Author: Athea (
Series: Kung Fu, the legend continues
Rating: Kermit/Peter, part five
Date: 24 January 1999
Undercover Kermit, Interlude

I'd been styling hair for two weeks now and the fun was gone. My instincts told me that the go-between was the receptionist, Paul but he was good and so far I'd not found a physical link. I was tired and beginning to fray at the edges. Normally, I'm a very private person and the constant chatter and noise was starting to get to me.

Peter was the one bright spot in the whole situation. He has a natural serenity that flows into me whenever he touches me. And luckily, he touched me a lot in his role as my lover. I asked him how much stick he was picking up at the precinct and he just widened his eyes and shrugged. A reaction worthy of me.

Today was my day off and while part of me just wanted to hole up and hibernate, something inside said I needed to get out and smell the roses. A knock at the door stirred me from where I'd been standing in front of the window.

"Peter. Why aren't you at work?" I pulled him inside and into my arms. I'd slept alone last night and it seemed like days since I'd last touched him.

"I traded so today is my day off, too. And I've got a surprise for you. Do you trust me?" He stroked my cheek and pressed a gentle kiss at the corner of my mouth.

"Yes." He always drew the truth right out of me.

Rewarding me with a more passionate kiss, he finally set me away from him and chuckled. "Change clothes. Jeans and flannel."

I redressed while a hundred scenarios ran through my head. He steered me out the door and down to his car. With some jazz on his cassette player, we headed out of the city. I watched the buildings give way to farms and then to trees and wilderness. After an hour, we were bumping down a dirt road into close growing trees and shrubs still sprinkled with snow.

Suddenly, we were in a clearing with a small log cabin right ahead of us. Peter got the car turned around and headed back towards the main road before he turned it off and the silence settled over us like a new layer of snow.

"This was one of Grandfather's hideaways. Pop brought me here a couple of times when I was healing from the Sing Wah. You've been getting tighter and tighter all week. I thought maybe you could unwind here." He held my hand and looked a little diffidently at me.

For a moment, I couldn't answer him. He takes such tender care of me and I'm not used to that. I brought his hand to my lips and kissed the palm. "I think you were inspired, Peter. It sounds just like what the doctor ordered. Let's walk for a while."

His eyes lit up and we began a trek through the woods. There was a small lake nearby and we tramped along the shoreline for quite a while. It hadn't been so cold that the lake was entirely frozen. Instead ice flows drifted here and there like miniature icebergs looking for a Titanic. We startled two deer who'd come down to the water's edge to drink and I snuggled close to Peter with my arms around his waist while we froze still and watched them continue on with their business.

They made a beautiful contrast between the stark black and white landscape with their soft brown fur and long legs moving slowly over the ground. When they disappeared through the undergrowth, I let out a breath of white vapor and grinned up at Peter.

"Thanks. I needed this."

"You're welcome. I did too. I forget sometimes that there's more to the world than a city and people. It's good to get away and just listen to the silence." He hugged me tighter and we stood there for long moments just absorbing the peace.

"You know, I'm getting hungry. I don't suppose you brought a picnic lunch with you?" I checked the position of the sun that was trying to peak through the clouds and discovered it was almost noon.

"Of course, I did. Let's head back and open the cabin. We've got plenty of wood so we can be comfortable while we eat." He laughed and led me back in what seemed to me a totally different direction but within twenty minutes we were at the cabin.

He unlocked the place while I started unloading the trunk of the car. Two baskets of food and drink and a giant sleeping bag made for two filled the trunk. I like the way he thinks. We crossed paths while he headed for the covered woodpile. I looked around curiously, setting the baskets on the table and taking a good look at the single room.

The wood stove was already burning merrily and the iron teapot that sat on top was making faint sounds that said we'd be having tea shortly. There was no fireplace, just the stove and the table with four chairs to one side. A double glazed modern window looked out over the back of the cabin and I was drawn to the peaceful scene. Two rocking chairs sat on either side and I could just picture Caine and the Ancient sitting and rocking while watching the wildlife pass by.

A double wide rope bed sat across the room, a futon rolled up on the frame and a beautiful iron bound trunk at the foot. Everything was immaculate and searches as I might, it seemed to be completely watertight.
Peter came back in while I was watching a squirrel scamper up a tree, with an armload of wood. He dumped it in the wood box by the stove and joined me.

He smelled of wood and smoke and fresh air. I breathed him in deeply and buried my face in his flannel shirt. The last of the tension drained away and I floated safely in his arms. His hands made me real again. The real me, the still-faintly-surprised man loved by him, not the persona I'd been playing for the last two weeks. He just held me and I let his love soak into me with each stroke of his hands.

"I really needed this. Thanks, Peter." My words were muffled against his chest but I knew he'd hear me.

"So did I, Kermit. I like you just as you are, love. No artifice or barriers to keep the world out." His cheek settled on my hair and it felt like he was anchoring me with his body. We held each other for a long moment and then the teakettle whistled and we moved apart with a chuckle.

