Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, ATF, Anchors, part 11
Title: Beauty and the Beast, part three
Summary: I think the Decameron is taking over.
Date: 4 January 2004
********* Chris *********

Ezra was going to wear me out, I thought while lying limp in our rumpled bed. He'd removed all our sex toys and washed them after taking care of me earlier. Now he was coming back with our dinner tray and the savory smells made my stomach growl. A thick juicy steak with a baked potato and some gingered carrots had me suddenly finding enough energy to sit up and stuff some more pillows behind me.

"Eat up, sweetheart, you used a lot of energy this afternoon." He dropped a kiss on my head before joining me. We ate slowly, feeding each other a bite here and there while we talked about the weekend coming up. The boys were coming over for a barbeque now that I was feeling better and I was coaxing Ezra into agreeing to a ride up to the upper pasture.

He agreed if I was feeling completely healed in two days. I was elated and I finished off my steak with relish before looking expectantly at him. He looked innocently back while I began to pout. "No dessert?"

"Dessert - why I thought you'd be full, Christopher." He gathered the dishes onto the tray and lifted it with a smile. "I'll look in the cookie jar and see if there are any cookies left. Perhaps we should bake tomorrow?"

I sat back and pulled the covers up, feeling a little ashamed since I was the one who'd been taking up so much of his time and energy. I'd have to think of something really nice to say thank you for putting up with me. Snuggling down into the sheets that smelled so strongly of our lovemaking, I thought about what might happen next in the fairy tale.

He came back in with a large bowl of ice cream. "The cookie jar is bare, Chris so we really must bake before the others visit next time. I trust a little mint chocolate chip will suffice for now."

"If you share it with me, Ezra," I smiled at him and held the covers up so he could slide in. "Love you."

"I love you too, Chris." He kissed me gently before slipping a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. "Now, I believe we had last sent the merchant down for a nap."

The merchant awoke to soft hands stroking his chest and a mouth kissing him awake. It didn't taste like anyone he'd kissed here so he opened his eyes to find the cook grinning down at him. "You need to wake up for lunch. Nathan says you used up a lot of energy this morning."

Chris blushed again but let Buck help him up and into his clothes, which had been cleaned from his morning in the stables. Tender touches and gentle kisses accompanied Buck's help and the merchant wondered if he'd ever again be able to get dressed unaided. With a lingering caress to the buttons of his pant's placket, Buck winked at him then led him down stairs to the kitchen again.

The merchant was disappointed when he didn't see Lord Standish there. But lunch was delicious and the conversation around the table among the four servants of the missing lord was lively. JD was bouncing in his seat in enthusiasm about a new horse that had just arrived from a sale in the capitol. He was still rather wild but Nathan nodded and said Lord Standish would soon gentle him to the saddle.

That was said with a rather heated look at the merchant who promptly blushed and felt himself begin to harden again. Buck teased the young stable boy about his riding skills and it was JD's turn to blush and look longingly at the big man who took every chance he had to touch the lad.

The butler came in with the same silver tray he'd had earlier. "Sir, the master asks you to please join him in the ballroom after the parson leaves from his unexpected visit." Josiah rolled his eyes and the others moaned. "Perhaps you could stroll the gardens for a while and I'll come and get you when the master is free."

Buck winked at him while Nathan grinned and the merchant just nodded. It was Vin's turn to do the dishes and he talked Josiah into helping him with a soft kiss and a promise of anything else he wanted. The merchant had a sudden vision of naked dishwashing with Vin spitted on his lover's thick cock and he had to shake his head free of the inspiring vision.

Nathan's warm hand on the small of his back urged him out the kitchen door and into the sweet smelling herb garden. Buck and JD walked behind them and they all told him of the plantings from around the world their master had sought after and replanted here on the estate. Ahead of them rose the high walls of a yew maze. Nathan led the merchant deep into the shady greenery, twisting and turning until they reached the heart of the maze and the large blanket laid out on the soft grass.

Chris turned to see Buck carrying a laughing JD over to the blanket and his heart began to beat faster when Nathan's big hands began to undress him. Turning in the loose embrace, he determinedly began to unbutton the blacksmith's shirt, to aid in his own seduction.

"I brought the case of dildos," the large man whispered in his ear before biting the lobe gently. Chris shuddered all the way down to his boots but nodded yes to the unasked question of whether he wanted to experiment some more with the artificial penises. "We'll go slow, Sir. None of us want to hurt you."

Chris was shirtless and so was Nathan by this point when the merchant stilled a moment. "Does that include your master? Does he . . . partake of these pleasures?"

