Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bringing Up Babies, Part 7
Pairing: Perri/Gandalf
Summary: They welcome in Spring.
Date: 8 February 2003

I lay propped up on one elbow and watched him napping, all the pains of this most surprising pregnancy wiped from his brow. I loved him so much that it was a physical ache in my heart. Why hadn't Narya chosen me to carry our child? I would have borne him proudly and it wouldn't have been as hard on my body as it was on his. The baby was beginning to show now although only to me.

His heavy robes had done an excellent job of hiding our secret but with warmer weather approaching, I was scheming how to get him into something lighter in weight. He's an imposing figure when he's wearing his dress robes but a simple tunic and breeches were all he wore when we were alone in our snug little home.

Gloin and Lorrin had formally gifted their house over to us since they wished to stay within the mountain. I hadn't had a home since my parents left for the Havens and I moved into the king's guard barracks. My wizard had never really had a place to call his own since he had pretty much spent the last three millennia moving from one end of Middle-earth to the other.

I'd catch him every so often stroking the arm of the great chair he sat in by the fire or a carving on the mantel of the fire place in our bedroom. Neither of us had many possessions but over the last few months, we'd traded for a trinket or two. The Romany traders had been through several times and I'd bartered a quiver of arrows that I'd made for a hand blown glass bowl in deepest cobalt blue.

Gandalf's eyes had lit up when he saw it and it now sat on our dining room table where the afternoon light made it glow like blue fire. Once I'd gifted it to him over the Yule, he chuckled and made me a present of two matching glass goblets in the same color and material. His fireworks were highly praised in the world outside of Friendly and he'd traded more for several bolts of blue silk and green cotton.

He said the blue was the color of my eyes and Tilly was currently sewing us up a set of matching tunics and robes. The cotton graced our table with matching napkins and slowly but surely our home was beginning to reflect our tastes. My lyre in its leather case sat next to the pipes that my love had acquired some time in the First Age. Sometimes at night, we'd play simple duets.

I could hardly wait to play for our child. But that thought brought to mind something that Legolas had said this morning and something else I'd witnessed.

"Sweetheart, you're watching me again." His husky murmur did something severely damaging to my heart.

"I like watching you sleep." Leaning over a few inches, I kissed his sleep-warmed lips. He'd been snacking again and I tasted the tart winter apple with the ever present mustard. I was beginning to get used to it.

He chuckled when I pulled away just a little and those wise eyes found mine. "I have to admit that I enjoy the reverse so I shall not chastise you. You're plotting something though, I can see it here."

His finger smoothed out a little wrinkle between my eyes while I smiled and bit it when he reached my lips. "I'm not sure that I'm plotting exactly. Just thinking about something that I saw today when I went to see Legolas in the archives."

"What did you see, beloved?" He grasped my hand where it lay on his chest.

"The Dwarf healer, Basteal was visiting them when I arrived and it was like walking into one of the deep caves. There were smiles and conversation but the children were all silent. Now, when are all of them quiet except when they're sleeping?" I was troubled by the feelings that bombarded me when I walked into the archive.

Suddenly the wrinkle was between his eyes. "Something rather like that happened last week. Rhea told me that his old friend had changed. He appeared vaguely troubled by that thought but then dismissed it as age."

I wanted to shiver but kept that urge to myself. I wouldn't allow anything to hurt or trouble him, not if it were within my power to protect him. "I think that we should talk to Legolas and Gimli. Nothing that might harm the babies can be allowed to go further. I'll ask them over tonight after dinner."

He nodded and pressed a kiss into my palm. "Good thinking, beloved. But for the moment could you perhaps make love to me for a little pre-dinner appetizer?"

The flirty look on his craggy face was so sweet that I grinned and pushed the blankets off us both. "I think that's a very good idea, Gandalf. If your bodily appetites are sated then perhaps there's a chance for some of the others to partake of Pippin's vinaigrette salad?"

"Are you saying that I'm greedy? Perri Bluefeather, take that back." His eyes flashed and he tried to look stern but that was a lost cause once I began to touch him.

"Never greedy, my sweet Gandalf, just a touch hungry. You have a healthy appetite and our son does, too." I tenderly kissed each of his sensitive nipples and his big hands slid over my back in a long sweep that warmed me from my shoulders down to my cheeks. "And my big appetite is for your tempting body," I licked twice before dragging my tongue down to his sensitive navel and tickling him into laughter.

"No fair, my love," he chuckled and squirmed a little while I kissed the skin that was beginning to stretch over our son.