I went back out to get the sleeping bag and close the trunk lid. When I got back in, he'd started unpacking the first basket that included a teapot and cups. I unrolled the futon first then unfurled the sleeping bag over it so the warmer air in the room could bring it up to temp. When I turned back, Peter was setting the table with blue and white pottery that I'd last seen at a street fair last summer.

He answered my unspoken question with a slight flush. "You really liked them but passed them up for some reason so I went back and got them. I thought maybe I'd give the set to you for Christmas but ... I came up with something better."

His smile could light the city, I decided. Crossing to the table, I traced the spiral pattern around the rim and let my eyes speak for me. We'd exchanged a lot of love since Christmas but the dishes told me that he'd felt this way for longer than I'd dreamed possible. "They fit the cabin somehow. Simple and plain, kind of like me."

"Never, Kermit. You're complex and a maze that I'm determined to find the heart of." For some reason we were whispering in the quiet.

I laid my hand on his chest, feeling the reassuring heartbeat. "You already have the heart of my maze inside of you. All the paths lead right back here, to what I feel for you."

"I love you, Kermit." The simple statement never fails to move me to tears. Such an impossible dream to come true. We kissed slowly, tasting each other anew.

The fire popped in the stove and we drew apart to finish laying out the meal. Finger foods mostly, vegetables and chopped up chicken already cooked. A bowl of dressing for dipping the greens in and we were ready to eat. I recognized the French loaf from Giorgio's and the tea was the herbal blend Caine had given me when I'd been poisoned.

We ate slowly, speaking of this and that between bites. Memories from Peter of earlier trips to the cabin, things his father had told him, a childhood memory of mine about a canoe ride on another lake that I haven't thought of in years, just simple things to share with each other. The need to hold him was growing stronger and I saw a matching need in his eyes.

Finishing the tea, I watched him add wood to the stove before slowly undressing before me. I almost forgot to breathe while he unveiled himself to me. A creamy shoulder emerged from the red plaid flannel shirt then his broad chest with it's faint scattering of curly hair guarding the dusky pink nipples. The hair arrowed down to his jeans and I found myself unbuckling his leather belt and popping the top button open.

His hands were now gently slipping my shirt buttons open and the feel of his callused fingers rubbing against my skin heated my arousal faster than I'd thought it would. I was pushing his jeans down, taking his briefs with them and allowing his shaft to bob free. I was on my knees now, giving him a lick and a promise before slipping off his shoes. He steadied himself with a hand on my shoulder while I freed him of the rest of his clothes.

Then he was pulling me back up so he could return the favor. My sneakers came off first, then my jeans and boxers hit the wide wood planks of the cabin floor. We were moving across the cabin in a simple dance of desire that reminded me of something I'd always wanted to do with him. Impossible in public but perhaps, I could talk him into a private dance to some golden oldies at my place sometime in the future.

We stopped to unzip the side of the bag and Peter crawled in first while I watched his ass with the fascination usually reserved for works of art. But then, to my eyes, he was. He looked over his shoulder at me and wriggled ever so slightly with that impish look on his face, challenging me to stop looking and start doing.

I walked back to the table and the second basket where I was pretty sure I'd seen what I'd need. Yep, he'd come prepared with a new tube of lubricant for us. I also grabbed a towel for clean up later since I knew how hard it was to get semen out of a sleeping bag. When I turned back to him, he'd pushed back the top of the bag and was shamelessly stroking himself with lazy passion, licking his fingers at every other stroke then gliding them up and down his hardening cock.

Without even touching myself, I was rock hard already. His display and my imagination were combining to drive me out of my mind. Coming back to the bed, I laid the cold tube of lube on his stomach, ignoring his protests and moved his hands away from my toy.

"Mine." I growled and sucked him deep. He was leaking just a little and I savored the salty taste of him. Ambrosia. Nectar of the gods.

He was squirming a little and trying not to thrust up, his hands carding through my hair and rubbing my ear lobes with teasing touches that hardened me further. I knelt between his legs and used my own hands to bend them up to his chest, spreading his cheeks wide and opening him to my lustful gaze. He blushed at the feeling and I slowly mouthed up his shaft and let it go gently with a gust of hot air before sliding down to roll his balls gently in my mouth.

Panting now, his hands pulled his knees up closer to his chest but farther apart, presenting himself to me with wanton fervor. I rewarded him with a rough tongue that washed his perineum and slowly rimmed him with stabbing strokes that jolted through him with ever increasing tremors. He was moaning now and I reached for the lube, popping open the top and squirting a generous amount onto my fingers.

First one finger to get him used to the invasion, then a second to begin the ritual stretching and finally a third to fill and spark his gland to opening wider for my bulk. I'm not as long as he is but I'm much thicker and I knew the initial entry was always a shock for him. So this time, I slicked myself well and then grabbed his cock with my lubricated hand before sliding the head past his guardian muscle.

