Author: Athea (
Series: Kung fu, the legend continues
Rating: Kermit/Peter, part two
Date: 2 January 1999
A Snowy Kermit

I looked out of the window, grimacing at the frigid scene before me. The snow was everywhere and the glazing rattled in the frame at each gust of wind. Sighing, I resigned myself to a quiet night. No way Peter could get here now. The radio was proclaiming a blizzard of epic proportions. We already had six inches on the ground and the real storm hadn't hit yet. It was going to get worse before it got better.

Turning around with my hands in my pockets, I contemplated the table set for two and the wood in the fireplace waiting for a match. So much for our one month anniversary. I smiled at my sense of disappointment. I hadn't thought we'd last a week and here it was 30 days and counting. It hadn't hurt that I'd been flat on my back for five of those days and unable to fight him off.

Yeah, like I'd done much fighting. Snorting in self derision, I knelt and lit the fire. No sense in letting it go to waste. The knock on the door surprised me but I figured it was one of my neighbors needing the loan of something so I opened it with a sarcastic retort ready.

"Hey, gorgeous. Am I late?" Peter stood there, covered from head to foot in a thick layer of snow, waving a bottle of wine in one hand while he beat off the powdery layers with the other.

I dragged him inside and closed out the cold, locking it decisively and throwing on the deadbolt as well. He'd headed straight for the fire that had taken hold with a vengeance, detouring to set the bottle on the table. I headed for the bathroom to get some towels and the robe I'd given him for a late Christmas present. Somehow it had never gone back to his apartment.

When I got back he'd thrown his hat, coat and gloves in the side chair and was struggling with his boots. I threw one of the towels over his head and knelt to help him. His muffled complaints made me grin and I wrenched off his right boot and then his left. His socks were wet and the feet in them cold as ice.

Taking the other towel, I peeled off his socks and began to rub a little color back into the fine boned feet. They were elegant and long with a high arch and the most beautiful toes I've ever seen. Grinning to myself, I wondered when I'd become a toe-man.

"Share the joke?" Peter had rubbed his hair dry and it stuck up in little spikes all over his head.

"You have cute toes." I told him while my fingers itched to comb through his damp curls.

"My toes? That's kinky, Kermit, even for you." He laughed and leaned to kiss me.

Even after thirty days of this, it still surprises me, the instant surge of longing and lust that rises inside of me at the touch of his lips. I don't believe I ever kissed before him no matter how many other mouths I touched. He brings such joy to the act that I am immediately transported to another place. Somewhere warm, safe and very pleasurable.

He rests his forehead against mine and sighs contentedly. "You've got me until the snow stops, love. Maybe two or three days. Whatever shall we do?"

"Make love until we can't move." My wayward tongue always tells the truth around him. I can't understand that.

"Works for me." His grin could light the room in a blackout. "I hope you have oysters, artichokes, figs, pistachios and honey in the place."


"Some Arabian love manuals call them the aphrodisiac of the nut world." He says triumphantly, having gone one up in our little game of name-that-love-potion.

"Hm-m-m, I thought that was almonds. One point to you." I let him have his moment while I mentally check the cupboards. I'd stocked up a week ago then gone on a three-day stakeout so we were in good shape foodwise. Even if he does eat everything in sight and never gains an ounce.

"Are you going to hand me that robe so I can get out of these wet things or did you have something else in mind?" He waggled his eyebrows at me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And once again my tongue spoke the truth. "I think you should get out of those wet clothes and take a nice hot shower. Then put on the robe."

"Share with me?" The sudden need in his eyes goes straight to my groin and I nod once. A wet nude Peter is one of the more inspiring sights of my world. I could watch him forever or until he gets tired of my secrets and me.

Standing under the hot water while Peter soaps me with tender knowing strokes, I return the favor and my hands glide over his satin smooth skin wonderingly. I never tire of the feeling of powerful muscles that shiver at my touch. With one hand, I soap his cock with light teasing strokes and feel him arch into me with a groan. Grinning, I lick a squeaky clean nipple and watch his flesh ripple all the way down to his groin.

He starts to return the favor but I'm already dropping to my knees and letting the falling water rinse his steel hard shaft clean. A few more strokes and I lean forward to nibble at the flaring head. He leans back against the green tiled wall and moans. Grinning, I take him in slowly, inch by inch until the head is buried in my throat. I'm so glad that I didn't forget how to do this during the dry years.

