Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bringing Up Babies, part one
Pairing: Pretty much everybody
Summary: Winter comes to Middle-earth and the winter games begin.
Date: 15 October 2002

"Listen to this, 'Del." I barely restrained my laughter over the latest letter from the Vestella. "Legolas writes 'Gandalf and Perri can not be parted for more than an hour before one goes looking for the other. Our wizard has a permanently surprised look on his face and a smile that stops just short of beaming. Perri shines like the stars overhead and can not stop touching Gandalf as if to reassure himself that he is really there. They need their own home but for the moment, Gloin and Lorrin have moved into the Elder's home deep in the mountain that we call White Cap.'"

I looked up and found my lover smiling over at me. "They sound well matched, my love. Perhaps they are as happy as we. The letter from Galadriel is more restrained but she also sounds rather optimistic. 'Winter touches lightly upon Lothlorien and the children have taken to skating on the rivers when there is ice and sliding down the hills when there is snow. Just the other day, Celeborn took Haldir's dare and slid down a veritable mountain of snow, ending up buried to his shoulders. Haldir was laughing so hard that it was a long moment before we got my poor husband dug out of the drift. Luckily, he took no harm and the sport is growing in popularity.'"

I could no longer restrain my laughter and 'Del joined in until we had to breathe. "I swear that time is running backward, beloved. All of us are rejuvenated and we're entering our second childhoods. Why did I ever think that we were through with Middle-earth?"

My lover leaned over and kissed me so soundly that Legolas' letter fell from my suddenly lax fingers. His hands carded through my hair, loosening the braids that he'd braided himself just a few hours ago. The room was suddenly much too hot or perhaps we were just wearing too many clothes, I thought dazedly.

"I think you may be right, my love. If we are to enjoy our second childhood, I suggest we adjourn to our bedroom so we can . . . play." He said in a low voice while his hand drifted down my chest to my belt.

"Yes," I gasped and stood on suddenly shaky legs. "I believe that your counsel, as always, is excellent and should be acted upon immediately."

He arose and stalked me straight into the bedroom where we discovered the joys of making love all over again.


"Sweetheart, you should try it," Celeborn urged me, opening those big blue eyes of his and giving me that sweet, innocent look that had melted me so many centuries ago. "It's great fun and I'll make sure that you don't end up like I did a moon ago."

"Dearest Celeborn, not even if you made me a sled of surpassing beauty and safety, would I throw myself down that well worn track you've made." I smiled at him and let my robe fall open just a little further than normal. "We have a cozy fire, brandy warming on the hearth, a lovely soft fur on the floor before it. Does it remind you of anything?"

Leaning back in his chair, he thought while running his fingers through the softest hair in Lothlorien, including mine, I thought ruefully. I regarded him fondly and let one leg slowly appear through the slit in my new blue robe. He noticed that, finally and I saw the moment that he gave up on the sledding idea and began to consider the seduction that I'd planned for the evening.

"The evening that we were finally alone, our vows exchanged, our parents away to marry off another pair and just us in the tree loft in northern Lothlorien." He began to unbutton his shirt and I watched with almost the same anticipation as I had then. "I believe that you were wearing a fetching robe much the same color as the one you're wearing now."

"And you were taking just as long as you are now." I teased him, rising to my knees and sliding my hands up his thighs to the buttons on his pants. "We talked of the weather."

"Snowy for this time of year, isn't it?" He said in an almost word for word question. His hands slid to my shoulders and his caress made my nipples begin to harden.

"Yes, the temperature is exceeding cool . . . for this time of year." I finished unbuttoning him and he peeled off his shirt then leaned in to kiss me. I never tire of his kisses, not even after all the centuries we've been together. Each one reminds me of the love that grew year by year, bringing us to now.

His lips moved down my throat and I gasped when he nipped at the hollow there. "Even though it is . . ." he nibbled where he pushed the heavy silk from my shoulder. "Cold outside, I believe that we've discovered a way to keep warm."

Sliding me back onto the fur, he stood and let his pants fall to the floor, standing before me in all his naked glory. Mine, I thought with greedy satisfaction, all mine. Crouching at my feet, he slid his hands from my ankles up my legs, parting the robe as he neared my molten center. I was already shivering and all we'd done was touch.

There, his fingers slid into my aching sheath and I arched my back and came. He chuckled and leaned in to lap my climax from me. "Just the first, my love."


