Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: New Beginnings, part 4
Pairing: Merry/Pip, Elrohir/Elladan
Summary: The settling in process continues.
Date: 7 April 2002

I came back to our snug little home a little later than usual. I was working hard to finish a cradle for Frodo's babies. I've always enjoyed working with wood and this was no exception. There were still months to go but I knew now that they would need two cradles instead of just one.

Gandalf had returned the night before and cast a spell over Frodo and Legolas. It was the first time Pip and I had seen him do that. It was fascinating to see the twin purple blobs nestled close together inside of them. Frodo is showing now, just a little but if you know what to look for, you can see the mound growing in front of him. I was real glad that the other Hobbits had left with full wagons before the wizard came back.

We didn't want any strange rumors floating around back in the Shire. I grinned to myself while I washed my hands in the kitchen sink. I'd already begun thinking of this place as home. The Shire was just a place to visit. And that feeling had only taken two weeks to grow.

"Merry, you're home." Pip's arms came around me and he hugged me tight. "What are you grinning about?"

I turned and hugged him back. "Oh, just this and that. I realized that I think of this as home now."

He chuckled. "Me, too. Partly it's this hobbit hole and our friends but it's mostly you and me. Anywhere you are will always be home to me."

I kissed him and he opened to me instantly. Sucking his tongue into my mouth, I entwined my own around it, tasting something that I'd never tasted there before. Pulling away, I looked sternly at him. "Have you been snacking again over at the dining hall?"

Pip grinned. "Not exactly, Merry. I've been kind of working every day with somebody different. I want to contribute to this new place but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I'm no good with wood like you or gardens like Sam and I'd go crazy writing all day like Frodo does. But I worked with Jallico today and I think that's what I want to do. He let me make our dessert for tonight and I just had to taste it first."

I smiled from ear to ear, picking him up in my arms and twirling us both around. "Yeah! Cook Pippin will be a most welcome addition to our settlement."

He was giggling when I finally set him down. "Silly Merry, you'll see if I'm any good tonight. Now, how about a bath so I can wash the sawdust out of your hair?"

Nodding, I followed him into the sumptuous bath they'd built for Frodo. It was beautiful but not so big that we'd get lost in it. Everything was just the right height for Hobbits and the hot water was so nice at the end of a long day. We played before washing each other from head to toe. I really did have sawdust in my hair but Pip massaged it all away for me.

Putting on our robes, we went back to our bedroom and finished drying off. The only furniture was a bed and two bedside tables. One of the trunks that the baby clothes had come in stood at the foot of the bed and would hold spare linens eventually. I was already planning the chairs that I was going to make for us so we could sit by the fire and read when winter snowed us in.

They would take some time but that was all right. We had lots of time now that our quests were all finished. Now we just had building and growing to do and I was looking forward to that. Pip's arms came around me and I came back to the here and now. "Sorry, Pip, I was woolgathering again. What did you say?"

He chuckled and kissed the back of my neck. "I asked if you'd like a little nap before dinner but I think you were already asleep with your eyes open. So why don't I just relax you a little more."

I felt all his lovely skin warm against mine. He was hard and soft at the same time and when he stroked my back I shivered from my head all the way down to my toes. "Pip, I don't think this is very relaxing."

Nipping at my throat, he smiled. "That's true, Merry but just wait and it will get better."

He pushed me face down on the soft green blanket folded over the trunk lid and tickled my sides until I was writhing with laughter. But when his slick fingers sank into me, I gasped instead and wiggled around them. We'd never used this position before and it felt odd but nice at the same time.

"Hold onto the foot board, Merry, and I'll make sure that you feel wonderful."

"It always feels good when it's you, Pip." I wiggled around his fingers and he laughed and replaced them with his shaft. Sliding deep inside of me, he rested along my back and smoothed his hands over my shoulders. "You're right. You feel wonderful."

"Good. I love you, Merry." He began to move a little and pretty soon I was so hot that it felt like my blood was boiling in my veins. Every time he hit that sweet spot inside of me, I flushed bright red.

