Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Beneath it all, part six
Pairings: Legolas/Gimli
Summary: Some days you just need to get away.
Date: 3 March 2002

When the walls and stone grew too much for my lover, we left the bustling city for the forest that had grown up overnight. I still saw them as prime lumber but that's not all I saw when I watched Legolas touching them with a lover's touch. If I had a rival for his affections it was the forest that drew him like a magnet. Perhaps we had a kinship, these trees and me.

Havens knows we both bloomed for him. A friendly wind always seemed to move through their branches when he walked by. Even I could feel the peace that welled from roots thrust deep in good soil. Perhaps I would eventually become welcome for my own right rather than just on sufferance. Today had been one of those days when the walls seemed to close in on Legolas.

Aragorn had banished us from all meetings or planning sessions. I'd begged a basket of food and drink from the palace cooks and carried it while I followed him. In a sheltered glade, I found a comfortable spot to smoke my pipe and I settled against a sturdy tree while he wandered further into the forest.

My pipe had some new leaf that smelled rather fruity but didn't taste that way so I stretched out to have a quiet think while he communed with the trees. The Hobbits had awakened to great honor but Frodo still bore the marks of his suffering. Sam had recovered completely although he was a little quieter than he'd been before. He was a fighter, young Sam was.

And at the moment, he was fighting for the soul of his beloved friend and master. The more that Frodo retreated into his fears, the harder he fought to bring him into the here and now. But it was an uphill battle and sometimes he faltered. Merry and Pippin did their best to brighten his spirit but a dark shadow seemed to hover behind those once innocent blue eyes.

Of all the Fellowship, I probably understood Frodo's dilemma best. I looked at Legolas and saw a shining being too beautiful to ever really want a dour dwarf like me. Frodo saw only that he failed while Sam did not. He wasn't good enough for the gentle spirit of the gardener who loved him or that's what he probably thought deep in his heart. Blowing a smoke ring in the still air, I pondered how I could help him out of the trough of despair into which he was sinking.

Several rings later, I had a working plan. The others were being too nice to him, giving way to his moods and treating him like an invalid. I would sit down with him, far away from the others and give him a stern talking to. Frodo obviously felt a need to be punished and perhaps I could finally lance the boil of his pain. It would hurt us both but perhaps that was the price I'd have to pay to bring him back into this new world we'd created.

A panting Elf flung himself down beside me, his shining hair disordered and a smile on his gleaming face. "Oh, Gimli, thank you so much for letting me run free in this forest. I feel ten times better for it."

"Only ten?" I said gruffly, setting my pipe safely aside before pulling him into my arms for a kiss.

His lips parted immediately and invited me inside to the sweetness that is Legolas. We feasted slowly on each other before breaking apart. I combed my fingers through his hair and listened to him purr. My world had narrowed to the beautiful love he showed me every day and paradoxically that widened my world a hundred-fold.

"That is a very strange look, Gimli." He raised his hand to scratch the spot under my chin that itched some times. "What dark thoughts have passed through your mind?"

So I told him of my musings and tentative plan to take Frodo aside. He listened carefully and he thought about it, while I began to unlace the green leather laces that tied his heavy silk shirt closed. It had been almost three hours since I'd seen him naked and I felt the lack keenly.

"I think it might work although Merry and Pip have a plan of their own. Is there something you'd like, my love?" His smile was incandescent and those clever fingers attacked my wooden buttons with zeal.

Soon we'd thrown all caution aside and rolled naked on the soft grass under the sheltering trees. I cradled him with my body and felt those elegant fingers tease me to complete arousal. We'd made love once already today and I had plans for tonight also but right now if felt like the first time all over again. Turning was awkward but I managed to finally get his groin in front of me. His cock is an organ of great beauty and I settled in to worship it.

He shivered when I began to nibble up one side, being careful that I didn't nip too hard. But it was my turn to shiver when I felt those pouty lips stretch around me. His tongue is much more agile than mine and the things he can do with it surpasses all belief. We dueled back and forth until I won his seed, drinking him down with relish.

"You are much too good at that," he panted while gripping my cock with his hand.

"I plan to practice often to see if I can't get better." I said smugly and watched him dissolve into laughter.

