Author: Athea (
Series: Kung Fu, the legend continues
Pairing: Kermit/Peter, chapter 6
Date: 21 March 1999
Undercover Kermit, the finale

Oh, this was satisfying.

I watched a uniform take the manager away in handcuffs and tried to keep the smile off my face. Who'd have thought that quiet man would be the go-between? Once I got past my jealousy about Paul, I'd begun to notice little things about the office where the manager did the books. Hacking into his computer was a snap and the evidence was just lying there waiting to be picked up.

The others were huddled in the waiting room, still in shock over the unexpected fight. I had four weeks of frustration to take out on the perp and I'd been glad when he pulled out his gun. Very satisfying indeed. A screech outside brought my eyes around to see Peter slam out of the car and stride towards the building. His eyes searched for me frantically and only when he saw me rubbing my hand did he relax.

"So, what you're saying is that we've been working for a Mafia wanna-be for the last two years?" Paul shook his head and combed his hair with his fingers distractedly.

"Oh yeah. We've been trying to find the connection for the money laundering for over a year before getting a whiff of the Pink Poodle." I nodded to Peter and he watched the others compassionately.

"And you're both cops?" Adrian blushed and I smiled at him.

"Both cops. Here's the card of somebody you might want to go see. When you want to stop taking the cocaine, Adrian. No pressure. You're too good a man to stay in thrall to that vice." I lowered my voice and slipped Caine's card to him. I really hoped he would take my advice but I wasn't holding my breath.

They began to wander to their stations still chattering about the unexpected show but Paul was eyeing us both and I braced myself for his comments. "If you two aren't lovers for real, then I'm the Dalai Lama. Don't worry about any of us saying anything. Anytime you want to quit the dangerous stuff and come back to work here, Kermit, we'd be glad to have you."

"Thanks, Paul." Peter smiled at him and I watched Paul shake his head regretfully and go to answer the ringing phone. "Kermit, why are you still rubbing your hand? Did he hurt you while you were taking him?"

"Nah, just bruised it on his jaw. A little ice and I'll be fine. Of course, I'll probably need help with the paperwork." I tried an innocent look but he just snorted and pulled me out the door. One last wave to my former workmates and I was on my way back to the precinct.


Five hours later and the damn salon was beginning to look like an oasis. The paperwork was unbelievable and Assistant District Attorney Bailey was beginning to resemble one of those medieval torturers. And once the word came down that I'd broken the manager's jaw, I started getting disapproving looks and ominous head shakings.

The fact that it was the only mark on him and my hand was swollen as well didn't seem to matter. The terms 'excessive force' and 'biased observer' were flaunted about and I could feel my temper beginning to slip. Right now, what I really needed was a Peter-fix and it didn't seem I was going to get one any time soon.

"Mr. Bailey, if I could see you in my office?" Captain Simms, bless her heart, was giving me some time to cool down. "Kermit, put some ice on that hand. If the swelling doesn't go down soon, you'll need to get it x-rayed to be sure it's not broken as well."

"Sure, Captain." I left the interrogation room hastily and strode down the hall to the break room. We usually kept a flexible ice pack in the freezer above the refrigerator. Wrapping it around my hand, I hissed at the relief of the constant throbbing. The dispenser was out of paper towels and none were lurking under the sink, so I wandered down the hall to the former men's room near the stairway.

We didn't use it much anymore since they put in the new one that was ADA compliant near the front offices. The old one was only a one-holer and hadn't been updated since installation. But it had paper towels and I wrapped one around my hand before putting the ice pack back. If I had a rubber band, I thought to myself, I could make sure it stayed in place.

The door opened and Peter slipped in. Our eyes met in the mirror above the sink and I watched while he slipped the bolt on the door and prowled up behind me. He moves so gracefully, I'm always reminded of a giant cat stalking his prey. And I was the lucky prey.

"How's your hand?" His arms slid around me and his head nuzzled my neck.

I leaned back against him with a sigh, trusting in his strength to keep me on my feet. "It'll be fine, Peter. It's not broken, just sore."

