Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, Anchors part 16
Title: Snow White, the Huntsman and the 5 Miners
Summary: Fractured fairy tells all.
Date: 17 January 2004
********* Chris *********

Fall seemed to come more quickly this year since we all retired and we spent as much time as we could outside. Alone and as a group, we rode over the ranch usually ending up at the pond to go swimming. I was extremely smug when I finally talked Ezra into going nude and the rest of them caught their first glimpse of his cock. Buck's eyes almost fell out of his head and JD laughed and laughed at his pout.

But Vin had his own smug look when Josiah stripped off and stalked him into the cool water. Ezra hadn't been kidding at how big the older man was when he described him for his rendition of Beauty and the Beast. He's a large man all over so it looked to be in proportion with the rest of him but I was going to have to ask my lover how he knew the crown flared out so widely.

I wasn't jealous but I did want to know the details. I seemed to be turning into a voyeur in middle age. We kept towels, pillows and blankets in a big Rubber Maid trunk that we'd left at the pond so we could dry off and relax after swimming. When the sun was out, nude sunbathing became the norm and we all turned a golden bronze except for JD who wore sun block 45 because of his fair skin.

But the weather was changing and one rainy Sunday afternoon Ezra and I were sprawled out on the butterscotch couch in front of a nice big fire. We were both wearing comfortable sweats and I felt like purring when I slid my hands down the front of his low slung pants to stroke his cock.

"How about a new fairy tale, Ez', tell me a story?" I nuzzled his ear and nipped the tempting lobe.

He stretched a little in my arms and chuckled. "All right, Chris. I had an idea the other day about an old favorite of mine."

Once upon a time in a very cold mountain realm there lived a King and his Queen. They had longed for a child their whole marriage but nothing happened until one Christmas Eve, they drank a little too much eggnog and boffed like bunnies until dawn. Pleasantly sated, the King slept while the Queen made a silent wish for a child with skin as white as snow, lips as red as rubies and eyes the color of her favorite emeralds.

Nine months later, Prince Snow White was born. When the Prince was ten, his father the King died and Queen Maude became the regent for her son until he could come of age at sixteen. But within the year she grew lonely and soon married a wealthy Count who kept her very happy. Prince Snow White was a lonely child but he had his books and his lessons so he didn't really miss having others to play with. But truthfully, he didn't know what play was.

Queen Maude met with an accident a week before Prince Snow's sixteenth birthday and the whole country went into mourning. The Count kept the prince close to him and promised him he would take good care of the realm until he could assume the throne. The Prince didn't really care all that much about ruling because he knew how much he was going to miss his mother, who'd been his only real friend.

The Count was a secret potion master and he had a private room deep in the castle dungeons. He would go there once a week to mix his longevity brew for he was really almost two hundred years old. After downing the bitter draught, he'd strip off his clothes and preen in front of the magic mirror that hung on the cold stone wall.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the best hung-one of all?"

And the mirror would take a good look and reply, "Woah, baby, you are, handsome."

He'd smile and stroke his hard cock until he shot his seed into a glass beaker for the next week's potion. On the night of Queen Maude's funeral, he hummed happily all the way down the stairs. He had great plans for the kingdom and they did not include any mousy little prince upstaging him. One of the lingering-death potions should do the trick, he thought to himself.

It took three hours to get the evil potion brewed and he set it aside to simmer over a low flame while he made and ingested his weekly drink. Taking off his clothes, he stroked himself in front of the mirror until he was almost ready to come before asking his question. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the best hung-one of all?"

"Sorry, Count-baby, but Prince Snow's cock is as big as an ox." Came the reply.

His hand stilled and he screamed at the mirror. "That's impossible. He's nothing but a skinny shrimp."

"Au contraire, mon Count, he's packing serious heat in those dowdy britches you gave him to wear while he's mourning."

"Show me," the Count demanded through gritted teeth.

And the mirror obliged him with a view of the Prince's room and the young man bathing in the small tin tub. While most of him was short and compact, his big cock hanging between his legs. He was blushing while he washed it and his innocent stroking made it firm a little and begin to stand up between his thighs.

The Count gnashed his teeth and ranted and raved for almost an hour before he could squeeze out any seed for the next potion. His jealousy knew no bounds and he was already planning a dire end for his step-son when he climbed the steep stone steps to the second floor of the castle. No lingering death for the prince, he decided a swift, sure stab or three in the forest and he'd be rid of the little brat.

