Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bringing Up Babies, part two
Pairings: Pretty much everyone in Middle-earth
Summary: Do you think there's something in the water?
Date: 17 October 2002

I wasn't quite sure why Rheanas and Lorel had invited us to dinner but Elladan just laughed and tweaked my nose, calling me a 'doom-and-gloomer', for which I chastised him most severely. We were almost late for dinner. But Lorel had made a sumptuous feast for us and nothing was said but the most pleasant of conversation so I began to relax.

After dinner, we sat in the front room and Rheanas poured us each a goblet of winter brandy before standing before the fire with his hands clasped behind his back. "Gentlemen, Miriel has asked me to speak with you."

I sat up a little straighter and looked at the apprentice Elf healer with a question in my eyes. She blushed a little and my heart sank. She wanted El' or me and that wasn't going to happen.

"Miriel is asking you to bond with her, both of you." He said with a slight smile while my jaw dropped and I looked between them in amazement. "She has no desire to interfere with the love you share together but she would like to share hers with you both. It is an interesting dilemma and one I expect you've never had to face before. Her mother and I have reflected on this and while it is unusual, successful triads are mentioned in the histories."

"Lorrin said that it happened frequently among his people." Her soft voice caught my attention and I looked at her, really looked at her as a possible mate.

She was slender and rather short for an Elf, her blonde hair upswept to keep it out of her face while she was working. I'd heard Frodo call her pixie-like and that described her well. She had a sense of humor and El' liked her. I liked her myself if it came to that. But could we share ourselves with her? Occasionally we'd bedded a friend here and there but never together.

"You do understand that Elrohir and I love each other intensely and . . . physically?" El' said hesitantly.

She nodded. "I do. I ask that I join in physically when we feel right together. I would like to have a child or two and either of you would be able to give me one. I do not look to usurp the bond I see between you. I was hoping that it might stretch a little to include me, that you would not find it a burden to make love with me."

Actually, I could see that very easily. I nodded. "May we think about this and take counsel of each other? It would be a big step and not one that we'd ever envisioned."

"Certainly." Rhea smiled and relaxed a little. This had to be hard on him and Lorel, who hadn't spoken a word.

As if she'd read my thoughts, her gentle voice spoke up. "This is a new thought for us, also. You are both quite desirable mates for any Elf girl. What you must decide is whether you have enough love to give to another, which is the only way this triad could work. A bonding is a delicate state that requires constant nourishment from each partner. Yours would require that much more to remain equal and I will not have my daughter slighted."

Elladan arose and crossed to Lorel, holding out his hand to her and she took it. Then he dropped a kiss upon it. "We will think long and hard upon this intriguing proposition, I promise."

Then he turned to Miriel and kissed her hand. I contented myself with a bow to each and we took our leave in a state of shock. I kept my mind a blank while we made our way home. Snow was in the air but we'd brought in two big bucks and several mountain sheep for the larder so we could relax for now. El' wanted children, I'd always known that. It wasn't a priority for me but he had looked longingly at Legolas' babies and even now took every opportunity to hold them.

The older they grew, the more I was beginning to enjoy them. Pharin was walking now if a little unsteadily and she wanted to examine everything in her path. Glimmer walked, no he ran everywhere, often ending up flat on his nose before getting back up to run some more. Spring would bring untold new beginnings for them and it was fun to think about teaching them to shoot a bow.

We walked into our front room and hung up our cloaks. I took a good look around and thought about the changes that would need to be made if Miriel moved in. This room was probably all right but we'd need another bedroom and a kitchen if she wanted to cook occasionally. The bathroom was all right but where would we put the baby if we had one?

"Let's take a bath, Elrohir and redesign the cottage later." El' read my mind with surprising ease and pulled me towards the bathroom. He undressed me quickly while I repaid the favor. Once we were in the long marble tub, splashing in the hot water and soaping each other, I brought up the proposal.

"It would bring the respectability that we lack and the children that you want." I was of several minds about it.

"Father has accepted us along with the rest of Friendly. We get to play with all the babies if we just ask. We don't have to add a third person unless we want to." He said while massaging the ball of my right foot.

