Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Bindings of Love, part 4
Pairing: All of Friendly and most of Rivendell
Summary: They begin the journey towards the Council meeting.
Date: 9 November 2003
********* Elrond *********

We greeted the wind-drakes with our friends in a cleared field. Fifteen landed, one after another and each was greeted by several of my people to help them off and lead them up to our guest halls. I greeted Legolas and Gimli myself, catching Pharin when she jumped off their drake's wing into my arms with a loud, "Unca El! Where's Fala?"

I hugged her close and breathed in her cool sweet scent. "She is waiting for you up in my suite, Pharin. How was the flight?"

"Fun!" She kissed my cheek with a loud smack. "Papa got sick."

"Oh dear," I watched Gimli slide out of the basket onto the ground with shaky legs. "Gimli, we have tubs of hot water ready and waiting."

He sat down on the ground hard, "Thank all the Dwarven Gods, that's over."

Legolas slid after him with Glimmer in his arms. The golden prince glowed with good health and I could see no evidence of the morning sickness that had racked him during his first pregnancy.

"Gimli, this was just the first stage of our journey," he dropped a kiss on his bonded's head while putting Glimmer down into his lap. "Help your father feel better, little one. Mountain-Flyer, thank you for bearing us."

//It was a pleasure, Prince Legolas.// The wind-drake bent his head for him to scratch between his eyes. //We won't have to go so high on the next leg of our journey.//

Legolas chuckled. "I'm sure we'll all do much better . . . next time."

I joined in. "Mountain-Flyer, there is hunting on the other side of the triple peaks. Silent-Wind is waiting to direct all of you to the meadows where you can get a good meal and rest."

//Thank you, Lord Elrond.// The great head nodded to me before waiting a little impatiently for the straps of the basket to be unfastened by a pair of my servants who'd grown quite good at buckling and unbuckling.

Pharin chattered on about their trip and all the wonderful things they'd seen so high up. I carried her up the winding path to my home with Legolas carrying Glimmer again and Gimli walking gingerly by his side. In between her stories, I informed them of some of the plans for the council meeting. We'd received many messengers and everyone seemed quite excited about gathering at Helm's Deep.

********* Gimli *********

Whatever little Glimmer did had worked, I felt much better walking up the winding path at my love's side. Rivendell in the midst of spring was a wondrous sight and I wondered if I could get Legolas to take a stroll with me after dinner. From the deep breaths he was taking, I thought I probably could convince him. Perhaps we'd find that garden that had first brought us together.

Our rooms were very nice and I lay down with the children for a short nap while Legolas left to talk with Lord Elrond. He returned two hours later to find us getting ready for dinner. He brushed out Pharin's hair while I brushed Glimmer's. I don't know how our son gets so messy but his dark locks are always going every which way. Bless his heart, he never minded but I wanted him to look nice for this first meal among the elves of Rivendell.

Legolas read my thoughts with ease and kissed me, hands stilling half-way through the braiding of Pharin's fair locks. I drank him in and almost lost myself but the giggles from our children broke us apart. They thought we were silly but Legolas told them that one day they would find the other half of their souls and then kissing wouldn't seem so laughable.

"That will be many, many years from now, Pharin." I told her gruffly and she smiled up at me. My little girl was already a beauty and I could foresee the elves who would flock to her side. Would the fact that she was half-dwarf matter to those swains?

"Time will tell, my love." Legolas moved from braiding Pharin's hair to braiding mine. "But you're right, it will be many years before we have to vet lovers."

I chuckled and let him have his way with my hair. "Papa will be waiting impatiently for us. And I think I'm hungry."

Glimmer and my tummies rumbled at the same time and we chorused. "Food!"

We joined the others in the great hall, the chatter of many voices echoing throughout the room. Elrond and Glorfindel were seated at the head table with little Faladel cradled in her father's arms. There were places being saved for us and I suddenly saw my father and Lorrin seated on Glorfindel's other side.

"Welcome, Legolas. Gimli, are you feeling better?" The dark lord greeted us cheerfully.

"Much better, thank you," I bowed to him and sat down with Glimmer next to me, his sister next to him and Legolas next to Elrond. The children had boxes to sit on that brought them up to the table height and I suddenly remembered Legolas offering to get me a box on the ramparts of Helm's Deep.

