Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bringing Up Babies, part 4
Pairing: Elrond/Glorfindel and Lorrin/Gloin
Summary: Messengers arrive in Rivendell.
Date: 1 January 2003

I finished my second grouse and wondered what my cook was using for spices this time. I'd never tasted anything so delicious in my long life, but she'd only sent me up two and I was still hungry so my eyes roved over the dishes set between Glorfindel and me. The pears looked good so I speared one and slid it onto my plate.

"El, are you feeling all right?"

I looked up to give him a curious look. "I feel fine, 'Del, just fine, but hungry. Have you ever tasted anything better than these grouse?"

"Yes, they were quite good, although you ate most of mine." He smiled at me and I realized that I had indeed finished off what should have been his.

"Oops! I'll make it up to you later." I slid off my shoe and ran my toes up his leg to tickle his inner thigh. "Are you going to eat those olives?"

"Haven forbid," he snickered and pushed the bowl of the dark green fruit over to me. His hand caught my foot and sensuously rubbed it with his clever fingers.

I heated up in a heartbeat and not even the chocolate torte could tempt me to stay at dinner when I thought I could get those stroking hands elsewhere. "We can take the torte with us, 'Del. I think there's something I need to show you in my study."

He laughed out loud and let my foot go so I could surreptitiously get my shoe back on. Then with a flourish, he picked up our dessert and motioned me out the door ahead of him. We smiled at those of our people who we met in the halls. I must have had a rather purposeful look in my eye for none of them attempted to actually talk to either of us.

Good, I thought with a sigh. I needed his cock and I needed it now. For some reason, I felt rather wanton these days. And since Glorfindel liked me wanton, we'd been rather keeping to our rooms. Opening the mallorn door to our suite, I let him go in first so he could find a place to put the torte. Of course, that way I got to ogle his delightful body from behind. He's all long legs with a tight, hard body that I adored.

Closing the door behind me, I started undressing immediately. Now that my stomach hunger was appeased, I had another appetite going begging. He laughed when he saw me throw my robe aside. But more importantly, he set the torte well back on the table and began to strip down to skin, beautiful golden skin that always felt like satin sliding over me. My hands were trembling, I needed him so badly.

"My sweet lord of the forest, your hunger is apparent even after two grouse and six other dishes." He was naked already and I felt almost faint at the sight of his rampant shaft.

"This heart hunger can only be satisfied by the special delicacy I see before me." I slid my pants off and crossed into his arms, his heated flesh branding me with his love.

This kiss was already desperate and I felt that ache inside of me that could only be appeased by his possession. "Del, oh Del, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"Dearest El, I have every intention of sliding so deep inside of you that I reach your heart." He stroked down my back, trailing his fingers down my cleft and teasing the small hole that needed him the most. "I like this sudden wantonness, my love. Whatever winter madness has claimed you, our lovemaking has never been more intense."

I wiggled, trying to get his fingers in me since it sounded like he wanted to talk instead of fuck. "Del, I love you but if you don't get this," I slid my hand around his shaft and watched his eyes go sultry, "inside of me in the next two minutes, I will personally make sure that you have to spend the next week in the outer reaches of Rivendell."

"Haven forfend, beloved." He kissed me sweetly then pushed me back onto the table, crushing a couple of maps under my back. His tongue slid down my leg to the soft skin of my inner thigh while I shivered at the moist heat so close and yet so far from my shaft. "Now what did you have in mind?" His warm breath ghosted over my crown

"Love you, Del, now in me, right now." I demanded fervently.

"Such impatience, my lord, but I think I'm beginning to get the idea." He licked my tender skin and I shivered all over. But with a sudden surge, he slid deep inside of me where I needed him. We both sighed in relief. "Sweetheart, if you keep eating so much this little bump I can feel will get bigger."

"Are you saying that I'm fat, Glorfindel?" I said with a frown.

"Never," he tickled my sides until I had to laugh. "Besides I enjoy helping you work it all off." He pulled out then thrust back in while my breath started to get faster. The burn was beginning to overtake my senses, the way it always did with my beautiful lover. I was taking deep breaths to keep from passing out when a final volley of thrusts broke my control and I came hard between us while he flooded my depths with his passion.

We kissed slowly while he slid from me and helped me from the table into his arms. Then from outside, I heard a shout that sounded like trouble.


Cloud-walker set down gently on the wide patio close to Lord Elrond's private chamber. We'd raised quite a sensation flying over this quiet refuge but no one had shot at us, which I considered all to the good. I slid off his back then helped Gloin down. It had taken most of the day to make the journey from Friendly to Rivendell and he'd relaxed his grip on me about three hours into the trip.

"Well, that was interesting." He staggered a bit on the terrace tiles and I caught him close. "My thanks, Cloud-walker for the . . . uneventful flight. I need a beer."