He licked my neck and I turned my head just far enough to reach his lips. We feasted on each other gently until I could feel my resistance faltering. I wanted him suddenly, with a passion that didn't belong in the precinct. Stroking his hand at my waist, I shuddered when he rubbed against me.

"I know we shouldn't, Kermit, but I need you right now." His voice was a growl and I opened my eyes to see a predator looking back at me. He doesn't let him out very often and the way his eyes were devouring me, I couldn't help the frisson of lust that swept up my spine.

He pulled me back against the far wall where the open door of the toilet would hide our outlines to anyone going by in the hall. His hands were everywhere, loosening my shirt and unzipping my pants. I clutched his shoulders and hung on, watching his face and the intent look there. He seemed determined to devour me and I let him have his way.

His mouth was firm and open, sucking my tongue into his warm, spicy depths. The calluses on his fingers stroked my suddenly exposed cock and I arched into his grip with a hoarse cry, which he swallowed in his mouth. He had both legs between mine and the feel of rough denim on my inner thighs was sensuous torture.

My hand slipped down and fumbled with his buttons, seeking the heat I knew I would find there. Now, it was my turn to swallow a moan. He was rock hard and already leaking against my fingers.

"Kermit. Need you." He panted against my throat and I simply turned in his arms and braced myself against the tiled wall. "Oh god. Don't let me hurt you."

"Never have, never will, love. I've wanted you for days." And I had. It had been three days of pure hell while I hacked computers and cut hair. All because Captain Simms had needed him on another case. "In me, right now."

"Love you. Missed you. Need you." He lined up and slid in as if we'd never been apart.

Holy Saint Winifred! I felt a spark flame inside of me that only Peter could light. "Love you too, Peter. Remind me that I belong to you."

"Mine." He growled in my ear and proceeded to fuck me to within an inch of my life.

My whole body became a flame and only Peter could put out the fire. He stroked my cock with both hands while his hips volleyed into mine with a steady piston motion that had me biting my other hand to keep back my moans. I writhed on his cock and his warning growl told me just how close he was. So I squeezed my muscles tight around him and felt him explode inside me.

The warm fluid shot deep while I anointed the wall with my own offering. Sighing, I held us both up with trembling arms. "Yours, Peter."

He shivered, his hands still fondling my limp and sensitive cock. "Oh god, Kermit. We just made love in the precinct."

I began to chuckle and then to laugh like there was no tomorrow. "I ... I know. I guess ... nothing really is sacred."

He was shaking with his own laughter and when he slipped from me, I could feel the trickles all down my legs. Leaving me for a moment, he returned with paper towels, gently cleaning me up. I traced his jaw line with one finger and he looked up at me with a blush.

"I'm sorry. Was I too rough?" He hovered before me still full of energy.

"Never be sorry for that, Peter." I pulled him into my arms and rested my forehead on his shoulder. "I love it when you have to have me. You are very satisfying to an aging mercenary ego."

"The radio said 'shots fired' and all I could see was your body lying bleeding on that stupid pink floor." He shuddered in my arms and I held him tightly.

"We need to talk about this. But later. I don't think the DA has had his entire pound of flesh from me yet. Dinner tonight? My place?" We had to set some guidelines if we were going to keep working together in this sometimes dangerous field. Maybe I really should retire and write that book?

"Yes." He pulled back a little and watched me with that Shaolin look he inherited from his father. "I'll stop at the bakery and get some fresh bread."

"Good." I reached down and pulled up my pants, grinning a little. Who'd have thought that Peter, of all people, would be so unconventional?

He helped tuck me back in, getting in a last caress that threatened to re-ignite the fire inside of me. I pushed him away with a stern look and wondered if I looked as freshly fucked as I felt. He just grinned and straightened my tie. Batting his hands from my throat, I dodged around him and headed for the mirror.

"I love you, Kermit. And I'll do whatever I have to, to keep you safe." He stood behind me and watched me in the mirror.

I watched him the same way, feeling the urge to tell him all kinds of crazy things. Marry me. Live with me. Quit being cops and live safe, normal lives. All the things I couldn't say to him.

"Tonight, love. We'll talk tonight." His eyes were so gentle when he kissed my ear and left the bathroom, leaving me clutching the sides of the cold porcelain sink.


The end for now