Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Beneath it all, part seven
Pairing: Merry/Pip and Frodo/Sam
Summary: Love finds a way.
Note: I love Tolkien, I really do but he got the ending of Return of the King a little wrong. I'm sure he won't mind if I fix it. <g> Here's where it goes AU, folks.
Date: 3 March 2002

Things were going from bad to worse. Sam was at his wit's end and Frodo was beginning to hide from us. That was hard to do because with only four Hobbits in the whole City of Minas Tirith, somebody always knew where he was. The trick was to ask the right person. Pip and I talked about what to do but it was Sam who came to us with a request that finally solved the problem.

We'd joked together about showing them how but although Sam blushed ten shades of red, he still managed to ask us for our help in making Frodo see the love that was waiting for him. Pip asked Faramir for some help. We thought the baths would be perfect for a seduction but they weren't private enough for what we had in mind. He didn't even ask why we needed it, he just told the palace steward to prepare the bath that his late father had used.

High in one of the towers, it was a splendid room of green marble and dark woods. I took in enough supplies so we could stay for a day or more if we needed to. Pip got enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner while Sam brought enough blankets and pillows to make four cozy nests. Hopefully, we'd only need to make two.

We told Legolas and Gimli what we had planned and they agreed to guard our privacy. Gandalf smiled and gave us four bottles of wine to take with us. Aragorn gave Sam a packet of herbs for the bath and a bottle of oil for massaging purposes. We were as ready as we would ever be so we tracked Frodo down and persuaded him to go exploring with us.

He tried so hard to be his normal self that it broke my heart. There was so much pain inside of him that he was turning into a wraith right before our eyes, one of the half dead who existed between sunlight and twilight. It just wasn't fair for him to have to suffer like this but he was the only one who could let go of the terrible grief he carried in his heart.

Sam was determined to replace that grief with so much love there'd be no room for anything else. And Pip and I were going to help.

We wandered through the long corridors of stone, up the winding stair to the very top of the tower. The bathing chamber was truly magnificent and the early morning sun flooded the room with warmth and light. The tiles were warm beneath our feet and the fires were lit for the hot water so we were set. Frodo demurred when Pip exclaimed at the sunken tub and told us we should bathe.

I seconded the idea and Sam began removing his shirt with a look on his face that wouldn't take no for an answer. When faced with a united front, Frodo slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Pip was naked first and he climbed into the tub and pushed in the stopper before turning on the water. I was done next and I joined him, letting the others have a little privacy. Hobbits bathed together all the time back in the Shire but I knew that Frodo was still rather shy about his body.

Sam came from a big family so he wasn't shy at all. He handed over the small packet of herbs and I emptied it in the hot water that was filling the tub. Sweeter than meadow grass, it reminded me of a Shire summer day when we used to go to the river to swim after lunch. The bath was almost big enough to swim in as it was. Finally, Frodo's curly head appeared over the side and he joined us with downcast eyes.

Sam slid in beside him and matter-of-factly grabbed a cake of soap to begin lathering himself. Pip had some too and he began to scrub my back while I watched Frodo peek at all of us. He didn't seem to know what to do with his hands, finally settling them in front of his groin. Sam rinsed off and lathered his hands again to bathe Frodo.

"That's all right, Sam. I can do that." He sounded a little breathless and I chuckled silently. I knew how good it felt to have someone scrub all those hard to reach spots.

"Nonsense, Frodo, I'll just scrub your back for you. Merry has the right idea." Sam kept on washing the pale back in front of him. "Pip is doing a grand job of it."

"Oh there, Pip," I squirmed a little when he scratched the itchy spot between my shoulder blades. "Harder."

He scratched harder while Frodo turned a very interesting shade of red. But Sam must have hit a good spot of his own because those blue eyes went a little unfocused and he sighed unconsciously. The smile on Sam's face grew wider and he began a massage that must have felt wonderful if the look on Frodo's face was any indication. But it was my turn now to wash Pip's back and I took the soap with a gleam in my eye that matched his.

"Oh, Merry, that feels so good." Pip sighed and wiggled all over. He's a sensual little hobbit and I give thanks everyday for it. "Harder, Merry, it itches something fierce."

I chuckled and scrubbed harder a little lower down before leaning in to nibble on his squeaky-clean ear lobe. He loves it when I nip there and tongue that spot behind his pretty little ear. Sam's eyes were wide as he watched us but Frodo was still in that dream state where you don't really notice anything. Pip spread his legs a little so I could slide my hands between them. As my mother always used to say, 'cleanliness is next to a good strawberry tart'.

