Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Building the Future, part nine
Pairing: Elrohir/Elladan and Gloin/Lorrin
Summary: The journey to Rivendell.
Date: 27 July 2002

We'd been on the road for two days now and everything was quiet. Our group had grown to eight with the addition of two other Men and surprisingly, Gloin and Lorrin. I smiled to myself and cast a quick look at the newly created couple. The Dwarf drove one of the wagons after refusing to ride behind his lover on the dappled gray mare, which had appeared like magic just before we left.

It was fun seeing their love grow by leaps and bounds. The elder Dwarf had given Legolas his approval and love, which could only endear him to my twin and me. It was good to see the elder Varyan begin to participate in the community rather than slip in and out when he was needed.

Another five days would see us to the Last Bridge where we hoped to send the Shire letters by one of the messengers who were based in the small village that had grown up since the end of the war. It was a good central location and business was growing as parts of Middle-earth woke up to the changes that were still occurring. Once we finished that mission we were heading straight for Rivendell to try and find out what was going on in the world.

This noon had brought me a shivery feeling that I felt like a cold chill at the base of my neck and it wasn't the weather. My eyes narrowed and I began to watch Lorrin more closely. The elder Elf practiced his self-effacement at all times but I had a feeling that he knew why it felt as if we'd passed through a barrier of some kind. A few moments later, I dropped back to ride along side of him.

"What was that, Lorrin?" I decided to just come right out with my question.

"There are magical wards in the four corners of the valley. The mountains, bogs and forests are not the only protection that we have." He cast a quick glance at Gloin who was taking his turn at being the last wagon in our group, his neck scarf dampened and pulled over his nose to protect himself from the dry dust. "Most would not feel it but we passed through the energy curtain and are now unprotected from whatever is hunting our messengers."

I nodded slowly. It made sense and reminded me of his great age that he could speak calmly of wielding magics so immense that they could protect hundreds of miles of territory. I was very thankful that he was on our side. Even the weather had cooled a bit with low hanging clouds stretching forth in all directions. We might yet end up wearing the cloaks we'd packed and cease to eat the dust from our travels.


Five days later, we had a pint of beer at the local village and saw the messages for the Shire sent off with a pair of Hobbits who were well armed. Rumors had reached that gentle land of the disappearances of some of the caravans who had previously brought goods from surrounding lands to this village by the bridge. Now, everyone traveled with a companion for safety's sake.

But the stories were simply variations on ones we'd heard before so we took them with a grain of salt and continued on towards Rivendell. I must admit that our pace did quicken the closer we came to our birthplace. Elladan was worried about Arwen and our new nephew. Hopefully, Father had returned and could give us more details than just his name.

And I must admit that I craved a comfortable room with a door to guard our privacy. We'd gotten much too used to the easy life and the ability to make love whenever we wished. Hasty kisses between shifts at midnight were the sum total of our loving and I know how much I chaffed at the lack. But once past the Ford of Bruinen, it was just a day's journey even slowed by the wagons.

The road was well tended and we saw the occasional evidence that others had come and gone in the now muddy road. Our supplies were almost gone but I knew that tonight we'd be eating the inspired cooking of Father's chef, Marjella. The sentries greeted us with smiles and sent word on ahead that we were coming. Gloin sent us on with a joke about seeing that the water was hot for our baths.

So Elladan and I raced ahead down the paths that we'd known since we were children. Father was waiting for us at the stables and we threw ourselves off our mounts to envelop him in hugs. He complained that we were squeezing the breath out of him but his arms held us close when we would have let him loose. His kisses were still warm on our cheeks when his dark eyes looked us over carefully.

"Who else travels with you?" He asked. "Leave your horses and come with me now. There is so much news to share. How did you leave dear Legolas and Gimli? Their twins must be growing quickly."

We spoke of all who remained in Friendly. Relaxing on the broad terrace with chilled wine in one hand and some of the deep purple grapes, which only grew in Rivendell, in the other, we gave him all our news and demanded his. He had sketches of Arwen and our nephew, Eldarion. While leafing through them, the others of our group appeared and Father greeted them genially with a special welcome for the elder Lorrin.

Two of the trunks were filled with scrolls transcribed and copied from the Varyan originals and Father was speechless at the wealth of knowledge presented to him. Lorrin relaxed once he saw his reaction and the little smile with which he greeted good news flitted across his face. We went into an early dinner with more conversation and it was delicious.

At last, satiated with good food and wine, we said our goodnights and showed the others the guest rooms before seeking the suite of rooms that had been ours since we were small. The things we'd left behind still hung on the walls and lined the bookshelves in the study where Glorfindel had taught us our lessons. I walked through the three rooms, making sure that we were completely alone while El' started the water running in the sunken tub of our bathroom.

The beds were already turned down and I suddenly hungered for the comfort of a soft mattress and silken sheets. I'd grown lax indeed but couldn't bring myself to care. Starting my unbuttoning, I paced silently back to the bathroom to find my twin already naked and in the swiftly filling tub. His favorite musk oil scented the air and his gaze turned sultry when he saw me.

