Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, Anchors universe
Title: Beauty and the Beast, part two
Summary: This is turning out to be equal parts fairy tale and Decameron.
Date: 4 January 2004
********* Chris *********

I slept through the night with only one coughing fit and Ezra rewarded me with a wonderful breakfast and the decree that I could come out to the living room since I was finally feeling better. We showered together and finished the clean up job he'd done after I exploded on him. He made a fire for me then left me alone to catch up on his email while I started reading the new book in the David Drake Lt. Leary series.

When lunchtime came, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. I was tired with just that much exercise so he chivied me back down the hall to our bedroom and the fresh sheets he'd put on sometime during the morning. Sliding into bed felt wonderful and he made me take some more Tylenol after he took my temperature.

"Tell me what happened when the merchant woke up." I curled up beside him with my head on his shoulder and his arms around me while he smiled down at me.

"Very well, my love." He kissed my forehead and began to stroke my hair.

The merchant awoke when Josiah and Vin got up, each of them kissing him gently and telling him how much they had enjoyed warming his bed. The butler told him he could join them in the kitchen for breakfast and the merchant eagerly agreed. Dinner the night before had been so wonderful; he just knew breakfast would be, too.

Vin stayed to help him get dressed but first he insisted the merchant get on all fours in the big bed. He told him the master had strong beliefs in cleanliness then he slipped a tube between his cheeks and released what felt like a gallon of warm water into his bowels. Just when it felt like he'd burst, Vin laid the bag aside and helped Chris into the bathroom where he voided what felt like a week's worth of dinners. Then he washed him gently and caressed the rising cock with a brief kiss before buttoning up the merchant's linen pants.

Chris would have pouted but he had an idea that perhaps Vin knew something he didn't so he just shaved, washed and finished dressing before following directions to the back stairs and the cheery kitchen to which they led. A wood stove was radiating a nice warm heat into the large room where a tall, lanky man was humming tunefully while stirring something on top of the stove.

"Good morrow, Master Larabee, you're just in time for breakfast." The cook beamed at him and the merchant couldn't help but smile back. "I'm Buck and we've got bacon and eggs, pancakes and fresh peaches from the orchards behind the manse."

"Good morrow, Buck, I enjoyed dinner last night very much. Your cooking was inspiring." The merchant said truthfully and sat down at the square wooden table next to Vin. The dishes were simple china instead of the sumptuous plates of the night before.

"I'm glad. The master loves the way I cook oysters and the soup is his favorite." Buck served the two of them a little bit of everything and the merchant watched Vin pour golden syrup over his pancakes then add some diced peaches on top of that. It looked so good he decided to try it himself.

Josiah came in then and placed a silver tray on the side board. "The master is enjoying a hearty meal, Buck. He said thank you for the peaches. Sir, he asked you to please excuse him and to explore the property at your leisure while he finishes his business correspondence. After lunch, he would be pleased if you would join him in the ballroom for your sword match."

The merchant nodded since his mouth was full. After he swallowed, he answered. "Thank you, I should check on my horse. I had the feeling one of his shoes was loose. Perhaps your blacksmith could fix it, if it is?"

Buck grinned at him and served Josiah a plate heaped with food. "Nathan already did, Sir. But you might want to stop by anyway. If you'd be so kind, you could give the stable boy, JD a message from me. He helps out in the garden and I could use him a little later this afternoon."

"Certainly," the merchant agreed and finished his breakfast while the three old friends spoke about the estate and the news of the surrounding countryside. He listened in and wondered why there were no women ever mentioned. He thought it odd but given the proclivities of the butler and wine steward, perhaps the explanation was obvious.

For some reason, he kept thinking of the burning green eyes of his host. Walking through the beautiful sunshine on the finely layered gravel paths that meandered through the verdant gardens to the stables, he thought about the free and easy sexuality the two men had displayed in his bed. It gave him a little thrill when he pondered whether or not the master of this vast estate had the same leanings.

He was all the way to the back door of the stables before he came back to himself and he adjusted his rising cock gingerly, wondering if he'd ever had so many erections in his entire life. Swinging back the great oak door, he stopped dead at the sight before him. The black smith was completely naked, his magnificent skin glowing in the sunlight, his long heavily muscled legs apart and his big hands tangled in the black locks of the young man kneeling at his feet.

