Author: Athea (
Series: Kung Fu, the legend continues
Part: Kermit and Peter, chapter four
Date: January 1999
Undercover Kermit

Great Goddess! Who the hell thinks up these assignments? Just because I know how to cut hair, and I fully intend to kill the person who put that in my file, why does that mean that I'm the one who has to go undercover in the hair salon? Nobody better make one crack, and I sweep the Captain's office with an evil eye, or I won't be responsible for my actions.

"You report tomorrow morning to the ... Pink Poodle." Captain Simms was obviously praying going by the intent look on her face. "Yes. Well, good luck, Kermit. The sooner you smoke out the go-between, the sooner we can wrap this up. Dismissed."

I left with Chief Strenlich and Mary Margaret, still fuming. I had plans for tonight and tomorrow that did not include dressing up as a gay hairdresser and frosting my hair green. I suddenly had a thought that brought me up short and sent me back to the Captain. Tapping on her door, I stuck my head in at her 'enter'.

"Mary Margaret won't cut it if I'm supposed to be gay. Sisters don't dish the dirt the way lovers do. We're going to need a lover to pick me up from work and sit and talk to the rest of the staff. So, choose somebody male and good looking. I have my standards." I leaned against the doorframe and watched her work it out.

"Agreed. Either Kincaid or Caine. Any preference?"

Oh yeah! How to phrase it delicately? I pretended to think about it. "Peter's younger. He'd be more of a trophy lover for my aging queen persona."

She barely stopped her grin from breaking out, but by taking a deep breath, she quelled it. "All right. But you get to tell him."

I gave her my best evil grin. "I look forward to it."

Shutting her door behind me, I sauntered through the squad room and made for my office. "Oh, Detective Caine, if I could see you in my office for a moment?"

He looked up. "Sure, Kermit." Getting up and following me in.

I left the door open and gave him a quick sign to follow my lead. He nodded slightly and perched on my desk while I sat back in comfort waiting for a couple of the detectives to get into position.

"So, Peter, ready for an undercover assignment?" I eyed him and watched his nervous glance at the open door. "I need back up while I go in as a hairdresser. You get to be my ... boyfriend."

"What?" He did the indignant act perfectly, jumping off the desk and standing there with his hands on his hips. Just thrust those hips at me a little harder, lover. "No way." He wailed while his eyes shone at me with delight. "I had a date tonight." His whine was perfect.

"Tonight's no problem but you'll need to drop me off at the . . . Pink Poodle tomorrow morning. And pick me up after work so you can meet my coworkers." I played evil really well, if I do say so myself. "And you'll need to be affectionate with your ... hunny-bunny."

"Oh ... my ... god." He was about to break something while he struggled with his laughter. Luckily, the Chief who'd appeared behind his shoulder thought it was anger and he laid a fatherly hand on Peter's shoulder.

"You're the best man for the job, Peter. You're completely unknown in that part of town and you've got a sympathetic air that gets people to talk to you. You'll do just fine." And he led him out of my office while I logged on to find out what I could about the ownership of the Pink Poodle. Where the hell do they get these names?


Peter was already at my place when I unlocked the door and walked right into his arms. I heard the door shut behind me but my full attention was on the lips that were trying to steal my breath away. His tongue mated with mine for long moments while we held each other closer and closer.

"Well, how was that for greeting my ... hunny-bunny?" Peter was breathing heavily against my throat.

"Practice makes perfect, sweetheart. We'll go over it a couple of more times and see how it goes." I was seriously thinking of tripping him to the floor and having my way with him but sanity prevailed. Well, that and the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. "What are we having for dinner?"

"Garlic chicken, my recipe and fig baklava for desert from Giorgio's." He waggled his eyebrows at me and I pulled him close and just shared his breath for a moment. It's moments like these when I wonder why I'm so lucky.

"I'm a lucky man, Kermit. Playing your jealous lover will be a snap." Peter reads my mind sometimes with ease.

"Jealous?" I led him into the kitchen to find a wine to go with our meal.