The next morning, he summoned Chris, the Royal Huntsman, to a quiet chat in the garden. He had the man's gambling debts to hang over his head so he ordered him to take the prince deep into the Enchanted Forest and kill him, leaving his body for the wild animals to ravage. The huntsman bit his tongue and agreed, all the while knowing he could never hurt the young man.

But he had a plan and he immediately put it into action. Even though the prince was still in mourning, Chris went to the small dingy room in the third castle tower where the Count had moved the prince almost the moment his mother died. The young man was sitting by the unlit fireplace, crying a little whenever he remembered the blond woman who'd taught him so many of life's lessons.

"My prince, I'm sorry for your loss." The huntsman went to one knee by his side. "But she wouldn't want you to mourn so much. Come out with me to the forest and I will give you another lesson in tracking wild game."

The prince sniffed a little and blew his nose on his handkerchief. "May we go out the back way so no one knows we're gone? I'm not sure of the etiquette of this situation."

The huntsman smiled and stood, offering his hand to the young man. "Of course, we may. I'd like you to pack a small rucksack with a change of clothing and an extra hanky or two. We may be gone all day."

Prince Snow White took his hand with a blush and didn't ask any questions, just packed a small green rucksack with the clothing requested. Just lately, he'd been feeling the oddest things when ever he had a lesson with the huntsman. It felt like butterflies in his stomach and he flushed all over when the man touched him. The way his shaft swelled whenever he thought of him was very, very disconcerting but he was too shy to ask him why that was.

And he certainly couldn't ask his step-father all the questions about his body and the way it was changing. He'd be much too embarrassed to say a word. If only he had a friend who was older and wiser, he thought miserably. "I'm ready, Sir."

"Call me Chris, my prince. You're almost of age now." The huntsman thrilled at the sweet voice and wished again they were a little closer in age and station. Oh, how he wanted to take the young man and teach him everything he needed to know about love. "Come quickly, we need to get started for we're going deeper into the forest than we've ever been before."

They left out the back and the Count watched in satisfaction from the window in the throne room. Soon, it would be all his and the prince would be dead. He smiled then masked it with a sad look, turning back to the advisors of the kingdom and their planning of the next few days. Soon.

I liked this one almost as much as I liked the first one. We'd slowly stripped off all our clothes while he was telling the tale and I was balls deep in him. He was faced away from me, using those strong thigh muscles to raise and lower himself on my steel hard cock. I had both those taut buttocks in my hands, helping him and occasionally I'd stroke his spasming hole with my fingers.

Ezra always shivered when I did that and so I'd do it again, teasing those nerve endings so close to the surface and remembering how good it felt when he did it to me. He flexed his muscles around me and I thrust up one more time and came hard. He milked me until I was empty before slowly pulling off my softening cock and turning around to kiss me. That will always get my attention and today was no different.

"So, do you like it so far?" He asked me while reaching for the oil on the coffee table.

"I like you being the shy, blushing virgin this time. Are the others going to come into this story, too?" I asked him while drawing up my legs so he could get to my entrance. I really needed to get fucked right now. I arched up a little when the first two fingers went in, twisting and turning to loosen me up.

"Yes, indeed they are. I've taken a few liberties with the plot so there will be only five instead of seven miners." He chuckled and came back in with three, scissoring them while I moaned in enjoyment. "I'll have to see what I can do about turning our bed into a . . . ah-h-h-h. Oh dear, you do feel good, my Christopher."

My eyes watered a bit when he stretched me wide with his cock and I panted until finally relaxing a little. "More story, Ezra, what's our bed going to become?"

They walked for almost three hours and the prince was walking rather close to the huntsman because the forest was so very dark here. Besides, the huntsman moved so gracefully and his stride was so beautiful, the little prince just couldn't help but want to be closer. But suddenly, three paths appeared and the huntsman stopped so suddenly the prince crashed into him.

Whirling, the huntsman kept him from falling and held him close for a long moment. The prince clung to him and felt safe for the first time since his mother died. Chris held him and couldn't resist dropping a kiss on the dark hair beneath his chin. The prince stammered an apology but Chris hushed him and stroked his back tenderly.