I start to hum and he grabs my head to pull me even closer. But he can't get any deeper and I add a little movement with my tongue and he thrusts forward again. I step up the humming and throw in a swallow reflex and am rewarded with a muffled shout and the first pulses of his release. His hands relax and I'm able to flex around him, pulling his climax from him in long salty pulses that I catch on my tongue and savor like the fine vintage he is.

He's totally limp before I let him go regretfully and his hands lift me up into a tight hug and a long kiss of thanks. The water is starting to cool so I urge us out to dry off. I know he's a big boy and he's not going to catch a chill but I still have this need to take care of him. He hasn't called me on it yet but I'm waiting for the moment when he accuses me of smothering him.

But not tonight. Tonight, he's making a game out of drying me with tantalizing little strokes that are slowly turning me on. I don't have his regeneration ability so I'm holding off until I can get him into bed. Then we'll see if my stamina is any match for his strength. And he knows what I'm thinking and takes pity on his aging lover, letting me slide through his hands with a parting kiss to the head of my cock.

We both wear robes to cook dinner. You'd think we'd been together for years the way we weave around each other in the kitchen. He's making the salad while I put the pasta to cook and start the sauce. Peter finishes first and puts the bowl on the table while he starts cutting up the carrots and celery for munching on. He feeds me small pieces every few moments and I lick his fingers for salt to go along with the tart vegetables.

The sauce is bubbling and I taste it, adding more basil.

"Ah-ha! Basil is another aphrodisiac." He said triumphantly.

"I know. Why do you think I use it so much?" I smirk over my shoulder at my back warmer and he slides his arms around me and rests his chin on me.

"You know you don't need the help. Just holding you is such a turn-on for me; I'm walking on air. And knowing that you want me too is so exciting that I can hardly contain myself some days." He speaks with such wonder in his voice that my heart beats a little faster. He has no idea what a miracle he is in my life. And I don't know how to tell him.

"You do okay, kid. I ... appreciate all you give me." I know I haven't said it right when he sighs and goes back to grate some fresh Parmesan for the pasta. I need some new words to try and make him understand what I'm feeling. I can't lose him now.

We finish up and carry it in to the dining room. He looks pensive when he takes his seat and I touch his shoulder, bringing his face up to me. "I'm not very good as saying what I should. But you give me joy every day."

It's not enough but he's smiling again and he kisses my hand before I move to my own chair. Dinner is good and he polishes his plate with the last piece of French bread. Like I said, he can eat and never gain an ounce.

"What, no desert?" He teases me while we load the dishwater.

"Actually, I already had mine." I remind him with a wink and enjoy the blush when he makes the connection.

"I'll have to see what I can come ... up with." He smirked and I felt a familiar heat begin to simmer. Such a lovely feeling and absent for so long.

"You know, I think there may be some chocolate in the bedroom. Yeah, I think I may have a couple of raspberry cremes on the bedside table."

"I think an early night is called for." His eyes have gone sultry on me and the simmer becomes a rolling boil. "Maybe I'll be able to talk you out of one of those cremes."

"Well ..." I draw it out slowly. "You can try."

"Oh yeah!" For some reason, he thinks I say that a lot so he's constantly imitating me. Whatever the reason, it always makes me shiver.

The bedroom is chilly and I turn on the electric blanket to warm the bed. "I hate the cold. What the hell am I doing here in the far north?"

He drags me under the covers and warms me with his own body. "The company?"

I chuckle at his hopeful tone. "Must be."

The flannel sheets warm quickly and with one of his long legs between mine and his hand rubbing my stomach in soothing circles, I feel as content as I'd ever felt in my life. I was back to simmer again but I really didn't mind. These moments were few and far between in my battle-scarred life.

"Kermit." His voice was serious and I looked up into his gaze. "Have you ever lied to me?"

What? I hadn't expected that. "No. I've kept you in the dark sometimes but I've never lied to you."

"Do you love me?" His hand moved up to my heart.

Oh, God. This is what I'd been afraid of. He was calling my bluff and asking for the truth. He grows more like his father every day. This one was worthy of the wily old man. I closed my eyes and covered his hand with mine while I ran through my options. I still hadn't lied to myself and I was damned if I'd start lying to him now.

"Yes. You're the miracle I never expected. I haven't dared fall in love since a young woman many years ago. When she died, I just quit feeling." I gripped his hand.