I tickled that spot behind his balls and he groaned loudly enough to bring Frodo's attention back to the here and now. Those blue eyes widened in disbelief when he realized where my hands were and where my tongue was. He closed his eyes almost instantly but not quite completely.

"Well, it's about time that you two realized that you love each other." Sam said emphatically. He was washing Frodo's right arm but his eyes were on us. "'Twas as plain as the nose on your face, Merry Brandybuck, that Pippin belonged with you."

"I know that I was dreadfully slow, Sam." I had Pip's cock in hand, slowly stroking it while he leaned back against me. "But when he got hurt, I realized that I loved him with all my heart and had for most of my life."

"It's more wonderful than anything I've ever known, Sam. Do you think us very bad, cousin Frodo?" Pip's sweet voice had a little quiver in it that made me want to cuddle him close and never let go.

"N-n-no, of course not, Pippin." Frodo didn't know where to look but his eyes kept dropping down to where I was slowly teasing Pip's cock to complete arousal. "Love is so precious," he realized what he'd said and stopped for a moment before gathering his courage to continue. "Love is what binds our hearts together. It can never be wrong."

"Really, Frodo?" Sam said quietly and got a little closer to his friend. "Then if I told you that I was in love with someone, that would be all right?"

Frodo's smile was sad. "I've always known that you and Rosie would make a match of it, Sam."

"Not the person that I was speaking of, if you get my drift." He answered and stopped washing in favor of holding.

Frodo gulped hard and turned to look at him. "Sam?"

"It's always been you, Frodo. Since I was a wee lad, following you around and getting in your way." Sam said bravely, one hand coming up to stroke the pale cheek before him.

But Frodo wasn't quite ready to give in just yet. "Strong liking is not the same thing, Sam. I'm not someone that your Gaffer would approve of. Sometimes I think I don't have a heart any longer, at least not one that feels anything but pain. You can't love me, Sam. You deserve someone ever so much better."

Pip was sniffing in my arms and I turned him so I could kiss away the tears. I shed a few myself while we waited for what Sam would say. The blond head tilted to one side in his thinking mode and I wondered how he'd get through to Frodo.

"Well, you're right about the Gaffer. He'll be a mite peeved with me, going ahead and falling in love without so much as a 'by-your-leave'." He shook his head and smiled. "But he'll just have to learn to live with it. I've loved you all my life and even if you won't let me show you how much, I'll still be loving you every minute of every day. I'll not be leaving you for Rosie or anybody else. You're stuck with me forever, Frodo."

"Oh, Sam, it's very unfair of you to speak so when I must protect you from myself. I'm not good enough." He wailed through his tears.

"Now that's just foolishness, that is. If you can look me in the eye and tell me that you don't love me in any fashion then I'll go away and never trouble you again." Sam said stoutly but his legs were trembling.

"I ..." Frodo faltered and swallowed hard. "I ... I can't say that, Sam. I do love you and have for a very long time." And with that, he burst into more tears.

"Thank goodness." Sam said with a sigh and reached out to pull Frodo into his arms. The dark head rested on the offered shoulder and Sam's strong hands soothed calming strokes down his back. "There, there now, Frodo, it will be all right. You just trust your Sam to steer us clear of the shoals ahead. Long as we're together, we'll get through just fine."

His eyes came to mine and the shining joy was good to see. I gestured with the soap that we should continue on with our bath. He nodded and dropped a kiss on the curly hair beneath his chin. With one hand, he fished for the soap. Frodo stopped crying and bent for it at the same time.

Sniffing, he gave us all a watery smile. "It's my turn, Sam. I want to wash you, now."

"Good idea." Sam said grinning fit to burst while hesitant hands soaped his body. The hot water and attention had started to make his groin grow and I saw Frodo's eyes widen when they saw the shaft rise up.

I'd always heard that gardeners were good planters and I could well believe it. Sam's cock was a real beauty, long and thick with a plum colored crown that begged to be licked. Frodo was eyeing it with trepidation and I decided to take a little of the shock away.

"Frodo, it feels really good when a soapy hand caresses a cock." I made sure he saw me gloving Pip with a white lathered hand.

