Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, Anchors part 13
Title: Beauty and the Beast, part five
Summary: Fairy tales with a twist.
Date: 5 January 2004
********* Chris *********

The ride went well and it felt great to be out in the fresh air. We meandered where ever we wanted and raced each other on the mountain road where it was safe to do so. Vin was declared champion for the tricky little maneuver Rider pulled by jumping the fallen tree and careening for the gate in the fence. He's a real show-off, that roan is, but he's smart too and Vin was thinking of breeding him with Buck's mare, Miss Daisy.

Their bloodlines were good and I thought it would be a good match. Funny, but since I became part of a couple again, I had the oddest urge to matchmake for our friends. The breeder from whom we'd bought some of our newest stock seemed like a good guy with a strong interest in law. I was thinking of inviting Mary Travis out to one of our barbecues and introducing them.

Ezra just laughs when I say that but he agreed there might be a suitable match in the making. When we got back to the ranch, half of us took care of the horses while the other half started cooking. The steaks had been marinating all the time we were on the trail but Nathan and Ezra had the vegetables to prepare while Buck started the grill up for the meat.

JD had brought some of his cousin's Texas barbecue sauce and I was already licking my lips in anticipation of its hot, hot tang. I'll never tell Ezra this but someday, I'm going to smear it all over his body and take my time licking it off. And just like that, I was hard and aching for him. I eased my cock to a more comfortable position then stuck my tongue out at Vin who was laughing at me.

Dinner was delicious and we sat on the back porch in a variety of wicker and wooden chairs afterwards. It had been a good day and not even Buck's fervent thanks to Ezra for taming the 'sick Chris bear' could make it any less nice. We made plans to get together on Tuesday for another training session with our new horses. Talking business reminded me that Ezra was probably behind in his own work after taking such good care of me while I was sick. I had to remember to give him some extra space if he needed it.

The party broke up about seven and I made sure the horses were all right while Ezra puttered in the kitchen, cleaning an already spotless counter and table. The guys know better than to leave a mess, no matter where we meet. The lights were out when I locked the door behind me and took off my boots on the mat. Padding down the hall, I heard the water running and knew I'd soon have a wet Ezra all to myself.

I was going to miss our nightly fairy tale, I thought with a pang. "Ezra, is there more to the story than what you've told me so far?"

He looked up from the tub where he was already soaking. "There can be, my love. I had an interesting thought while we were riding today. It would make a very erotic addition to the tale."

I liked the sound of that and hurriedly stripped out of my clothes so I could join him.

Every night the great cat stalked his prey and soon Chris took to just undressing after dinner so he'd be naked and ready for the cat lord. They sometimes played a game of hide and seek all over the estate where Chris would hide then Ezra would sniff him out and reward him with a tongue bath that always led to making love. The furry cock would slide easily into his well-prepared hole and they'd make love until one or both of them would howl in ecstasy.

Chris was completely happy in every respect. He saw his daughters every day at the parsonage. They were healthy and happy. His oldest daughter, Elizabeth, fell in love with one of the naval officers who sailed out of Port Royal and six months after the merchant became Lord Standish's business manager, a beautiful wedding was held in the gardens of the estate.

Buck cooked up a wedding feast that had all the neighbors praising his talents. The party went until early evening before everyone left full of good cheer and chocolate cake. The study had been locked up tight to keep party goers out of the lord's private affairs and Chris found him there sipping cognac before a roaring fire. He crossed the room and kissed him gently.

"It was beautiful, my lord. Thank you for your generous heart." He sat at his lord's feet and laid his head on the velvet-covered knee.

"I like making you happy, my sweet one." Lord Standish caressed his cheek with one finger. "The girls are delightful and it was no bother to give Elizabeth such a gift."

They sat in contented silence until Buck brought in their dinner tray. After all the sweets of the feast, they dined on hearty soup and fresh baked bread spread with delicious newly churned butter. When they were done, Chris took their tray back to the kitchen and told his friends goodnight before returning to his lord.

He was undressed and basking in front of the fire so Chris made haste to join him. Letting his clothes fall where they may, he stalked his lord on hands and knees until they were nose to nose with him straddling the sturdy body of his love. They kissed tenderly then began to caress each other until Ezra had him ride him into release. They lay there sated and content until ten struck then Chris watched him change.

