Author: Athea (
Series: Kung Fu, the legend continues
Rating: Kermit/Peter, part seven
Date: 16 May 1999
Party Kermit

I rolled my head in a circle to loosen the muscles and sat back from my computer to shake out my hands. It had been a long day and it didn't look to end anytime soon. The false trails the CPA had laid over his tracks were good but not quite good enough. I figured to have the stolen money located any moment now. Then I could go home to a hot bath and a cold beer.

Of course, without Peter, I'd better make it a cold shower and a hot cup of tea since it wouldn't be any fun without him. He was helping his father with something and I'd been missing him for three days. Of course it had done wonders for my concentration and I was close to cracking this guy's location. Ah well, back to work.

Ten minutes later, I had him. Reaching for the phone, I called Agent Wiggins of the local FBI office and gave him the glad news. He took the details and hung up without saying thanks. Par for the course. He was just pissed because I solved the problem before their super computers could. Ha, the day a computer does my thinking for me is the day I quit and write my memoirs.

Standing and really stretching, I shut down my computer and grabbed my coat. Throwing it over my shoulder, I turned off the light in my office and headed out. The night crew had come in and I waved to Kinkaid while passing Peter's empty desk with a twinge of regret for the loving I was *not* going to be greeted with when I walked in my front door.

The drive home was spent listening to an old Ella Fitzgerald tune on the radio and stopping for some Thai takeout so I wouldn't have to cook. Suddenly, all the long hours seemed to catch up with me and I could feel my eyelids grow weights. The cold shower woke me up long enough to eat dinner and rinse the dishes. I wasn't so far gone that I'd eat right out of the box but it was a close thing.

I stumbled into bed and a deep and dreamless sleep. Sometime in the night, I was partially aroused by someone getting into bed with me but a low voice and Peter's scent reassured me. Turning and settling into his arms, I went right back to sleep.


I couldn't move and that was rather disconcerting but my body recognized the shape pressing me into the mattress and my nose drank in the lovely Peter-smell that had been missing much too long. Opening my eyes, I feasted on the sight of all that long lean strength laid out along my side. His cock was drilling a hole in my thigh and the leg he had between mine had pretty effectively trapped my morning erection against his groin.

This was going to be fun. I stroked the arm that was slung across my chest and triggered the hot spot behind his elbow. He shivered and cuddled closer. So, I licked his ear and gently rimmed it with my tongue. Now he was starting to come awake and he turned his head blindly seeking my lips. I obliged and tasted early morning Peter. My favorite.

Our tongues met and mated in a close approximation of what our bodies would be doing later. Much later, since his hand was on my cock by this time and I had him well in hand. We'd been so long apart that this bout was going to be quick. We knew each other so well, our hands knew just where to press and how much pressure to bring to bear.

I felt myself peak at the same moment he convulsed in my fist.

"Good morning, Peter. Back for good or just a break?"

"I'm back. We got our old friend settled in and I hotfooted it back here as soon as I could. I don't sleep well without you. I kept reaching for you and you weren't there." His sleepy eyes gazed sheepishly into mine and my heart skipped a beat.

"Me too. I guess I've gotten used to you warming my bed." I hesitated then went on. "And my heart."

He smiled and leaned forward to kiss me again. This one was tender and full of hopes and dreams. The same dreams that I was beginning to let myself believe in. The ones where we settled down and I retired for good from crime fighting to write my books and we lived happily ever after. Gods, I wanted that but part of me was afraid of wanting it so I always shied away from thinking too strongly about the future.

We lay there until the stickiness turned uncomfortable and this time my shower was shared, lasting until we ran out of hot water. We made breakfast together in contented bliss and fed each other bites of toast smeared with strawberry jam. I dreaded having to go into work and I kept waiting for Peter to tell me he'd have to go.

But he just lounged in his chair with a silly smile on his face. I couldn't even call him on it since I was pretty sure I was wearing the identical grin. We played footsie under the table and I wanted time to stand still so we could just stay here forever.

"Kermit. I've got an invitation to a party and I want you to come with me." He captured my hand and stole my last bite of toast, licking my fingers free of any leftover jam. I could feel my toes curl at the wicked sensation of the rough tongue licks.

"A party? What kind of party? Do I know them?" It was hard to concentrate but I gave it my best shot.

"It's the old friend we just helped move. He wants to thank everyone who helped him and get to know new people here. I think you'll like him and his wife. They're good people." He looked sheepish again. "I may have mentioned you a time or two. Especially after we tried to hook up their computer and we kind of blew a circuit. They'd really like to meet you."

He gave me his best impression of a wounded puppy and I was hard pressed to keep back my grin. "Kermit, the police buddy or Kermit, I'll-bet-you-can-fix-that-computer friend?"

"Um, both."

"When is it?" I prepared to give in. Parties and I don't really agree but it might be worth the noise and loud music to see Peter relaxed and having fun with his friends.

"Saturday at 8:00. You'll come?" He looked so hopeful that I couldn't say no.

"Sure. Sounds like fun." It was only a partial lie.

