Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Beneath it all, part four
Pairing: Legolas/Gimli
Summary: Their explorations in love continue.
Date: 2 March 2002

A week had gone by and still Frodo and Sam lingered in a healing trance. When it was our turn to sit with them, we gave their wasted bodies oil massages. Their deprivations were written in bruises and scars scattered from their heads to their toes. Frodo's missing finger was healing but slowly. His hand would sometimes twitch and move as if it had a life of its own. He'd frown or sigh and sometimes a tear would well up and spill over his wan cheeks.

Legolas' touch calmed him and his sleep would deepen for an hour or two. I usually worked on Sam and he would stretch beneath my hands before gravitating across the bed to his friend. They curled together much of the time, showing how their relationship had changed and grown on their journey. I wondered just how far friendship could go before it became love, physical love like Legolas and I shared.

The days were busy with meetings and hard physical labor. The war had damaged the walls of Minas Tirith and I led a squad of stone masons that were beginning the rebuilding. It felt good to work at creation rather than destruction. There had been a base of good Dwarf workmanship and my fellow workers were eager to produce more of that level of work.

Legolas was much in demand for his diplomatic skills and sometimes I feared that his labors were more arduous than my own. Stone doesn't talk back to you the way that Men seem to have to. And talk and talk and talk. We'd meet back in our rooms and the first thing he'd do is kneel before me and lean in for a hug. I'd stroke his hair with hastily washed hands and say nothing at all, letting my hands speak for me.

Then we'd head for the lower levels for a bath and a soak in the large tub that slowly became the spot for unofficial chat. Somehow I always knew when he'd reached his limit and I'd pull him from the water for an unspecified appointment. Once back in our room, I'd lock the door behind us while he checked on what had been delivered for dinner.

The cooks of Minas Tirith were inspired and we always finished everything they provided. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, like my young friend Pippin, and there was always a cake or tart or custard for us to finish our dinner. We had picnics on the hearthrug or sat at the table and once we even had our meal in bed. Taking our time, we enjoyed our food all the while we touched each other.

Sometimes Legolas would feed me a morsel of bread or meat and I would lick his fingers in thanks. Everything was different since I acknowledged my love for him. The world seemed brighter, filled with amazing and impossible things. Each look and touch told me that I was loved and appreciated for who I was - Gimli, son of Gloin.

I'd worried about my callused fingers touching his fair skin but he'd told me in no uncertain terms that they gave him more pleasure than any other hand could give. He'd laugh and say fondly that my touch showed him my love each and every time we came together. Not to mention, the roughness reminded him of my craftsmanship. He was an odd one for sure but I loved him more each day and so accepted his strange love for me.

"Gimli, where are you?" His soft voice whispered against my throat. "Why do you smile and frown at the same time?"

"I was just thinking how odd it is that you love me but how grateful I am that you do." I stroked his hair and felt his kiss in the hollow of my throat.

"Silly Gimli, I am the lucky one to have won the love of such a valiant Dwarf." He raised up on one elbow and smiled down at me, one long finger tracing my lips. "And I think it's time that you take the oil warming on the hearth and prepare me for your strong self."

My cock thought that was a wonderful idea but my mind was still struggling with the belief that I would hurt him. He'd already been inside of me several times with that long, slender arrow of his. Nothing could possibly feel better than his magic wand connecting with that secret spot inside of me that gave me so much pleasure. But I was much thicker than he was although not as long, and I feared tearing that small entrance.

"It's too soon, beloved." I knew my eyes showed my fear all too plainly. "I've just started to loosen that guardian muscle."

He pouted and kissed me so sweetly that I almost forgot his request. "Nay, my dearest dwarf, each time those talented fingers of yours breach me, the need for you grows greater. Being inside of you makes me feel like part of me has been missing for centuries but has now been found in you. I wish to feel that from the other side."

And if truth were told, I craved that feeling, too. "I will stretch you some more and we will see if you are ready. Let me up so I can fetch the oil."

"Beloved!" He kissed me hard before leaping up and crossing to the hearth for the sweet oil that we used on ourselves and the Halflings. Coming back to our bed, his sultry look warned me that he would be making it difficult for me to stay restrained.