The were-cat was as much his lover as his lord and he loved it when the panther took him. He was already slick and open from his first mating so the cat took him over the footstool while Chris pushed back to get more of him inside of him. When he stilled, the cock began to grow until he writhed under the pressure. The cat lord growled at him and he felt the sharp prick of his fangs on his neck.

The pressure grew past anything he'd ever felt before and he panted through the pain until finally it stopped. He had nothing to compare this to and the little growls from his cat sounded different than any other sound he'd made. Chris was afraid to move for fear of setting him off again. But gradually, the fangs lessened and a rough tongue washed the punctures with a soft purr.

"My lord, is everything all right?" He turned his head to look into green eyes and for the first time saw the beast inside the man inside the beast. "It's never been so . . . large before. Do you feel all right?"

The great head nodded and the hips rocked in then out while Chris gasped and dropped his head, the strain of the awkward twist too much for his neck. He felt the furry cock slowly sliding in and out while muscles unused to such a girth twinged and complained. But the fire was back too and all too soon, his cock sprayed its release all over the needle-point footstool.

But the cat lord didn't come and he kept on fucking Chris until the manager's cock hardened for a second time and shot forth again. Only after his third climax when he was sore and aching did the great cat finally release his copious seed deep within his mate. Chris actually fell asleep while still connected to his lord. He dreamed of being possessed yet again while the cat bit his neck and lapped away the blood.

Waking stiff and sore, he found Lord Standish in human form but still buried inside of him. His shoulders stung and his shaft actually hurt from coming so many times. The fire had been remade so he knew Josiah had been in at some point during the night. The door opened softly and the butler's head poked in.

"You all right, Sir? The master was on a real tear last night. I've not ever seen him like that before. I've got the healing salve ready for you. It looks like you're going to need it." The big man whispered.

"Good God, what did I do to you?" Ezra's horrified voice came from his back. "My love, I'm so sorry. Ouch."

"My lord, what's wrong?" Chris asked worriedly, trying to turn his head to see the problem. "Ow."

"I've marked you badly and if feels as if my poor cock will never move again." Ezra gingerly began to back out of the well-used channel and they both hissed with the pain.

"I'll run a hot bath for you both with some of those healing salts." Josiah shook his head and left.

"Please tell me I didn't take you against your will, Chris. I would never forgive myself." He rolled Chris over and gazed anxiously down at him.

"Ezra, you could never do that for I will always want you. The cat seemed to need me very badly last night and he was . . . quite insatiable." Chris blushed at the memory and finally Lord Standish seemed to relax a little.

"So aside from being insatiable and a little careless with his teeth and claws, the cat didn't hurt you?" He asked again.

Chris smiled up at him. "I love you, my lord. He did feel bigger than ever before. You know, when he's inside of me and he begins to swell larger?" He waited for his lord's nod. "Well, this time he kept getting bigger and bigger until it did . . . hurt a little."

"Odd, I have no memory of that." His eyes were puzzled and he shook his head before getting to his feet and pulling Chris up after him. They both hissed with sore aching muscles and they helped each other up the stairs to where the healing bath was waiting. Josiah and Vin were both waiting afterwards to give them massages with the herbal cream that Nathan made for the household.

Two nights later all the bruises were healed and they were playing in the maze when the change came over Lord Standish. The big cat sniffed Chris all over but especially his groin and then licked him from head to toe until he was laughing joyfully at the teasing whiskers. The cat lord nudged several pillows over to him and arranged him on his back with the pillows underneath his hips before sliding into him.

And it was a repeat of the earlier night, he swelled so large that tears leaked from Chris' eyes and his whimpers rang out in the night air. The big paws holding down his shoulders flexed but didn't unsheath the deadly claws while his tongue delicately licked away each tear. Again Chris came three times before the cat lord released his seed deep inside of him.

Then he raised his muzzle to howl at the moon, which Chris realized was almost full. He thought maybe that had something to do with his lord's insatiability and vowed to mention it in the morning. If he survived the night, he thought while the furry cock began to move inside of him again with hardly a missed beat. But he loved his lord very much and made sure he told him over and over until his voice grew hoarse and he fell asleep exhausted.