The merchant watched transfixed as the stable boy licked and sucked on the dark cock in front of his face. Slowly but surely, the thick organ slid between pink pouty lips further and further until the lad whimpered a little and the blacksmith backed off a bit. Chris watched with his own barely silent whimper while the boy started bobbing up and down on the cock, each time a little more disappearing between his lips.

Chris was breathing heavily when the blacksmith turned his head and spied him. "Good morning, Sir. I hope you slept well. Come to see your horse? That's enough for now, JD. You're doing well."

The lad backed away and let the black cock fall from his lips, getting up quite gracefully, so he and the blacksmith could share a heated kiss while Chris watched the beautiful contrast of creamy white skin layered against dark brown. For some reason he kept thinking about the dessert from the night before and his pants grew uncomfortably tight. Was everyone on this estate in permanent rut?

JD was looking at him now and Chris couldn't help but see him appraising his form while leaning casually against the blacksmith's side. "Good morning, Sir, I hope you slept well. Vin says you're very warm blooded and you taste delicious."

The merchant blushed from head to toe and the blacksmith chuckled while gently cuffing JD. "Don't mind the boy, Sir. He's still learning what can and what shouldn't be talked about."

Chris came in further and wondered helplessly if Nathan would mind him licking the glistening sweat from his chest. Perhaps the blacksmith read his mind for one moment the merchant was standing a few feet away and the next he was in a heated embrace with warm soft lips parting his as if they'd kissed many times before. The groan must have come from him, he realized in a daze.

Callused hands stripped him slowly while Nathan kissed him so thoroughly he was panting and trying to get in enough air to stay upright. JD was right behind him and the smooth skin at his back contrasted nicely with the bristly curls of Nathan's chest rubbing his nipples into hard peaks. A hard cock nestled behind him while Nathan's enormous shaft stabbed his stomach. He was on fire within and without when he felt an odd sensation behind him.

The stable boy had knelt and palmed his cheeks apart so he could lick the tender skin there. Chris groaned and hung onto Nathan, unsure if he could stand upright on shaking legs. JD pulled away just enough to say, "Vin is right, you do taste delicious." Then he was licking and thrusting his tongue through the tight muscle while Nathan slowly caressed his shaft with one broad hand and his lips plundered Chris' mouth with a thick tongue.

Just when he thought he was going to explode, Nathan backed away. "Stop, JD. I think it's time you had another lesson. You can take care of Master Larabee at the same time."

JD stopped and Chris barely kept back a disappointed moan. But he could hardly wait to see what the next lesson would be so he watched eagerly while Nathan patted a saddle on a wooden riser and held out his hand to the stable boy. "You too, Sir. Stand on this side so JD can reach you. You might like to kiss him while I get him ready."

The merchant moved hastily and he watched while the young man was lifted up just a little then settled on his stomach upon the leather saddle. His legs came up and wrapped around the hips of the blacksmith. A tub of saddle soap was sitting open on the padded rail and Nathan scooped up two fingers worth before bringing them to the small hole between the plump white cheeks. Chris watched mesmerized by the slow sinking of the dark fingers through the tight muscle.

JD groaned. "So big, Nathan, you feel so big inside of me. Why does it feel so good every time you do this?"

Nathan gestured to the merchant to stroke JD's shoulders and Chris knelt a little to bring those pouty pink lips to his. "Well, JD, the muscle is getting stretched a little more every day. I think you'll be able take Buck this afternoon."

Chris had a brief thought that he really hoped he could watch that when he realized what he'd just thought and he blushed even harder than before. Nathan noticed of course and he chuckled. "We'll be in the garden, Sir. If you're finished sword fighting with the master, you come out and find us. I'd like a taste of that pretty cock of yours myself. JD still hasn't taken a cock up his tight little chute but Buck wants to be first."

The merchant was sucking on JD's tongue, tasting peaches and syrup but he was listening. It made him realize he'd never taken anything but a finger in that place then he colored again when he realized the tongue in his mouth had been there, too. But it didn't taste bad, just perhaps a bit musky. Of all the beautiful men on this estate, he realized he'd be hard pressed to choose among them.

But if he was going to be deflowered, he wanted it to be the urbane man with the emerald green eyes who took his virginity. His mysterious host who intrigued him and fascinated him in equal turns, he pulled back when JD gasped and almost bit his tongue.