Perri massaged my back with the strong sure strokes that felt so very good. "Next time, my love, listen to Sam when he tells you that the ice has made the path treacherous. You almost did permanent damage to your spine when you flew over the flagstones and landed on the tiles."

Having felt every single tile when I measured my length on the ground, I was not inclined to argue with him. "I promise to heed his warnings from now on."

He kissed the back of my neck and moved down a little further. "Since you are so contrite, I shall forgive you. Perhaps I could entice you to stay in bed a little longer this cold and snowy morning?"

Since I was comfortably warm even though I lay naked in our bed and I had an equally naked Perri atop of me, I thought that a most reasonable request. "Consider myself enticed, beloved."

He chuckled and dribbled more oil on my back before going back to easing the aches from my lower back where I'd fallen most heavily. "Thank goodness, Gandalf, I just don't know what I would have done had you said no."

"You would have thought of something, Perri. I have noticed that your quick brain is almost always ahead of mine. Oh," I sighed as a knot, I hadn't known was there, dissolved into bliss.

He kissed the spot lingeringly and I began to heat, the way I always did when around him. "I have to be quick, Master Wizard, if I am to keep up with you. You've got a nasty bruise here. If it's not gone by morning then we shall go to Rheanas and have him look at it."

I looked over my shoulder and blew my hair out of the way. "I didn't even feel it, love."

He dimpled at me and moved back a few more inches so he rested on my thighs and his hands smoothed over my lower cheeks. "I shall check here most carefully, in case there are more."

"Oh, yes, do that." I quavered as those slim hands slid over my ass, massaging it into heated bliss while I hardened to steel. His shaft dragged along my cleft and I shivered at the thought of how good it would feel sliding into me. He must have read my mind because he palmed my cheeks apart, exposing the place where I needed him.

Then he began to lick me all the way from the top of the cleft down to my balls.


Glorfindel was insatiable this afternoon, I thought dazedly. I'd already come twice and he once but those clever hands of his were busy hardening me again. I'd disobeyed his tender command to stay still so now my arms were tied above me to the headboard while he played my body like he played the lyre. I was sweating at the delicate torture and he licked each bead from my skin as if it was the finest of spices.

"That's it, beloved. Relax and let me touch you. I promise to make you feel good." He crooned to me.

I tried, really I did but it felt so good that I had to move. "Please, 'Del, stop teasing and fuck me."

"Such language, beloved, I'm shocked." He pinched my left nipple and I arched into it with a hiss. So he pinched the right while I writhed beneath him.

Then my aching cock was sucked into the haven of his hot wet mouth and I thrust up and came for the third time. While I was quivering, he turned me over and bit my right ass cheek before plunging two dripping fingers deep within my aching hole. I shouted and felt my cock try to lift once more.

"So tight, my love, you're always so tight for me." He bit my other cheek while gently rolling my balls in his clever fingers. "What was it you wanted me to do, El'? I seem to have forgotten."

I had to take a deep breath so my voice didn't quaver. "Fuck me, 'Del. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Keep fucking me until I scream."

"Yes." He said and pulled out his fingers before thrusting deep, impaling me on his beautiful cock.

"Havens!" I shouted and felt his hands begin to slap my reddening cheeks while he thrust over and over against my sweet spot. I was burning within and without by the time I was hard again. My cheeks were probably bright red but I didn't care because 'Del had thrust deep and pulsed so deep within me that I could feel it all the way to my heart.

"Come for me, love," he said quietly and I spurted out the little fluid I had left while he flooded me with his burning seed. Stretched out along my back, he nuzzled my neck and kissed it slowly from one side to the other. "So good, El', it's always so good with you."

"I love you, my golden Elf." I decided that I'd stay here forever so long as he stayed, too.


I sipped the brandy before handing the glass to Celeborn. We sprawled on the white fur rug, almost but not quite ready for another round of lovemaking. I pleasantly tingled from his teasing touches and he had yet to come inside of me. We hadn't taken our time like this in a century or more. The destruction of the One Ring had freed our lives of an ever growing feeling of despair.

My husband leaned over me and the mischievous smile should have warned me what he was planning. He tilted the glass and let the last of the brandy drip onto my breasts. "You are sweet already, Gala, but I think I can improve on your taste."

He lapped the beads of liquid from my tightening buds and I peaked for him. Suckling sweetly at my breast, I felt my sheath ache for him. "Cel', please Cel', now."

