Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bindings of Love, part 1
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas and Sam/Frodo
Summary: Bilbo and Elanor help out their parents.
Date: 26 July 2003
********* Bilbo *********

The new babies were lots of fun. Mama told us that we were going to be big brothers and sisters to the new littles. Da laughed and laughed when we told him what Mama had said but he agreed that we could practice on them until we had little brothers or sisters of our very own. Mama had scolded him a bit but Da just kissed him until he was all soft and smiling.

I wasn't sure what he meant by 'our own' until Pharin told us what she and Glimmer had done to their Mama and Dada. Elanor thought that was a great-good idea and so did I. So last night when they were singing really pretty together, we peeked inside Mama with our minds and found the spot where he carried us. All it needed was a couple of seeds from him and some of Da's and we wished them to come together.

It would be a while before they could be born but that was all right since we needed to practice on the new babies. It was a big responsibility but fun, too. Just like our lessons with Mama and Uncle Legolas in the archives. Elanor didn't like those lessons as much as I did but that was okay since she really, really, really liked working with Gampa Glo in the mountain.

Da was a little bewildered about that when she told him that she was going to be just like Gampa Glo when she got bigger. But Mama had smiled and kissed her, telling her that whatever she wanted to do they would be just fine with it. Just as long as we were happy, Da told us, we could do anything we wanted. We could hardly wait.

********* Sam *********

February was mild this year. We had so much to celebrate at the Solstice that it felt like we had had one long party for a couple of weeks. All the new mothers were soon up and about although the new babies weren't. It was still too cold to bundle them up and take them for visits but we could come and see them so that was all right.

Little Fala, Lord Elrond's daughter was just as cute as she could be, kind of like our Elanor in looks and hair color. Miriel's daughter, Loralin was completely bald, poor little tyke. It never occurred to me that babies could be born like that, without any hair at all. Still, she was real pretty - kind of peaches and cream looking. Not being fair at all, Finidan was born with a full head of dark curly hair just like his mother's.

Our little ones were so excited about their new playmates that they were all they could talk about. We let them off any lessons and burned up their energy with snow fights and building snow castles and such. One day, Nanala and Pfister took all the littles up to the mountain where Lorrin and Gloin took them up even higher to see the first of the wind-drakes being born.

For a little while there, I was afraid they were going to want to stay in Cloud-walker's nest for the winter. His two hatchlings had already bespoke Bluebird and our Bilbo as flying mates. That bewildered me a bit since no Hobbits in the history of Middle-earth had ever flown. Frodo just shook his head and wondered out loud if we'd ever get over being amazed by our children.

I didn't think we would. But that brought up something else that was a bit odd this winter. Every time we were alone, Frodo would pounce and kiss me silly. It got so I was that worn out, I didn't know if I could get it up again, if you catch my drift. One afternoon I was wishing that I'd gone up with Merry and Pippin and all the Hobbit children to talk to Lorrin but my beautiful bonded had stopped me with just one look.

I don't think he can set things on fire with his gaze alone but that look sure does come close. Once the door had closed behind them, he'd started taking off his clothes right there in the foyer with a big smile on his face. Well, nobody could stand still when he's doing that. So I started unbuttoning my shirt and his smile got even hotter, if you can imagine that.

He sauntered back to our bedroom and I followed him, leaving a trail of clothes behind me. I made a mental note to myself to pick them up before the little ones came back from the mountain where Merry and Pip had taken them to 'help' out their Gampa Glo and Gampa Lor. A tiny part of my mind marveled how an Elf and a Dwarf had turned into grandparents for Halflings but most of me was just intent of following my beautiful Frodo to bed.

When I landed naked on our bed, his hands were already slick with oil and he gloved my cock so it was all nice and shiny with oil. "In me, Sam, right now I need you to slide in so deep that I can feel you in my heart."