"No harm, my prince, there will be no harm done today." He didn't want to let go but he had to confess his orders to his liege. "Prince Snow White, your stepfather bade me take you here and kill you. Two years ago while drinking heavily I lost at poker. I lost so much that I had to borrow money from the Count. He's holding those debts over my head even though I paid off twice the original amount since then."

"Oh," the prince blinked back his tears and wondered why the Count hadn't forgiven him the debts if he'd paid them off. The young man was rather na´ve about the real world. "Then why did you ask me to pack a change of clothes if you mean to kill me?"

Chris dropped to his knees and bowed his head. "Forgive me, my prince. I could never kill you or hurt you in any way. My brothers live nearby and I thought you would be safe with them while I go back and tell the Count I obeyed his wishes. Then my brothers and I would figure out a way to get you back to the kingdom to regain your throne."

The prince thought about that for a moment then knelt in front of his huntsman and reached out to raise the lowered chin. "Thank you, Sir. I will do as you say and hide until you can rejoin me. Please, don't let it be too long."

Chris couldn't help but grasp the hand touching him and press a kiss to each long finger. "Not a moment more than needs be, my prince."

"Oh, that makes me feel so odd," the prince said watching the huntsman's lips taste him. "Why does it make my stomach quiver when you do that or when I watch you walking?"

The huntsman smiled happily. "It means you're growing up, my prince and your body is awakening to physical pleasure."

"What kind of physical pleasure?" He asked innocently. "Mother told me once that when I was older she'd have the Count tell me what the changes in my body meant."

"I'd be more than happy to tell you, my prince. Did you ever see your parents kiss?" Chris felt butterflies in his own stomach at his temerity in daring to tell the young man about sex. When Prince Snow White shook his head no, he leaned in and brushed his lips against the rose-red lips of the young man. "That is one kind of a kiss, my prince."

He licked his lips unconsciously and Chris started hardening. "Parts of me like that very much, Sir. May I have another?"

Chris smiled and kissed him again, lingering a little and licking the slightly parted lips. Then he dared a brief touch to the prince's belt. "Is this the part that likes our kissing?"

The prince blushed and nodded. "Sometimes . . . it grows," he whispered and made a vague gesture to his groin. "One morning there was something encrusted on it and the laundry maid said something funny about the sheets needing more washing now that I was grown."

"It's called your shaft, my prince. All men have the same reaction when they're aroused so don't worry about it." He stroked back the long dark hair and wished he had time to pleasure his young prince before he headed back. "Ask my brother, Josiah, if you have more questions, little one. He was a scholar before he came back to help out in the family business. And don't be embarrassed about your questions. All young men have them as well as the physical urges that accompany them."

Prince Snow White felt so safe in his huntsman's arms and the stroking of his hair made him want to purr. "I will, Sir. How long will it be before you can come back?"

"Soon, my prince, I'll be back as quickly as I can for I will miss you very much." Chris kissed him again and this time swept his tongue through the innocent lips to the sweet nectar waiting for him. But time was passing and he had to get him on his way so he pulled back and stood, drawing the young prince up with him. "Take the center trail all the way to the mountain then take the right hand entrance tunnel. One of my brothers will find you. Tell them Chris sent you and be sure and tell them what I told you about the Count. Repeat that please."

"Take the center path to the mountain, enter the right hand entrance and follow the tunnel until your brothers find me. Chris," he said the name shyly and with a little blush, "tell them what you have told me. I will miss you more than I can say."

Chris kissed him briefly then physically separated them although it hurt to do so. "Be safe, Snow, and I'll be with you as soon as I can. I love you, my prince."

The prince's eyes lit up and he reached out to lay his hand on the huntsman's leather vested chest. "I love you too, Chris, so very, very much."

"Go," Chris closed his eyes. "Go before I take you right here and now."

Prince Snow White didn't know what 'take you' meant but it sounded good to him. However, he was used to obeying his elders and doing what he was told so he leaned up on tiptoe to brush his lips against the huntsman's then ran down the center path until he was lost in the sheltering trees. Chris licked his lips and headed grimly back to the castle and the first of many lies.

The prince ran for over a mile before slowing to a fast walk. The trees weren't so thick here and the ground was rising all the time so he had to slow down and catch his breath. Suddenly the trees parted and he saw the mountain before him. He'd never been so close to it before and he looked up in wonder at the snow covered sides. It made him shiver and he realized it was still winter here although spring had come to the castle in the valley.