"My sweet Queen, are you sure?" He teased his fingers in my curls, tweaking that nub that sent me quite insane.

"Yes, my Lord, I am quite, quite sure." I wrapped my hand around him and tugged hard.

Chuckling, he slid between my legs and slowly eased his thick shaft within me. I gasped as I always did when it had been awhile and hummed with satisfaction when he was fully seated within. I flexed around him and he smiled down at me, the firelight turning his blond hair a delicate auburn. His hands cupped my breasts and he squeezed just short of pain while I begged him to move.

"So demanding, my Queen, perhaps I prefer to simply stay just as we are." He teased me with a mock-serious look.

I dug my fingernails into his legs, flexed my whole body and toppled him over so that I looked down upon his laughing face. "Perhaps not, my Lord, I have the urge to go riding this evening. I have just the steed in mind."

He chuckled and flexed up, hitting that sweet spot inside of me that made me sing. "Then you shall have what you wish, Lady of the Woods."

We rode together for a blissful amount of time until I felt him draw tense. He reversed us to our former position and impaled me one last time before flooding me with his seed while I quivered into my sixth climax of the night. He quietly slumped onto me and I wrapped my arms around him, murmuring those sweet endearments that I hadn't used in much too long.

This was a night of love that we would remember for some time to come.


Perri's hands were tormenting me almost into release. After licking me to steel, he was slowly sucking my brains out through my cock. I was on my back while he nibbled up one side of my shaft, sucked the crown into his moist heat, then nibbled back down the other side. His fingers kept rolling my balls in some arcane pattern that I had yet to decipher.

No matter, it was going to kill me anyway. I moaned pitifully and his dancing glance took heed of my state and he finally began to suck strongly, gripping my cock hard and sliding up and down until I had no choice but to come. I relaxed into the messy sheets, boneless and more content than I'd ever been in my life.

"Dearly beloved," he leaned up and kissed me, sharing my taste with me.

We tasted good together, I thought lazily. Opening my eyes to look at him, I found the satisfied smile on his beautiful face that I enjoyed seeing the most. "You were inspired, Perri. But I have left you unsatisfied, it seems. What more would you have of me?"

He grinned the urchin-grin that the children of Friendly used to such great effect. A slim hand slid behind my balls to the small hole he'd prepared to tenderly earlier. "I want to be inside of you, Gandalf. Are you too tired?"

"Harrumph!" I snorted in mock-anger. "Young whippersnapper, a wizard is never tired. He is always precisely ready for a young Elf lover to come inside of him and drive him right out of his feeble little mind."

Perri laughed and rolled me over, making sure that I had a pillow under my hips. His slick fingers teased my entrance muscle before sliding deep and seeking the hot spot that he'd found earlier. I was too relaxed to get hard again so soon but when he slid that surprisingly large cock of his deep inside of me, I twitched.

The few Elves I'd seen before had long slim cocks but Perri's had surprised me. Long and thick, I'd encircled it with my fingers and rather licked my lips at the thought of taking it inside of me. Radagast had affectionately called me a 'pushy bottom' and I'd told Perri that while I enjoyed giving, I loved receiving.

He'd kissed me sweetly and preceded to fuck my brains out.

For a virgin lover, he'd proven to be an excellent giver. And right now, he was slowly but surely thrusting harder and deeper, just the way I was telling him. "More, Perri. There, oh right there, my love. Havens!"

His hands gripped my hips and pulled me up onto my hands and knees so he could get deeper inside of me. I cooperated by pushing back in perfect counterpoint to his thrusts. My whole body was tingling even though my cock had yet to firm. Something deep inside of me broke open and demanded that he fill me and fill me now.

"Now," I shouted and he impaled me one last time, flooding me with his seed.

His weight bore me down to the mattress and I sighed in contentment. I could feel his seed racing through me, his beautiful cock pulsing within me and his blessed warmth heating my back from top to bottom. A lazy tongue licked behind my ear and I sighed happily.

"That was intense, sweet Gandalf. I felt as if I was flying." He kissed the spot he'd just licked and then bit it. "Beloved, why is Narya glowing like that?"


"Sweetheart, I don't think Nenya has ever glowed like that when we were making love. Has it?" Celeborn drew my attention to the pulsing white stone.


"El', that's kinky, even for you." Glorfindel chided me lovingly. "How are you making Vilya glow like that?"

The end of part one