Author: Athea (
Series: ATF universe
Title: Anchors Away or is That a Gun in Your Pocket?
Challenge: The characters must be in costume.
Date: 16 November 2003
********* Chris *********

It was almost six and the office was empty of life. The hum of the fluorescent lights was the only noise left since the others had headed out. I rubbed my eyes and thought about an ice cold beer sliding down my throat. The first one would just evaporate inside me so I could really enjoy the chaser of a nice single malt whiskey with some name I didn't know but one Ezra would tell me about.

I smiled then frowned. My lover had left early and his vague, 'I'm picking something up' could have meant one of several things. Information about the upcoming bust, another cup of that gourmet coffee he was addicted to or who knows what. Even though we had the Halloween party at the Travis' tonight, we had planned dinner together before getting our costumes.

My eyes focused on the closed blinds on all of my glass windows. When had that happened? They were open at lunch, I thought with another frown. Had Buck used my office while I was up on fifth floor debriefing Zerretti from Team Two? The sound of boots coming down the long hall made me sit up straight and wonder who was coming here so late in the day.

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed to finish off the paperwork. Then again, maybe it was Ezra back with his 'something'. The boot steps came closer and I tightened even more with sudden unnamed tension. But a soft Southern voice announced his presence before I could do something silly, like slide my gun out of the top desk drawer.

"It's me, Chris."

"Ezra, what did . . ." my voice died in my throat.

It wasn't my Ezra but his great-grandfather standing in the doorway. The dark hair was brushed back under the wide brimmed hat. The dark gray of the Confederate officer's uniform set off his trim body. The pants were tucked into knee high black leather boots that made my breath grow short. His sword hung rakishly from his belt on his right side and his side arm was holstered on his left.

"Does it meet with your approval, Sirrah?" His accent deepened and flowed over me like golden liquid honey.

I couldn't have said a word if I'd tried. He walked in and shut the door behind him. It was only then I saw he was carrying something in a garment bag over his shoulder.

"If ya'll like mine, I can guarantee you're going to like yours." He laid it down on my desk and began to unzip it. "And best of all, I'm going to help you get dressed. You might have a little problem . . ." he licked his lips and I almost moaned, "gettin' everythin' in its . . . proper place."

"You . . ." I swallowed hard. "You look wonderful, Ezra. Am I going as a Union officer?"

"Thank ya, kind sir. But no, you are going as . . ." his tooth flashed at me and the twinkle in those big beautiful green eyes should have warned me right there. With a dramatic push, he pulled forth something in flowing black. "I thought a pirate would be most appropriate for the man who stole my heart."

A pirate? Now that had possibilities, I thought with a leering grin at him. He chuckled and shook his finger at me. "Now, now, Captain Larabee, we've got to see if it fits before ya'll go around acting all devil-may-care and such. Shimmy out of that very nice blue suit and I'll give yah a fitting."

That sounded wonderful and I shot out of my chair to make sure the outside window blinds were closed, too. Now I knew why the inner ones were down and closed. Ezra must have asked Buck to do that earlier. When I turned back to the desk, the outer door was shut and locked. This was going to be one of 'those' fittings. I took much more notice of what I was wearing these days since Ezra had introduced me to just how exacting the measurements had to be.

My pants were already tight and it didn't help when my oh-so-helpful lover slid his arms around me and lifted his face. It had been eight long hours since our last kiss and I drank him in like the air I needed to breathe. A faint hint of chocolate mint told me he'd stopped off at the Starbucks across the street before coming on up. The waitresses there adored him and I'd just bet they'd eaten up his costume.

That made me thrust my tongue inside him a little more roughly than I'd meant to. He just moaned and let me take control for the moment. My hands ran up an down the wool jacket of his uniform, unused to finding such harsh material clad around my love. He was made for silks and satins and fine Egyptian cottons.

He pulled away a couple of inches. "I know, it's quite authentic but rather scratchy. I can not imagine waging war in wool for four bloody years. Our ancestors were made of iron." Then he thrust his hips into mine. "And speaking of iron, is that a gun in your pocket or are yah just real glad ta see me?"

"Really glad to see you," I told him with a leer and watched him break into laughter. He didn't laugh enough these days and suddenly I wanted to strip that uniform off him and carry him home to the ranch. I didn't want to share him with a house full of partygoers. I wanted him all to myself.

And as if he knew what I was thinking, his smiled gentled and he began unbuttoning my shirt. "I know, sweetheart, I want to be alone with you, too. But we'll have fun at the party and for the moment it's just you and me and this big ol' desk of yours."

