Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Title: Beneath it all, part nine
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
Summary: Medicine never tasted so good.
Date: 11 March 2002

I'd never seen Frodo like this before. His blue eyes sparkled and he seemed to have a dozen hands that were all intent on stripping me bare and getting me into bed. We'd gone real slow-like since we weren't really sure what we were doing. I'd spoken with Merry privately and he'd been real good at passing on tips about careful preparation.

Kind of like preparing a new seed bed before planting your seeds. Or your onion bulbs. We'd stretched each other real carefully with that oil that Gandalf had made up. But even so, when Frodo came inside of me, it had hurt a little. He moved slowly until I relaxed a bit but I sure did wonder why Pippin had gone so wild. Until after a while he found that spot inside of me that Merry told us about and I'd gone all shivery.

Goodness gracious me, he felt like lightning zipping through my whole body. I tingled in places that I didn't even know I had. He was kind of scared when I flushed all over and moaned but I convinced him to keep on going so he did. I wanted so bad to cry out but I knew that would really scare him so I panted instead all the time he kept on moving in and out of me until I like to exploded like a fireworks show.

That surprised him and I felt him come inside of me, flooding me with his hot seed. That almost felt better than his moving; to know that I had part of him safe held within me. He'd fallen onto my back and I eased us down onto the bed, wishing that I could see him and hold him. But after he finally shrank and came out on his own, I turned around and hugged him tight.

Frodo had tears on his cheeks and he was real anxious to know that he hadn't hurt me. So I told him the truth about it being kind of full at first but real good when he found that sweet spot. He wanted me to show him but I'd come so hard that it would be a while before I could come again. And I had some misgivings about whether or not I'd fit inside that tiny hole of his.

I'm not one for bragging or telling tall tales but I was bigger than he was. I've never been one for comparing myself to others but a time or three I'd seen others in the all together and they always looked real surprised when they saw my privates. Until I saw Merry in the bath, I'd never seen another Hobbit lad bigger than me. I'm thinking that the Ent drink they told us about had grown Merry a little bigger all over, if you get my drift.

But now wasn't the time to be thinking about the last few days, not when Frodo was standing in front of me, naked as the day he was born and glowing so bright he almost hurt my eyes. I'd always thought he was the most beautiful Hobbit in the whole Shire but now he was even more so. His blue eyes shimmered and for a moment I could have sworn that his ears pointed ... just a little.

Maybe there was something in that tale about the Baggins' having Elf blood.

"Sam, where are you?" His sweet voice interrupted my muddled thoughts and I realized that we were both naked and he was leading us to our big bed.

"Sorry, Frodo, I was wool-gathering." I watched him climb the steps to the bed and suddenly needed to touch him everywhere. "You're the most beautiful Hobbit in all of Middle-earth."

He blushed and sat down on the soft mattress with a thump. "I'm not, Sam but would you think me very selfish if I said that I'm glad that you think so?"

"You couldn't be selfish if you tried." I told him firmly.

Shaking his curly head, he smiled and held out his hand to pull me into his arms. "I am the most selfish Hobbit in Middle-earth because I want to keep you all to myself for ever and ever. I refuse to let you go even though I know you deserve someone ever so much better than me."

I kissed him real gentle like but firm at the same time. That kind of talk was just silly and so I'd tell him once I finished tasting his sweet mouth. The purple stuff he and Legolas had been drinking was much sweeter when combined with his own lovely taste. I enjoyed kissing him and probably would until the day I died.

"Hm-m-m, Sam, I love kissing you, holding you and making love to you." His soft murmur made my heart glad and I held him a little tighter.

"I do too, Frodo, my love. What do you want tonight?" I looked down into his eyes and watched him smile.

"You. I want you tonight, safe inside of me." He had a hold of my cock and his touch had turned it to iron-oak, the way it always did. "I'm so relaxed that you can't hurt me, dear sweet Sam. I need you very ... very badly."

I hesitated a moment but truth be told, I wanted him real badly, too. "You're sure, Frodo? I'd hate myself if I ever hurt you."

His smile was like a sunrise over the meadow. "You could never hurt me, Sam. Everything you do, you do with so much love and devotion that I'm blessed a dozen times over. I'm the luckiest Hobbit in Middle-earth that you love me."