He must have remembered that too for his smile at me was fond. Dinner was delicious and instead of wine, Papa and I had good malt beer. The singing after dinner was pretty and Pharin was entranced with all the Elven voices. Elrond was nursing Faladel and he encouraged Legolas to grace us with a song from Friendly.

My love nodded and got up to stand by the fire. He needed no harp or drum but the song he chose was a lullaby he'd written for the babies when they were teething. It never failed to calm them and give us a chance to rub some wintergreen balm on their gums. There was just something hypnotic about his voice and I counted several yawns around the great hall.

Legolas bowed to the applause and came back to us. Glimmer was yawning and I was right behind him. Papa and Lorrin walked back with us to our suite and stayed to chat for a few moments. It was then they informed us our trip would begin again in only three days. My dismay must have shown on my face for Legolas leaned over and kissed me.

That always catches my attention and I tasted him with a savoring tongue. But he all too soon pulled away and smiled at me. "Don't worry, love, this leg of our journey won't be at such a high altitude. Flying really does get easier."

"Son, I promise to let you in on a little secret for flying." Papa tapped his nose and winked at me. "Later."

I would have pursued it further but I noticed that Glimmer had fallen asleep in Legolas' arms. Looking down into Pharin's sweet face, I discovered she had, too. Papa chuckled, arising to come over and drop a kiss on her fair cheek while Lorrin did the same to our son. We murmured our goodnights and agreed to meet for breakfast.

The beds were turned down and we slipped the children into bed, side by side so they wouldn't wake up alone in the morning. Legolas drew me into the bath and we bathed silently, caressing each other with soapy hands. His smile drew me closer and he offered his body to me. I slid into his heat with a sigh and his arms held me close while his lips scattered soft kisses over my face.

But I was watching for that faint blush that told me he was close to coming and suddenly, there it came. One more thrust and he arched beneath me, releasing silently between us. His spasms pulled my seed from me and I wondered if the new babies could feel it. It was only when we were naked that I could see any changes in his body. His flat elfish stomach was slowly beginning to round out.

Pulling out of him, I bent to kiss the tender skin that hid them from us. "Go to sleep, little ones. Tomorrow we'll show you the garden where your mama and I first talked."

********* Gandalf *********

Jerdal nursed contentedly and I sat in the sun of our balcony waiting for Perri to bring us our morning tea. I'd wondered how the Elves of Rivendell would greet a nursing wizard but except for a few wide-eyed looks when I appeared with the baby in the sling across my chest, everyone had simply seemed to accept it.

No doubt, having Elrond doing the same thing had helped to acclimatize them.

"Here we go, love." Perri laid a heavily laden tray on the table by my side. The sunlight glowed around his beautiful golden head and I watched him with a sense of shock.

This beautiful being loved me.

"Beloved, you look as if I were a ghost." He teased me gently and kissed me before sitting down in front of me.

"I am constantly amazed that you could love me." I said quite truthfully. "I'm old, cantankerous, my nose is too big," But elven lips suddenly stopped my words. I love kissing Perri. He'd already tasted the honey biscuits but they were no sweeter than his own unique taste.

Jerdal let my nipple fall from his lips and giggled while trying to grab for the liquid gold that was his father's hair. Perri pulled slowly away and kissed our son's cheek. "Jerdal, your mama is being silly. Don't listen to him when he says he's anything but magnificent. He just doesn't see his beauty but we do, don't we?"

The baby laughed out loud and spoke his first word, "Ma-ma."

Perri and I both froze before looking at each other with joy-filled eyes. "Beloved, he knows who you are."

"Which would you like to be, Perri, papa or dada?" I gazed down into our son's face.

"It doesn't matter, 'Dalf. Whatever he names me, I will always come when he calls." My bonded tickled the baby cheek and smiled at him before raising his eyes to mine. "The same way I will always love you and come when you call. Do not, I beg of you, decry my beautiful bonded of the great heart and endless patience."

I blushed at his description but accepted that once again, he saw someone I didn't really recognize. "How can I deny such a heart-felt request? I will accept your description and marvel at your clear-sightedness."

He chuckled. "You see, wisdom beyond measure is mine since you let me love you. Is he finished eating, do you think?"

********* Perri *********

'Dalf checked our son but he was yawning and sucking on his thumb instead of the tempting nipple so close to his cheek. My wizard whispered, "I think he's done and ready for his morning nap. We don't have a meeting until after lunch. Do you think I could persuade you to join me back in our oh-so-comfortable bed?"