I was shivering all over when he reached around me and slid my shaft into his hand. All too soon, I just had to let go and Pip came hard deep inside me. We rested for a long moment then he slipped from me and I had to stretch to get rid of a little cramp in my side. He rubbed my lower back and that felt better than good.

Turning around, I hugged him close even though his seed was trickling down my leg. "Keep surprising me, Pip. I love you, too."

His eyes sparkled. "I plan to keep you on your toes for the rest of our lives, Merry."

I laughed out loud. "You do that, Pip, and I'll do the same for you."

He kissed me sweetly then went to get a damp cloth to clean me up. I was going to have to build a cupboard for our clothes because at the moment they were just hanging on hooks on the wall. The trunks that held the rest of our clothes were stacked in the room that Frodo called the study. Once we had our own home, he'd probably set up his desk and bookshelves in there.

Pip and I cleaned up again and redressed for dinner. Walking hand in hand, we made our way to the dining hall and our dinner. I could hardly wait to taste his first venture into cooking.


I came home and called for my brother, hearing his voice from the back bedroom. Toeing off my boots, I flexed my toes and headed that way. Standing in the doorway, I watched him move gracefully from the bed to the trunk, which had once held all that we owned. We weren't into possessions, having been on the move for the last thousand years. But we had a home now for the first time in centuries and it was all our own.

I'm selfish and I liked not sharing my twin with anyone but a few. Especially when he was beautifully naked and partially erect the way he was now.

"Elrohir, I have a bone to pick with you." Those gray eyes so like my own sparkled but his voice was silky smooth with menace.

I immediately went completely hard and a shiver rippled up my spine. "I don't know what you mean, El'."

"Really?" He slid his hands up my chest and began untying my leather laces. "A little earlier today, I believe you were helping Balik in the upper caves." He pulled off my shirt and slowly unbuttoned my breeches, pushing them down to the floor. "Then you came down and washed up in the Lesta."

He backed me up to the front room where I finally noticed the curtains had been drawn shut. "Gimli was already there washing off in the river." Elladan pulled the leather tie from his hair and wrapped it around my wrists while I trembled with sudden longing. "And you watched him bathe while pretending to wash up. His strong body calls to you, doesn't it?"

I shook my head but of course he didn't accept that. This game was still new and my heart sped up its beat at what was to come. "Dearest Elrohir, you must be punished for craving one who belongs to someone else." He lifted me just a bit and I looped my hands over the hook we'd placed in the center beam. Letting me down, he left me suspended with my heels off the silky rug.

"You must be reminded to whom you belong." He slid his hands languidly over my skin and I shivered at the familiar touch while my arms arched above me.

"I belong to you, Elladan, only and ever to you." I managed to say before he pressed his fingers over my lips.

"A good answer, my love, but a trifle late. We have plenty of time before dinner for me to chastise you." He turned to the great chair where we usually snuggled before the fire and picked up a heavy silk scarf. Gagging me made me grow even harder if that was possible but when he next picked up the leather cock ring, I almost came then and there.

Fastening it around my shaft and balls, he stood back and gauged my state. Smiling at me, he left the room while I flexed all over to make sure that I couldn't get out of any of the knots. The moment I realized that I was completely at his mercy, I relaxed all over and waited impatiently for my penance.

The snap of the leather whip tightened me all over and I watched him come towards me with that little smile on his face that I love. Usually I lead in our lovemaking but when he decides to take me, I'm in love all over again. My need for occasional pain upset him at first but once he realized what it was I needed then he began to study what would make me feel even better.

Being at his mercy is what I need sometimes.

I can trust him as I trust no other soul in Middle-earth. And his lessons with Glorfindel were instructive indeed. I'd have never believed that Father had the same needs that I did. We were both lucky that we had beautiful Elves to take care of us. But I couldn't spare any thoughts for anything but the delicious sound of the crack of the whip.

It was nothing compared to the burn as it landed on my skin. I arched away from in instinctively but the next blow was placed precisely an inch above the first and he worked his way up my spine while I grew harder still and the leather cock ring held my swollen flesh in bondage. My whimpers grew louder and his chuckle brought tears to my eyes. He always knows when enough is enough and once my unbroken skin was glowing red hot, he threw the whip aside and stepped up to run his cool hands over my burning flesh.