Legolas surged up and over me, kissing and tickling as he came into my arms. These were the best times, when I held him close and surrounded myself with his scent and touch. His laughter was like music that I treasured more than jewels. Perhaps I wasn't so dour after all, I thought while I chuckled at his teasing touch.

"Beloved Gimli, I have something to ask of you." He stilled above me, resting his chin on folded arms and looking into my eyes.

"Ask away, friend Legolas." I frowned a little and he smiled, taking a finger and smoothing away the wrinkle between my eyes.

"When we leave here, where do we go? Do we travel for the rest of our lives or do we find a place where we can live together?"

I pursed my lips and he promptly swooped to kiss them smooth. Only when I'd begun to smile again did he go back to waiting for my answer. "First we visit the Glittering Caves, one of the seven wonders of Middle-earth. Then we travel through Mirkwood, yet another wonder, so you can show me the trees where you grew up. Lastly, we find a place with trees and caves where we can live together for the rest of our lives."

He had tears in his eyes when he gently kissed me. "I am glad that we feel the same way. Perhaps somewhere halfway between here and the Shire?"

"Sounds good." I said gruffly, running my hands up over his shoulders. "We can build something on the ground for me and up in the trees for you."

Legolas chuckled and rolled off me, springing to his feet to go and bring our picnic basket closer. The cooks had been generous and we unpacked meat and potato pies, with cooked greens for my finicky Elf and fresh baked bread. There was even a cherry tart for dessert. A flask of water provided our drink although I grumbled a bit over the lack of beer.

We ate slowly, savoring the fresh air and the good food. I watched the dreamy look in his eyes as they moved from the branches above to the soft grass below. Elves are natural creatures, or so I'd been told. Seeing his skin dappled with the sunbeams that filtered through the green cover over our heads, I thought it true. He wore nature well and I wondered what I looked like to him.

As if he'd heard my thought, his gaze came to me. "You are beautiful like this, Gimli. The sunlight makes you glow. I think we must find a spot where we can live naked all summer long. We'll only put on clothing when visitors arrive."

I chuckled at the thought. "It's our home, we can just tell them to get naked, too."

He laughed out loud and stalked me on hands and knees until we were nose to nose. "I will not share your strong body with anyone, my love. That would only lead to envy and dark thoughts if ever they beheld your wondrous cock."

I'd never really softened earlier so his hand on my shaft reminded me that I hadn't come yet. The slow slide up and down was hardening me to iron-like proportions. But the first wet kiss on my crown made me moan, it felt so good. The tickle of his long hair on my inner thighs teased me even higher. But when I felt his hand transferring something slippery onto me, I had to open my eyes to look down at him.

"Merry told me that butter has wonderfully useful qualities." He grinned at me and I saw that he had indeed used that golden semi-liquid on my cock. Legolas pushed me down to the ground before straddling my hips and reaching behind him for my shaft.

"Wait, I didn't get you ready yet." I tried to stop him but he shook his head with a smile and forced my crown through his entrance.

"Oh," he shook a little and I tensed myself, thinking that I was hurting him. But then he relaxed and slowly sat down on me until he rested on my thighs. "Dear Lady, every time feels like the first with you. I oiled myself before we came out here. I knew that I wanted you here, just like this."

My hands rested on his thighs, stroking the smooth skin tenderly. "I see. Did you also think that this trip would provide me with the wood I need to carve a likeness of myself for you?"

His smile was saucy to say the least. "I need no substitute when I have the rock hard original just an arm's length away."

He flexed around me and used his strong thigh muscles to lift up just a little before sliding down again. The friction was delightful and I knew that this love session would last a good long time. We made love slowly under the trees and it did feel like the first time, perhaps because it was the first outdoor loving we'd indulged in. All I knew was that I felt lighter than air and freer than I'd ever been before.

Legolas had freed something in me that I didn't recognize. But I liked it and wanted more, more of him anyway. The sunlight haloed his golden head and I watched in awe at the beauty that loved me. By now, I had hold of his shaft and his movements slid it back and forth in my grip. He was beginning the flush that told me he was close to coming and I began to thrust up when he came down. His moan told me that my aim was right on target and I did it again.