I jumped to my feet and drew him up with me. "No persuading is necessary, my love, I'd follow you anywhere."

He chuckled and led the way back into the beautiful suite of rooms Lord Elrond had given us. The afternoon before, I'd spent a few hours with Glorfindel while our bondeds traded baby stories . I couldn't help but wonder if Lord Celeborn would join us while his Lady and the other two compared our babies. The Lord of Lothlorien had always seemed too otherworldly but then the one time I met the Lord and Lady, they had both seemed like far away stars.

I wondered if the Lady changed diapers or if they had a nanny to do the distasteful duties that came with having a baby. But then I'd remember she'd already birthed a daughter and was a grandmother of three and I decided she probably did what had to be done.

"You're far away, Perri." Gandalf stroked my cheek and I returned from my wonderings. "Where are you?"

"In Lothlorien, wondering if Lady Galadriel changes diapers," I told him.

He chuckled and finished laying Jerdal into his cradle, pulling up a soft blanket to cover him. "I expect she does and so does Lord Celeborn. All of us old fogies have been given a shot of pure adrenaline with the birth of these amazing babies."

"Not so old, beloved," I insisted, drawing him into my arms and kissing his smiling lips.

We fed off each other before I remembered to bring in the tray of our breakfast so we could have a bed-feast. I dearly love licking persimmon juice off of 'Dalf's hard body. Once Jerdal was born, all the extra flesh just disappeared as if burned away by the heat of the delivery. Glorfindel had confided that Elrond had not been so lucky and they'd had to institute an exercise regime to take off the extra pounds. But his wink told me that the exercise had been of the bed-kind so they both had enjoyed it.

Gandalf sprawled across our wide bed while I squeezed a little more juice over his tasty cock. His moans were almost silent and I was sucking lightly on his flared crown when his control ceased and he pulsed his seed into my waiting mouth. Tasty, very tasty was my thought while drinking it all down. Watching his face smooth into sated lines, I thought I'd never, ever get used to loving him.

And I thought maybe it was time for him to start practicing giving me his seed.

********* Elrond *********

Fala finished nursing and 'Del took her to burp while I pulled my robes back into place. I'd gotten plenty of advice once my people had realized I'd birthed our daughter myself. But the most practical was from a midwife, Serena by name, who showed me a woman's tunic with hidden fastenings that when undone revealed only one side of my chest and the all important nipple that filled with milk so frequently.

The other side was the same and I became well versed in how to discretely bare my breast for Fala to feed. She was a lusty feeder and I found myself erect more often than not after she was finished. 'Del took full advantage of my increased need for him and I expect the Elves of Rivendell were by now well used to seeing me smiling with a well-fucked look on my face.

Today was no different and I sauntered to our bedroom door. "Goodness, I'll have to change again for the meeting after lunch. Do you think I should take another bath, 'Del?"

Only a whisper of sound warned me of his movements and suddenly I was clasped in one strong arm while his teeth bit my earlobe sharply. I shivered all over and his husky voice hardened me completely. "Yes, El', yes you should bathe again and yes, I'll pick out another outfit for you."

A loud burp from his other arm made us both laugh. Our daughter did everything loudly these days but I wouldn't trade her for anything. 'Del nudged me towards out bathroom. "Start the water and I'll put the little princess into her cradle for a quick nap."

"Hurry," I obeyed the loving command and began stripping out of the simple tunic and pants while the tub filled with hot water. Idly, I wondered if Helm's Deep had communal baths or separate chambers. That was a question I'd forgotten to ask and I made a mental note to ask Legolas or Gimli if they knew.

"Ah, naked-Elrond, my very favorite bath toy," 'Del's hands caressed me before leaving to strip away his own clothes.

"Remind me to ask what the bathing is like at Helm's Deep," I asked him before walking down the two steps into our marble tub. "If it's communal, it means we'll need more easily removed clothing to walk to and fro. I'd prefer not to share your beautiful body with the greater populace."

He laughed and joined me. "I could say the same, beloved. They'd be lined up around the ramparts to watch the sexy Lord of Rivendell go to bathe."

That was nonsense but sweet nonsense so I rewarded him the best way I knew how.

the end of part four