"Yes, well that's true, El' but you like Miriel and so do I." I moved restlessly, suddenly unsure of all I'd known about myself.

He left my foot and moved up until he was lying on my chest and we were nose to nose. "I love you, Elrohir. You are my heart and soul and you always will be. The question is do I have enough love to also love Miriel and any children we might have?"

I hugged him close and thought very hard of my own emotions. The urge to create a family had been growing if I was honest with myself. The example of the others was a potent one. Seeing Legolas heavy with child had made me envious and I'd wondered what Elladan would look like were he pregnant. But the blindness of Merry and Pip's daughter seemed to be the result of them being first cousins.

It would be that much worse with brothers. If we were to grow our family, it would be by adoption or . . . Miriel. I refocused on the beautiful face of my only love, waiting patiently for my thoughts. "I love you, Elladan. I'd given up the idea of having a family unless we adopted one. I'm possessive, El' and I always have been. I don't know if I could share you."

"Then we'll say no, my heart. I will not have you upset by what-might-be's." He kissed me gently and I knew that if I agreed, he would give up this path. Just like that he would give in to me and follow me.

I savored his kiss and knew that I could not do that to him. When our lips parted, I smiled at him and brushed back a lock of hair that had come loose from his braid. "I am not so narrow a soul that I can not value a new idea or the person who brings it to me. She is a brave one to even bring it to her father and mother, let alone to us. I like her and if you think we can do this without hurting either her or us, I am willing to bond with her."

His eyes lit up like the firework candles that Gandalf loved to shoot off during a celebration. "Really? You think it will work? How would it work, do you think?"

I chuckled. "We must ask her what she would like. One at a time or both of us together might intrigue her."

"Together?" He said with rather a shocked smile.

"Together, my dearest love," I reassured him. "I'm told that's a turn-on for some women. Together, we could satisfy her and ourselves, too. We'll talk with her tomorrow."


We met together and separately twice more before they agreed to our bonding. Father was still a bit leery of us but Mother looked into their hearts and told him that it would be all right. Legolas and Gimli were surprised at our request but Lorrin told them that it was necessary, although he wouldn't say why. We held the ceremony in the dining hall since there was a blizzard outside.

Not perhaps the most auspicious of beginnings but the mood inside was happy and our bonding feast a delight. When we left, the three of us together, I was well sheltered between my bondeds and we made the small cottage that was my new home without any mishap. While we shook off the snow, Elladan took my cloak and Elrohir helped me off with my boots.

We'd fallen silent and I looked between them while they had a wordless conversation above my head. Then identical smiles broke out and they enclosed me in a hug that lifted me off my feet. I laughed out loud and kissed them both before Elladan swept me up in his arms and followed Elrohir into their bathroom. We began running the hot water in the huge tub while piece by piece they unwrapped me and each other.

I expected some scars and they had them. I had wondered what their groins would look like and it appeared that they were identical there as elsewhere. Mother had told me what to expect in our lovemaking but after being washed from both sides at once, I began to pity her single lover. I reclined against Elladan's chest with his arms around me and his hands gently playing with my breasts.

The strangest feelings were flooding me and I moved restlessly, needing something more. Elrohir tickled his way up my legs so they parted for him and then I had those callused fingers gently tickling my mons while I shivered again and again. Then his fingers were inside of me and I moaned, it felt so good.

"Miriel, I'm going to break your barrier. There will be some pain but I'll be quick." He told me tenderly.

Barrier . . . I looked at him and realized he meant my hymen. "Please, El', something anything. I'm burning up."

He grinned and kissed me while thrusting his fingers deep inside where my flesh tried to keep us apart. There was a brief tearing pain then he hit something outside and in and I shrieked into our kiss. Waves flooded my body with warmth and every time he moved his fingers, more warmth came.

When our lips parted, I was panting. "More, El', I need more."

They both chuckled and Elrohir moved me down a bit further so he could palm my cheeks and lift me to the right height. "Are you sure, Miriel? We could play some more to get you used to it. You're really tight."

"That's so sweet, El'," I panted, reaching out and pulling his hair hard. "In me, now."

