Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bindings of Love, part two
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas
Summary: Gimli worries about his bonded.
Date: 6 September 2003
********* Gloin *********

Gimli was worried about Legolas so once we'd finished work for the day, Lorrin and I followed him down to the village. I thought it was probably just the stomach-sickness that usually arrived each spring but better safe than sorry, as my mother used to say. I wondered what she would have thought of the beautiful elf who'd given us such adorable children. Would she have accepted him for his bright spirit and the happiness he brought her grandson?

I chuckled to myself and caught Gimli's attention. "Sorry, son, just thinking about Mother Dern and what she would have thought of having an Elf for a grandson."

He snorted. "She would have read me the riot act before giving Legolas a strong lecture on the importance of cooking."

I thought of her fondly. "Indeed she would, and then she would have started telling tales about Baby-Gimli to the littles."

Groaning, he shook his head. "Instead Papa, you are the one telling tales on me. Don't think I don't know who told Glimmer about the mud puddle and the King's best robe."

I grinned at him and winked at Lorrin who was smiling at us both. "That old tale? Hah, I know a dozen tales worse than that one."

He glowered at me. "I know you do, Papa, but do you really want Lorrin to find out about the Widow and the picnic basket? Hm-m-m?"

Damn, I forgot he knew about that one. "Perhaps we should just read them tales from the archives and let the past go, Gimli?"

Smugly he shook his head yes. "Agreed, Papa. Do you want to stop at the dining hall first and then come find us?"

"Won't Legolas and the children be there all ready?" I asked him.

"The children will be there with Nanala and Pfister but Legolas will not." Gimli's smile was a poor thing. "The smells and movement make him ill."

"We'll come with you." Lorrin said decisively and I nodded.

What if Legolas was really ill? I started walking faster, needing to find him at once. We entered their front room but found no elf. Gimli headed for their bedroom and we followed on his heels. Legolas was lying down with a cool cloth on his forehead and Rhea was sitting on the side of bed while taking his pulse.

The healer acknowledged our presence with a small smile but kept on holding the thin wrist between his long fingers. Gimli circled to the other side and used the steps to slowly join his bonded on the wide bed. Legolas' lips curved upward and he spoke his name without even opening his eyes. "Gimli."

"I'm here, beloved. Did you get dizzy again?" Gimli brushed a soft kiss over the pale cheek.

Rhea answered. "He fainted at the archives about half an hour ago. Frodo came and got me. His pulse is too fast, he's losing weight and he finally mentioned the headache and nausea that have been plaguing him for the last fortnight."

Lorrin crossed to the bed and put a cool hand to Legolas' cheek. "Oh," was all he said before bringing his other hand up and gently placing it on the flat stomach under the sheet.

Was it serious? What kind of illness could lay low an Elf? They may look fragile but I've found them to be as tough as any Dwarf. That said, I could think of at least five sicknesses that could kill one of us and might seriously damage someone like Legolas.

"My Prince, I have interesting news for you and your bonded." Lorrin smiled, holding his hands above Legolas and speaking words that sounded like a crackling fire.

A pulsing light grew between his hands and painted my Elven son's stomach purple. Rhea smiled, Gimli cried out while Legolas slowly blinked once before closing his eyes.

"What does it mean?" I asked with my heart in my throat.

"It means that our family is growing. It appears that I'm going to have to have a talk with the children. I sense Pharin's fine hand in this." Lorrin's smile bloomed even broader.

"Legolas carries another child?" I said, watching Gimli brush away a tear and lean in to kiss his bonded. "What has that to do with Pharin?"

"Males of any race do not normally carry children, Gloin. Usually it takes one of our Varyan potions or a magic combination of events." Lorrin smoothed a shiny golden braid back behind an ear. "And like their elder siblings, you carry twins again."

"Pharin asked me yesterday how long they had to wait for their new brother and sister to be born." Legolas sighed, opening his eyes and exchanging a long look with my son. "I told her that all good things take time and we would let them know when the family would grow. She just giggled and kissed me sweetly. When you talk to Pharin and Glimmer, I'm afraid you're going to need to speak with Bilbo and Elanor, too. What one set of twins does, so does the other pair."

Lorrin nodded. "I will attend to them once we've relieved your nausea, my Prince."

I watched while my lover's hands passed slowly up and down Legolas' torso about an inch above his skin. Instead of purple, a green haze grew and flowed over him. Legolas' crystal glowed brightly from around his neck where it hung on its mithril chain. The ashen look began to disappear and a healthy pink returned to his cheeks. His eyes sparkled and he smiled that beautiful smile that I missed when we didn't come down to see them more frequently.

"You're about nine weeks along, Legolas." Lorrin smiled at my son and his bonded. "I'd say that Pharin was so excited when Faladel was born that she and Glimmer decided to start some new brothers and sisters."

"Wonderful," he sighed and stretched a little. "That feels much better, Lorrin. I think I may be hungry after all."