Well, I certainly wasn't going to say no to that wonderful idea so I rubbed my hands over his to coat my fingers and slid behind him to loosen him up. He was already pretty relaxed from us making love first thing this morning and I couldn't hardly wait much longer so I put his legs over my shoulders and sank my cock where it could do some good.

We both groaned, him because I was stretching him wide and me because he was so tight. Finally, my balls hit his cheeks and I opened my eyes to see him arch towards me. Our eyes met and all I could think of was how beautiful he was and how much I loved him. "My own Frodo, I love you so much."

He blinked back sudden tears and smiled tremulously. "My very own Sam, I love you more today than that day in Minas Tirith when I first admitted it." He brought me down to his lips and we kissed for a long time before we broke apart to breathe. "Do we really have to wait much longer for me to ask Lorrin for a potion? I know you think it's too soon but I ache to hold your babies inside of me again."

Those soft blue eyes pleaded with me while I frowned a little. "They're not quite two, Frodo and I thought that Lorrin said they should be two before we try again."

"He did but if we start now, they'll be well into their two's when the new baby is born." He begs so beautifully that I gave in at once.

"If that's what you want, my love, then that's what we'll do." I leaned down and started rocking in and out of his tight channel while I pressed kisses all over his beautiful face. "The twins will be excited when we tell them. Bilbo is always asking how long it will be before he gets a little brother and sister."

He chuckled and moved his hips up in counter point to my thrusts down. "Elanor told me the other day that she'll help me take care of her little brother and sister. Do you think they understand that it takes time to get pregnant, carry the babies and then birth them?"

I thrust a little harder and felt him ripple around me. "I . . . oh that feels good . . . Frodo do that again . . . I think they've got a pretty good idea." He clenched around me and I felt his cock leak a little between us. "They watched Lord Elrond and Gandalf carry their babies. I'm pretty sure that Pharin passed on what happened when Fala was born. You think they talk to each other with just their minds, don't you, Frodo?"

Nodding, his hands slid up my arms to bring me back down to his lips. Nibbling all around my mouth, finally he slid his tongue against mine and we sucked on each other for long moments until our pace below caught up with our kisses. I was slamming into him pretty good when he gasped and began to spurt all over his stomach. His sudden clenching around me squeezed out my seed deep inside of him.

Falling into his warm arms, I panted and seized up again a time or two before I finished shaking. His legs had dropped to my waist at some point so I was surrounded by him when he finally answered my question.

"Sam, our children are wonders of Middle-earth for all they're just babes." His hands stroked my sweaty back soothingly. "They are destined to become more than just Hobbits living outside the Shire. Gandalf says that they're already more powerful than some of the Istari and they are growing new powers all the time. We are going to love them with all our hearts, guide them towards kindness and mercy and let them know that we will always be there for them."

I nodded against his shoulder and felt my cock slip from him. I reached a long arm for the damp cloth that we kept on the bedside table to clean us up. After a few moments, we settled in again but this time he was cradled on top of me, his chin propped on his folded hands so we could look at each other.

"They're going to grow beyond us, Sam, but I think that if parents do their job right, children always do. They love us and we love them. Nothing will ever change that." His eyes sparkled a bit with tears but he blinked them away. "I'm being silly, sweetheart. We have long years before they leave our cozy nest for their destiny. And we'll have more children to love before that happens."

I kissed each bit of him that I could reach. "You're right . . . my Frodo . . . at least . . . there's no more Dark Lord . . . or Dynast . . . to worry them."

He kissed right back while wiggling on top of me, our limp shafts rubbing together. If I didn't know better, I'd have said that he was wanting another round. And damned if he didn't bite my nipple and start me swelling again. His satisfied smile told me that we weren't getting out of bed until the twins came back from their lessons in the mountain. I was going to need a nap.

********* Bluebird *********

When Pharin told me how easy it was to start another baby brother or sister, I thought about how much fun it would be to have a baby sister since I already had baby Ba'. But Mama was kind of sad whenever he rocked one of the new babies. I wasn't sure why so I asked Papa and he got sad, too. He 'plained that he and mama were first cousins, which meant that Gama Esme and Gampa Pal were brother and sister like Pharin and Glimmer were.

