Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Building the Future, part 11
Pairing: Elrond/Glorfindel
Summary: The Power of Vilya is taught to the Lord of Rivendell.
Date: 24 August 2002

This was worse than a four day battle.

The searing pain hurt more than any wound I'd ever taken.

It felt like my mind would be wrenched from my body and sent spiraling into the dark.

First it was a small whimper.

That was followed by a hollow groan.

Briefly, I wondered if I was going to howl like a rabid Warg.

But I was spared that humiliation. Instead I began to pant like a woman in labor, sparing a thought for my cousin Legolas who had also had to give birth to something new.

"Enough, my lord, breathe slowly." The elder's voice seemed to come from far away but the bonfire was subsiding into coals and that was a blessed relief.

Strong arms held me and the faint scent of familiar musk told me that Glorfindel was my current prop. The marble floor wasn't where I'd been when this whole lesson started but the cool stone felt good after the scourging heat of energy that had filled me to the brim. The Varyan Elder had told me that I wasn't using Vilya to its full capacity.

He was right if the torrent of fire that swept through my entire body was to be believed.

I certainly wasn't going to call him a liar.

"My lord, let Glorfindel ease the pain." A cool hand stroked my cheek and I managed to force my eyes open. "Sleep on it and rise to face the next part in the morning."

"Next part?" Was that husky rasp my voice?

He chuckled and patted my arm. "Now that you've been opened to the power surrounding you, you need to acknowledge it and send your senses out into Rivendell. I think that Mithrandir never completely left this vale. You should be able to find him. But for now, rest and eat heartily."

I was suddenly starved and knew with a blush that Glorfindel and Lorrin had both heard my stomach growl. My lover chuckled and dropped a kiss onto my sweat soaked hair. "I shall feed you myself then carry you to our bath for a good soak."

"Excellent idea, Glorfindel. He will need your care tonight." Somehow, with only the raise of an eyebrow, he conveyed an entire roster of things we should do.

Top of my list was getting fucked and soon. Also often, I decided while being pulled to my feet and steadied by the strong arms of my lover. Luckily, we were on my private balcony and the smell of roast chicken from my study wafted straight to my salivating mouth. My Elven crutch was laughing at me. I knew it but didn't care.

"Father, are you all right?" One of my sons sprang up from the comfortable chair behind my desk.

I focused slowly while Glorfindel gently lowered me onto the bench that served as seating around the table where my maps usually lay. I managed his name. "Elrohir."

"What do you need?" He knelt beside me and took my hand in his warm grip. "Your skin feels like ice. What did Lorrin do to you?"

"What I needed to do, young man." The elder's tones were dry. "You can help by drawing his bath for him and keeping everyone else away. Glorfindel will see to his other needs."

I blushed at the same moment Elrohir did. I could feel 'Del laughing silently from behind me and I made a mental note to extract my vengeance later. Well, after he fucked me through the feather bed, of course. My son made some kind of strangled sound before leaping to his feet and escaping into my bedroom. I might have been more embarrassed if I hadn't come to terms with my sons' secret.

Once this whole opening-up-to-the-power-of-my-ring endeavor was over, I was going to sit them down and have a long talk with the pair of them. A morsel of plump chicken teased my lips and I swallowed it whole, nipping at the slender fingers that held it.

"Until tomorrow, my lord." Lorrin's voice came to me just before the outer door closed.

I forced my eyes open again in time to meet my lover's concerned gaze. "I'll be fine, my love. The weakness is passing moment by moment. I need you almost more than I need this meal."

"Then you shall have me, beloved." His voice was the merest whisper but it was better than any shout for it told me that I would be loved tonight. He went back to feeding me until I was able to sit up by myself and wield my own fork and knife. Disappearing for a few moments, he soon rejoined me.

"It's ready, Father. Is there anything else you need?" Elrohir knelt by my side and I stopped eating to give him a hug. My children could still surprise me and I was a very lucky Elf to have such a caring son.

"I will be fine for now. 'Del will help me bathe and tuck me into bed. Tomorrow, we'll see what new torture Lorrin has planned." I cupped his cheek and kissed his forehead. "Thank you for being here. Now, go and join your brother for your own dinner."