Hesitantly, he did the same to Sam and I watched our gardener half-close his eyes in enjoyment. He moaned a little and Frodo almost let go, but Sam kissed him instead. He reached down to return the favor and it was Frodo's turn to groan. They had a good idea and Pip followed suit while we kissed. I'll never get tired of kissing him and taking our time in the bath was so much fun that I vowed we would have one of our own as soon as we built our new home.

Sam was kissing Frodo so hard that when his cock burst, Frodo's followed right after. No stamina, that was their problem. But it was their first time and I was sure they'd get better with practice. The water grew cloudy with their seed and I didn't want to waste Pip's in the bath so I pulled away from him reluctantly and gestured for him to finish washing.

A quick rinse and we were ready to get out of the tub. Climbing out, I dried Pip carefully. Then while I was on my knees, I leaned in and started the sucking that would bring me my favorite treat. He groaned and held my head while I bobbed up and down on his tasty cock. I could hear Sam and Frodo getting out of the tub but I was too busy to check and see if they were watching.

Pip suddenly burst in my mouth and I sucked hard to empty him, swallowing each delicious drop. He sighed and combed through my hair with trembling fingers. "You're very good at that, Merry. I love you."

I slurped a little while I made sure I got every single drop. "Love you too, Pip. You taste better than Farmer Dell's rutabagas."

He laughed and pulled me up to hug me. "I think you're hungry, Merry. We better eat or you'll be eyeing Sam's pretty cock next."

I looked over my shoulder with an air of appraisal. "It is pretty, Pip but I think Frodo should take over the tasting duties for Sam."

They both blushed beet-red and looked shyly at each other. I chuckled and stood up to move over to the window area where we'd piled our supplies. Pip followed and we made a cozy nest for ourselves without bothering to get dressed. There were still a few things to teach our friends. My cock was hard and aching for Pip and he knew what I was thinking when I sat down and held out my hand.

He was there at once, sitting between my legs and taking me into his mouth. I leaned back and moaned a little at how good it felt. He scraped his teeth a bit along the edges of my crown and the near-pain felt good. I shivered a little and he hummed around me while my hips tried to come up. But he was sitting on them so all I could do was lie there and moan again.

His wicked little tongue was fluttering just under my crown and I knew that it would be all over quickly. Pip hummed again and I released with a loud groan. Falling flat on the blankets, I felt him sucking all my seed down while I relaxed. Opening my eyes finally, I saw Sam and Frodo watching us with wide eyes.

"Yes, it tastes good and yes, there is a trick or two to doing it." I said kindly.

"Um-m-m, delicious-Merry, my very favorite drink." Pip said with a giggle and flashed an impudent grin at our friends.

Growling, I pulled him up and into my arms for a kiss. We tasted good together but my stomach thought that something more was needed. So we unpacked one of the baskets and opened a bottle of Gandalf's wine. It tasted like home and we raised a toast to the Shire but more importantly to friends.

Pip and I started feeding each other and Sam was quick to follow suit. Every move we made, he copied on Frodo. It was kind of sweet to see them begin to court each other, always checking to make sure that a touch was all right before moving on to another. Eating began to give way to lovemaking and pretty soon, I was hardening again. Not that Pip helped at all. Oh no, he just kept fluttering those long eyelashes of his and 'dropping' his food in my lap, my naked lap.

"Pip, did your mother never tell you not to play with your food?" I said as sternly as I could when faced with such soulful big eyes.

"I'm just clumsy, Merry. You know I've always been that way." He said before smiling demurely at the strawberry in his hand.

I couldn't help but chuckle at his innocent look, timing it just right so I swooped down and ate it right out of his hand. His pout was masterful but I had something better to eat. Pushing him onto the blankets, I nibbled at his pretty pink nipples while he moaned my name over and over. Wantonly, he spread his legs to coax me closer, his hands stroking my cock until I thought I'd burst.

"Oil, Merry, get the oil, please." He moaned semi-coherently.

Were the other two ready for this? I risked a look and found Sam paying homage to Frodo's nipples. "Sam, could you reach the oil in the basket by you?"

They both looked at us with glazed eyes but at my impatient look, Sam managed to find the bottle and pass it over. I opened it gingerly but the fragrance was light like the snowdrops of early spring. It was thicker than we'd been using but once I coated two fingers, I set it aside where we couldn't accidentally knock it over.

Pip was impatient but I still took my time to stretch him well. When he wrapped his legs around my waist and tugged me closer, I took the hint and slicked my cock. Pushing against his opening, I surged inside my favorite place. He moaned long and loud, his hands pulling me closer until I was all the way inside.