"Then you shall have what you need, friend Gloin." A cheery voice came from the double doors that led into Lord Elrond's study. Glorfindel was rather carelessly dressed and I had a premonition that we'd interrupted something personal. He came out slowly and Cloud turned his sinuous neck to peer down at the golden elf.

//This one is pretty.// He thought to me.

I kept my face straight with effort. //Yes, he is, Cloud. He's also curious. Will you permit his touch?//

//Hm-m-m, yes.// He lowered his great head to the approaching elf. //Tell Gloin that it was a pleasure to fly with him. I shall have no more than two bruises from his tight grip.// Glorfindel held out his hand to the flaring nostrils and Cloud sniffed him gently. //He has been mating. Who is this one?//

Lord Elrond had appeared with wide eyes and looking even more hastily dressed than his lover. "Greetings, Lorrin and Gloin, who do we have here?"

"This is Cloud-walker, my lord. He bore us to Rivendell since speed was needed." I bowed my head to him and came forward to stand beside Glorfindel.

The wind-drake sniffed hard before gently butting his head into Elrond's chest. //His mate is with child, Old One. He smells good.// He almost purred the last and Elrond instinctively scratched the itchy spot between his golden eyes.

I'd already confirmed that for myself. "My lord, we bring news that affects you. Could we go inside for a private talk? Cloud-walker will fly beyond your borders to feed then come back here to this terrace. If your people could be told not to fear him?"

"Yes, of course, it's not my sons is it?" He looked anxiously at me.

I grimaced at my hasty choice of words. "No, my lord, they are well and happy. Miriel carries their children easily."

"I'm going to be a grandfather again?" His eyes lit up and Glorfindel hugged him close. "But that is wonderful news! Del, would you go reassure the others about Cloud-walker and have the kitchen send up something to eat. Our guests are probably starving."

"And beer also," Glorfindel smiled at Gloin who grinned back at him, "don't tell everything until I get back."

//It is all right to hunt, my friend. Return here when you're finished for a nap. We won't be returning for two days.// I thought to him and got his approval before he sniffed Elrond again and then pulled back. "Gentlemen, he'll need a bit of room so why don't we go into the study?"

Once we were safely inside, he unfurled his blue wings and launched himself from the flagstones into the bright blue sky. Elrond watched him with sparkling eyes and I knew that he'd want to know more about the drake but the warmth of the room had almost sent me to my knees and Gloin was in no better condition. The dark lord realized that something was wrong and he helped me to a chair near the fire while my lover dropped onto the soft rug nearest the bright flames.

"Great Havens, you're both like ice." His worried tones seemed to come from far away but when I opened my eyes, he was just at the door calling out orders to someone. Blankets, hot food and our suite prepared was just what we needed. Then a cup of wine appeared beneath my nose and Elrond held it for me while the mulled wine burned a path to my stomach.

When I came back to myself, Glorfindel was there helping Gloin to drink and his sparkling eyes reassured me of his condition. I began telling Elrond of his sons' wife and her pregnancy while he glowed before my eyes. He was in good condition and I checked to see how far along he was. Just about two and a half months, the same as Gandalf, I mused while answering his questions about the rest of his extended family.

Gloin had drawings of all the children and their parents to share with the two elves and they marveled at how big the sons and daughters of Friendly were growing. I decided to rest before giving them the rest of the news. I needed to recharge myself with Gloin's help in the privacy of our room before informing the dark lord of his pregnancy. I wanted nourishment and Gloin in that order.

The elves bringing in the platters of hot, steaming food were welcomed with ravenous smiles. Gloin and I rather attacked the food presented to us and I watched surreptitiously while Elrond ate a little bit of everything on the table. He wasn't selecting strange combinations like our wizard but he was obviously enjoying every morsel. I'd probably have to put him on a strict regimen of healthy food before his fifth month.

Our meal almost put us to sleep right there at the table and our hosts guided us to the suite next door to them rather than the one in the guest quarters. That was nice, I thought while they stripped us bare before sliding us into the soft bed where I curled up with Gloin. We'd be close enough to talk when ever we woke up. Then I was out like a light.


I awoke to the wonderful sensation of Lorrin nibbling my shaft, his silky hair tickling my thighs and stomach. "My love, is there something you'd like?"

The warm tongue bathed my crown and I shivered. "My morning wake-up drink would be nice, beloved." He sucked gently and I tingled everywhere. "Of course, I'm not sure if I wouldn't rather have this," he stroked my cock and raised an eyebrow, "deep inside of me. What is your preference?"

"Deep," I managed to husk out before drawing him up to meet my lips. Every kiss with him is different, playful one moment, biting the next. This one was just hungry and I scoured every last bit of him from his warm mouth. Then he was pulling away and sitting carefully onto my cock while I moaned at the feel of his tight sheath.