He pulled my shirttails out and then those clever fingers of his were unfastening my pants and pushing them down off my hips. "Why looky-here, you did have a weapon in there. I'd better defuse it before it goes off and hurts somebody."

All I could do was groan when he dropped to his knees and began to swallow me whole. He's got a cock-sucker's mouth and a tongue that can't be completely human. He had a way with it that felt like silk wrapping then spiraling down my flesh all the way to the root. His clever fingers had found my balls and were rolling them like a pair of dice. I swayed, unable to widen my stance because my feet were still tangled in my pants.

But I didn't want to fall so I leaned forward to stiff-arm myself with the edge of my desk. Oh yeah, much better, I thought with the two brain cells left in my quickly melting brain. His head bobbed up and down while that tongue drove me right into heaven. I tensed all over everywhere and shot it all when he hummed around me. He swallowed my seed and gently mouthed my softening organ, knowing how tender I was then.

My arms were trembling a little and I felt him slither out from under me, those warm hands of his trailing up my legs to cup my buttocks. "That was tasty, my Captain but now I seem to have a weapon that needs discharging."

I leaned further over the desk and relaxed. "Then I guess you better remind me who I'm going home with, Ez'. Give me something to remind me all evening."

"What a good idea, my love. I just happen to have a little something with me to make sure you remember to whom you belong." The loud snap of his leather ammo pouch made me shiver with anticipation.

When Ezra went alpha, he turned me on something fierce. But right now, cool slick fingers were sliding into me and I clenched around them for a instant, always needing a moment to remember this was what I wanted, this was what I craved. After years of being heterosexual, I'd fallen into the Ezra-loving-camp without any looking back.

Three fingers were stretching me wide but it was when the fourth folded in that the burn I loved started. I had no one I could brag to about my lover although I'd come close one night when it was just Buck and me and a bottle of tequila. Ezra is short and compact but under those custom tailored suits, he's hung like a bull. I hated to think I was turning into a size-queen but damn, I loved Ezra's cock.

"Ready, love?" Soft lips nibbled at my ear.

"Yes, please, now." I whispered back, wishing I could kiss him.

The warm blunt crown pressed against my opening, slowly but surely splitting me in two. He always stilled for a moment to let me catch my breath and relax a little. We've been lovers for two years and it still feels like the first time all over again. I'd walked funny for two days after the first time he took me but Buck kept asking me why I was smiling so much.

"More," I demanded.

"Pushy, pushy bottom, sweetheart," he teased me, hands on my hips and that giant cock of his sliding deep inside of me. This position was always the deepest and I loved remembering all the times he'd fucked me from behind. I didn't have a piece of furniture at the ranch he hadn't taken me over at least once. I have to say that over a hay bale in the barn with the rest of the seven off riding but due back at any time was still my favorite.

Although this desk was a close second, I could feel his cock pulsing inside of me and I wondered if I put my hand over my stomach muscles I'd feel the end of him pushing all the way through. He rested there for a moment and the scratchy wool of his uniform rubbed against my buttocks.

"You tickle, Ezra." I said over my shoulder and he laughed.

"I hope you're not allergic to wool, love." He pulled out a bit then pushed back in. "You're tighter than usual, Chris. I appreciate it. Damn, that feels good."

"Yes, it does, love." I flexed a little and felt him pull out further before thrusting a little harder back in. "I thought about bragging about you to Buck once. Oh god, it feels like you're going to come out of my stomach."

He chuckled. "Perhaps we should all take a communal shower some time?"

I grinned and pushed back a little to get him to take me harder. "JD's eyes would probably fall right out of his head. Josiah would start praying and Nathan . . . oh-h-h, right there, Ezra."

His hips snapped towards me and he went in even deeper if that was possible. I was on fire inside and out while he thrust again and again against my gland. If I hadn't had such a good grip on the desk edge, my hips would be slamming against the hard oak by now.

"Nathan would want to measure it and ask me questions about girth." Ezra said through clenched teeth. "Buck would just want to watch me sink it inside of you."

"Oh god," I was about ready to come again. "Vin would just smile and sit back to watch."

He was really smoking now and I could feel his balls tighten up. I was about ready to explode and his little moan when he thrust in one last time then released his scalding seed deep inside of me made me burst against the desk. I finally leaned in onto my forearms and waited for Ezra to come back to me. His body warmed my back and his hands were slowly stroking my stomach with tender caresses.