We stilled for a moment while we kissed and he got used to me again. We liked this position best of all because we could still caress each other while I moved inside of him. And it was definitely time to move again.


Watching the two of them make love was a revelation to me. I'd never known how many ways there were to pleasure a body. Smiling down at Frodo's wide-eyed stare at the two of them going at it, I felt like my heart was going to burst with joy. He'd said it and even better, he'd let me say it. He still wasn't sure of me just yet or maybe it was himself he wasn't sure of but that was all right. I was going to love him until he understood.

I leaned down and went back to kissing little circles around the rosy red nipples that peaked above his chest. He was still too thin but good food and no worries would soon set him right. Good loving was on the menu as well. A loud groan brought my eyes up in time to see Merry's big cock slide slick as you please into Pip's little hole. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I'd have never believed it.

Frodo was shivering and I cuddled him close and turned his face to me. He was blushing everywhere and I thought again how very beautiful he was. "Don't you worry, Frodo, my love. We don't have to do that if you don't want to."

He smiled shyly. "I want to do everything with you, Sam." He risked another peek and so did I. Merry was moving in and out of Pip like it was a race and he meant to be the winner. Pip kept telling him to do it harder and faster but Merry just laughed at him and slowed down until his partner was giving him a truly heartrending pout.

Frodo chuckled a little and I kissed him again, just because I could. I wouldn't ever take him for granted. Before we'd started this journey, I hadn't known what I wanted except for wishing him to never be hurt. But now I did know and I wanted to taste him in the worst way. My tongue slipped inside his mouth and my breath grew short when I felt his touch mine. They slid together easily, tasting of strawberries and cream.

His hands touched my face and neck, making me feel so strong and brave that I could have wrestled the Dark Lord right to the ground. I needed more right now but we weren't ready for the loving that Merry and Pip were demonstrating, although I tucked it away in the back of my mind for another day. But since his mouth tasted so good, I thought maybe his pretty shaft would also.

Moving real slow like down his body, I kissed every bit of skin I found. Each fading bruise and scar was licked clean until I came to the pretty pink cock that bobbed under my chin. Reaching out, I gripped him loosely and contemplated the small bead of fluid that glistened in the small slit of his crown. I'd seen a cock or two in my life but mostly on the ponies that grazed in the meadows near Bags End.

His was beautiful, straight and tinted the lightest shade of cream. His crown reminded me of a ripe cherry and I bent my head to suck the whole thing into my mouth. I didn't want to hurt him and it took a moment to figure out what to do with my teeth. But pretty soon, I had most of him safe held while my tongue lapped at the tear that tasted so salty sweet. He was moaning almost in time with Pip and I looked up real quick to make sure it was pleasure, not pain that he was feeling.

His eyes looked kind of wild but his hands reached for me just the same. I remembered how Merry had bobbed up and down on Pip's cock so I did the same. Frodo hiccuped and tried to thrust up but I had a good grip on his hips so he wouldn't choke me and I kept control of our movements. In no time at all, he was releasing into my mouth and I sucked him down like mother's milk.

He was shaking and crying at the same time but his smile was so bright it shone. Moving back up to hold him, I cuddled him close and kissed him. This time his tongue came into my mouth and slid around tasting himself on me. When we had to breathe, he stroked my cheek with his poor mutilated hand and shook his head.

"You're a brave hobbit, Sam Gamgee. Are you sure that you don't want sweet Rosie instead of a battered old hobbit?" He looked a little frightened of the future.

"Certain sure, Frodo. I've loved you all my life but I didn't know how I loved you until the two of them showed me the way, if you catch my meaning?" I kissed the dimple in his chin and the soft skin under it until he arched his head back to give me more of him to kiss. "Going to kiss you everywhere, Frodo. Going to suck you every day and bathe you with my tongue until you get used to your old Sam being so forward."

"Dearest Sam, you may be as forward as you like if you'll only keep loving me." His sigh was contented finally instead of sad.

I looked up and saw the smile on his face that I'd seen a time or two. It was the one that said I'd done something right and good. "I could no more stop loving you, Frodo, my dear, than I could plant onions in with the roses."

He started to laugh and that sound brought tears of joy to my eyes. It would take time to heal all the wounds of this journey but he didn't have to do it alone and he knew that now. And if he forgot, why then I'd just have to strip him down and remind him all over again. In fact, I might just have to do that anyway at least three times a day.

I grinned at him and started all over again.

The end for now