"Slowly, little one, tell me if there's pain." Nathan's serious expression brought Chris' hands up to the tension filled face so he could stroke away the frown lines in the young forehead. "You've got three fingers right now and that may be enough for today."

"No," he protested. "I want Buck to make love to me this afternoon. It doesn't hurt that much, really it doesn't."

Chris' eyes met Nathan's and he could see the big man slowly flexing those large fingers inside of the boy. He shivered at what it might feel like and his cock pulsed out a little seed in response. For the first time in his life, he wanted to know that ache for himself. Once again, green eyes flashed through his thoughts and he barely kept the moan silent.

"Hold on, JD. Stay there and suck Master Larabee's cock while I get something for you." Nathan pulled out his fingers while JD groaned then tugged Chris to his feet so he could reach his cock.

"Oh, you look beautiful," he said enthusiastically and the merchant felt that now-beginning-to-be-recognized-feeling of warm, wet heat engulfing him. The young one swallowed him whole and he groaned out loud, his fingers going to the silky black hair and carding through it. The stable boy's hands held his hips still when he would have thrust forward and overbalanced them both.

Warm hands came up behind him while Nathan's cock slid between his legs and tickled his balls. "Pretty as a picture, Sir. Your skin feels like satin and your hair is silk." His fingers lightly pinched Chris' nipples and the merchant gasped and writhed under the touch. "So sensitive, the master will like that."

Chris heard that and came so hard it felt like a vise had gripped him. Nathan chuckled and held him up until he could stand on his own again. JD was still nursing on Chris' cock like a puppy at his mother's teat when the blacksmith moved away and took up his position between JD's legs.

"Now, I'm going to put something inside of you that isn't fingers, JD. Remember the dildos we've been working with? Well, this is the next size and it's going to feel very full so you have to tell me if it hurts." Nathan was holding something long and black but Chris could see it was wooden and vaguely shaped like a man's penis.

JD twisted around and saw what his friend was holding, reaching out a hand to brush his fingers over it. "What's that little bump at the end?"

"That's going to feel really good against your sweet spot, little one. Are you ready?" Nathan asked gently and Chris watched JD nod. "All right, I'm going to get it all slick so it will slide right in. Sir, if you'd hold his shoulders still and kiss him a bit while I get him ready again?"

"Certainly," Chris nodded and knelt to layer kisses over the sweet face in front of him. His hands stroked and caressed the upper chest of the young man and he remembered how good it had felt to have his nipples pinched so he tried it out on the stable boy.

JD mewled happily and gasped out his approval, making the merchant feel seven feet tall. Underneath the saddle, he could see the stable boy's slender cock hard and leaking. So he reached under and gloved it the way Vin had done to his the night before. JD moaned and groaned but then he gasped and tears filled his eyes.

Chris looked up in time to see the hard ebony shaft sliding between the plump white buttocks. He brushed gentle kisses over the pale cheeks and murmured how beautiful he was like this. The cock in his hand, which had wilted, slowly filled again and he could hear Nathan kissing his way slowly up the lad's spine to his hair.

"You did well, little one. So very well that I think it's time you came, don't you?" The husky murmur and tickling chest hair must have felt really good because JD's tears dried up and his appreciative moan sent an answering quake through the merchant. "All right, now, up you come, JD."

The merchant stood and watched the blacksmith lift the young man effortlessly and carry him over to a blanket spread out on some hay in an unused stall. He beckoned Chris to follow them and he joined them on the blanket, his hands coming to stroke the glowing skin of the youngster.

"Oh, it feels like it's going to come out of my belly." JD said, stroking his taut stomach and casting a dazed look at the pair of them. "Will Buck feel like this inside of me?"

"He'll feel even better because he's real and alive so he'll move inside of you more easily." Nathan explained before swooping down and engulfing the young cock. He sucked strongly while his slick fingers rolled the boy's balls and JD thrust up and came so hard he passed out.

The merchant kept stroking the flat stomach and wondered what that thing would feel like inside of him. Hard and thick, would it feel good or would it hurt like it had seemed to hurt the lad. He decided to ask. "Nathan, what did you call the . . . the thing you put inside of JD?"

The blacksmith tenderly let the limp cock fall from his full lips. "It's called a dildo, Sir and I've got all kinds of sizes and shapes." Dark eyes came to his and Chris wondered what he saw there to bring that grin to his mouth. "Would you like to try the small one out, just to see what it feels like?"