Maybe I could say my funny walk was a pirate swagger, I thought with a grin. Ezra kissed between my shoulder blades and began the slow pullout that would leave me empty. I hated that moment but the wool was really beginning to itch. With a last pop, he pulled out but then I felt his lips giving me his final kiss in that most intimate place.

"You are a work of art, my Captain. But I brought a little something to help you stay in character this evening and keep my seed swimming inside of you." The snap sounded again and a moment later I felt one of our toys slide in. It was the butt plug I'd once thought would split me in two but now it was an old friend.

His clever hands passed under my balls, lifting and separating them with the leather straps that would keep me from coming. Then he pulled me up and turned me around so he could fasten the leather cock ring around my deflated cock. But first he cleaned away the seed splashed there with his wicked tongue. I must have looked totally debauched leaning against the desk with my shirt hanging open and my pants down around my feet.

"That's a very good look for you, Chris." His gaze swept over me possessively. "Yes, the freshly fucked languor will attract every woman there."

"But I'm going home with you, beloved." I reached out and pulled him closer so I could kiss those beautiful lips. We feasted for a long moment before he chuckled and pushed my shirt all the way off.

"Yes, you are but for now, we need to get you dressed. Use your shirt to clean the desk so the cleaners don't immediately know what we've been doing." He motioned to me while he circled to get my costume. I kicked off my shoes and swabbed the cooling semen from the wood, bending over with a groan while the plug massaged me. Within the hour, I knew I'd be hard and aching again. I wondered if he'd remembered to bring in my boots to go with the costume.

Ezra smiled knowingly at my moan. "You'll need me soon, need me to take out that plug and slide back into you." He wrapped the black silk shirt around me and fastened it at the waist, leaving my chest partially exposed and my nipples almost uncovered.

His thumbs traced lazy circles around them until they'd peaked for him. "I'll enjoy nibbling these tonight. Perhaps we'll get out your nipple clamps so you can really let go."

I flushed all over while the silk tormented my hard and aching nubs. "That . . . that sounds good, Ez'. I think maybe you should have been the pirate."

His smile flashed at me while he pulled up the skin-tight black leather pants. "I thought about it but somehow," he caressed my bound cock before sliding the pant's fastener shut and stepping back. His head tilted and he added a bright green sash around my waist, the ends falling just to the left of my cock. "Somehow I knew you'd look debonair and quite dashing in it instead. Sit down so I can get your boots on."

I sat down gingerly, pushing the plug deeper while my channel squeezed around it. I bit my lip at the renewed heat and almost missed him sliding on the first boot. They were thigh high and made of the softest leather I'd ever felt. I looked down into Ezra's eyes, loving the sparkle there.

"New boots, love, I saw them and could not resist. I have a few other fantasies about this footwear but we'll get to them eventually." He slid the second one on and then rose to his feet and offered me a hand up.

Moving made me harden a little more but at last I could take him back in my arms and kiss him properly. He was always thinking and planning but he'd brought light and laughter back into my life when I thought they were lost forever. Holding him like this, I never wanted to let go. To heck with the party, I thought, let's just go home so he could ravish me again.

He pulled away and cupped my cheeks with his hands. "We'll stay no more than an hour and a half, my love. Then we'll go home so I can take off this lovely costume piece by piece."

"Yours is coming off first. I think I may be allergic to wool." I kissed the tip of his nose. "Let's get one just like it but made in silk and cotton. I have a fantasy or two about the Confederate officer and the Union spy." I wiggled my eyebrows at him and he laughed out loud.

"Very well, sirrah, Ah shall talk to my tailor." He knows what that accent does to me. "I may have a fantasy or two of my own. But come along, we don't want to be late."

He straightened his uniform while I hung my suit in the empty garment bag and zipped it up. Then he unlocked the door and took a good look around before motioning me on out. It always took me a few moments to adjust to walking with the plug in and it didn't help when Ezra slid a possessive hand over the crease of my pants and pushed it in just a little bit more.

But once we left the offices, he became the proper ATF agent. We passed two of the cleaning crew headed towards Team Seven's offices. We exchanged an amused look after greeting them and entering the elevator. He pushed the button for the parking garage and the doors closed us in.

"Would now be a good time to tell you I had your costume duplicated in my size?" He asked me in that innocent voice that drives me mad. "Perhaps we can play 'walk the plank' later in our bedroom?"

I groaned silently and gave him one of my Larabee glares. He just smiled innocently and began to talk about swords and silken restraints. My life had gotten much richer since he'd decided to seduce me. It seemed like I had a permanent hardon these days. I was going to go right out of my little mind by the time we finally got home.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. *******************
The end for now