Lord Standish was bewildered by this change in the were-cat's behavior and he searched his vast library of books for information on curses and the witch who'd cast the original spell. But he came up with nothing and it took all of Chris' pleading to convince him to sleep with him again. The cat lord did nothing but cuddle his mate that night and the one after that.

But the full moon brought out his hunting instincts and he took Chris in their bed with even more passion if that was possible. With soft pillows cradling his stomach and chest, healing cream soothed deep inside his channel by Lord Standish and the knowledge he was greatly loved by his cat lord, he spent the night coming over and over again. He slept beneath a furry blanket and awoke to his human lover gently pulling free of his well-used channel.

And that seemed to be the end of the odd behavior. The next night, the big cat sniffed him all over then licked his stomach tenderly before leaving him to go hunting. Chris was puzzled but content with the delicious rabbit stew Buck made with the coneys the cat lord brought back as a present. They eyed the next full moon with some trepidation but nothing happened out of the ordinary.

Shortly after that, Chris began feeling ill in the morning. After the smell of bacon frying made him throw up, Lord Standish insisted on the local doctor making a visit. Dr. Travis came, poked and prodded the manager and admitted that he had no idea what was wrong with him. He did suggest some vitamins and a change in diet to see if that would help.

But Chris kept getting sick in the mornings so Lord Standish ordered him to stay in bed until the nausea went away each day. That seemed to work and the next month passed pleasantly with the cat lord finally taking Chris again. Every night he'd nuzzle and lick his mate's stomach then gently take him from behind until he came. He no longer swelled at all and Chris missed his girth.

However, Lord Standish continued to make love with him and his large cock satisfied something deep inside of Chris. He noticed his stomach was developing a slight curve and wondered if he needed to go on a diet then dismissed the idea in favor of exercising more. However, one afternoon when they were all relaxing in the heart of the maze naked and ready for lovemaking, Nathan made an interesting discovery.

Blankets and pillows made a comfortable bower for them while Buck had made all kinds of interesting dishes for them to feed each other. Chris and Ezra watched their friends sporting erotically while they leaned against each other and fed each other strawberries dipped in whip cream.

JD had finally reached the point where he was ready to take Nathan inside of him and they all pitched in to caress and relax him so he was prepared to take the dark shaft of the blacksmith. He and JD kissed over and over while Buck stretched the small hole for his lover. Their triad was fascinating to Chris and he wished them nothing but the best.

Finally JD was ready and Buck held him close while Nathan spooned up behind the young stable boy and gently but inexorably forged inside him. Tears leaked steadily from the pained brown eyes while the cook murmured soft encouragement and kissed each tear away. Nathan stilled once he was completely imbedded inside his young lover. JD caught his breath and turned his head enough to smile tremulously at the dark man. The love that shone between the three of them made Chris want to cry.

Then he found he was crying and it surprised him so much he stopped. Ezra asked him quietly if he felt all right and he kissed him in answer. They nestled together among the gaily colored silk pillows and when they watched Nathan begin to move in JD, Chris suddenly craved Ezra's cock. So he reached for the oil that was always near one of their orgies and coated his lover's shaft before pushing him flat and reaching behind him to grasp the slippery cock and guide him home.

They both gasped when the crown pierced the tight muscle then Chris let gravity take its course until all of his lord's shaft was held safe within his depths. "Oh you feel so good, my lord. I think I shall be insatiable today. If that's all right with you?"

Ezra chuckled and slid his hands up the strong legs to the rising shaft. "I shall just have to grin and bear it, I suppose. My love shall have all of me he can handle."

"Oh good, I love having you stretching me wide." Chris moved up then dropped back down, the cock brushing against his gland and starting the fire inside of him that he loved. "I miss the cat's swelling shaft. It hurt a little but felt so wonderful once he began to move."

"He hurt you and neither of us wants to do that." Ezra's eyes were slitted rather like his alternate self. "Although, I will tell you that both of us adore and love you completely."

Chris smiled down at him leaned down to kiss him for those lovely sentiments. They made love for an hour before Ezra released inside of him and Chris shot over his lover's chest. They rested together with Chris clasped closely to Ezra's side. Warm hands stroked his stomach gently and they dozed for some time before hunger brought them back to the orgy.