"Of course. I intend to stick to you like glue. Anybody making a move on you gets flattened." He was so matter of fact that I hesitated for a moment.

"Because I need protection?"

"Hell, no. Because I see red every time somebody touches you and I have to erase their touch as soon as possible."

"I see." And I did, kind of. He is still so young that I sometimes forget that. I pulled a bottle of Chardonnay from the wine rack. "I guess I shouldn't tell you then that the Chief patted me on the shoulder this afternoon after you left."

He spooned behind me and unbuttoned my shirt slowly while I opened the wine. Tugging the shirt off one shoulder, he kissed tiny little nips over the exposed flesh while I shivered and tried to hold onto the bottle with suddenly nerveless fingers.

"There. I feel better, how about you?" He spoke in my ear while tonguing my earlobe.

"Oh yeah. Except ... it was the other shoulder."

He chuckled and nipped his way over the back of my neck to the hot spot between my shoulder and neck. I felt the shiver up and down my spine. When he rubbed his hands over my nipples, I shuddered once and leaned into him with a death grip on the wine.

"Dinner first, lover. You're going to need your strength." His purr rumbled through my nerve endings and he stepped away slowly until just his hands held my waist lightly.

"Fine." I turned and handed him the bottle, distracting him for a moment while I flicked open the top button of his jeans. He jerked and I slid his zipper down far enough to slide a hand in and over his cock. "Then I want this," squeezing gently, "so far inside of me ... moving so hard ... that I'll have to work standing up tomorrow."

A tiny whimper was all Peter could manage while his eyes darkened to deep navy blue. Satisfied, I turned him loose and sent him in for the wineglasses while I dished up the savory chicken. Dinner was quiet with a little conversation about the job. Afterwards, we loaded the dishwasher and headed for the shower.

He gave me a moment alone so I could insert an enema and clean myself out for him. I know we've skipped it a couple of times but you're just asking for trouble or an infection if you don't take the time to do it right. He deserved the best I could give him. One of these days, I hoped he'd be comfortable enough to let me give him one. Done right, it can be a rather exciting experience.

Bathing Peter is a sensuous experience that is only exceeded by making love with him. He's a feast for the eyes when he's wet and he tastes incredible. I took the edge off with my tongue while he slumped against the tiles and moaned. He had plenty left for pleasuring me and I mouthed him back to a semi-hard state.

"Kermit. It's starting to cool off. Let's go to bed." His rather plaintive request accompanied his lifting me to my feet. We dried off and he followed me to bed. He'd turned on the electric blanket before joining me in the bathroom and set out new oil in the hot pot over the votive candle so everything was toasty warm.

He rolled me over with a pillow under my stomach and proceeded to give me a massage that soon had me whimpering. Until Peter, I'd never been totally focused upon. Every thought, touch and movement was focused on my body ... my reaction ... my need. I was completely relaxed before his touch changed to a caress and the tingle returned to my spine.

His hands are registered lethal weapons but in our bed, they only bring pleasure. Every inch of my back and legs was massaged but when he feathered long strokes across my buttocks, I felt the focus warm. His fingers pressed between my cleft and unerringly found my center. Two oily fingers penetrated me and stopped while his other hand rolled my balls between them.

He'd only taken me once before and he was still unsure that I wanted him inside of me. It had been painful at first. I've always heard that after seven years, you become a virgin again. Well, it had been a lot longer than that for me and it all felt brand new when he came inside of me. But I'd meant what I'd said when I took his virginity. He possessed me when I was inside him and the feeling of possessing him was equally indescribable.

Knowing that he was safe inside me. Feeling his bulk forge deeper and deeper until he could go no further. That was a gift that I wanted more than just once. So now, I moaned and raised my hips to encourage him and felt him loosen my protective muscle with long strokes that brushed my prostate and made me groan even louder. Soon, I was taking three fingers and asking for more. I'd come up onto all fours and was rocking back and forth, pleading with him.