"I've got an herbal tea mixture that came from one of the Varyan scrolls for when morning sickness hits. I prepared a jar for just-in-case. Brew it in the morning and drink two cups before eating." Rhea told him while the glow faded and Lorrin stepped back, shaking his hands as if to fling off whatever he'd absorbed from Legolas. "I think Gloin and Lorrin should stay in the guest house for a while so we can make sure that all is as it should be."

Gimli smiled gratefully at us. "I'd appreciate that. Neither of you think it too soon?"

Rhea and my lover shook their heads in unison. "Another year would have been nice but Legolas is strong and healthy. He'll carry these twins more easily than he did Pharin and Glimmer. His body has already adjusted once and it knows what to do now."

Legolas sat up with Gimli's help. "I'm fine, beloved. We always wanted more children and now we'll have them close together so they can be friends. A hundred years separated my older half-brother from myself and we had very little in common. Our children will be much luckier."

My son nodded and kissed him softly. They looked good together but I was thinking of that amazing statement about the century between Elven children. Would I even be alive before they all grew up? Lorrin must have caught my thought for he slipped an arm around me and whispered in my ear.

"You will be here for them all, beloved Gloin. This I promise." His violet eyes almost glowed into mine.

I was a very lucky Dwarf, indeed.

********* Gimli *********

I think I was still in shock when we reached the dining hall. There were my two babies sitting between Nanala and Pfister, looking sweetly innocent of any possible mischief. But when I looked back to my beautiful Legolas and the great gift he carried within him, all I could feel was grateful to them.

That said, I was still going to have a very stern talk with them. They needed to understand they couldn't just do something because they wanted to. Everything had consequences, some more than others. Remembering Legolas' last pregnancy, I started to smile. If the morning sickness could be banished then all I needed to do was pamper him through the next seven months.

Still, I cast a stern look at Pharin and Glimmer and told them that we were going to have a family talk once dinner was over. Legolas backed me up and asked Nanala and Pfister to stay a little longer so they could be there for the chat. I could see the questions in their eyes but they just nodded and picked up the children to go home. I got filled plates for our own dinner, taking care to pick the less spicy dishes for my elf's delicate stomach.

Frodo and Sam didn't question Lorrin's request for a chat, just invited him to come by after dinner. Once the Hobbits had left, he leaned over and whispered that Frodo was pregnant too but Pippin wasn't. I hadn't even thought about him but I should have. Little Bluebird was just as intelligent as our twins but Lorrin said he'd had a talk with her earlier so that was probably why she hadn't 'helped' out her mama.

Well, this was going to be an interesting year. With a sudden shock I realized that Legolas would be visibly with child when we traveled to Helm's Deep for the Council meeting.

When he met his father for the first time since he left for Rivendell.

I could imagine his pain but felt a fierce desire to meet this king who had hurt my beloved so. I cast a quick look at my father and pondered how he would feel about meeting the Elf who'd imprisoned him for a month. He'd taken Legolas into his great heart and our children also so perhaps he and I could have a little private 'chat' with King Thranduil.

Keeping my growl to myself, I smiled at the other late diners and pricked up my ears to listen to the conversations that flowed around the room. Spring was coming, you could smell it in the air and people were planning what to take to the markets, what to plant, which horses to mate and what kind of beasts we should bring in to supplement our hunting. Jallico was talking about some of the sheep from his home valley that fed exclusively on a red clover that made their meat delicious.

I made some mental notes for the next time our small valley council met. Jallico had my vote in all things culinary and I thought one of the high pastures might be a good home for a hardy breed. Of course, we'd need a shepherd or two but perhaps Jallico knew of someone. Papa and Lorrin excused themselves and I thought about the shock that Frodo and Sam were going to get in a few minutes.

"At least we'll have each other to commiserate with," Legolas said ruefully.

I plucked his hand from the table top where he was playing with the cutlery and brought it to my lips, laying a gentle kiss in his palm. "We are surrounded by helpful people who will be delighted to aid both of you. I'm already looking forward to massaging your lower back and your beautiful feet."

Legolas smiled down at me and leaned over to nuzzle a kiss to my temple. "I look forward to your powerful hands." A breathy little gust of heated air tickled my ear and I shivered. "But at the moment, I think we need to have a brief talk with Jallico and Pippin. Maybe it's just knowing that I'm pregnant but I've suddenly got this craving for cranberry bread that won't go away."

I chuckled and beckoned to our cook and his assistant to join us. They took the news well although I did think that young Pip hid a rather wistful look. I felt for him, I truly did. I knew that longing for a child since it had been mine long ago when Griselda and I had tried to become parents. That yearning wasn't a tenth of what I'd experienced with my Legolas.

We'd need to make a time and space to be private with him and Merry. But for the moment, I was content to listen to Legolas request some of his old favorites and feast my eyes on his beauty. Now I knew what that glow was that I'd seen recently. He truly was the most magnificent creature in Middle-earth . . . and he loved me, Gimli. I could hardly wait to get him home so I could reacquaint myself with his body.

But first, we had to have a serious talk with our children. Our children - Legolas and mine own - that had to be the most astonishing statement in the history of Elves and Dwarves. How had Papa scolded and at the same time showed his pride of one of my stunts when I was a dwarfling? I tried to remember the tone of voice and the gestures that had told me that I wasn't to do whatever it was I'd done again no matter how well done it had been.