That meant that mama and he were too close to have babies. I thought for a horrible, no good moment that he meant I was a mistake but he hugged me close and kissed me over and over, telling me that they would never, never, ever wish for any daughter better than me. That made me feel better. I'd have to think about it and ask Gampa Lor what e'actly it meant.

'Cause mama wanted more babies, I could hear it when he and Papa made pretty music.

I'd wait for a while until I understood then I'd see about making a new baby for them.

********* Merry *********

It was scary watching the adult drakes inspect our children. But the new born drakes were adorable, all fluffy feathers and soft blue scales. Their big eyes blinked up at us and I got the urge to pet them but I remembered what Lorrin had said about protective instincts. I couldn't blame their parents since Pip and I had been just the same when Bluebird was born.

I watched her float over the snug nest, her tiny hands already reaching for the baby drake who'd claimed her for his own. Little Blue-Cloud sat up eagerly to touch her with his nose. They sniffed each other for a long moment while she explored his soft scales with her fingers. It appeared that he scented things while she touched them.

Looking up at Cloud-Walker, I felt better about the whole claiming-thing. When little Blue-Cloud was grown, he'd be an even better protector for our blind daughter than Pip or I could ever be. At a loud giggle, I turned back to watch Bilbo playfully tumbling with baby Wind-Walker, the drake who'd chosen him for his own.

Next time Sam and Frodo had to come with us so they could watch this. Smiling to myself, I wondered if they'd even gotten out of bed yet. Frodo had had a sparkle in his eye that usually meant that Sam was going to be as tired as the children were by the time we got them home.

The drakes were all yawning and that was catching so we told them good-bye for now and bundled the children up to go back to the forge where Elanor was getting another lesson from Gampa Glo. I held Bilbo while Pip retrieved our daughter from the nest. We'd left Baby Ba' still asleep with Lorrin. We walked down the winding path, thankfully cleared of our last snow storm. The weather had been quite mild but we'd had enough snow that we needed to be careful where we walked.

Gloin looked up at our entrance and smilingly welcomed us back. Little Elanor was perched cross-legged on the end of his anvil while he tapped on a silver cup, shaping it for a christening present for Faladel. "Excellent timing, Hobbits, we're ready for our tea. How about you?"

"Scones!" Bilbo smiled back and gave a little bounce.

"You know, I think you may be right, Bilbo." Gloin laid his tools aside and picked up Elanor. "Follow me and we'll see if Lorrin made any for tea."

We walked down the long corridor to the snug rooms that belonged to the ancient Elf and now to Gloin, also. They were brighter and more cheerful than I would have thought caves could be. In the parlor, crystals were strategically placed to reflect the light from the six candles that hung from the overhead chandelier. The healer was already setting out the scones and honey, greeting us with a smile and hugs for the little ones.

He reminded me that I needed to ask him about Bluebird's questions about babies. Hopefully, he'd come up with something to explain why baby Ba' would be her only sibling. I didn't think she really understood my explanation. I had the feeling that she could feel Pip's pain at not having more babies. My bonded had taken to mothering with all his heart and it was a physical ache for him to know that we couldn't have any more.

Half-an-hour later while Pip was nursing Ba', I got the chance to get Lorrin to one side. I told him her questions only to have him tell me that she'd already talked to him. He explained that he'd laid out our family tree as he'd gotten it from my mother, Esmeralda. He was pretty sure that she understood the problem now. He told me to watch her for the next few weeks in case she had more questions.

I agreed and thought again how magical our children were. All the children of Friendly were something that Middle-earth hadn't seen in three ages. The council meeting that was coming up in a few months would be their first outing among those not of our village. Shaking my head, I grinned at the thought of what havoc they might wreak. Add in the drakes that were coming with us and the possibility of Ent participation and I could hardly wait to see what happened.