"Great!" He leapt up and hugged me. "If we're lucky, we'll both have the weekend off and we can go straight from my place to the party."

"I hope so, Peter." And we left it at that while he helped me get ready for work.

I was an hour late.


The next few days flew by while I 'coordinated' with the FBI. One of them was more paranoid than usual. I like that in a man. He was cute too but mine was an academic noticing. It was too much fun watching Peter react to the agents cluttering up our precinct. For some reason, he bristled all over every time that agent and his partner showed up. And they came by several times.

Of course, I got the benefit of Peter's high energy and found myself smiling rather broadly on Saturday while I tried to find a way to sit that didn't proclaim the ache deep inside of me. A young lover is great for a man's ego. He looked rather sheepish and tried to be pleasant when they came to say thanks and good bye.

Captain Simms wished them well and hurried them on their way. She ran a gimlet eye over all of us once they were gone then relaxed into a small smile. "Good work, people. Thank you for your ... restraint. Now, let's catch up on our own work."

So, we all worked like demons and pretty much caught up by the time we headed home. Peter insisted we go to his place for dinner before heading to the party. I had a few articles of clothing there that I could change into so I agreed. He headed for the phone to call for a pizza as soon as we entered the apartment while I headed up the stairs to the bedroom to start stripping away my clothes.

"If you shower without me, I will hurt you." He called laughingly up the stairs.

"Hurry, then. I'm grungy." I leisurely stripped off my suit and hung it up in the closet. Throwing my underwear into the hamper, I made a mental note to do laundry since the bin was full. Heading for the bathroom, I stopped in the doorway to watch the whirlwind who was my lover erupt into the room and begin flinging his clothes all over the floor.

He emerged naked with a gleam in his eye and stalked me straight into the shower. We soaped quickly then took our times rinsing. This time, he beat me to it, sinking to his knees and taking me in while I sank against the tiled wall and just tried to stay upright. Pretty soon, he sucked me dry and helped me out to dry off.

"Um, Kermit. I need to tell you something about the party." He was rubbing my back with the rough towel and I was leaning into him practically purring. But the doorbell rang and he grabbed a robe to go get the pizza. I found my robe and tied it off, wondering what he was going to confess. It had been that kind of 'um'.

I stood at the top of the stairs and watched him set the table for pizza. Not something I'd ever seen him do. Oh, this was going to be good. He could tell I was watching him because he stopped what he was doing and turned to face me, sheepishly.

"It's a costume party. But a special kind of costume."

"No frogs."

He smiled. "No frogs. We get to dress as our favorite fictional mystery characters."

Well, that could be intriguing. "Who?"

"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson?" He looked up at me so hopefully that I couldn't keep up my skeptical look any longer.

"Dibs on Dr. Watson. He was the real brains behind that pair."

He stuck his tongue at me. "By some odd coincidence, the Dr. Watson costume is in your size. But your medical bag needs computer parts rather than bandages."

I just laughed and joined him at the table for pizza.


I nursed a beer and watched some of the other partygoers. Our host was wearing a pillow to give him the proper heft for Nero Wolfe while his wife had powdered her hair white and drawn in a few wrinkles to portray Miss Marple with her knitting bag over her arm. The black skullcap on the young man near the fireplace was a nice attempt at the Rabbi Small look.

Caine had come as Simon Ark, dressed all in black with a Coptic cross about his neck. He was speaking to a young man, tastefully dressed in the white toga of Gordianus the Finder. The Ancient had come in a blue silk gown as Judge Dee and was speaking to a young woman dressed in the habit of a medieval nun. I had to think a moment until it came to me. Sister Frevisse.

Hercule Poirot spoke to a Modesty Blaise look-a-like. Father Koesler hobnobbed with Father Dowling while a Brother Cadfael put the moves on Judge Deborah Knott. Shaking my head, I smiled into my beer and contemplated the tall good looking Holmes headed my way. Peter stopped for a moment to speak to his father and I watched Gordianus pinch his ass with a leer.

Those Romans! I'd already fixed the broken computer and chatted with all and sundry. Right now, I was ready to do a little investigating of my own to solve the puzzle that was my lover. Who was headed my way with a sheepish grin on his face. But his eyes were sparkling so he was probably reading my mind again. He did that a lot lately.

"Well, Holmes, I have a mystery for you."

"Really, Watson. I would enjoy hearing about it."

"It's a theft, I'm afraid. Most serious." I frowned and shook my head.

He looked startled for a moment. "Something of yours, Watson?"

"Yes, Holmes. I've had it for some time but just recently it passed from my keeping into another's. Quite without my knowledge."

"Really. Perhaps something was traded for it." His eyes had gone darker and he moved closer to me.

"Do you think it, Sherlock? It would be nice to think so." I took another sip of my beer without my eyes dropping from his.

"I think ..." he hesitated then continued "I think we should go home to investigate this theft."

"Oh yeah!" I breathed out and used my body to shield my intimate caress to his Victorian waistcoat. He tensed before relaxing with a sigh.