Nathan smiled gently and finished sliding the pants off the merchant's slender hips. "He does, Sir but very rarely. He enjoyed your talk last night and he was impatient to see you again but he's a very disciplined man who always takes care of business before pleasure. The parson coming will no doubt spark his temper so I'd be careful during the sword match. No one is better with his sword than the master but accidents can happen so be conservative with your strokes."

The merchant was shuddering under the familiar strokes of callused hands but he used shaking hands to finish undressing the blacksmith. "I will be careful but oh please, may I touch your magnificent organ?"

Nathan chuckled and drew him down onto the blanket. "Please do, Sir. Move here so I can stroke your pretty cock at the same time."

Chris moved quickly to the blacksmith's side while measuring the dark organ in his hands. Behind him, a slick finger slid down his crease to tease the little hole hidden between his cheeks and he cast a quick look at JD who was on all fours while Buck tasted his depths with his tongue. Then one thick finger was sliding into him and he gasped, holding hard onto the shaft in his hands.

"Oh that feels good, Sir. Move up and down a little like you do with yourself." Nathan smiled up at him and began the in and out motion that sparked Chris' gland and made him want more.

"I've never pleasured myself that way before." He admitted ruefully. "I wasn't aware a man could do that."

"Good lord, that's a crime and a sin a beautiful man like yourself doesn't know how to make himself feel good." Buck's astonished voice brought his head around again to meet two pairs of eyes. "Shift over, JD and show him what we've taught you so far."

The stable boy rolled onto his back and peeled his foreskin all the way back before licking his hand and bringing it down to stroke along the length of his shaft. "Wet feels good but so does slick stuff."

Buck poured some lotion onto his hands then reached around to transfer some to the merchant's hands. "Now move up and down Nathan's cock. Feel the difference?"

Chris definitely felt a difference and so did Nathan if his groan was any indication. The finger inside of him retreated and he almost groaned but then Buck was handing Nathan an ivory dildo and it was bigger than the one he'd taken that morning. It was about the same size as JD's shaft and he nodded when Nathan looked at him with a raised eyebrow. But then the blacksmith was oiling it with the slippery salve and the merchant thought he'd have trouble breathing. Buck was back to stretching his lover while JD's head thrashed back and forth with the sensation.

The merchant was holding on with both hands while Nathan tenderly eased two fingers into him. It burned and for the first time since he'd arrived, he felt a touch of pain to go along with his pleasure. But he was determined to learn this so he persevered and finally felt the ache begin to subside. Nathan must have been watching for that because he twisted and turned his fingers until he found the gland and sparked it to life.

Moaning, Chris squeezed hard around Nathan's shaft while the dark man chuckled and did it again. A few more moments then the blacksmith sat up and coaxed Chris to lay across his lap. Removing his fingers, he rocked the head of the dildo against the tight muscle until Chris relaxed enough for it to push in. It seemed to slide forever until it finally came to a stop.

The merchant was gasping at the extreme fullness but Nathan slowly twisted it in and out until all he felt was warmth instead of pain. "Watch now, Sir. It's JD's time."

They watched while JD writhed on the blanket, pleading with Buck to come inside of him. The cook slowly removed his fingers from the tight hole and pulled the young man up to kiss him slowly but with passion. The merchant felt hot all over just watching the two men who felt so strongly about each other. Then JD was coaxed onto his side while Buck spooned up against him, sliding one of his leg between the young man's.

"Breathe out, darlin' when I push in." Buck set the crown of his cock against the small hole and pushed in with a single deep thrust. "That's it, love, take all of him. Breathe, love. That's right, JD, oh you feel so good."

"Buck," the young man panted out the name and pulled the strong arms tighter around him. "You're inside of me." The surprise and delight were quickly followed by tears and the cook rocked him tenderly while crooning his name.

The merchant sighed and wondered if he'd ever find that kind of loving connection in his life. But warm hands were smoothing gentle touches over his back and buttocks, and each time the dildo was pressed in, he felt hot fire flash through him. His cock was being rubbed against a heavily muscled leg and he squirmed a little at the good sensation. Nathan seemed able to read his mind and he urged him onto his back so he could suck on his cock while he kept pushing the dildo in to spark his gland.

Chris tried to keep a hold of the cock in front of him but as his climax took him, he let go and came. Nathan licked him clean, gently removed the dildo and paid him a compliment. "You taste real good, Sir. I can see why Josiah was bragging about you. You just rest now while I help ol' Buck out."

The merchant watched wide eyed while the tall man crawled over to the pair resting still connected. At some point JD must have come because his cock lay satiated on his thigh while Buck must have still been hard inside of him. Nathan kissed JD thoroughly and then tickled the young man into laughing. Buck joined in and Chris watched the three of them play.