I had to kiss him again and again and again. He couldn't know how very easy it was to love him or how long I'd been doing it with all my heart. But I had some stretching to do if I was going to come inside of him so I reached for the bottle of oil that we kept on the bedside table. Frodo wiggled all over and turned to pile the pillows under him so he was all ready for me.

Taking my time was hard, especially when he started moaning. But he really was more relaxed than he'd ever been before and I soon had three fingers stretching him. He caught his breath when I brushed against his sweet spot and flexed around me until I thought I'd go right out of my mind with wanting and he pleaded with me to come inside of him right now.

So, I slicked myself up and began to rock against his rosy pucker, still half-afraid that I was going to hurt him. But he was impatient and he pushed back hard, popping my crown right into the tightest place I'd ever been. He moaned a little but it didn't sound like a painful moan.

"Oh, Sam." He relaxed around me. "Oh Sam, you feel so good. Give me all of you, my dear ... wonderful ... loving Sam."

He punctuated each word with a little clench until I just had to move. Sliding into Frodo wasn't like anything I'd ever known before. He was so tight and hot that I could feel his channel ripple around me. But when I hit his sweet spot, he flushed from head to toe and moaned so sweetly that I just had to grin.

"Frodo, my dear, how do you feel now?" I kissed the back of his neck and nuzzled behind his ear, making him shiver all around me.

"Filled. Very, very filled with your beautiful cock." He spoke real dreamy like and he turned his head just far enough so I could see those shining blue eyes of his. "I'd like you to slowly but surely plant your seed so far inside of me that they'll take root and grow little Sam-lings."

I chuckled and started to pull back so I could thrust in a little harder. "If we could make babies together, I'd surely like to, my beautiful Frodo. Your babies would be the prettiest in the whole Shire."

"Well, don't forget your common sense and affinity for the soil, sweet Sam. They'd need to inherit those wonderful traits for I'd not want them to be lazy dreamers like me." He wiggled just a bit when I hit his sweet spot.

"You are not a lazy dreamer, Frodo." I scolded him real gentle-like. "You're a real educated Hobbit who sees right to the heart of things and I want our babies to inherit that sense of wonder."

He chuckled, too. "Should we ever have babies, Sam, they'll be orphans who come with all their own little quirks and foibles. We shall accept what comes and be thankful for them. Oh, there, Sam. Right there."

I started moving a little faster now and he was up on all fours, pushing back against me to hurry me up. We were both panting hard but somehow he got ahead of me and I felt him burst in my hand, all those inner muscles milking me almost to the point of pain. But for some reason, I didn't come and he knew it.

"Sam, could we change positions, please?" He asked with an awkward look over his shoulder. "I want to kiss you while we make love."

And suddenly that's what I wanted too so I real careful-like backed out of him, coming out with a little 'popping' sound that had us both giggling. He pulled all the pillows out from under him and turned around to kiss me again. He surely did taste good and the more I had of him, the more I wanted. I felt his hand moving mine to my shaft and we real carefully spread his slick seed over me so I wouldn't hurt him.

"Back inside of me, Sam, I feel so empty." He fell back and pulled me with him.

I put his legs over my shoulders, the way that I'd seen Merry do to Pippin and I guided myself back to his little hole, pushing in with a real hard thrust. He moaned a little but it was a happy moan that went with his pretty smile. I slid in all the way and leaned down to kiss him. His lips opened and I thrust inside there, too. He was hot both places and I felt like the luckiest Hobbit in the Shire to have him love me.

We took it real slow and I rocked in and out of him while he began to harden again between our stomachs. Every time we had to breathe, I'd make sure that he was okay with our position. Merry had told us that this was their favorite because they could touch and kiss each other. I could see why now that I had Frodo like this. It felt closer somehow when we had our arms around each other. After a bit, I moved his legs down to my waist and he smiled up at me while he locked his ankles and pulled me in tighter.

I was beginning to strain a little and my thrusts grew shorter and harder. He was panting in my ear and suddenly he sucked my lobe right into his mouth and bit down. It wasn't all that hard but the sharp pang sent a thrill through my whole body and I thrust once more and came deep inside of him. He sighed real quiet like and I felt him hug me close.

