. Several trees died to provide the paper we'd used in sketches and blue prints. The lined graft paper had been our constant companion on stakeouts and our days off. Somehow, it had all come together in a harmonious whole. Caine had laid out the feng shui aspects so we were in tune with the universe, both with the room placements and the furniture. For a while we'd had the big leather chair at right angles to the sofa. But when we both avoided sitting in it, we'd laughed and moved it to where Peter's father had said it should go in the first place.

I should have known better than to second-guess the man.

Dumping the laundry on the floor, I started sorting out the colors from the whites. Remembering the robes on the back of the bathroom door, I detoured over there to get them. Then I checked the living room to make sure we hadn't left anything stuffed under a sofa cushion or under the table the last time we'd made love there. There's something about Sports Night that really turns Peter on.

Grinning, I thought about the two hot guys with their never-ending banter, which sounded so much like public love making to my attentive ears. I pulled out Peter's favorite T-shirt from under the sofa and fished around until one of his tube socks came with it attached to one of our new kittens. "Hey, Squirt, let go. You really don't want another bath, do you?"

He meowed plaintively and let go regretfully, only to follow me when I headed back to the laundry. I stuffed in the first load of jeans and heavy flannel shirts. Since the jeans I was wearing were my chore jeans, I slid them off and threw them in too. Setting the controls, I left it to go and strip the bed of sheets. The pillows went on the floor while I pulled off their cases. The duvet cover never got that dirty so I left it on the fluffy comforter but stripped off the sheets. We had definitely messed them up last night.

Smiling, I wondered back to the laundry with my arms full of Peter-scented linen. If I could bottle that smell, I'd make a fortune. But for now, I had to investigate the moving laundry. One of Peter's socks was heading down the hall back to the living room attached to a little black kitten who was smaller than what he was dragging. Snickering, I made another mental note to get one of those disposable cameras so we could take pictures of our new pets while they were still in the 'cute phase'.

Behind me, I felt our second guest dig her razor sharp kitten claws into my ankle. "Ouch! Squeak, what did I do now?"

She was named for her meow, which really did resemble a 'squeak', and she proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that I'd been neglecting her shamefully. What the hell, I had nothing better to do than play with her. So I grabbed the red rubber ball that the Ancient had given us and rolled it towards the kitchen. She scampered after it and by the time she'd batted it back to me a couple of times, Squirt had come back to investigate all the noise.

I stood up to put the first load into the dryer, slamming the door shut after first checking that I wasn't accidentally drying a cat or two. Next up was a load of shirts and I layered them in the way my mother had taught me several eons ago. The shirt I was wearing went in as well since I couldn't remember when I'd washed it last. The sunlight pouring in the windows had warmed the laundry so my boxers were plenty to wear while I washed.

Detouring over to our stereo system, I popped in one of my favorites -- The Best of Sheena Easton. Her sweet tones filled the room and I went to get my toolbox so I could install the dimmer. While I was in the utility closet, I flipped the circuit breaker to the dining room so I didn't electrocute myself. Taking a moment to read the instructions that came with the unit, I set about unscrewing the old switch and replacing it with the new one. First the grounding wire, then the other two and I was ready to test it.

Squirt followed me to the utility closet and proceeded to sniff out the corners in search of mice. I flipped the circuit breaker on and listened for a popping sound. No sound was good. No sparks was even better. Saying a little prayer that I hadn't wired it in backwards, I turned the dimmer up and watched the light slowly bloom in the antique light fixture that hung over our dining room table.

The green globes that hung like upside-down lilies glowed in the brightening light. At full 'on', they cast enough light to read by so I backed it down a quarter turn and left it there. Just right, I decided and went back to chase Squirt out of the utility room and put my tools away. The next load was done but the jeans weren't dry yet so I layered the wet clothes on top of the drier and threw the rest of the hamper into the washer. It was mostly underwear and I had to rescue the sock from Squirt again.

He was bound and determined to play with it so I put out some fresh crunchies in their food bowl. They both came scurrying around the corner when they heard the sound of food being poured. While they were head down, I threw the last sock in and then decided to throw in my boxers as well. Peter wasn't the only one who could go commando.

The CD changer left Sheena and spun to play the new Neil Diamond, the Movie Album, disk one. The sweet strains of one of my favorite songs came on and I hummed along with him as we sang that old classic, As Time Goes By from Casablanca. Too bad Peter wasn't here. I moved slowly to the music and could have used a partner.