And again, until he froze above me and began to shoot his sweet seed into my hand. I was close but needed something more for my release. But I could wait until his shivers died down. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed down at me with that well-fucked look of satiation that I loved to see. Bringing my hand to my mouth, I licked it clean with deliberate broad strokes of my tongue.

"How nice of you to remember to bring my favorite dessert for our picnic." I told him and watched him start to laugh. With a flex of muscle, I rolled until he was beneath me. I was still lodged deep within him and I brought his legs over my shoulders and dug my toes into the earth for the leverage I needed to stroke into him.

"I will always bring that dessert with me and you must tell me when you wish to indulge. I promise to make more every hour of every day for the rest of our lives." He vowed quietly, his fingers stroking my long hair where it hung down over his stomach.

I chuckled and began thrusting slowly. His silken channel gripped me tighter than his hand had done earlier. Angling just right, I targeted the spot that gave us both such pleasure. He shook with my thrusts, his hands falling to the earth beside his hips so he wouldn't pull too hard on my hair. His moans grew louder when I speeded up, the friction beginning to burn both of us.

His hands clawed the earth while he shuddered under my onslaught. My mind fragmented into sensation and I felt my balls draw up tight in preparation. Then they exploded, bursting forth from my cock and flooding him with my seed. I jerked with each explosion and he keened aloud before coming again against my stomach. All my strength disappeared along with my climax and I fell forward into his arms.

We panted through the small aftershocks and I kissed his throat in gratitude for his gift of self. I'd never felt this way before, not even when my sweet Griselda and I were first together. With a start, I realized that this was the first time that I'd thought of her in moons. Did I really think of her and Legolas in the same way? She had been my wife but Legolas was the wrong sex for that, not to mention the wrong race.

"Why a frown after such a beautiful bout of love?" His voice brought me back to the present.

I moved just enough so I could see him a little better. "What are we to each other, Legolas? Are we mated for life, foreswearing all others?"

"Yes!" He said quickly. "I have never given my heart and body to anyone before. I played a little as most youngsters do but that was before I met you."

A warm glow suffused my whole body. I was his first and if I had any say in the matter, I would be his only. "I married long ago and lost her to the birthing fever. But not even Griselda had my entire heart and soul the way that you do. Thank you for that gift."

"I am sorry for your loss, Gimli but thankful just the same that there is no other to keep you from my side." He stroked my tangled hair back from my face. "I know it is important to the Dwarves that the males procreate for their race. Will that be a disappointment for you, not to have children?"

I thought about it for a moment, then got distracted by my cock slipping free from him. We both grimaced at that loss but it was easier to hold him now that we were no longer connected by my flesh. I held him tighter and did some of my own stroking back of his silken hair behind one delicately pointed ear.

"I will not give you up for anything, Legolas. There is a small regret that there will be no Glimmer, son of Gimli. But that is nothing compared to the pain and anguish I would feel without you." I kissed him gently and let go of that dream. "I love you more than anyone else in Middle-earth and I always will."

"Dearest Gimli, your vow humbles me and fills me with great pride at the same time." He smiled ruefully. "If there were a way, I would carry that son for you. But know this, beloved, you shall never lack my love, not ever will you be alone."

Hugging him close, I brushed a kiss over one fair cheek. "Nor shall you ever lack my love until death steals me from you."

He shivered and held me tighter. "I will take you to the Havens before that can happen, Gimli. I will not lose you, now."

I felt again the great and wondrous love that he wrapped around my soul. "Then I am content, Legolas and shall be forever."

"Forever." He vowed again and kissed me sweetly.

We rested together on the soft green grass with the dappled sun clothing us in green and gold. I thought about the improbable journey, that led us to this place and a love like no other I had ever known. I was blessed with both friends and a future that I'd never expected. The Elf in my arms was my most treasured friend and lover. Suddenly, I had a vision of him pregnant with our child.

I began to laugh. "Legolas, are you sure that you couldn't carry a child for us? You would look beautiful swollen with our son."

He chuckled. "I would do so if I could, beloved. But as far as I know, no male Elf has ever carried a child to birth. However, I think we should practice you giving me your seed as often as possible. Maybe the age of miracles has not yet passed."

We laughed comfortably together and I was content.

The end for now