But hurting him was not an option for me and I glowered sternly at him, taking the oil and motioning him onto his stomach. Merry had told us that a couple of pillows under the hips and stomach helped to relax the lover being taken. Pippin had blushed beet-red but nodded shyly when he realized what Merry had said. It still made me smile when I thought of the two youngsters who were exploring the same relationship that we were.

But my attention could never long wander when presented with the beauty spread out before me. Legolas' legs were apart to entice me between them and I gazed in awe at the delectable feast before me. The pale globes of his ass invited my hands to stroke; the dangling balls, only two oddly enough, beckoned me to taste; the slim cock was already hard and slightly leaking; but it was the small pucker that drew my fingers closer.

Slicking both hands with the warm oil, I rubbed his entrance slowly until I judged him relaxed enough to venture inside. One finger breached him and I wiggled it in small circles that soon relaxed his lower back muscles. Those were the ones that told me if I was hurting him since he wouldn't willingly say anything. When I pulled out my finger, the pucker spasmed open again for me and I tipped the bottle enough to get some oil directly within him.

He shivered and moved his hips enticingly. "Oh, that feels so odd, Gimli. The warmth feels wonderful but I'm so empty that only you can fill me up."

"Don't be so impatient, Legolas. Where's that vaunted Elven patience, I've heard so much about?" I teased him before easing two fingers inside the tight hole.

His whole back rippled and he moaned. "Full, that feels so full. More, beloved, bring back the fire that only you can give me."

I wiggled my fingers while my other hand stroked the firm balls that dangled between his legs. He sighed and tried to open his legs even wider. I slid my fingers as far in as they would go, all the while twisting them against the silken walls of his channel. They were so tight around me that part of me just knew how good they would feel around my rock hard cock.

No pain, I kept telling myself. There would be no pain for my love. Coming partially out, I folded a third finger into him and flexed. He went still and the muscles of his back tensed. If he couldn't take three fingers, he'd never be able to take my cock. This might be as far as we could go for now. I flexed again and slowly began to glove his wilting cock. For a long moment, I thought it wouldn't work.

But then he relaxed all over and seemed to suck my fingers deeper. I knew I'd brushed his sweet spot when his whole back flushed a rosy tint. His groan was satisfied rather than pained and I thanked all the Dwarven Gods for that.

"Oh, Gimli, it feels wonderful. You feel wonderful." He pushed back a little to get more of me inside him but my fingers just weren't any longer. "Come inside of me. Please, love, I need you."

I bit my lip to try and stay calm, the little pain helping me to focus. "I'll try it, love, but if there is pain like a tearing feel, you are to tell me at once. Promise?"

He chuckled and rocked back again. "I promise, beloved. But there won't be any because I need you so."

Now it was my turn to chuckle, "Impatient Elf. I will have you remember that Dwarves like to take their time." I fisted my cock with an oily hand and moved closer to where I wanted to be. "We believe that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well." Pulling out my fingers, I placed the blunt crown against the spasming muscle and with one hard push, I was inside the tightest, hottest place in Middle-earth.

Legolas gripped me with his strong inner muscles and I waited for him to tell me if it was too much. Using both hands, I stroked his tense back and the downy mounds of his cheeks. It was so amazing to see my thick flesh disappearing inside of the tiny virgin hole. I leaned forward and began to place small nipping kisses up his spine.

"Oh, love, how very big you are and how very full I feel." His voice almost sounded awestruck and I blushed. But the muscle felt a little less tense and I dared a tiny thrust that made him moan again. "More, Gimli. Give me all of you."

I inched inside, slowly but surely staking my claim to him. He shuddered when I hit his sweet spot; the tremors squeezing around me like his fingers had been wont to do. Until finally I was in as far as I could get. I rested there for a long moment, savoring the feeling of being connected to him so intimately. My hands stroked his sides with soothing gestures that brought him comfort.

"You belong to me now, my dearest beloved Elf. For the rest of our lives, I wish nothing more than to stay connected to you just like this." I laid a gentle kiss between his shoulder blades.

"Always, Gimli, I shall always want your strength and gentleness inside of me." He sighed and flexed a little around me. "I shall be after you morning, noon and night to come inside of me and make me whole again."

I chuckled and began to pull back until I was almost out of his snug depths. Holding his hips, I thrust slowly back in. "If we make love as often as that, there will be songs written about us and sung all over Middle-earth."