Our movements were slow and strong until we both gave forth our seed to the other. All too soon I was slipping from him but my stomach was growling and I needed to relieve myself so we got up from our cozy nest and made for the bathing room. Lorrin ran the bath while I gargled with the elven cleanser that I'd become so fond of. It tasted of wintergreen berries and Lorrin made it up for all of Friendly.

I sank into the hot water with a sigh of relief. I didn't even remember how we got undressed the day before. Our flight had been exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Lorrin probably had bruises from my holding so tight to him. But I had declared that I would be damned if I let him go alone. Cloud-walker had been a revelation to me and I could see why we'd had to go up the mountain before he came to us.

Frodo had told stories of the ice drake the Nazgul had ridden and shivered with fear of the memory. The drake family appearance was similar although each one had different color wings. The wind-drakes also had deep blue feathers on their heads and the ends of their azure wings. Still, they were rather frightening when you were standing next to one.

Warm hands massaging my feet brought me back to the here and now. Lorrin was smiling at me and I felt my heart beat quicken the way it always did when we were together like this. Never would I grow used to seeing his beautiful lavender eyes glowing with love for me. "I love you, Lorrin."

He blushed a little. "I love you also, Gloin. I am glad that you agreed to come with me. I fear our news will be a shock to Elrond."

"Yes, it will be but we'll get him through it." I lathered the soap in my hands. "Come here, my elf and let me return the favor."

He chuckled and let me wash him from head to toe then he returned the favor and we got out to dress for the day. Our saddlebags had been unpacked and our clothes hung up carefully. After dressing, we knocked on the study door and Glorfindel welcomed us in. Breakfast was delicious and it was good to see Elrond tucking into every dish like it might be his last.

Between the four of us, we practically licked the platters clean. Our conversation had been general news of Middle-earth up until then. Once we'd regrouped around the fire, Lorrin took a deep breath and I knew he was going to tell them. I had a bet with Gimli that Elrond would faint.

"Elrond, I have some good news for you and Glorfindel." He had their complete attention. "About two or three moons ago, did Vilya glow for a while?"

The dark lord raised an elegant eyebrow and nodded. "Yes, it did. Galadriel said that Nenya did so at about the same time. Did Narya also?"

"Yes, it did. I must tell you that the three rings decided on a single course of action at that time. Although it may be a shock, I came to tell you that . . . you are with child."

The silence was as charged as a lightning storm. Then Glorfindel pitched forward and I barely caught him before he went head first onto the silky rug. Elrond was frozen in place with his mouth gaping open. He spared a glance for his fainting lover then blinked and shook himself all over. "Pregnant? You must be joking."

"I fear not. You are about two and a half moons along, just like Gandalf and I expect, Galadriel." Lorrin was standing by his side, rubbing his hand while I lightly slapped Glorfindel's cheeks to bring him out of his faint. His eyes shot open and went directly to his lover. He sat up and laid a shaking hand on Elrond's knee.

As if that was what the dark lord needed, he smiled shakily down at him. The golden elf surged up from the floor and gathered him into his arms. "We are going to have a child, El. I never thought to have any sons or daughters except for a small share in yours."

A muffled voice came from his shoulder. "You deserve better."

Glorfindel's smile was brighter than the sunshine outside. "I deserve you, my dearest love. And I will help all I can while you carry this child to birth."

"We need to talk about that, Elrond and Glorfindel. Your pregnancy and that of Gandalf's could be rather difficult because of your age and gender." Lorrin sat back down beside me and I hugged him close while he laid out the next few months agenda. It was going to be interesting.

By the time we'd talked out all the options available to them, it had been decided that they would come to us within the month. Lorrin had examined the dark lord and pronounced him healthy and fit enough to travel. They called in Erestor, the chief steward, to make plans for taking care of Rivendell but he was the only one with whom they shared their glad news.

It was still too new for them. He was shocked of course but he seemed to take it in stride and he committed the staff to getting them ready for the trip. Elrond was excited about the Varyan scrolls they were translating in Friendly's library and Glorfindel watched him enthuse with the most loving look I'd yet seen between them. He couldn't quit touching him and I smiled at them both.

This loving pair would be good parents to their daughter. I amused myself by trying to decide if she'd be dark like Queen Arwen or bright like the elf lord before me. Lunch came and went while they made lists of what to bring with them. The weather would play a big part in their journey and the disappearances that had slowed but continued this winter.

Lorrin offered to fly Cloud-walker overhead once they'd crossed the bridge on the Hoarwell River. Glorfindel accepted immediately with the provision that at least ten archers accompanied them on the trip. Elrond chided him gently and his lover told him firmly that he would take no chances with him. It looked like loving was eminent so we excused ourselves for an afternoon nap.

The next few months were going to be very, very interesting.

The end of part four