"Thank you." Peter had tears in his eyes but his smile was blinding. "I love you too. I've always been afraid to let go. It's why Kelly and I didn't work out. But I trusted you from the very beginning."

Oh God. I suddenly feel lightheaded. Peter's trust is more rare than his love. Now it's me who has tears in his eyes. I pull him down for a kiss and this time we take it slow and easy. I can taste the sauce from dinner and the red wine we'd had with it. And maybe just a hint of basil.

He breaks the kiss and looks a question at my smile but I just shake my head because I'm happy and that's a very rare state for me. He seems to understand and he begins to lick and nip his way down my chest; around my nipples with his rough tongue; across my stomach, pausing at my navel to tease it with little pokes; through the coarse curls at my groin with broad laps that sensitize the skin; and finally, with one long tongue wash up my cock, he stops.

"Peter!" My voice has gone husky and I wondered at his cat-ate-the-canary grin.

"Can I have anything I want, Kermit?" He asks while tantalizing my cock with little licks like I was an ice cream cone in his favorite flavor.

"Yes." I threw years of caution to the winds.

"I want this." He tenderly stroked my cock.

"I'd say you already have it." My brain was finding it hard to come up with words because all the blood was draining into my groin.

"I want this inside of me."

I hadn't thought I could get any harder but guess what? He pinched the nerve at the base of my cock and the feeling subsided. A little.

"You sure? It could hurt the first time or two. And we'll need some things." I tried to think of everything for his comfort and ignore the thoughts from my other head which pretty much consisted of 'take' 'now'.

"Lubricant's in the bedside table. And condoms if we need them. I cleaned myself out before I came over." He spoke so matter-of-factly that it took me a moment to notice the color in his cheeks.

I tugged on his shoulders and wrapped him in a hug. "Peter? You really are sure."

His eyes met mine. So much courage in such a beautiful body. He nodded and I kissed him gently, slowly thrusting my tongue into his mouth and tickling the roof of his mouth. When I pulled away, he protested.

"Sh-h-h. Just like that. Slow and easy and good. Got it?" I asked him seriously. He relaxed onto his back while I reached over to open the drawer for the lubricant he'd stashed away. And the condoms. Which brought up another question.

"I've tested clean for over fifteen years and I haven't had any partners in that time." There, I'd told my darkest secret. All the macho posturing at the precinct was just a facade to cover my lack.

"I wish I could say the same. You know about Kelly. There was one other a while back. I've had negative tests for the last two years but more importantly, Pop says I'm fine. Nothing's lurking inside of me but me." Peter's eyes acknowledged my gift and returned his own.

"No condom?" I asked.

"No condom." He ran a gentle finger down my cheek. "Just you, me and Wet."

I looked down at the tube in my hand and back at him with a question. "Just how through were all those lessons in the temple?"

He laughed out loud and hugged me tight. "I looked it up on the Internet. You really can find anything there."

I buried my own chuckle in his tempting mouth and some serious tongue fucking ensued until he was moving restlessly beneath me. Our cocks were rubbing together and I had to pull away or this was going to be over way too fast. He lay there panting, all his long lean limbs sprawled out on the bed and I had to take a minute and just look at him.

"You look at me as if I'm not real, Kermit. I am."

"I know you are, Peter. You've been my secret fantasy for so long, it's just hard to believe sometimes that you're really here."

"I'm your fantasy?" He lights up like a Roman candle.

"This can not be news to you. Your probably the secret fantasy of ... oh, five or six of us at the precinct."

"The others don't matter because I'm yours." He says the most amazing things with such matter-of-fact conviction. While I'm shaking my head, he flips open the tube and squeezes out some of the lubricant onto my fingers. "And if you'll put some of that in the proper place, I'll really be yours."

I slide one of my legs between his and pull him towards me onto his side. Latching on to one of his nipples, I simultaneously bite the hardening peak and slide a finger inside the tight ring of muscle that guards his entrance. He freezes for a moment and tightens around me then relaxes with a little sigh. I angle my leg to push his up and he obliges by moving it up over my hip, spreading himself for me.

Long moments are spent in getting him used to my finger's little circles and when I come out for more lube, he frowns. I kiss away the little pout and come back with two fingers. I can feel his lower back muscles rippling in sudden tension and I let him get used to the extra fullness before I begin to move them, in and out with short strokes. Spreading the lubricant well over the channel walls, I move in a little deeper, looking for the gland that should spark his pleasure.