"Yes, Father." He leapt up and was gone before I could blink an eye. Children were so impetuous these days.

I went on eating, feeling the lingering chill left by the scalding energies slowly subside. I'd thought that I knew the differences in the four elements and how to use them but Lorrin had showed me an entire world of power unknown and seemingly limitless. The ring on my finger pulsed with azure light and already, I saw objects more clearly. Not the man-made ones but the living life forms that surrounded us were all singing to me.

The water from the tub called to me and when I looked up to see 'Del gazing at me from the doorway, I finished the last bite of glazed carrot and rose to join him. His arms welcomed me home and we crossed silently to the blue and gold tiled bathroom. The water steamed before me and my lover stripped me quickly. His clothing was easily shed and we walked down into the scented depths of the tub together.

A slight fizz in the water danced over my skin and I chuckled while sinking to the bottom of the small pool. The urge to love was growing stronger and when strong hands pulled me up and began to wash my hair, I sighed and let him pamper me. The sooner I was clean, the sooner he'd fuck me. His fingers massaged my scalp until I was purring then he rinsed me off and began soaping my body. But two could play with the soap and I turned to watch the bubbles from my soapy hands slide over his golden skin.

He caught his breath and my massage grew more heated. His knowing fingers found every hot spot I had and stroked my suddenly too tight skin with the skill that comes from centuries of lovemaking. I was gasping by the time he laid me back against the sloping back, palming my cheeks apart and sliding in until he could go no further.

Was it the ring or the new lessons or perhaps it was just time to grow a little more? I felt him like a bright flame surging into the heart of me. I was the water that surrounded us, the steam we breathed in slowly, the marble that cradled me. I was myself and also him in the same moment.

"Elbereth," his sigh was mine.

"Make me whole, 'Del, the way that only you can." My fingers slid slowly up the scarred chest that I knew as well as my own. His skin was satin interrupted by twisted scar tissue that had never completely healed so long ago.

"Beloved," his breath became mine when he kissed me. Slowly, he began the familiar dance of flesh, pulling out then thrusting back in.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and smoothed my hands up to his broad shoulders, holding on as his pace quickened. My skin was the only thing holding me together, that and the sword of flesh that was striking into my heart. Dimly, I could see what Lorrin had meant about casting my spirit into the land. Part of me was already seeping out into the rooms around us and the gardens further out.

But right now, my lover was anchoring me to this room, this moment. I let the other go and concentrated on him. His long blond hair tickled my neck while his warm lips mapped my face with slow fervor. The growing need to come was shortening my breath and tightening my muscles. The upward spiral was speeding through me like a flash flood and his thrusts were quickening until I ceased to be Elrond.

We were one, Glorfindel-Elrond.

At that moment, I felt every soul in Rivendell become a part of me. The bright light they made blinded me, their voices deafened me with a clap of almost thunder. I erupted like Mount Doom and felt as if I'd touched the stars before falling into blessed darkness.


I awoke refreshed as if I'd slept for a hundred years. Warm arms cradled me and the slow heartbeat behind me thudded reassuringly. Glorfindel was wrapped around me like a blanket and I hugged his arms to me. I loved sleeping like this, held safe in my lover's arms. On those days when the responsibilities grew heavier than I could bear, he would wrap me in his loving care and take away the burden as if it had never been.

I had to be the luckiest Elf in Middle-earth to be so loved. I took a deep breath then another before testing my newly learned powers. Opening my inner eye took a bare moment rather than the three hours it had taken the first time. I widened the range to include the next room, then the hall, slowly but surely encompassing more of the palace until I was beginning to strain a bit.

Backing off, I realized that I knew where everyone was and who they were to boot. I knew what the kitchens were cooking for our mid-day meal; which fruits were beginning to ripen on the trees; where water was needed and which irrigation pipes would get the water there. Concentrating a little more, I sensed who was where in the palace and with a further effort, I knew that I'd be able to tell what they were doing.

That's when I stopped cold and opened my real eyes. The privacy of my people was more important than my need to explore this new ability. Glancing down at Vilya, I saw the bright azure fade to its normal blue. Interesting, the stone outwardly reflected what my inner actions were. I'd have to ask Lorrin if that was visible to others or if it was my perception only.