Then, the fingers were gone and all his lovely thick heat was lodged inside the ring of muscle. He was shaking, just a little, while I adjusted to his size and then I moved back and sank a little more of him inside me. Soon he was rocking in and out, each move coming deeper and deeper until I felt his balls flush against my cheeks. He paused again and we both savored the exquisite feeling of being one body.

But soon he had to move and we quickly established a hard, driving rhythm that burned along my neural pathways while I flushed with the heat of him. When he connected with the small gland that brings so much pleasure, I started tingling. Then shivering. Then came a full-fledged forest fire that flashed through my body like a firestorm, drawing my balls taut and hardening my cock to steel.

Release was never-ending while I pulsed out my seed into his waiting hand in long hot spurts. I collapsed onto the pillow and felt the shooting stars behind my eyelids begin to slow. He was still buried within me and I slowly realized that he hadn't come yet.

"Peter?" I had almost no voice left after my constant pleading and moaning.

"Remember, Kermit? So hard and so deep that you can still feel me tomorrow." He covered me completely and his husky voice sent new ripples down my spine. Somehow, he'd survived my orgasm intact and when he moved this time, I was already so sensitive that I yelped. "Too much? I don't want to hurt you."

I had to stop and think about it. This was new territory for me and I was already planning a long talk with Caine about just how much control this Shaolin training had taught Peter. But I had a sudden conviction that it was going to be good. Very, very good. So, I stopped thinking and answered him.

"Slow. Take it slow and make me feel it again." I turned my head so he could reach my lips and we kissed awkwardly. "I've got an idea. Pull out and let me turn over."

"The books say that might hurt." But he was already moving gingerly out of me, the wet moist 'pop' as he pulled free filling the air with anticipation.

"Not if we do it right." I replied and rolled over with sigh of relief. My neck really objects to lying on my stomach. Too awkward to stay in that position long. This time I felt his hands on my stomach and he pulled me down to meet him. The pillow was still under my lower back but now my thighs were over his, my legs wrapping around his waist while he nudged my center with his cock and slid right back in.

He paused while I adjusted to the new position, his lips scattering kisses over my face. This way, I could touch him and I ran my hands up his arms to his shoulders. We kissed for long sweet moments before he began to move again. This time, the rhythm was slower and deeper with the warmth; I'd felt before, diffusing throughout my body. The tingles were back but a little subdued for me since I'd already come once.

But Peter was sweating now and beginning to tremble and I knew it wouldn't be long before he would have to release that iron control and give himself to me. He flushes right before he comes and I was watching for it, waiting for the bloom to tell me when to squeeze my inner muscles around him.

There. I squeezed a yell out of him and he thrust deep and froze. I felt the hot liquid begin to fill me and wished I could keep him inside of me forever. He was jerking with each release and I managed my contractions right along with his until I'd wrung him dry. I was ready for his collapse onto my chest and I held him to me with the last of my strength while he breathed into my throat.

We lay there, basking in each other's warmth until he slipped free naturally and he moved to his side, bringing me up with him. Our silence was shared, each enjoying the other's presence with a little touch here, a lick there. Without even thinking about it, he pulled up the covers a little higher and we cuddled ourselves to sleep.


He made a big production of walking me to the door of the upscale salon and stepping inside to give everyone there a gimlet look before kissing me goodbye with relish and leaving me quivering at the front desk.

"Oh, my dear. Tell me he's got a brother or I may just have to slit my wrists now." The tall blond behind the counter blew Peter a kiss when he turned to wave goodbye. "You must be Kevin. The new boy."

"Kermit. And no, he doesn't have a brother." I took a deep breath and prepared to investigate this garish den of iniquity right down to the faux marble pink floor tiles. Starting with the blonde Adonis in front of me.

It was a pretty quiet day really; I only had three walk-ins to shampoo, cut and blow dry. I talked one of them into a little color and watched him walk away with the same green streak I'd highlighted myself with this morning. It looked better on him than it did me. I listened to my coworkers dish the dirt on everything from the impeachment hearings to who was screwing who. Not a great leap, of course.