"My own Sam, how very glad I am that you love me."

"My own Frodo, you'll get tired of me telling you how much I love you." I licked his ear and nuzzled again at that sweet spot under it.

"Never, Sam, I could never get tired of knowing you've chosen me to love." He sighed again but with a smile in his voice. "I am your very own private garden and I want you to keep planting me until I bloom for you."

That was a very wanton picture I suddenly had of him lying on the sun warmed soil, all naked and oiled. All ready for me to come and plant my seed deep in the fertile center of his body. Damned if my shaft didn't come back to life at that wondrous picture and I began to harden again while I was still buried in him.

He felt it, of course, and he laughed out loud. "Dearest Sam, how very good your tool is, already getting ready to plow me again."

"Ah, well, the Gaffer always told me that if you took care of your tools, they'd take care of you." I kissed my way down his long elegant neck, nipping just a little while he moaned happily. "Some seedlings need to be encouraged now and then, so I may have to plant this batch a little deeper."

"Hm-m-m, Sam." He was murmuring encouragement into the curls on top of my head. "Everyday, you'll have to go in with your very ready tool to check on them. Maybe hoe around them very thoroughly and water them with your very special mixture."

"Fertilizing." I sucked hard on the hollow at the base of his throat and he sighed. "Maybe some raking to let air in."

"Oh yes, raking with those clever fingers of yours, making sure that your garden is ready for your seeds." He lifted his hips a little and that felt wonderful. "Then you'll have to dig really deep to get your ... root where it will do the most good."

"Staking my claim, as it were." I held on to his slender hips and thrust harder. "Straight rows are important when you're tilling a garden. You're so hot inside, Frodo, that I'll be able to cultivate a very special crop of flowers."

"Oh, Sam. I'll be your very own meadow if you'll only keep tilling ... plowing ... planting me every day for the rest of our lives." His sky-blue eyes sparkled with tears but his smile was a real blessing.

We rocked together over and over until he seized around me and I flooded him with my seed. Resting together, I finally eased from him and slid out of bed to get a warm wet cloth to clean him. He murmured my name sleepily when I washed him and checked to make sure that I hadn't been too rough. Other than a little redness, he looked all right and soon he was cuddled up real close to me under the warm blankets.

I sighed happily and thought about loving Frodo. Now that I'd loved him and he'd loved me, the whole world was changed. What it would be like to live with Frodo in Bags End? For the first time, I really thought about that and my mind faltered. The rest of the Shire hadn't lived through the events that we had. Something inside of both of us had changed in Mordor.

What would the others think of us? Would they accept me, Mr. Baggin's gardener, as Frodo's chosen companion? What were we now? We couldn't marry each other but perhaps we could live together without saying anything. I frowned at that thought. I didn't want to hide anything about us. I was proud that he loved me, so proud that I was in danger of bursting my buttons.

"Sam, what are you thinking so hard about?" His voice interrupted my bad thoughts so I told him of them. He raised up on one elbow and looked down at me with a troubled smile. "I was hoping that we could live near the Shire but not exactly in it. I know your family is there and we need to go to visit them but I don't know if I can live there again. I've changed out of all recognition to myself and surely they will see those changes, too."

"Not live in the Shire?" I thought about that in dismay. Not see the Gaffer everyday or visit my sisters or the rest of the family? I looked over in time to see Frodo bite his lip, the way he did before when he was afraid but trying not to show it. And I didn't want to ever see him afraid again. "I want to visit but I think you're right. I'm thinking that Merry and Pippin will want a place of their own, too. And maybe even Legolas and Gimli since I don't think either one of them could live with just the Dwarves or the Elves."

His smile was blinding bright and he hugged me tight. "Oh, yes! Thank you, Sam. I was thinking that myself. Maybe we could start a new home where everyone would be welcome, Hobbits and Elves and Dwarves and Men. Maybe even an Ent or two could come and live with us."

"Now that's something I truly do want to see before we travel home." I sighed and pulled him right into my side so we were cuddled close. "So many wonders in Middle-earth and we've seen our share. Although, I do wish I could have seen an oliphaunt just once."

He chuckled and fell back asleep with a murmur of my name. I followed him and dreamed of a garden of wondrous flowers in every color imaginable.

The end for now