I'd have to start wearing it around my neck, the way he wore his, if that was the case. I disliked showing my hand when it wasn't necessary. Yesterday, I'd been so tired that I'd thought I'd have to rest for a week. But now, I felt filled to the brim with energy. Perhaps waking Glorfindel for some fun was on the agenda, I thought with a smile that would have made him laugh out loud if he'd seen it.

"Beloved Elrond, you're plotting mischief." His voice was sleep-roughened but his lips were sure when they nibbled behind my ear.

Turning slowly in his arms, I took his lips with early morning languor. He tasted the way he usually did, only richer and I sucked on his tongue the way a babe sucks on his mother's breast. I'd known him in every way for centuries, yet each day seemed to bring me something new. A look or taste or touch that we'd never shared before.

Parting from him softly, I watched his eyes flutter open. Those shining blue eyes were more beautiful to me than any others, although I'd always thought that young Legolas had much the same shade. That gaze knew me, the good and bad of me, the way that no other ever had.

"We're having Norn fruit just ripened for our next meal and fresh venison from a deer shot this morning by Elladan." I informed him smugly. "And for some reason, someone is making that chocolate crumble cake that Gloin introduced us to."

"Someone must love me, then." He said just as smugly back.

"I love you." I told him, pleased to be the first today to say it.

"Beloved, I love you, too." He rested his forehead against mine. "Your control is improved."

Nodding, I checked again to make sure that my inner eye was still quiescent. "It must have continued to grow while I slept. I only checked it as far as the palace proper. I'll want to have Lorrin evaluate it first before I go further. It is almost frightening how much detail I can gather when I focus. I think that it will be a very few who need to know what I can and can not do with Vilya's aid."

"You would never go beyond the pale, my love. Your sense of justice is well developed. I have known that forever." He said calmly.

"How can you say that, 'Del? I'm as fallible as the next Elf."

"Not when it matters, Elrond, you would never use such a power to spy on another."

I pulled him closer. "Keep reminding me of that, beloved. You are my conscious, the ruler by which I measure my actions."

"Always," he kissed me gently and I would have deepened it but I could feel the bright amethyst light that was Lorrin nearing the outer room.

Pulling regretfully away, I sighed. "Lorrin approaches and so does our next meal."

Right on cue, our stomachs growled in unison. Laughing, we rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom to make ourselves presentable for our guests. By the time we entered the study, the table was filled with food and Lorrin, Gloin and my sons were waiting for us.

Gloin was a delight and I gazed at the gruff Dwarf to whom I owed so much. There was something about his branch that drew Elves like a magnet. Sweet Legolas deserved nothing less than total love and commitment from his family. Thranduil really was a fool to disinherit his youngest son. One day he would realize what he'd done and I was just petty enough to hope that I was there to see it.

Not very nice of me but a heartfelt wish just the same. I looked around the table and smiled at the men I was lucky to call friend. Why had we all thought that the Elves would fade away once the Ring was unmade? Lorrin was showing me exactly what Vilya could do to heal the lands and peoples ravaged by war. There was so much to rebuild and ancient lands to explore that had been closed to us for centuries.

Some of the Elves would still take ship but the majority of my people seemed to be awakening to the possibilities now present in Middle-earth. For the first time in centuries, I was learning something new. The memory of the pain of yesterday was still there but my exercising of the new ability this morning had shown me that new marvels awaited my learning.

"Elrond," Lorrin's violet gaze caught mine. "We should venture forth to a spot near both water and rock. They will be your anchors when you cast your gaze out into your realm. The five of us will also provide you energy should yours falter. We need to do this now since events are happening in our valley, which will require our return very shortly."

I nodded. "Agreed, Elder, I know just the place beside our favorite waterfall."

"We'll gather food and water to take with us, Father." Elrohir stood and bowed briefly before taking Elladan with him to the kitchens.

"Then let us be off, gentlemen. The sooner we get started, the sooner we'll see if we can rescue Mithrandir." I pushed back from the table and prepared to learn something new. It was going to be a good day.

The end of part eleven