"I can promise you a most ... rigorous search for clues." He promised me under his breath while we headed for our host.

He thanked me for restoring his computer and his wife pressed a container of cookies on us for later. Peter had driven so I got to torment him all the way home. I slowly drove him insane by stroking his well-covered cock with loving attention. We went back to his place since it was closer and I could tell that he wasn't going to last long this first time.

So I had him unbuttoned before he got the door open and when we were safely inside, I went to my knees and deep throated him against the door. I love the taste of him, all slick and salty. He was leaking copiously and I made sure I massaged his perineum while I sucked him to a quick climax.

"Well ... Watson, did you get the name of that hansom cab that just hit me?" His eyes were shut and he was breathing hard.

"I'm so sorry, Holmes. But I didn't. Perhaps another search is called for." I cleaned him up and stood to share a kiss.

His arms came around me, holding tight while we rubbed our tongues together languidly. His eyes held mine when we finally broke apart. "I believe I was supposed to be looking for a missing item?"

"Ah, yes. I know it's quite careless of me but I seem to have mislaid my heart. It seems to have been stolen by a tall man with the sexiest body I've ever seen." I had a hard time admitting that when I felt so vulnerable. But he deserved everything I could give him.

"Really. What a coincidence. I lost my heart to a man with the most beautiful green eyes." He held me close and I rested against his heart, listening to it beat. "I think we need to investigate the shower again."

"Why, Holmes, what a good idea. You're a genius." I grinned up at him and began unbuttoning the small buttons on his English suit. "But if I were you, I'd lose the deer stalker. It might melt under the hot water."

"Damn, I forgot I had it on." He snatched it off and threw it onto the back of the sofa. "Do you think that Holmes and Watson were lovers?"

"Undoubtedly. For two fictional characters, they were so obviously together even if Watson did marry once or twice. Just camouflage." I finished the wool vest and began on his shirt buttons, exposing the satin flesh I loved to touch. He looked completely debauched with all his buttons undone and his cock beginning to twitch to life again against the charcoal cloth.

"Kermit, I think I'm allergic to wool. My cock is beginning to itch." He moved restlessly and wiggled enough to drop his pants. So we both finished undressing, taking the time to hang up our costumes before hitting the shower for a quick wash.

It was midnight when we relaxed into bed. I was thinking hard about asking Peter for a commitment. We'd already admitted that we loved each other and I was beginning to think of the future. Not something I had done in a very long time. But maybe it was time. We were doing more things together in public and we had his father's blessing. Sooner or later, our relationship was going to come out.

"Peter, how would you feel about finding a place together? Some place with a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom with a big bathtub." I held my breath while I waited for his answer.

"Move in together? Be together all the time?" He raised up over me and I could see his eyes sparkle. "Yes ... yes ... yes." Each yes was punctuated with a hard kiss. "How about we fill out the papers for domestic partners while we're at it?"

"Are you sure, Peter? I'm close to retirement but you've still got a ways to go and we don't know how the others will react." I didn't want him hurt.

"I think they'll be okay with it. And if they're not, to hell with them. Pop is just waiting for me to go the Shaolin route and one of these days, I probably will. Then you can write your books while I train and we can be together the rest of the time." He spoke so earnestly, I could tell he'd been thinking about this.

"Then, that's what we'll do. I love you, Peter and I don't want you hurt." I ran my thumb over that sultry lower lip.

"I love you too, Kermit. I'll be fine." He licked my thumb. "I think Pop may be ahead of us again. He mentioned that the building next to his is ready to go condo and the top floor has the wiring and plumbing installed but nothing else. We could go look at it."

"Later. Right now, I think something's come up that needs our attention." I moved him onto his back and slithered over him. We made love slowly and carefully, Peter handing me the lube with a smile and a soft caress to my steel hard cock.

Once I was inside of him, I paused, suddenly hardly able to believe where we were. He read my mind and slid his hands slowly up my chest to cup my face. "We are here because we want to be. We love each other and our future is together. Forever."

"Forever, Peter." I began the driving rhythm that would bring us both to the brink. Collapsing onto his heaving chest, I did a little panting of my own.

"A bathtub for two."

"The kitchen has to have two ovens. And a second sink in the island."

"Clerestory windows for light but we won't have to worry about anyone looking in."

"Let's get rid of my sofa and just use yours. But we'll keep my dining room set."

"King-size bed." We spoke simultaneously and laughed ourselves to sleep.

The end for now

Note: The authors that go with the detectives from this story are listed next.

Author  Detective

Rex Stout  Nero Wolfe
Agatha Christie  Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot
Harry Kemelman  Rabbi David Small
Edward Hoch  Simon Ark
Steven Saylor  Gordianus the Finder
Robert van Gulik  Judge Dee
Margaret Frazer  Sister Frevisse
Peter O'Donnell  Modesty Blaise
William Kienzle  Father Koesler
Ralph McInerny  Father Dowling
Ellis Peters  Brother Cadfael
Margaret Maron  Judge Deborah Knott