"So beautiful, my love, and so very hot. Would you like a nice cold towel right now?" He moved around me and leaned in to gently bite my nipples. "Did you know that Legolas' nipples are so sensitive now that he can come just from having Gimli trail his long black hair over them?"

I moaned and his fingers flicked a drop of seed from my swollen cock. "I think that it's time that I remind you of who you love most."

He disappeared behind me and I felt the first cool touch of slick fingers between my cheeks. I don't get taken as often so I'm always tight when he begins to tease me.

"Yes, Legolas was telling me that at the beginning of their relationship, they joked about carving a wooden cock to Gimli's dimensions so our sweet cousin could stretch enough for him." His whisper in my ear made me shiver. "And he's very big, isn't he? Quite long and so thick that it would take a mighty tree branch to carve something his size."

I saw the Dwarf's cock as I'd seen it earlier while we were washing up. He was indeed of a size to make an Elf lick his lips and wonder what it would feel like to have him inside. But my concentration was broken by something larger than my twin's fingers sliding through my pucker.

"We don't have anything near as big as dear Gimli but this will help you relax for me." He licked my shoulder before biting down hard and thrusting whatever it was deep inside me where it hit my sweet spot and brought tears to my eyes and a moan to my lips. "I think you liked that, Elrohir. But not as much as you'll like what's coming next. Should I tell you or just let it be a surprise?"

He thrust it in and out until I was shaking with the need to come but when the cool blunt shape left me, I moaned for something more. And Elladan was ready to give it to me, sliding his warm cock through my pucker and impaling me on his thick shaft. Perhaps it was the love play or his words but he felt longer and wider than ever before. I moaned continuously while he thrust hard and deep over and over until I felt lightheaded.

My heartfelt groan made him chuckle and when he came inside of me, flooding me with his hot seed I needed to come so badly that I almost shook myself to pieces. When he pulled out and moved in front of me, he dropped to his knees and undid the cock ring in time to drink down my copious outpouring. The relief was so profound that I shook myself unconscious.

When I came to, I was lying on our bed while he cleaned me. My back was still on fire and my ass felt like I'd ridden the largest cock in creation but I felt better than I had in a very long time indeed. Catching his hand, I raised it to my lips and kissed it gently.

"Thank you, my love. How did you know what I needed?"

He smiled down at me and leaned in to kiss my lips, sharing his familiar taste with me. We kissed for long moments before he pulled a little bit away. "I asked myself what would make you feel free and daring. Then I set it up. Seeing the three of you by the river was totally serendipitous. That little tidbit of information about Gimli's cock and their joke about making up something in his size came from one of our walks in the New Forest after Thranduil's message."

"You are very wicked to tease me so but not to worry, I shall get my own back one of these days." I promised him and watched his eyes light up. "By the way, what was it you used before your wonderful cock?"

"The handle of the whip made a nice substitute and it wasn't so large that it would hurt you. I tested it on myself first to make sure." He leaned in to kiss me again but I held him off.

"Without me here to make sure you didn't hurt yourself?" I couldn't believe he would do something so foolish. "After dinner, I believe that it may be your turn to be chastized."

His eyes lit up and his smile was sly to say the least. "Don't be silly, Elrohir."

I sat up with a muted roar and drew him down across my lap. "Silly am I? I believe someone in this room is going to have trouble sitting down for dinner."

At the first crack of my hand against his beautiful ass, he wiggled all over while assuring me that he didn't need a spanking. But I ignored his words and kept on peppering his ass until it glowed red. He was hard as iron by the time I finished but after my earlier coming, it would be a while before I'd be able to get it up again. For now, I rolled him over and sucked him into my mouth.

Tasting him is always new and different for me and even after the centuries that we have loved, I can never get enough. He climaxed with a sigh and I drank him down like one of those Ent draughts, then pulled him into my arms for another kiss. We'd have to get ready for dinner in a little bit.

Until then, I cradled him close and kissed the other half of my soul in thanksgiving.

The end for now