Pippin gave me a strange look and I whispered that I'd tell him later. He got that prim little look that makes me want to pounce on him and love him into the sheets. We finished our tea and headed back down from White Cap. The sun was still shining but the cold wind from the north reminded us that it was still winter. Bill the Pony brought the sleigh down the mountain more quickly than we'd gone up earlier. He was probably thinking of a nice warm stall and some oats.

So was I to tell the truth. Well, not a warm stall or oats but an early dinner and a snug lie-in with my Pip would go a long way to making me feel better. We delivered Bilbo and Elanor to two very satiated friends, which made the twins giggle. They told us they'd meet us for dinner at the dining hall and an hour later, we joined them at our table. Jallico had baked chicken with wild rice in a rich white wine sauce.

It was delicious and even Elanor, who'd turned into a bit of a picky eater, had seconds. By the time that dessert arrived, I was wondering why Gimli, Legolas and the twins hadn't joined us. But Frodo told us that Legolas was a little under the weather so they were staying in. I hoped it wasn't a chill but we'd check tomorrow to see if there was anything we could do.

Heading home, we took the babies into the bath and had a wonderful play time with the wintergreen bubbles. Ba' was starting to sit up by himself but we still watched him carefully to make sure that he didn't slip. Bluebird had introduced him to the splashing game and he played it every time he got wet. Giggles and laughter were the results of bath time and we got them dried off before they could get too sleepy.

I tucked Bluebird into her big bed while Pip rocked Ba' with his last feeding of the day. I told our daughter about the birds for whom she was named. That was a favorite bedtime tale. She told me that she was going to float up to their nest this year and I had a moment's qualm about that. But there wasn't any way to stop her, short of tethering her to something so I just cast another prayer up to Elbereth to watch over her.

She fell asleep between one breath and the next. I tucked the blankets around her and checked the fire to make sure it was banked properly. When I turned back to Pip, he was just finishing putting Ba' into the cradle. I crossed to kiss our son goodnight while Pip did the same for Blue. Then we shut the door quietly behind us and headed for our bedroom.

"What were you talking about with Lorrin?" Pip asked me while starting to get undressed.

I debated whether or not to tell him Bluebird's questions since not being able to get pregnant made him sad. But I couldn't lie to him and I told him the lot. He gasped a little but kept on undressing. I watched him like a hawk but all he did was nod and crawl into bed. I joined him under the eiderdown quilt, pulling him into my arms and kissing him soundly.

Finally he smiled at me. "I wish we were normal, Merry. I wish a great many things but nothing compares to being loved by you and having those two beautiful children. We may not make new babies but we can make love and I'd like you to," he latched onto my shaft, "sink this deep inside of me. We'll just pretend that we're making babies."

"I can do that, sweet Pip. In fact there's nothing I'd like better." I kissed him hard then scattered little nips over his beautiful face while I reached for the oil that we kept near the bed. Slicking us both up took a few minutes and a lot of chuckling. Pip is a bit ticklish and I like to take advantage of that.

He was all relaxed and smiling when I finally slid into his tight heat. It had been several days since we'd last made love this way and I was glad to find my way home. He sighed a little when I was all the way inside and pulled me down for another long kiss. That's when he retaliated by attacking all my tickle spots and making me laugh out loud. We tried to keep it quiet but we were both still giggling when he rode me to a mutual climax.

Nothing is better than making love to my very own Pip.

********* Bluebird *********

Mama and Papa were singing so pretty that it made me smile. Gampa Lor had explained why they shouldn't have more babies. It takes one seed from Mama and one from Papa to make a baby. Since we couldn't put them together that meant that we needed a different seed to combine with Mama's or a different one with Papa's.

I thought that maybe I'd look around for someone in the family to borrow some seeds from. Then Mama would be happy and the family would get bigger. I giggled a little and fell asleep.

The end of part one