My rhythm grew faster as he pushed back against me, helping me to impale him over and over again. His moans were breathy sounds that fired my blood and my body, until I was practically slamming into him with reckless abandon. Suddenly, without warning, he moaned and came without me even touching him. His climax triggered mine with powerful contractions and I flooded him with my seed.

I collapsed onto his back, buried deep within him while I tried to catch my breath and still my racing heart. I'd never come that hard in my life. Licking a salty patch of skin under my cheek, I contentedly thought about the future. Loving Legolas was now my reason for living, his love all that I needed or wanted.

"Dearest Gimli, how very well you love me. I think I may never move again." His muffled voice sounded so sated that I had to smile.

"Well, I could tie you to the bed and make love to you for the next moon or so." I licked that spot again before carefully biting down to create a loving bruise.

He shivered. "No force is necessary, beloved. I shall henceforth prepare myself with oil at all times so that when ever you feel the need to make love all you have to do is lower my breeches and slide right in."

That very wanton picture of my limber Elf stroking his long fingers inside himself to prepare for me made my cock jerk and begin to harden again. "That sounds quite interesting, dearest Legolas." I thrust my hips into his and pondered the miracle of my insatiability. "Perhaps I should carve a wooden plug the same size as my cock so you can wear it at all times?"

He clenched around me. "It is true what they say about the stamina of dwarves. How very lucky I am to have such an ever-ready lover. Oh there, Gimli, right there."

I rocked slowly while my cock firmed to almost its former hardness. This time I'd be able to take my time. My seed had coated him so well that I slid in and out easily. I was afraid that I'd be too heavy for him so I pulled him up so he was on his hands and knees. That gave him more leverage also and he murmured my name over and over while I thrust into his sweet spot.

We must have made love for an hour or more until we both came again and I shrank enough to come out of him. His groan worried me, as did the slight red tinge of blood in the discharge that seeped from him. I left the bed to get the bowl of hot water on the hearth and the cloth that we'd used for cleanup before. Tenderly, I wiped him clean of the evidence of our loving; leaning in and kissing the tiny entrance that had given me such pleasure.

He shivered all over and I grinned before leaning back down and licking all around the slightly abraded hole. He tasted of himself and me, much like when we drank each other's seed before kissing. Legolas trembled while I licked between his cheeks, down the tender skin to his balls. When I gently sucked one of the balls into my mouth, he keened loudly before burying his face in the pillow.

Humming around my mouthful, I tickled the ball with my tongue before letting it go and tasting the second one. He tasted good everywhere but that little hole kept beckoning me back to it. Rolling my tongue, I slipped inside the well-stretched pucker and fluttered it while he panted under me. With no one else did I feel so free to lick, nip or taste my way around a body other than my own. He'd freed a passion in me that I hadn't known was there.

I couldn't get enough of him but I was afraid of making him sorer than he already was so I finally drew back and calmed him with gentle caresses. He gathered his strength and rolled off the pillows, holding out his arms to draw me close. The pillows scattered to the floor and I had enough presence of mind to bring the blanket with me. I didn't want him to catch a chill.

Looking into those beautiful dark eyes, I found my gaze caught and held.

"I love you, Gimli. How beautifully you love me." He still looked somewhat dazed to me and I wanted to chuckle but was afraid that he'd take it the wrong way. Then he blushed and his eyes dropped to my lips. "Where did you learn that delicious trick with your tongue?"

"I just invented it because you taste so good." I shrugged. "One of these days when we have nothing to do, I plan to taste you from your toes all the way up to your ears."

He laughed out loud. "I shall hold you to that, my insatiable dwarf. Although, the thought is so intriguing that I may need to taste you also."

I smiled. "Whatever I have is yours, Legolas Greenleaf. Every part of me craves your touch."

"Oh, my dearest love," his eyes brightened with tears and he cuddled close to me.

My arms hugged him tight and I slid one of my legs between his so that we touched everywhere. It truly was addicting to hold him. He satisfied all my appetites and had for quite some time; if I were very lucky, for the rest of our lives.

"Now, about this plug that you're going to carve for me." He looked guilelessly into my eyes. "I will help you take your measurements. Were you thinking of oak or mallorn? Perhaps, Treebeard would have some suggestions?"

I began to laugh while he joined in. Perhaps I'd have to take a look around the wood shops of Minas Tirith. I'd settle for nothing less than the best for my love.

The end for now