This time, Buck went onto all fours over his young lover so they could kiss while Nathan stretched the cook. Chris rolled over and took some of the lotion in his hands so he could oil the enormous cock for him. Nathan smiled at him and said his 'thank you's' before setting the huge crown to the impossibly small hole and pushing in. He paused at that point while Buck groaned and his whole back shivered.

"Damn, Nathan, are you growing on us?" Buck moaned and twitched while Nathan chuckled and pulled the narrow hips back until his whole cock had been eaten up by the hungry hole. "Oh god, it feels like you just shoved your whole arm up there. Move, damn it."

Chris watched the slow pull out then the rapid thrust back in until Buck was shuddering under the pounding rhythm. His hands were oily so he began stroking himself in time to the vision in front of him. All too soon, he came again, releasing into his hand with a sigh at almost the same moment Nathan thrust deep and shouted in his own release. Buck must have come hard but JD was there to suck it all down.

Everyone collapsed onto the blanket, exhausted for the moment. JD was the first to recover and he pulled open the picnic basket placed just off the blanket. Inside was a bowl of warm water and a cloth. First he cleaned Chris' hands although he licked his groin clean with his tongue and a bright smile. Then he tenderly wiped Buck down and helped him pull off the still fairly hard cock of the blacksmith. They both cleaned up their friend before settling down on either side of him for a nap.

The merchant thought about the last two days and wondered if he'd ever find such wonderful helpmeets in the whole kingdom. He knew he had to return home but he found he didn't want to leave the tender care of these men who'd taught him so much about his own body and the pleasure to be had from it. A whisper of sound from the path brought his eyes up in time to meet the dark green eyes of Lord Standish.

He sat up and pulled his shirt over his exposed manhood while blushing so hard he was afraid he'd burst a blood vessel. "My-my lord."

"Excellent, they've been taking good care of you, Master Larabee." The dark lord settled himself on the bench near the blanket. "Why don't you dress and then I'll take you back to the manor for our sword match. I have been looking forward to it all day."

The merchant was still blushing while he hastily dressed, trying hard not to show any of his private bits but realizing he'd failed when the lord's eyebrow slowly lifted and a lazy smile blossomed on his handsome face. "I see not all of your ass . . . sets have been lost overseas, Sir. I find myself anticipating our match with . . . passion."

Chris was sweating already and he hadn't even lifted his sword. He felt as clumsy as a new born colt but already his cock was lifting in anticipation of what he would learn from Lord Standish. They walked back to the manor in silence then the lord showed him the ballroom and Josiah handed them each their swords. They saluted each other with their blades and the match was on.

The merchant was skillful but he soon realized Lord Standish was a true master of the blade and he was just holding back so as not to hurt him. Chris conceded the match but asked about a certain thrust. Lord Standish showed him slowly then engaged him again until he had it memorized. Then he showed him another and yet another until the setting sun cast blood-red shadows across the polished floor of the ballroom.

Their eyes met and Chris felt such a yearning for his host he was hard put to keep from throwing himself at his feet and begging him to take him. But the lord smiled and told him to get cleaned up for dinner. He promised a cozy meal for two in the study and Chris practically ran up the stairs to his room to get ready. Vin was already there and he had a bath ready for him with scented water and then another massage with a sweet smelling oil that he massaged onto every part of his body.

He even whispered that he wanted him to be prepared for any eventuality and bent him over the chair so he could stroke oil deep into his channel. Chris was hard and panting by the time he was done and he watched with curious eyes while Vin stroked him before snapping an odd leather harness around his cock and balls.

"There, you won't be able to come until Lord Standish wants you to." He winked at him while Chris' mouth went dry with longing. "You're very lucky, Sir. The master doesn't often indulge himself with our guests. We've all told him how very good you taste."

The merchant blushed again and wondered if he'd ever stop. But then Vin was helping him into a shimmering long robe of some kind of golden material with golden sandals for his feet. The wine steward whispered that the master liked having his prey easily revealed. Chris wondered at his choice of words but decided it must be a slip of the tongue and simply followed Vin down the stairs and into the study where a small table was set up between the two wing chairs.

Lord Standish was already there, dressed in an identical robe except his was silver. His approving look at the merchant made Chris' stomach tremble but also it warmed his spirit. Their conversation turned to travel and distant lands. The lord had journeyed far beyond the merchant's knowledge of the world and he listened to the tales spun by his host with bated breath.