He slowly took the winding path for several hundred feet until he saw the three entrances ahead of him. The right hand one looked very small and he'd have to go on his hands and knees to get through it but Chris had told him to take it so take it he would. Putting his rucksack on the ground in front of him, he knelt and pushed it ahead of his body for some distance. It was dark and cold and he couldn't seem to stop shivering in the chilly air. But he kept going until suddenly a light appeared almost blinding him.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here, brothers?" A deep voice asked and the prince looked up and up and up into the face of a very tall man.

"Um, I'm Snow White and Chris brought me part of the way here then send me on by myself while he went back to the castle." He stood shyly and darted a quick look at the five men before him. "Are you Josiah?"

The big man smiled at him. "I am indeed and these are also Chris' brothers, Nathan, Buck, Vin and JD. Why did he send you to us, Prince Snow White?" He saw the prince shivering and spoke again. "But we can wait for that tale for a bit. It's a long walk up here and we've already worked hard today so let's adjourn to the springs and hear the rest of the story once we're clean and warm again."

And so saying, he hugged Snow White close and urged him further into the sparkly grotto. "Welcome, my prince to our home."

Prince Snow White had never seen such a beautiful place in his life. The torches the brothers carried revealed sparkling gems and shiny veins of gold and silver embedded in the granite rock walls of the vast chamber. He was so busy looking he missed their route entirely and only noticed they had reached their destination by a change in the air. The air currents were warm, almost hot and the air was damp with a clean smell of rock and stone.

"Come and get warm, my prince." Josiah set his torch into a bracket on the wall and the brothers did the same so there was plenty of light to see the green and blue water steaming gently in the still air. "Put your things here so after we bathe you can change into them."

The prince saw stone hooks carved in fanciful swoops protruding from the walls and shelf niches where the others were already putting the clothes they were taking off. He blushed and tried not to look at their strong hard bodies but oh it was so tempting to see another male when he'd never seen anyone but himself. Still, it wasn't right to gawk at them so he dropped his eyes and slowly removed his own clothes, hoping they wouldn't look at his scrawny self.

"Come in my boy, don't be shy." Josiah's voice was cheerful and the prince obeyed at once although he really couldn't help but stay shy. The water was blood hot and chased away the last of the chill from his long journey. He found the pool was chest height on him so he didn't fear drowning in this strange bathtub.

"Here's some soap, Prince Snow White." The youngest brother JD gave him a glop of white gel and he showed him how to rub it between his hands to get it to lather and foam.

"Thank you, JD. Please would all of you simply call me Snow? I may not be a prince any longer." He asked them earnestly and Josiah frowned a little.

"Wash up and then tell us why you say that, Snow." He said with a kindly smile.

They all washed up and Snow kept sneaking peaks at all the different bodies before him. He hadn't known men could be so different and he thought all of them absolutely beautiful, although not as beautiful as his Chris would be when he saw him. He was sure of that. When they were all done washing, they sat on stone benches carved from the walls of the pool and he told them what had happened since his mother died.

"Well, damn and blast, Snow, we're not going to let that cowardly Count get away with this." Buck said indignantly.

JD moved from the bench to Buck's lap and he leaned in and kissed him hard while the prince looked on wide-eyed. Nathan's dark arm hugged the prince close for a brief moment. "Buck's right, little one, we'll find a way to get your throne back to you. I'm glad he picked Chris to kill you or another assassin might have actually done it."

Blond Vin patted his shoulder before moving to Josiah's lap and kissing him. "I wonder how long it will take Chris to get back to us."

Snow blushed. "He said he would come as soon as he was able."

Josiah's sharp eyes saw the blush. "And what else did he say, little brother?"

Snow cast a shy look at the five brothers. "He told me he loved me and gave me my first kiss."

Buck chuckled. "Welcome to the family, Snow. Now we'll be seven brothers."

Snow nodded. "I want to be a part of your family but I have a lot of questions about . . . things."

"We'll answer them all, Snow." Vin told him with a flash of a white smile. "And show you too so you know what you really want when Chris comes."

Nathan hugged him right onto his lap. "And if you had your first kiss today, I expect you've got lots of questions about male bodies and what they can do."

Prince Snow White nodded and moved a little over the big shaft he could feel under him. "I want to know how to pleasure him and why my stomach feels so fluttery when I'm with him."

They laughed and promised him they would help. He could hardly wait.

The end of part one of Snow White