"Um, Kermit, why are you doing the laundry naked?"

Maybe it was because I'd been thinking of him, but I didn't even start at the sound of his voice, just held out my hand and drew him close. "It's the only way to do the wash, Peter. I'm sure this old shirt of yours is filthy."

He snickered as I unbuttoned him, pulling out his shirttails and stripping him as quickly as I could. "I can see that you're dedicated to your work. The Laundromat ladies must have phoned all their friends to come by when they saw you pull up."

I nodded sagely and pulled off his shirt, taking the time to give one of his nipples a little encouragement. "Yep, it was standing-room-only every Wednesday. You wouldn't believe the offers I had to ... compare detergents."

He frowned in mock anger and his hands tightened on my hips. "I'd better be the only one you compare detergent with from now on."

"Really." I unsnapped the button on his jeans, giving the hardening bulk behind his zipper a quick grope. "Are you sure we won't be missing out on some great new products by being so ... exclusive?"

He shook his head confidently. "I'm sure. In fact, I've been thinking about getting something for you that will warn off any poachers."

I unzipped him and began helping him wiggle out of his jeans. "You know, if you keep wearing these things so tight, you're never going to have any kids. And what ... exactly ... are you thinking of getting me?"

"Unless you're willing to carry the kids, Kermit, we won't be having any." He caught my lips with his, ravaging me with rising passion.

Holding to him with all my might, I returned his kiss with my own. Sometimes the truth of our relationship catches me unaware and I can't believe he loves me as much as I love him. I'd come to that point in my life where I knew that I wouldn't be looking anymore. If anything happened to Peter, I would finish out my days alone. Just ... remembering the sweetness of loving him would have to be enough because the hole left behind couldn't be filled by anyone else.

Breaking the kiss so we could breathe, he pressed his forehead to mine. "I was thinking that matching rings would be nice since branding went out with the Middle Ages."

"Hm-m-m, I think that could be arranged. I've got a little something set aside that might do. In that safety deposit box that you're so curious about." I slid his jeans down with his boxers so that lovely cock bobbed before me. "Lift this leg, Peter." When he did, I slid off his loafer and peeled off his sock.

Squirt was right there to drag off his trophy and Peter was laughing so hard that he almost overbalanced when I tapped his other leg. Leaning against the washer, he let me finish undressing him. Once his gleaming nude body was completely unveiled, I started up his leg with my tongue, cataloguing his skin with fervor. He groaned and one hand gently reached down to comb through my hair.

The vibration of the washer gave our lovemaking a rather nice little buzz. Peter seemed to feel it too because he wriggled ever so slightly against the warm white metal. I moved up his leg, nipping gently at his inner thigh and nudging his heavy cock with my nose. He shivered, one hand coming down to comb through my hair. I slid one hand between his legs, ghosting callused caresses to his perineum and his puckered opening.

He hissed and wriggled his legs just a little further apart so I could get at him better. I was tormenting his rising cock with little licks and nips at all the most sensitive spots. He was hardening nicely when he suddenly jerked almost completely out of my mouth.

"Yeow! Damn it, Squeak. Keep your claws to yourself." He was tensing but not in a good way and I looked down to see the angelic little kitten licking her paw and looking up at us with a 'who me?' look on her face.

But then I also saw the indents left by those needle-like kitten claws on Peter's foot. So, I tried for stern. "Bad Squeak. No clawing allowed."

She ignored me, of course. Cats never pay attention unless there's food involved or some serious ear-cuddles. By now, I was trying not to laugh and not succeeding very well. Which was a serious passion-killer for Peter, who was pouting at me from the top of the washer. The drier rang then and I snickered quietly while I pulled out the dry jeans and folded them neatly into a pile on the floor.

Squirt and Squeak both thought that the nice warm pile was for them to sleep on so I let them battle it out while I threw in the next load and turned the drier back on. Hopping up on top of the drier, I cast a sideways glance at my pouting lover. "Peter, are you going to let me kiss it and make it better?"

His eyes lit up while his lips did that little pout that I found such a turn-on. "You laughed at me, Kermit."

"Not at you, Peter. With you." I twisted sideways and showed him my ankle and the scratches I'd gotten earlier. "She nailed me an hour ago. I think she has psychological-emotional symptomatic trauma from being abandoned in that dumpster."

"What?" Peter frowned but started rubbing my ankle in sympathy.

