Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bringing Up Babies, part 13
Pairing: Perri/Gandalf and Elrond/Glorfindel and Legolas/Gimli
Summary: Everybody celebrates.
Date: 20 April 2003
********* Gandalf *********

I clenched around Perri while he thrust into me with all his might. There was none of the care that had lately graced our bed. No, this was need and desire paired with the end of a fear that had chilled us all. Two days ago the children of Friendly had shown just what they were capable of and saved us. I was humbled by their power but already I could see that my job for the next few decades was to teach those born and yet unborn.

"Beloved, I'm close," Perri warned me, his hand snaking over my hip to grasp my turgid shaft. "Come for me, 'Dalf."

And I came for him, the way that I hope I will always come. He shuddered and thrust once more before releasing deep within me where life already grew. Slowly he guided us down to our sides, still inside of me with his hand cradling my limp shaft. I took a deep breath and let it out, grasping his other hand and bringing it to my lips. I pressed a myriad of little kisses all over the beautiful long fingers.

"You were inspired, Perri." I smiled and nibbled at his palm.

"My inspiration is always you, my love." He kissed the back of my neck. "It's finally over, isn't it? The foe is vanquished completely."

"I certainly hope so." I thought about it. "I forget who said it but there were only two shadows and the first I destroyed. The children seemed quite sure that none of them would be coming back through that . . . door."

"They were magnificent, Gandalf." Soft lips grazed my skin and I arched into the gentle nibble. "Will our son be like them?"

I wondered about that, too. "I know not, beloved. Lorrin seems to think so and he is the expert here. Our Jerdal will have older friends who can show him the way. Did I tell you that Lorrin said our son's element is fire?"

He chuckled and tenderly eased his spent shaft from my body, turning me onto my back so he could look into my eyes. Brushing my hair from its tangle around my face, he contemplated the future. "I am not surprised since I know your passion melts me regularly. Jer will have more than just older friends to show him the way, beloved. He will have you to nurture and help his gift flower, also."

It was my turn to chuckle. "Keeping up with him will be its own challenge, Perri."

********* Elrond *********

I groaned pitifully but my lover was intent on giving our daughter company. His shaft reamed my channel relentlessly while I panted to get enough air into my burning lungs. He targeted my sweet spot with unerring accuracy until it felt like I would explode like some of Gandalf's fireworks. It was too much and without any assistance, my rigid cock poured forth my seed into the pillow that cradled my hips.

"El'," he gasped and came deep within me.

Did our daughter feel that burning liquid race past her? What did she feel when my inner muscles rhythmically milked the hard cock that gave me so much pleasure? I would have collapsed when my arms went limp but Glorfindel had already eased himself from my body and cradled me in his arms.

His lips softly mapped my face while his husky voice told me how beautiful I was. I was still trembling with the force of my climax but his hands stroked me tenderly so that I slowly began to relax. I may have even napped for a bit because when I next opened my eyes, it seemed the light was dimmer.

"Hungry, love?" My lover asked with a twinkle.

"I'm always hungry, 'Del." I flirted up at him and smoothed my hands over his broad chest, my fingers tweaking his nipples.

He nipped my chin. "Then you're going to love dinner tonight. The menu includes venison compliments of your sons with newly picked asparagus, Pippin's tart vinaigrette salad and Jallico's flaming cherries jubilee."

I licked my lips and barely kept my groan to myself. "We need to clean up and go to dinner soon."

Rolling out onto the floor, Glorfindel reached down and gave me a hand up and out of our bed. We cleaned each other with the warm water waiting in the tiled bathroom. 'Del combed my hair out and braided it back from my face then I returned the favor. I chose the dark brown velvet tunic that buttoned up the sides and left the bottom five buttons undone. When I grew bigger, I'd have to leave more unbuttoned.

'Del stroked the small mound that was growing in front of me. "She grows apace, beloved. Soon she will proclaim her presence to all. We haven't really spoken of where she is to be born."

"I know." I covered his hands with mine. "I'd like it to be here, 'Del. Lorrin and Rhea are experienced at male births. And when Miriel delivers our grandchildren, we'll already be right here." He nodded in agreement. "Then we'll go home."