Did he? Chris gulped and nodded, watching Nathan rise and disappear out of sight for a few moments before returning with a slender shape that looked much smaller than the one inside of JD. He brought the saddle soap with him and Chris watched him smooth slippery salve all over it.

"This one is made of ivory, carved by a sailor for those long voyages between available women. It's got a raised groove that feels really good when it's twisted inside of you." He knelt by Chris' hip and stroked between his legs. "Are you sure you want to try this now, Sir? If so, it will be easier if you're on all fours."

Chris nodded firmly and turned over, rising up on all fours and feeling Nathan kneel behind him. "Now, I'm going to get you ready first so you just go ahead and moan whenever you feel like it, Master Larabee."

And the merchant felt a long wet tongue tasting him again while he shivered and shook beneath the wonderful assault. JD had come to again and he crawled underneath Chris to kiss and tease his nipples. Then Nathan was asking him to push out against him and he felt the dildo stretching him wide. If this was the small one, what must the one JD was wearing feel like, the merchant thought and panted. Finally, he felt Nathan's thick fingers stroking his nether cheeks and every now and then twisting the dildo inside of him.

The heat was scorching and Chris couldn't seem to get enough air to breathe. He realized he was on his side with Nathan's cock slid between his legs. Every thrust of the blacksmith's pelvis pushed the dildo against his gland and JD was enthusiastically sucking on first his cock then on Nathan's. They took it slow and came all together in a rush after almost an hour of playing with each other.

Chris actually missed the dildo when Nathan plucked it from him. Doing a sketchy wash up, they redressed and Chris finally checked on his horse. He was doing fine and the merchant left the stables with kisses from each of the stable hands to walk back to the manor house. He felt like he'd put in a full days work and muscles unused to such labor twinged a bit when he climbed the steps to the side door where the butler was waiting for him.

Tsk-tsking, Josiah whisked him upstairs and a nice hot bath. When he got out, Vin gave him a hot oil massage and tucked him into bed with a soft kiss and the promise of lunch after his nap. Downstairs, Lord Standish received the reports from his friends and servants. He smiled and decided to make a few changes to his plans for the afternoon.

I groaned at the feel of the ivory dildo, that Ezra had bought in Hong Kong on his last visit, slide into me and tugged on the silk ties that bound my wrists above me. But my lover just kept twisting it inside of me, hitting my prostate on every other stroke while tugging on my nipple clamps occasionally.

"Very nice, Chris, how beautifully you take the grinning Buddha." Ezra twisted it again and the little protrusion on the tip hit my gland and made me swear.

"Damn it, Ez'," I could hear myself whining. "Fuck me. Please, please, please fuck me with you not the damn Buddha."

He chuckled and gave it another twist and a thrust that made my hips leave the bed. I couldn't get my legs around him because he'd locked my ankles into the bar so I was open everywhere to whatever he wanted to do with me. My cock was diamond hard but caged in silk and leather, my balls were so hard and tight I was afraid they were going to explode if Ezra didn't do something soon.

"Dear heart, if I'd known that fairy tales turned you on so much, I'd have been telling them for the last two years." His tongue painted my stomach muscles while his hands stroked after. Then his lips were sucking lightly at my crown and I tried to come off the bed. His chuckle vibrated throughout my whole body while I moaned as pitifully as I could.

"Very well," he tenderly screwed the dildo out of me and before I could take a breath, he slid himself in instead.

The stretch and burn was extreme but then it always was. Maybe in fifty years I'll get over being surprised by his length and girth but not until then. He's the extra-large economy size and I'm unbearably smug about that. When he finally finished sliding in, he paused and tugged on the nipple chain while I arched up then back down, forcing him against my gland while I whimpered.

"So good, you always feel so good around me." He stroked up my chest and tickled my arm pits while I tried to get away, laughing all the while. "I love it when you're all opened to me."

"I do too, Ezra. I love it when you play with me although it's going to be interesting when we next see the others." I grinned up at him. "There's more to the fairy tale, isn't there?"

"Indeed there is, beloved, much more." He promised me in the smoky voice I loved. "I promise the master of the house will be just what the merchant ordered."

Then he proceeded to make love to me with all the care and attention he uses with all the things he loves, like his work and his stories. And me.

The end of part two of BatB, part two