I made up a sad story about my aunt dying and leaving me a small annuity to live on so I could pursue my career as a hair stylist without having to worry about my next meal. I fended off questions about Peter with a sigh and a fond look that told them in a nutshell that he was probably a gigolo, out to take me for my legacy. Nothing attracts a crook like another crook.

There were currently four other haircutters along with a manager I never saw and Paul, the receptionist. I had lunch with Adrian, a slight young man with a sad smile and what appeared to be a cocaine habit. The glitter in the eyes gives them away every time. He chatted nonstop about the shop and his love life while I ate a salad for my waistline and dreamed of a thick juicy steak.

The afternoon went by slowly while I leafed through a magazine of new styles and tried to picture Peter in some of them. A customer came in and requested me because of my green hair. He thought I'd bring him good luck and he needed a quick styling for his trip to Las Vegas. So, I gave him a style that he could run his fingers through while he was losing. What idiot goes to a place where all they do is take your money?

When I unveiled him, I noticed Peter leaning against the front counter, talking to Paul animatedly. Their heads were close together and the sound of their laughter gave me a severe twinge in the heart. Two beautiful young men enjoying themselves, what could be better than that? I folded the cape slowly, glad for my green sunglasses. They'd hide the jealousy I couldn't help but feel.

Stupid. Peter loves you ... for now. I couldn't get away from the negative thoughts even inside my own head. Somewhere a clock was ticking down the moments of this love affair and I suddenly felt like Captain Hook listening for the crocodile. Enjoy him while he's here. You'll be a long time without him.

Then he was standing in front of me and that long fingered hand was lifting my chin and his eyes were glowing down into mine. "I missed you every minute of every hour. Say you'll be done soon. Please?"

Every kiss is different and all of his are special. This was a soft one with a hint of spicy tongue and his hand gentle against my throat. I melted as I always do and the world narrowed to his mouth and hands. Nothing else existed until he pulled away and I heard the clapping and muted cheers.

While I was catching my breath, Peter was bowing and acknowledging the applause from the two customers and staff. Paul was laughing at me and calling out his approval.

"Very nice, even if he doesn't have a brother. We're slow right now, Kermit. I don't think the boys would mind if you took early off tonight if you'll work late tomorrow." He fluttered his eyelashes at Peter who leered at him with one hand possessively on my shoulder. "But you have to promise to give us all the details in the morning, darling."

I smiled as smugly as I knew how and finished tidying up the station I'd been assigned. "No details for you, you naughty boy. You're much too young to know about these kinds of things. Adrian, thanks for lunch. I'll see everyone tomorrow."

Peter and I swept out in grand style and he opened the door for me before heading around to the driver's side. We drove off in silence and I relaxed for the first time that day. Playing a part can be exhausting, especially when you play it completely. His hand moved across the seat and took mine into a warm clasp without his eyes ever leaving the road.

I turned my head to watch him drive. His profile is so pure it would make a sculptor reach for a block of marble. But stone could never do justice to the warmth of his flesh and the blush of his cheek.

"I bought steak for dinner. And a bottle of that Lambrusco you like. How was work?"

"Is reading minds part of the Shaolin training?" I asked while my thumb stroked the warm skin of his hand.

"Not normally but for some reason, I kept getting this craving for red meat all afternoon. It's marinating as we speak."

"Thank you, Peter. I think Adrian is a crack user but his gossip was pretty normal for a hair dresser. I got to dye somebody else green this morning. Maybe I'll start a trend. I've always thought you'd look good in green."

"Am I going to have to sleep with one eye open or risk waking up with a new look?" He stopped for a stoplight and glanced over at me with a grin. "If I need some color, I prefer it internally. I keep hoping some of you will rub off in me."

I'm suddenly not tired at all. Amazing what a little flirting and a needy look will do for middle aged muscles. "Drive faster. I know what I want for dinner. The steak can be desert."

"Oh yeah!" He sped off down the road and I plotted how to get him into bed within five minutes of our hitting the front door. I planned on making him scream. If I was lucky, he'd return the favor.

And tomorrow, I'd see if I couldn't talk him into a little green.

The end for now