********* Elrohir *********

I nuzzled that spot behind Miriel's right ear and felt her shiver all the way down to her toes. Elladan was slowly thrusting deep within her pliant body and they were both close. I cupped her small breasts and rolled the pink nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She was now so sensitive that she moaned and came at just that touch. 'Dan shuddered and managed one more thrust before emptying his seed inside her.

They were both panting and I moved gently from behind Miriel so they could lay flat and catch their breaths. My two beautiful loves, I thought, stroking the growing mound that held our son and daughter, soon to be two more of my beautiful loves. How had I gotten so lucky to have such riches handed to me? I kissed the stretching skin and wondered when we'd first feel them move.

"Beloved," Dan smiled up at me, rising to glove my cock, which was still hard and aching. "Which of us should house this magnificent organ, El'?"

"I shall need more time to recover, my loves, but I will enjoy watching you make sweet love together." Miriel scooted a bit to one side and trailed a hand up my thigh, teasing me with her too light touch.

Dan's head was in my lap, sucking me to wet mithril. I shivered myself before tumbling him onto his back and kissing him hard. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me in closer. I'd loosened his guardian muscle earlier so now all I had to do was nudge his hole before sliding inside my home-away-from-home. He was hot and tight around my bulk and I paused when my balls hit his cheeks.

His dark eyes shone into mine and we kissed again but more gently than before. His tongue was rough against mine and his taste filled my senses with the familiar taste of home. I loved Miriel with all my heart but Elladan held my soul within his keeping and I knew that I held his. I would have held out for more kissing but he rippled his inner muscles around me and I had to move.

"You grow larger when it's been a whole day, El." He moaned a little when my hair brushed across his chest. "Harder . . . oh Lady . . . there . . . right there . . . El!"

My vision narrowed to his beloved face, now sweaty and flushed. The familiar blush started at his throat and flooded his whole body with heat while his muscles squeezed my cock into release. I felt the last of the fear the events of the week had brought us all flow out with my seed. All my muscles relaxed and my brother cradled my body with his own.

Miriel stroked the hair away from my face and kissed my temple gently while Elladan nuzzled my cheek with his lips. I was surrounded by love and felt like purring. Our whispered 'I love you's' filled the room with their warmth.

********* Gimli *********

Dinner was a long and protracted affair with everyone relaxing and chatting of the normal day to day doings of a community like ours. It was good to see and hear. Some were planning to take our wares down to the summer fair at Bridgewell, the small village that was growing around the Last Bridge. We'd all worked hard over the winter to craft those items that would sell.

This fair would be larger than ever before or so said the letters we received from our friends outside our valley. Men, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits would all be participating in this one and Legolas had mentioned that he thought our family should go along. It would be the first time that the twins would be exposed to a place and people outside of our valley.

They were still so young that I was of two minds about it. Not even seeing them deal with the creature of darkness had lessened my protective instincts. Legolas chuckled when I told him that and kissed me sweetly before telling me that he felt the same urge but they had to meet the world sooner or later.

I just thought it should be later . . . say twenty years later. He tweaked my nose and smiled down at me so I knew we'd probably be going to the fair. I came away from my thoughts with a start when Glimmer crawled into my lap from the chair set between Legolas and me. He and Pharin shared the tall box that sat on the oak seat so they could see the table and their plates.

Most of the food made its way into their mouths although Glimmer was still having some trouble with the food sliding off his fork. Keeping it level still took a little hand-eye coordination that he was learning. Pharin didn't like forks so she ate everything with a spoon after Legolas or I had cut it up for her. I shuddered to think what would happen when we gave them knives.

Papa had already brought out the stories of when I was learning to eat and my cheeks still burned when he told the tale of the partridge and the slippery pewter trencher. Legolas had kept a straight face with difficulty but I'd come upon him biting his pillow that night while laughter shook his whole body. I pretended to be affronted but he saw through me in a heartbeat, the way he always does and we laughed together until he rolled me over and made wild, passionate love to me.

That memory made my breeches grow tight and Glimmer giggled while tugging at my hair. "Da, play wit' Bilbo please."

I'd missed something. "You want to go play with Bilbo and Elanor?" I looked up and saw Sam nodding. "Well, if it's all right with Sam and Frodo then I guess I'll see you at dusk."

He nodded vigorously and kissed my cheek. "We be home for baf-time, Da."