Dinner was delicious but he was never quite sure afterwards just what they had eaten. The cognac burned its way down to his nervous stomach but when he would have drunk more, Lord Standish stayed his hand and set both the glasses to one side. "Enough for the moment, my dear man. There is something else I wish to taste."

Chris blushed instantly but he was already bending to the inviting lips so near his own. Lord Standish, like all his other talents, was an excellent kisser. Demanding but tender, his lips nuzzled, bit and took Chris' mouth with passion. His tongue rubbed against the merchant's until he could no longer tell which was his and which his plunderer's. They tasted good together and Chris found himself flat on his back on the thick carpet while his robe was opened and his body revealed.

"Beautiful, simply beautiful." An elegant hand traced down his chest to the close held cock and then his mouth was sucking gently at the weeping crown. Chris couldn't move only moan and pant and whisper how much he wanted the lord to take what was his. "Soon, my dear, I shall get to that. But first I must see if you are as tasty as the men say you are."

Unsnapping the harness, he quickly deep throated Chris' shaft while his clever fingers rolled the tender balls. Hips snapped up and the merchant came in long spurts as if he'd never come before. He shuddered all over and relaxed in a small puddle of contented flesh, sprawled on his robe before the lord like a sated pleasure slave. Lord Standish chuckled and unfastened his robe, letting it drop behind him although a fold still held his genitals from view.

"Now before we go further, I must confess something to you. What you have shared with me so far has been magnificent and more than any good host should desire. But if we are to continue, you need to know something about me and the . . . medical condition which haunts my family line." His eyes turned inward and somehow sad.

Chris sat up and clasped both of the slender hands in his. "Josiah mentioned something about it, my lord. Please do not tell me if it distresses you so. I am content with anything you will share with me. I do yearn for more however." He blushed but kept eye contact. "I have watched the others share their bodies completely and oh, I want you to take me that way."

Lord Standish brought both of their hands up to his lips and nestled a kiss on each of Chris' fingers. The merchant shivered at the feel of hot breath on just his digits. "I am glad to hear that because it is my fondest wish, too. However, I can not in clear conscious take this precious gift until you know everything about me."

His green eyes looked over at the clock and he hissed in sudden tension. "We don't have much time, Chris. The males in the Standish family all inherit a certain trait that only comes to fruition when we come of age. I am the last of the Standish's and that is probably a blessing. I will have no son to pass my nature onto. It is the result of a witch's curse almost three centuries ago and therefore is pure magic."

Chris listened hard but he couldn't help wondering if the lord's mind was wandering.

"Every night at the stroke of ten, I change into a fell beast. The curse lasts until dawn when I finally change back to my human form and sleep for a few hours." A small wrinkle appeared between his eyes but Chris just tightened his hands around his host's and made an encouraging sound for him to continue. "I roam the estate normally and sometimes Josiah or Nathan sit up with me. I have been known to kill small creatures when I 'hunt' but I have never harmed a human so you're in no danger from me."

Chris grappled with the amazing confession but with only five minutes until 10, he knew he needed to say something. "My lord, I am not shocked but rather proud that you could tell me your secret. It truly does not matter to me. I'm sure your wonderful intelligence and good nature remains with you no matter what form you take. You could never be a fell beast to me."

Lord Standish slowly smiled and leaned in to kiss him tenderly. Chris returned the kiss with all his heart and felt the lord begin to smile. But then the clock began to strike ten and he pulled away, dropping the robe completely and standing up to move a little a ways from the seated merchant. At the last stroke of ten, his body blurred and twisted until Chris couldn't see exactly what was happening.

But within a moment, a giant cat stood where the dark lord had. A black panther, sleek and lean with the most amazing green eyes the merchant had ever seen. It shook itself all over then leisurely sat down to lick first one paw than the other. Chris was almost afraid to move, hoping the lord was still in control of the cat. But eventually he had to take a deep breath and that movement brought sharp eyes back to him.

The panther got up and stalked over to the seated man, his muzzle coming close to sniff delicately over the fair skin. He must have approved of the taste because suddenly Chris was being tongue washed from his face down to his legs. He was laughing and twitching at each erotic lick of rough tongue. Slowly, he brought up his hands to touch the giant cat and the animal let him pet between his ears with a blissed out look on his beautiful face.

Suddenly the great furry head butted him back onto the floor and Chris lay there wondering what he'd done. A noise at the door brought his eyes up to see Josiah standing there. "Oh good, the change went well. Just relax and let him sniff and tongue you until he's memorized your scent and taste. It's still him inside of the cat so try not to fear the claws and fangs. He won't hurt you. Have a good night, Sir."

And he shut the door behind him, leaving Chris to the mercies of the beast.

The end of part 3 of BatB