"Come and let me wash your back, beloved." His voice was husky and I shivered while stripping off my clothes and leaving them in a heap on the floor by the tub.

I sank into his embrace and took his lips with all the passion with which I was able. Home, his lips tasted of home to me. The spices from dinner, the sweet wine we'd drunk combined with his own delicious taste were all finally mine to plunder. His long, lean limbs were wrapped around me so we were touching everywhere and even in the buoyant water his solid weight anchored me.

His hands soothed the tension away from my neck and left tingles where ever they touched me. The strands of his hair were a curtain around me so I was surrounded by him everywhere. My own hands traced the muscles in his back down to the firm globes of his ass and I cupped them while he groaned into my mouth. I pulled just far enough away to look into his glowing face.

"Beloved Elladan, let's wash first so I can take you to bed and do this properly."

"Beloved Elrohir, how are the mighty fallen." He shook his head with a look of mock disappointment on his face. "Where is the mighty hunter who scorned so much as a blanket on a cold winter night? Alas, you've grown soft and decadent this last year."

I growled and began to tickle him. "I'll show you soft, Twin."

He snorted with laughter and tried to escape my teasing fingers. The water surged around us and I gave a brief thought to how much we'd be mopping up later. But that was for much later, now was for enjoying our first hot bath in several weeks and making love in comfort until we were both too tired to move.


I could feel great distress emanating from the dark Elf on the balcony. Gloin was still talking with the elderly Hobbit, Bilbo about his honorary grandchildren and I'd excused myself so I could get some fresh air. Lord Elrond was radiating shock in all directions. I wrestled with my shyness but finally knew that I had to at least offer to help.

"Lord Elrond, is there something wrong?" I stopped two feet from him and leaned against the carved marble railing.

His eyes were wide and dilated to black. "Elder Lorrin . . . n-no, I am fine."

"I think not, my lord." I looked a little harder at his aura and discovered the gray area around family. Oh dear, he'd obviously seen something about his sons. "Elrohir and Elladan."

"I . . . went to say goodnight." He gasped and his grip on the railing was so tight that his knuckles had turned white. "I . . . saw them . . . bathing."

"Then you now know why they have turned down all your matchmaking attempts." I slid a little closer to him and laid a gentle hand on his. Shock but also something more. My energy levels were high at the moment so I surreptitiously began to feed him the necessary calm that he needed so desperately. "Will you disinherit them because of this?"

"What?" His head came up with a start. "Of course not, Elder, they are my sons."

"Good, there has been too much repudiation of family going on." I gauged his reaction to that statement and saw a healthy rose color return to his aura. He made the connection to Thranduil and his son at once, denying that possibility with all his heart. I finally puzzled out the second emotion - guilt. "You're feeling guilty but I can see no reason."

The great lord blushed like a young Elf in love. "I fear that I . . . I may have been a bad example for them. When my wife left for the Havens, I turned to a friend to help ease the pain."

"Glorfindel," I said quietly. Their auras weren't identical but I'd noticed how they meshed into one whenever they stood together. Over Elrond's shoulder I saw the golden haired Elf hovering in the doorway, so I raised my voice. "Come, my friend. Your lord has need of your comfort."

He was by our side in a heartbeat and I watched him ache to hold his lover. "Elrond, what is wrong?"

Troubled eyes sought his. "I fear that my sons . . . my sons . . ."

He couldn't continue and Glorfindel unhesitatingly slid his arms around him, bringing his head to his shoulder. "Elrohir and Elladan are together in all things. They have loved each other for a very long time."

The dark lord froze and slowly raised his head. "You knew and told me not?"

Honest eyes met his unflinchingly. "I guessed when Elladan came to me asking about how occasional pain can enhance lovemaking."

Elrond blushed for the second time that evening and it took all my years of experience not to laugh out loud. It seemed that the need for erotic love play could be passed from father to son all unknowingly. An entire conversation passed between the two of them with just one long look. Both their auras began to shade to the indigo blue of passion and I suppressed another smile.

"My lords, if you will excuse me? I believe that I will seek Gloin and retire for the evening." I bowed to them and they bowed back.

"Thank you, Elder." Elrond was back in control. "Thank you for your understanding and your friendship with my sons."

I smiled. "They are easy to befriend, my lord. I am glad that they came to live in our valley. Just remember that they love you very much. If you can acknowledge their choices with love, they will be very happy indeed."

He nodded firmly. "It shall be so, Elder. Good night."

Glorfindel echoed his good night and I left them to retrace my steps to Bilbo's rooms. But before I could get there Gloin found me. We walked back to the guest suite we'd been given in a companionable silence. Once there we stripped and ran a hot bath to soak away the long trip. Taking turns, we bathed each other at first briskly then slowly, soapy hands lingering here and there.

Loving touches that I sincerely hoped Glorfindel and his lord were sharing. I'd keep watch over the next few days to make sure that all was well between the four of them. But for now, I intended to love my Dwarf right into the sinfully soft sheets on the large bed in the other room.

"Lorrin?" Gloin noticed my distraction and his hands rested lightly on my shoulders.