He laughed and inexorably pushed just the crown inside of me. It did hurt a little but I bit my lip and relaxed the best I could and he pushed further in. It felt like he was shoving a tree branch up into me but finally I had him all. He waited and while he was waiting, he kissed Elladan then me. Something in the sight of my bondeds kissing made me even warmer than usual.

And then he began to rock just a little while I shrieked again. "El'! Havens, what is that warmth? It tingles."

He smiled down at me and leaned in to suckle on my right nipple. That made the tingles bigger yet. Behind me, I could feel Elladan's shaft hard against my lower back and suddenly I was greedy, I wanted them both. So I shifted back and forth against it and listened to him gasp.

El' pulled back just enough to see what I was doing. "Naughty Miriel, teasing poor Elladan that way. Perhaps it's time for him to feel your sweetness."

And just like that he pulled out, leaving me empty and aching. But he was pulling me into his arms, kissing me then turning me so I faced my other bonded. Elladan grinned at us both and raised me enough to slide inside my well-stretched sheath. I moaned softly and smiled at the lovely filled feeling. "More, 'Dan, more."

"Greedy Miriel, how very lucky El' and I are." He thrust in then pulled slowly back, in and out while I burned. "The warmth comes from a gland just here," he ran his fingers through the curls that grew on my mons and tweaked . . . something that made me want to shriek again. "And there's another deep inside your channel that usually a cock can hit just right."

"Yes, whatever, more, 'Dan, right there." I moaned and just knew that I would be embarrassed later but I really needed more . . . right . . . this . . . minute. "'Dan!"

The shivers became a wave that took my body and shook it so hard, I passed out. When I came to, I was snuggled between my bondeds in their big bed while they kissed above me. I ached deliciously but I knew I wasn't up to another taking just then. "Beloveds, I want to see you make love to each other."

They drew apart and looked down at me with identical expressions of disbelief. Elrohir spoke first. "Are you sure, Miriel? It's our bonding night and your needs come first."

"You took care of my needs very nicely but it was your bonding, too. We all three stood and swore ourselves to each other. That means the bond between the two of you as well." I'd thought about this and known what I had to do. "Besides, I used to try and picture you together, making love. Now I can see it."

El' laughed while 'Dan blushed. But then he reached for the oil and began to coat El's shaft with it while they kissed again. I moved to one side and trailed a hand down 'Dan's back to the hard cheeks, marveling at their beauty. I watched curiously as El's hand came up between his brother's legs and two glistening fingers plunged between the cheeks and into the small hole shielded there.

I was getting hot again and I shifted a little, listening to their breathy little groans. Then El' pushed 'Dan onto his back and raised his knees up towards his chest. I watched wide-eyed when the large shaft slowly pushed inside that tiny hole. 'Dan was panting the way that I had been and I felt like doing the same. Finally, it was all the way inside and they paused to kiss each other.

"Mir', he likes his nipples sucked when he takes me." El' said quietly and I instantly moved over while 'Dan wrapped his legs around El's waist so I had more room.

His nipples were peaking already and I marveled that male and female nipples would be so alike. Leaning over the broad chest, I hesitantly kissed first one then the other. They hardened further and I sucked gently while 'Dan began to pant again. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his shaft hardening while El' moved in and out of him but much harder than he'd done to me.

I wanted that and one of these days, I would get them to give me that powerful sharing. But for now, I wrapped a hand around 'Dan's shaft and tentatively squeezed. He moaned out loud and I froze only to have El' smile and kiss me hard. That made me squeeze even harder and 'Dan began to laugh and moan at the same time.

"That . . . is so . . . hot . . . oh there, El'. Mir' keep squeezing." He shivered under us and I started sliding my hand up and down his thick shaft, my fingers barely meeting around it. "Havens . . . yes . . . give him to me, El'."

And Elrohir sped up and slammed into him while I squeezed hard with both hands. The same seed that had filled me earlier erupted from his crown and flowed over all three of us. I was aching inside again and I vowed that I'd have both of them inside of me within the hour. I wanted to be filled and filled again.

I planned on having trouble walking before we left this cottage again. And if the gods approved, I'd be carrying their babies safe inside of me.

The end of part 2