"Good boy," I took a deep breath of baby-scent and let him down to the floor where he and Pharin joined the hobbit twins. They dashed toward the smaller door but had to wait until Sam opened it for them. Frodo was right behind him and we waved them off while Legolas finished his tea. I had the urge to enjoy this unexpected private time with my beautiful bonded in our bed so my eyes may have been a trifle possessive when his gaze caught mine.

His went sultry immediately and the air in the dining hall seemed to be sucked away. We made hasty goodbyes to the others at our table but Papa's knowing look made me blush so hard that I was still faintly red when we entered our front door. No cloaks had been needed in this time between winter and summer so we took off our boots and kept on going until we reached our bedroom.

Legolas was on his knees before me and his clever hands stripped off my shirt before I could even reach for his tunic. Then it was a race to see who got naked first. I won since I snuck a quick nip to the pink nipple over his heart and he froze with a moan that curled my toes while I slid his pants down and off those long legs of his. He stood abruptly with me still in his arms and I was reminded of how strong he really was, for I am no light weight.

I landed on the bed with a bit of a thump while he finished pulling off my breeches and the thick wool socks that kept my toes warm in the mountain depths. But those weren't the depths that concerned me at the moment since my beautiful Elf had blanketed me with his skinny self and was intent on stealing my breath from me. His golden hair curtained my face with silken strands, each one branding me with his scent.

His hands cradled my head while his lips nipped little kisses across my face, avoiding my lips completely. But my fingers were stroking down his back to the firm cheeks with the same teasing strokes, never going to quite the right spot. Our cocks were dueling for space between us, sliding in slippery bliss against each other.

"Legolas . . . beloved . . ." I gasped when his teeth bit my ear lobe. "What is your wish this evening?" I bumped my hips up a little and met his coming down with a shiver. "Does your arrow require a sheath?"

He chuckled and stilled for a moment, those big blue eyes glowing into mine. "I think it does, beloved. Then perhaps after our bath with the children, we can come back to bed and you can go mining with your" he wiggled against my cock, which went a little harder at just the thought, "ever-ready tool."

I thrust up a little more and felt my stomach tighten in anticipation. "I think that an excellent idea, beloved."

He must have gotten the oil while he was kissing me because his fingers were slick with it when he slid one inside of me. It still felt odd even after the last two years. I was usually on the giving end rather than the receiving end but I always enjoyed it when he sparked that hot spot inside my sheath. Perhaps I'd be able to coax him into trading off more often.

But all my thoughts scattered to the four corners of the valley when he flipped me onto my stomach and breached me with one long thrust of his arrow. I groaned and went onto all fours, the better to push back against him. He always feels huge when he first enters but by the time he has set his rhythm, he just feels right.

"Dear Lady, Gimli," he shuddered a bit when I tightened around him, "I forget how very tight you are when it's been a while. Is this . . ." he hit the spot, "all right for you?"

"Any more all right and I'd be passed out on the bed while you warm my target." I squeezed around him again and felt him shiver.

It had been two days since we'd made love and my self-control was sadly lacking. He always knows when I'm close and tonight was no different. He does this little thing with his hips that feels like he's literally screwing himself into me. Whatever it is, it always makes me feel like he's gone deeper inside of me than he's ever been before. I could feel myself tightening all over and when his cool hand grasped my cock and squeezed, I came and came hard.

It felt like lightning striking while he rippled throughout my entire body. I think every muscle in my body seized at the same moment and I may have passed out for a moment. But when I came to, I had a living, breathing Elven blanket from the top of my head all the way down to my toes. His breath tickled the top of my head while his hands still clasped my chest. Taking a quick squeeze to check and see if he was still inside of me, I felt his bulk slowly begin to slip out.

"Beloved," his voice had that deep note of satisfaction that I loved to hear. "You've worn me out for now." He kissed the top of my head and raised up just enough to slip from me and move to the side.

I turned a bit awkwardly, clenching my cheeks to keep the trickles from staining the sheets. But he already had the towel we kept on the side table to gently clean his seed from me. I suddenly had the wish that none of our seed would go to waste but hastily banished the thought from my mind. It was still much too soon for Legolas to get pregnant again. We'd decided that once the twins were three years old, we'd think about having more children.

"Later, Gimli," he murmured in my ear and fell asleep just like that.

The end of part 13