"I think that we're both clean enough, my friend." I leaned forward and kissed him hard.

His lips parted beneath mine and a growling laugh passed from his mouth to me. Those callused hands stroked my back, leaving tingles in their wake. When we had to breathe, he chuckled. "I believe you're right, my friend. I'm looking forward to a good sleep."

"Sleep?" I shook my head and pulled away to step out of the tub. "I don't believe I said anything about sleep, Gloin. I was thinking of taking some of this finely scented oil to bed with us so I could massage your aching muscles."

"Really? I think that sounds like a fine idea." He surged up and out of the tub, grabbing a towel and beginning to dry his sturdy body.

My fingers itched to comb through the black and silver curls on his chest but that would come later. I toweled off and took the oil with me into the silver and blue bedroom. The four pillars of the bed rose like silvery mallorn trunks, the canopy a tented midnight blue sky that spilled over the four corners and onto the marble tiles of the floor. The sheets were already pulled back invitingly in the soft light of a bedside table lamp.

I sprawled on the bed and felt at peace for the first time since we'd begun this journey. The trip had taken its toll on me. I hadn't left the valley in centuries and the constant bombardment of unchecked emotions had begun to drain my energy. Gloin was the reason that I'd survived as well as I had. He was rooted so deeply in the earth that an hour in his arms each night was enough to keep me going.

Rivendell's calm but powerful energy had done quite a bit to replenish the reserves lost to me. I should have realized that Elrond held Vilya, the blue stone blazing on his finger like a beacon. Such power at his command and yet I could tell that he didn't realize all that could be done with it. I would have to think long and hard about educating him. Was it my place to show him things that might be beyond his imaginings?

"Beautiful Lorrin, I can feel your thoughts from here. Perhaps I should be the one to massage you?" Gloin had joined me on the bed and a firm hand rested gently on my chest.

"I am sorry, my love." I slid closer to his heat and took a deep breath of his musky scent. "My thoughts will be all the better for sleeping on them. And while I would enjoy your hands, I think I will be selfish and take care of you first."

"Selfish?" He snorted and smiled. "You couldn't be selfish if you tried, but I would enjoy your hands." He picked up one and kissed each finger carefully, sending a shiver down my spine. "And where will you place them?"

"Everywhere, Gloin. I plan on placing them everywhere." I pushed him onto his back and lay on the wiry curls of his chest. Kissing him while I teased his skin with an almost too light touch, I felt the evidence of his passion begin to rise between my legs. Shivering, I let my legs fall to either side of his hips while our groins matched each other.

I'd wanted him inside of me for months and tonight would be the perfect time to make that desire a reality. Oiling my hands, I carefully massaged his arms until he was groaning with pleasure. Keeping two horses pulling a heavy wagon through the muddy roads had strained the muscles of his entire upper body. I could see the tense ligaments begin to slowly relax like dark spots that slowly turned as white as his skin.

More importantly I could feel his shaft nudge my balls. Trailing my hands down his chest, I tweaked his nipples hard while he caught his breath. His dark eyes turned sultry and hot with the passion that bubbled inside of him. I really was a very lucky Elf that this stalwart Dwarf should find me so arousing.

I continued his massage, taking a moment to slide my slippery hands around his thick organ until he was glistening. A tiny bead of fluid brought my lips to his crown and I lapped the tear free, savoring his salty taste. But then I left him and slid down to his feet, working my way up his short legs and back to his groin. The now bobbing cock was weeping more brine but I took a moment to gently mouth the three balls that dangled in the sac between his legs.

He was steadily groaning my name and I took a quick look to make sure his eyes were closed. Taking a deep breath, I silently opened myself with a pair of slick fingers before sliding further up his body. Gimli had inherited his girth and size from his father, if my eye could be relied upon. I'd rather envied my Prince for his consort's shaft but now I would envy no more.

Leisurely I slid both hands around him and up then down. He was hard as iron and beginning to pant when I shifted over him and guided him home to within my depths. There was some pain since it had been centuries since I'd last taken someone like this. And he was undoubtedly larger than any I'd ever accommodated. But not even the pain could make me stop sliding him deep.

"Lorrin!" His eyes were wild but also hesitant. "Are you all right?"

"Better than all right, my love. You feel wonderful." I sighed and smiled down at him. "Thank you, Gloin. I've wanted this for months now."

"I'm not . . . hurting you?" His hands rested on my thighs and made little soothing circles on my sensitive skin. "You're so tight and hot."

"And you are so nice and thick that I'm stretched wide with your mighty shaft." I used my thighs to raise up a bit before sitting back down. "Oh Gods, that feels so good."

He was panting but his hips were thrusting up. "Yes, it does. What should I do?"

"Just that, my love." I helped him feel the rhythm that we both needed and prepared for a long bout of riding. This was just the beginning of the treats I had in store for him. It had been a long trip and I wasn't letting him out of this bed until we were both too sore to make love again. A week should just about do it, I thought with a smile.

He smiled back and began to glove my cock with his work roughened fingers. Yes, we were going to be sequestered for some time to come.

The end for now