"You know ... the PEST syndrome." I grinned at him and he growled while pulling me closer and moving my legs over his.

"Kermit, you are seriously disturbed." He had me close enough to kiss now and between the vibrations beneath me and his tongue in my mouth, I was about to go off like a cheap firecracker.

I think I moaned once when I wrapped my legs around his waist but his hand was sliding up and down my shaft and all my concentration was on that wickedly intimate grip. His legs cradled me and I wondered again at how limber he was. He caressed all my hot spots and long before I wanted, I was filling his hand with my climax. He swallowed my cry along with my breath and I was panting when he finally pulled his sweet lips away.

"Kermit, I need to be inside you." His eyes were sparkling in the sunlight and his voice was deeper than usual while his slippery fingers found my center and pushed slowly in.

"Oh yeah." I sighed and trailed my mouth down his throat to the small hollow at the base where sweat liked to collect. Lapping at the salty drops of perspiration, I rasped my tongue farther down and over a nipple.

His fingers were loosening me and my orgasm had relaxed me completely so it was only a moment before he lifted me with his strong hands and I felt the warm blunt end of his cock nudge me. I left his nipple for a moment and pushed against his shoulders until he was lying flat. Reaching behind me, I guided him home. Pushing down slowly but surely, I concentrated on taking him in completely.

The thick cock forged deep until I was filled with him. Opening my eyes, I looked down at him and smiled. "Mine."

"Yours, Kermit. I'm all yours, love."

Starting to flex my muscles, I ran my hands over his broad chest until I could pinch his nipples. Squeezing my buttocks together, I massaged his cock while I slowly moved up until he was almost out before letting gravity bring me back down. This time he hit my prostate and I felt a warm glow start deep inside and radiate out to my skin.

I could feel myself begin to firm again. It was too soon to recover completely but it was a pleasant ache to complement the internal massage. His hands were moving slowly down my sides to tease the skin of my inner thighs and I wiggled just a bit because it felt so good. I pinched his nipples again and watched him arch into the pain/pleasure sensation. They were the most sensitive part of his body and he loved having them rubbed, licked and even bitten.

We made love slowly in the sunlight atop the gently vibrating washer and drier. When his release came, he arched within me and I felt his blood-hot essence shoot deep. We both breathed deeply and I tucked my head into the hollow of his shoulder. I still held him within me and I wished sleepily that I could keep him safe within me always.

"Damn, I'm sure glad I got home in time to help with the laundry." His voice chuckled softly.

"Me too."

"Every Wednesday, I think you said?"

"Without fail."

"I can do that."

Wriggling just a bit as he slipped from me, I mourned the loss of possession. "Yes, you can. Just wait until you experience the spin cycle."

He laughed out loud. "Oh, I can hardly wait."

Just then the drier chimed again and I stretched a bit, preparing to get up. "Next Wednesday, we'll do the sheets first."

"Oh, I don't know, Kermit. We just made love and didn't get the sheets dirty at all." He let me go reluctantly and I leaned back to kiss him.

When I pulled back, he managed to sit up and I heard his back pop in several places. "Once the next load is done, I'll give you a massage."

He rubbed his back and grimaced. "I'll take you up on that. Who knew that a washer and drier could be so erotic? Hard yes, erotic no."

I looked first but the kittens were curled up sound asleep on top of the jeans so I slid off and landed on the floor as quietly as I could. "Well, you know the old saying."

He slid off and stretched with a wriggle that I watched with appreciation. "What old saying?"

Running a hand over his sculpted chest, I pulled him in close and kissed him gently but thoroughly. His mouth always tasted good and I savored him for a long moment before breaking off the kiss. "Cleanliness is next to godliness."

"I don't know about godly but I'm feeling distinctly Adam-like right now." He grinned down at me and slowly curled his hand around my still half-hard cock.

I dragged my tongue over his skin and felt him shiver. "Well, 'Adam', how about we head for the shower and I'll show you what I mean?"

"Oh God, yes." He lit up like a supernova and pulled me eagerly around the corner to the bathroom.

Following him was no problem what so ever and I reflected on the fact that the shirts in the drier were all going to need ironing after this. But watching the gleam in Peter's eye was worth every wrinkled shirt that lay waiting. My lover with the godlike body was beckoning me into the Eden that was our bathroom and like Eve before me, I was more than ready for a little 'knowledge'.

One thing I did know, from now on laundry day promised to be a lot more fun.

End part ten