"Gimli, we have two little ones to chastise and thank, all at the same time." Legolas tugged up on my hand and I followed him from the table while Jamesson, Jallico's second apprentice began to clear away our dishes.

All in all, it didn't go too badly. We got across the prime message, which was you didn't get someone pregnant without their knowledge and consent. That was just a precursor, I had the sudden thought, to the talk we'd be having one day when they were older and starting to look at boys and girls with interest. I shivered, that day would be about one hundred years into the future if I had my say.

Catching Legolas' lifted eyebrow, I blushed and smiled at him, silently telling him that I'd share my thoughts later. He smiled back before continuing to wipe away Pharin's tears. She was quite contrite and promised not to do it again while Glimmer quivered his lower lip, managing to just keep from crying. I rocked him gently and reminded them both that we loved them more than anyone in the world.

Nanala was delighted with the news while Pfister managed to keep his bland look except for one startled gasp quickly hidden. We'd be depending on them even more when the pregnancy took more and more energy from Legolas. They asked a few questions but retired for the evening with pledges of support for both of us. Bath time was rather subdued while the children cuddled rather than played.

But we started talking about adding on another room to our house so the new babies could have the nursery all to themselves. Pharin perked up when we mentioned that and asked if we could build on two so eventually there could be a girls room and a boys room. I checked with Legolas and he nodded at this indication that our little ones were changing yet again.

I think I would have cried at that thought but Legolas was softly singing to us and no one can be sad when he's singing that Dwarven lullaby from my own childhood. We were all calmer when we dried everyone off, put on our Elven robes and slipped the babies into their own snug beds. By the third rendition, they were sound asleep while we knelt by their beds and watched their innocent little faces.

Legolas finally pulled me up and led me to our bedroom. I felt rather dazed by the portentous events of the day and only his nimble fingers unwrapping my crimson sash brought me back to the here and now. I looked slightly up into his beautiful face and remembered with rising glee the long marathons of lovemaking that had occurred last time he was pregnant.

"Gimli, we're going to celebrate our new babies for the entire night." His elegant hands stripped me bare and threw me up on the bed. Sometimes I forget how strong he really is. He shed his own blue robe and joined me while my eyes tried to see some difference in his body.

Perhaps a slight curve was developing, I thought with a squint only to find myself flat on my back with my elf between my legs and his mouth sucking my hard-as-iron cock. My hands tangled in his flowing hair while I tried not to thrust up into the voracious suction. "My love . . . my beauty . . . my most wonderful . . . Elf, oh-h-h." I wondered vaguely why it was so hot in here.

But he was bending my legs back towards my chest and I realized that I'd already taken two fingers and never even noticed them. His long slim arrow pierced me, surging deep within while I began to pant at the feeling of fullness. His aim, however, was precise and almost painfully accurate, hitting my sweet spot with a fraction of his strength. I needed more though so I pulled his head down to me by his hair so I could take his mouth and scour my taste from him.

He smiled and tweaked my nipples, reminding me of how very sensitive he'd been the first time around. When we broke apart to suck in air, I grinned at him and made sure he saw my hands move to his chest. He returned my grin and leaned into me with a full body shiver when my fingers brushed against the pebbled peaks.

"Oh, beloved, that feels so very good." He half-moaned while increasing the force of his strokes. A blush was overtaking his fair skin and I knew he was close to coming when one of his hands pulled down on my balls to keep me from releasing when he did. With a shudder that shook the bed, he came, flooding me with his heat and collapsing on my broad chest.

I stroked his sweaty back and decided another bath would be in order once we were done making love. But that would not be for some time, I knew. His arrow was being forced from my sheath with the awkward position. Dwarves don't bend as well as slender Elves. He rolled us over so I lay on top of him. "Your turn, my beloved Gimli."

Pretending surprise, I reached for the oil that we kept above the bed on a small shelf. "I'm sure that you're too tired for more, Legolas. Why look at how relaxed you are, perhaps a nice massage would put you right to sleep?"

He smiled up at me and wrapped his legs around my waist. "I think a massage would be most welcome but I'm afraid that it's needed inside of me rather than outside. While we can still fit together, beloved, we should take advantage of that. All too soon, I will be big as a house, crying at the drop of a hat, craving strange foods and needing constant reassurance that I'm not fat and ungainly."

I slicked my hands and began to stretch him. "You are more beautiful than Galadriel. I delight in satisfying all of your cravings." He was relaxed and I slid home within a few moments. Pausing, I drank in the sight of him spread out before me like a banquet of exotic dishes. "When you're swollen with our children, that is when you are most beautiful, my Legolas."

He smiled and blinked back sudden tears. Ah, the mood swings, I could never forget them. Pulling out a little then sliding back in, I hit his sweet spot with gentle fervor. He sighed and arched towards me, his hands coming to my shoulders to pull me closer. My hair brushed his nipples and they tightened for me. Soon they'd be full of his milk and I'd suckle on the sweetest honey in Middle-earth.


The end of part two