He groaned and shuddered but I waited until I felt the muscles relax around me enough so I could slide a little further in. Nothing had ever felt this good in the whole of my misspent life. A little more and then I was sliding home; my balls flat against his cheeks and his cock a rod of steel in my hand.

We rested there and I moved his legs over my shoulders so he could relax his arms. This was a position that could become threatening real fast so I backed off a bit and let him get used to it. When he clenched around me and pulled me down into a soft kiss, I knew he was okay with it and it was time for me to move.

I flexed within him and watched his eyes widen when I nudged his prostate, sending little shudders of pleasure through him. His stomach muscles rippled under my fingers when I tickled him gently and he began to move restlessly beneath me. I withdrew until just the head of my cock was still inside before I thrust back in. After a few such volleys, he began to sweat and I licked the sheen from around his nipples while he moaned louder.

"Kermit." He panted and almost wailed my name when I spread his legs further and sank deep. It felt like I was nudging his heart and the way he was twisting beneath me told me it was time to give us both release.

He was the most limber lover I'd ever had and I suddenly realized that I was having fun for the first time in a very long time. I thrust over and over against his prostate and watched him flush and shake in ecstasy. My breathing was growing short and my own haze was growing. As he froze and came, he pulled me down to his lips and took me with him.

His inner muscles milked me dry and we shared panting breaths for long moments. I felt myself begin to soften but his channel held me fast within his hot depths. "Peter, aren't your legs beginning to cramp?"

"Un-uh. Doesn't matter. Don't want to let you go." He moaned and held me tighter. So, pushing his legs lower, I laid my head on his breast and just listened to his heartbeat begin to slow. It was hypnotic and I think I dozed for a few moments until I felt myself slip free and I reached for the towel to catch the trickles leaking from him.

He muttered something I didn't catch when I wiped him dry and tucked the towel under him. He shivered again when I licked his stomach clean of his seed and his hands brought me up and held me in place over him. I pulled the sleeping bag over us and settled in for a nap.


We woke up two hours later and watched the light begin to dim in the late afternoon. He cradled me with his lean body and I never had such a comfortable bed. His hands touched me gently with short strokes in unexpected places and I found myself licking all the available flesh within reach.

"I wish ..." His voice trailed off, replaced with a sigh.

"It would be nice if we could be public about us, wouldn't it?" I finished his thought.

"I thought I was the mind reader?" He chuckled.

"It's rubbing off on me. You're rubbing off on me. Thank goodness." I raised up a little and watched him.

He smiled and raised his hand to touch my cheek. "I like that idea. Are you really okay with us? No regrets?"

"All my regrets are in the past, Peter. You are the miracle in my life. The only things I might regret are the fifteen years between us." I turned my head slightly so I could kiss his fingers.

"Oh, I don't know. I kind of see those years as you getting ready for me. Like those fine wines you keep introducing me to. Without their years of aging, they wouldn't taste as good. And you taste very good." He grinned at me and I shook my head.

I am never going to win a debate with him but then ... did I really want to? "You win. I can promise you as many years as you want."

Suddenly I was flat on my back and he covered me completely. His eyes were intent. "I want them all. Every ... single ... one."

Tears seeped in and I had to blink rapidly. Forever wasn't something I'd ever expected and it felt a little scary. But, gods, did I want it. Clearing my throat, I opened my eyes and met his gaze. "Okay."

His grin started small and grew until he was laughing hysterically in my arms. It was infectious and soon we were both weak with laughter and sprawled within the confines of the sleeping bag. He noticed the darkening shadows and sighed.

"We need to clean up and get back to the city." He pushed back the bag and stood up by the bed, holding out a hand for me and hauling me out of the warm cover into the chilly room.

We hurriedly dressed then I rolled up the bag and took it out to the trunk, coming back to load up the baskets with everything we'd brought with us, including the crumbs. There was water in a bottle and I washed down the table to be sure I wasn't leaving behind anything that might attract vermin. Peter was raking out the glowing embers into the cast iron bucket. I carried out the baskets to the car and turned to see him dump snow onto the hot coals by the front steps.

Steam rose with a hiss and slowly died down. A little more snow and another hiss then nothing. He upended the bucket and used his foot to spread them all out. "Hey, Kermit, grab the sand from the trunk."

Approvingly, I pulled the covered five-gallon container from the side of the trunk. You can't be too careful with fire in a forest. I can't stand careless campers who don't take the time to secure their campfires. I poured the sand over the dying coals while Peter went back in to check one more time. When he came out, he shut and locked the door behind him then put the key under the top step mat.

I cast him a questioning look and he shrugged. "Pop doesn't want to make it too difficult for someone to be able to take shelter if they need to. Hasn't been a problem so far."

Shaking my head, I smiled and got in the car. "Only your father."

He just smiled and got in the driver's seat. "Kermit." He started the car but didn't put it into gear. "You're the first person I ever brought up here. Would you ... come again?"

I leaned over and kissed him softly. "Anytime, love. Maybe when we finish this assignment, we can celebrate up here for the whole weekend."

He brightened and started the drive out. "Oh yeah!"

The end for now