"Go to sleep, little one, while I ravish your mother." I whispered to him before continuing down to the plum colored shaft that was rising to greet me. Perhaps it was his odd eating habits since he got pregnant, but he tasted sweeter to me each time I sucked out his seed.

"Dear Havens, my love, I adore your mouth." He sighed and thrust his hips up a bit while I relaxed and took him in deeper. "Oh . . . there . . . ah-h-h."

Fluttering my tongue against the underside of his shaft, I felt him shiver and moan my name. I loved making him lose the power of coherent speech. A steady rhythm usually brought me my favorite treat and today was no exception, a few more moments and he was bursting into my mouth. I swallowed around him while he shook beneath me, spurting slowly but surely until he was drained.

"You . . . are . . . entirely . . . too good . . . at . . . that." He said, dragging air into his lungs with every word.

I chuckled around his softening flesh and felt him jerk. Tenderly, I slowed my withdrawal so I didn't hurt his too-sensitive skin. He was silk on my tongue and I laved him with care until just the purple crown was left in my mouth. One more gentle suck and I had him all. His eyes glittered sky blue and he smiled the sultry smile that I'd only begun to see after he got pregnant.

"Ah-h, it's quite nice to have such a . . . energetic lover, Perri." That elegant eyebrow rose and one hand reached up to cup my face. "Now, I believe that one more thing would get me ready for dinner." He then dropped the other to my cock and squeezed gently. "This . . . inside . . . of me now, beloved Perri."

I caught my breath feeling like I'd been hard for hours. "Your wish is my command, beloved Gandalf. I think we may need to change positions though. I don't want to squish our son between us."

He nodded and rolled to his side, away from me. "Like this then, love, so he can stay asleep and you can love me into the sheets."

Reaching for the oil we kept by the bed, I prepared him quickly. "Loving you is my reason for living these days, my love. Being connected to you is better than anything I've ever felt before.


He slid inside of me while I sighed happily. After so many centuries of abstinence, I finally could revel in taking and being taken. The fact that Narya had decreed that I should bear a child had come awfully quickly after my love-drought was quenched. Squeezing my inner muscles around him, I smiled at his groan.

I would not harden again so soon after my release but another part of me rejoiced in every thrust against that sweet spot that craved his touch. Truly, I was the luckiest wizard in Middle-earth to have such a beautiful and caring lover. I thought again about the two rings of mithril that Gloin was making for us. We would bond in front of our friends within the week and that thought warmed me almost more than his cock did.

An especially hard thrust started warming me and by the time he released deep within me, the heat had flooded my whole body. His little moan of repletion between my shoulder blades made me smile. I loved giving him pleasure and since I'd gotten pregnant, I craved his touch all the time. However, he was right about the Dwarf healer. There was something about him that just wasn't right.

The thought that he might mean harm to the children of Friendly, born and yet unborn, filled me with anger and fear. My hand smoothed over the stretching skin where our son nestled, warm and safe. 'Do not be afraid, little one, your papa and I will keep you safe.' I sent him messages like that all the time now but this time, a little glow seemed to answer back, wordless but warming.

"Beloved, what was that?" Perri's voice murmured while his hand joined mine in stroking our child.

"I think the baby was letting us know that he's warm and comfortable." I said with a little catch in my voice. There really was another life within me, one that would one day stand on his own two feet and get into as much trouble as the other children of Friendly did.

"My wonderful, beautiful Gandalf," he gently left my body even though I clenched around him with a pout. His chuckle and his hands turning me onto my back came simultaneously. "I am in awe of your power, beloved. Thank you for sharing that with me."

"He shared it with both of us, although it might be because you were inside of me at the same time." I pulled him down for a kiss and savored his spicy taste. But my stomach chose that moment to growl and he broke off our kiss with a peal of laughter.

"Then again, maybe he's just hungry and that was his polite way of saying 'feed me'." He teased me and I stuck my tongue out at him before sitting up.

"Well, even if he isn't, I most definitely am hungry. Pippin's vinaigrette is calling my name."

We dressed in a contented silence while I donned the more concealing robes that I wore outside our home. Our home, those words still had the power to surprise me. After centuries of wandering, I had a home and a lover and one day soon, a son. We held hands while walking to the dining hall. The April light was soft and almost warm even this late in the day.

High-pitched giggles sounded from the path ahead of us and I watched with a fond smile while Frodo scooped up Elanor with a loud raspberry against her small cheek. Sam was holding Bilbo upside down while the little boy chortled uncontrollably. In my long years, I had been close to very few but one of them had been the wide-eyed Hobbit who'd hung on my every word for most of his life.