Josiah had Vin spitted on his cock while JD was hugging Nathan with Buck inside of him. Chris lazed on the pillows while Ezra fixed a plate of delicacies for him. He stretched and stroked the small bulge that seemed bigger than ever before. He noticed Nathan eyeing him and he blushed, afraid the blacksmith would think him a glutton. Ezra brought back the filled plate and Chris decided to eat now and worry about getting fat later.

Once Buck and JD were finished and resting, Nathan arose and came to his master and his manager. "My lord, I wonder if I might examine Master Chris. Dr. Travis is good for a white man's doctor but he doesn't have the 'touch'."

"The touch?" Ezra asked him. "My love, would you mind if Nathan examines you with his healer's touch?"

Chris nodded his head shyly and Nathan spread his big hands over his front and closed his eyes. Softly he chanted the same phrase over and over, "Amabi, sunami, marati. Amabi, sunami, marati . . ."

The skin beneath his hands began to glow with a yellow light and he slowly moved them up to Chris' shoulders then down past his groin and all the way down to his toes. Warmth followed the movement and Chris sighed happily at the lovely feelings. Nathan returned to his stomach and very gently laid his palms on the small bulge.

"Masters," he looked happy and shocked at the same time. "I know not how this happened but Master Chris is carrying my lord's babies. They are almost three months old."

Ezra was stunned but so was Chris and they laid there while Nathan watched them closely. The lord was the first to recover. "The witch's curse - but it has never acted this way before."

"I believe none of your ancestors laid with a man, my lord. Each married and had their children conventionally but you have chosen a different path so the magic had to find a way to reproduce." Nathan spoke slowly to give them time to come to grips with his shocking news.

Chris felt adrift wondering if Ezra could possibly want such a freak as he was now. He couldn't help but sniff back tears while wondering what would become of him.

Ezra held him close. "Dearest Chris, we shall journey this path together. Are you willing to carry our children to birth?"

Chris nodded mutely and felt his lord hold him close.

"Nathan, how will the child be born?" Ezra asked their blacksmith.

"There is more than one child, my lord. As they grow, I'll be able to tell how many are there." Nathan split a smile between Chris and Ezra. "Since they are the result of magic, we will have to search your library for the answer to your question. My grandmother is one of the healer mages of my people and I will consult with her if you would like."

"Yes, please, Nathan, ask her what she thinks." Chris told him then turned soft eyes to his lord. "I wish to carry these children for you."

"And for you also, my dear Chris. They are made up of both of us, are they not, Nathan?" Ezra kissed his lover and cast a questioning look at the blacksmith.

Nathan nodded. "I believe so, my lord. A child is always made up of a seed and an egg. Your 'curse' must have changed some of Master Chris' seeds to eggs so you could impregnate him. The magic must have also created a safe place inside of him to cradle the children until they are ready to be born."

Chris was still in shock and he listened to the two of them talk while he stroked the tiny bulge and tried to picture his body getting even bigger the way he remembered his wife's being with each of their daughters. He moaned when he realized he was going to be even bigger if he was carrying more than one. Would Ezra want to be with him when he was fat and ungainly?

"Stop thinking whatever you're thinking, my love." Ezra's voice snapped him out of the depression he was starting to fall into. Then he proved he could read minds. "You are my beautiful lover and you will be remain beautiful the closer you get to their birth. I shall love and protect you even when I can no longer reach around you."

Then he made a silly face and Chris had to laugh. The satisfied smile on his lord's face made him pull him closer so he could kiss him. They lingered in the reassuring kiss for long moments until they had to breathe. Then they snuggled back in and began to plan for the future.

"I'm pregnant?" I asked him in a squeaky voice.

"Well, I overheard you planning to breed two of your horses and that put fecundity into my head and suddenly I thought . . . why not throw a little twist into the fairy tale?" Ezra grinned up at me while I tried to think of something to say. "I'm told male pregnancy stories are very popular and there are several archives full of them on the Internet. Probably written by women who'd dearly love to see a man go through what they do while giving birth."

"But, but it's not possible." I said weakly.

"Neither are were-cats but you like them." Ezra said seductively and started kissing down my throat to the hollow where I always shivered. "Take a chance, my love. Let the story play out."

I arched under his hands and agreed. "All right but if I get cravings you have to feed me."

He laughed out loud. "I promise. Now go to sleep. I'll tell you more tomorrow."

The end of part five of BatB