He bucked into me and clutched me hard. "Prostate?" He panted and squirmed against my twisting fingers.

"You really did do your research, didn't you?" I teased him and brushed it again. Some guys experience pain when their prostate gets touched and it was a relief to see that Peter found it pleasurable.

"More." He whimpered when I withdrew again but helped squeeze out more lube into my hand and into his. "I'll help."

I really love that butter-can't-melt-in-my-mouth-look he gives me. But he pauses when I add the third finger. That's the first point where most guys starting having second thoughts about the whole thing. But I can see him thinking about it, while I just flex my fingers a little at a time to remind the muscle to stay loose.

Then, I can feel a difference and they slide in a little further than I expected, sparking his prostate again and making him moan. While I was finger fucking him, he reached down and began to coat my cock with the lube. Now it was my turn to moan a little, reminding myself just where it was going next. It took all of my strength to pull away from him and gently remove my fingers so I could position him on his side.

"Sh-h-h. This won't hurt as much, Peter. You can see me later." I hushed his protests and spooned up behind him. My cock was rock hard and already seeking home when I slid one of my legs between his and reached around to grab his cock at the same moment I penetrated through his guardian muscle.

"Oh-h-h." He froze. No matter how prepared you think you are, the reality is still a shock. He was tight. So very, very tight, I had to fight with all my self-control not to come right then.

I was petting his slightly wilted shaft and my forehead was resting against his shoulder while I tried to wait out the initial resistance. It just takes time and this way I could savor the feeling of actually being inside of him.

When he moved back a little, I pushed in another inch and waited. This time, he only took a moment to react and then I was balls deep in him and we both took a deep breath. Ab-so-fucking-lute-ly fantastic. Picture a tight leather glove that just barely fits over your flesh and flexes with every little twitch.

"Wow." His voice is quiet but I can hear the awe behind the exclamation. More importantly, I can feel his cock coming back to life in my hand.

"Double wow." I lick the sweat slick skin under my cheek. "I'm going to move now. You ready?"

"Go for it." He gives a little wriggle that almost destroys me right there and he laughs at my growl.

I'm still moving slowly but the pull out and the thrust back in speeds up while I get a better grip on his cock. My computer has nothing on me at the moment while I handle the complex multi-tasking required to keep us both on the boil without losing it. Changing my angle brings a yelp from beside me and grinning into his back, I proceed to stimulate his prostate into a frenzy.

We're both close now and I forget all my plans to make sure he comes first and just let go. But somebody must be watching over us because I feel a wetness in my hand and the sudden clenching of his inner muscles that send me right over the top. He absorbs my endless stream of heat with a sigh and slumps face down on the bed, trapping my hand under him. But I'm glued to his back with a combination of sweat and heat and absolutely no plans to move until ... oh ... next year sometime.

We lay there in perfect contentment until I feel him stir and unbury his head. I've got to be too heavy for him and I can feel myself shrinking inside my safe haven. I move gently in and out, to get him used to the notion. This can be one of the moments when you can hurt your partner and I won't do that. He flinches then relaxes all the way so I slide free with a slight pop of suction. We both moan at the loss and I free him of my weight only to have him twist towards me.

We end up in a tangle of arms and legs, his lips desperately taking mine in a mind-blowing kiss. All the nerve endings I thought had been fried came right back on line and started that damn multi-tasking again. But when I felt the salty wetness on his lips, I pulled away and cradled his head in my hands so I could see his eyes.

"Did I hurt you, Peter?" Even I could hear the note of panic in my voice.

"NO! You could never hurt me. I just felt so connected to you. As if we were one body instead of two." He laughed a little sheepishly and blushed. I love it when he blushes.

"We were one, love. You possessed me completely."

"I possessed you? I thought it was the other way around." He looked puzzled. He's so cute when he doesn't understand something.

"You took me inside of yourself. That means you possessed me. When I take you in, then I get to be the possessor." I said calmly and watched his eyes light up.

"You'd let me?"

"I'm counting on it. But not tonight. I don't think I could get it up again, even for you." My whole body wanted a hot shower and about ten hours of sleep.

"Shower and change the sheets first then we can both rest up." He read my mind again. Must be a Shaolin thing.

"Oh yeah!"

The end for now