Frodo had been the child of my heart and watching him take on the burden of the one Ring had hurt deeply. I feared that the journey would take his life and the Ring would take his mind and heart. His savior had been the unassuming gardener, whose practical wisdom and great heart sheltered his master from all harm. He'd been a bit wary of me when I returned, no doubt thinking that I would interfere in their lives.

But I was grateful to him and soon he grew more comfortable. Since he learned of my pregnancy, he'd grown almost protective of me. For someone no higher than my waist, he had proven to be stronger than an Oliphant. The sturdy folk of the Shire were some of the brightest blessings of Middle-earth.

"Good evening, Gandalf." Frodo smiled up at us and little Elanor raised her arms to me.

I took her into my arms and tickled her tummy while she giggled and pressed a sloppy kiss on my chin. "Good evening, Hobbits. I hope your day was a productive one?"

Perri had Bilbo in his arms now and was looking closely at a pretty rock that the tiny boy was showing him. Sam opened the door for us while Frodo excitedly spoke of a scroll they were translating. Once inside, we made for the table where we usually sat. Legolas was chasing little Glimmer around the buffet table while Gimli held Pharin who was looking on with the regal air that reminded me so much of her maternal grandfather.

Luckily, the look was all she'd inherited from the idiot who'd fathered Legolas. Her sweet nature came directly from the beautiful Elf who'd given birth to her. Elanor wanted to touch her best friend and Gimli accepted the little blonde from me with a chuckle. They immediately put their foreheads together while babbling nonstop for a few moments then falling silent with little nods.

It was eerily reminiscent of a meaningful conversation and I shivered just a bit. Both of the little girls immediately turned to me and smiled sweetly, blowing baby kisses to me. For just a moment, power haloed them with a shimmering gold aura and I returned their smile with one of my own. And deep inside of me, a little glow pulsed out a greeting to those who would someday be his playmates.

Pharin patted my belt carefully and Gimli chuckled again. "They are going to give us so much trouble when they get a little older."

"They are indeed, beloved." Legolas carried Glimmer under one arm and joined us.

"Dalf - Dalf," the little boy crowed.

"Glimmer, you are certainly making sure that your mama has a good appetite." I said mock-sternly and he giggled with an adoring look at the Elf who was cuddling him.

"My appetites are greatly sharpened, it is true." Legolas cast a rather sultry look at his bonded who promptly blushed. "Now, if you'll just hold my son," he handed me the little boy who latched onto my hair immediately. "I will grab Pippin's salad before you can take it all for yourself."

It was terrible the way my smile turned to a pout in the space of a heartbeat. "Mean Legolas, that's not very nice."

"Not nice, mama," Glimmer echoed and I'm pretty sure matched my pout.

"Well, it's nice to know that you approve of my salad." Pippin's voice came from behind Legolas. "So, I expect it's a good thing that I made two bowls for this table alone, isn't it?"

"Bless you, Master Took, just set one down right here in front of me." I hugged Glimmer closer and he squealed in my ear. "Just for that, young man, I'll have to think twice about sharing with you."

The little face became a tragedy mask in the blink of an eye. "Dalf?"

I truly was putty in his young hands. "Sweet Glimmer, I promise to share some. But we won't leave any for your mama."

He nodded before smiling sweetly at Legolas. "No for you, Mama."

"Crushed, I'm crushed, sweetheart." Those sorrowful blue eyes gazed into his son's. "But Pippin made more so I guess it's all right."

Glimmer immediately launched himself from my arms to his mother's, Legolas catching him with ease. "Me share, Mama."

"That's my good, big boy, Glimmer." Legolas kissed his cheek and winked at me. "Since you're ready to share your vinaigrette, I guess that I'll have to share some of the chocolate cake that Jallico made for dessert."

"Cake, cake, cake," Glimmer and Pharin said with little squeals while Elanor and Bilbo chimed in.

"They are definitely our children." Frodo chuckled and sat down, taking Bilbo from Perri's arms and tying a bib around the little neck. "Chocolate is their middle name."

I sat down while Perri chuckled and dropped a kiss on my hair before moving to the buffet table to get the rest of our food. The cheerful noise of a dozen conversations rose around us when suddenly all four children went silent. I looked up in time to see the smiling white-haired Basteal come in with Cincall and Salurr. For just a moment, I saw a shadow outline the Dwarf then it was gone.

And just as suddenly, I was afraid. My eyes met those of the small Elf in Gimli's arms and the intelligence that sparkled in Pharin's gaze made my heart skip a beat. I nodded to her and felt my resolve harden.

We would discover the truth behind the healer. And we would protect our loved ones.

Wizard's oath on it.

The end of chapter seven