Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, Anchors universe, part 17
Title: Snow White, the Huntsman and the 5 Miners
Summary: Smut actually, lots and lots of smut.
Date: 18 January 2004
********* Chris *********

The weather just kept getting worse and worse until the forecaster said the first 'real' cold front was going to move through. Ezra helped me make sure the horses were in the barn, the hay was stockpiled in place and the heater was on in the trough so the water wouldn't freeze. I'd be checking on them the next morning but if the storm really dumped a foot or two of snow on us, I wanted to be ready.

We'd checked with the others and all of us had battened down the hatches and settled in for the duration. I'd made sure the woodpile on the back porch was maxed to the limit so we could keep the fire roaring inside. We had a good furnace, plenty of backup power in the form of a generator if the lines went down but there's just something about a blazing fire that appeals to me.

Ezra says it's the primitive coming out in us but he likes the fire too so he always helps with the care and maintenance. We had steaks to grill over the fire while he nestled the foil wrapped vegetables in the red coals below the logs. I'd talked him into dragging one of the guest room mattresses out to a space we cleared near the fireplace and it was piled high with pillows and comforters.

Even though the wind was howling around the corners of the house, it was toasty warm where we were. He'd stripped out of his clothes once the room was hot and I did too while grinning from ear to ear. The little radiator in the bathroom would ensure it was warm when it came time to bathe. With all the lamps off and just the fire and a couple of candles for light, it was kind of like being in the caves where Ezra had left us a few nights before.

"More story, Ezra, I like the idea of caves instead of a cottage. What happens next?"

Once they were all bathed, they wrapped their towels around them and headed down a long tunnel to another big room. The prince's eyes widened at the sight of the gigantic round bed in the middle of the round cave. It was heaped with brightly colored pillows and soft velvet blankets over warm flannel sheets. It looked quite inviting and the prince wondered if he'd be sharing it with all of them.

He was kind of hoping he would because his stomach was quivering again.

"Here, wear this robe. It can be cold in the lower caves." Nathan held out a furry green robe. "It's the same color as your eyes, Snow. Put these slippers on too, little one. We don't want you catching a chill."

The prince did as asked and felt like he was being cuddled by soft lambs from head to toe. Belting it around his slender waist, he watched them all put on a different color robe and slippers. Josiah wore a regal purple; Buck had on a periwinkle blue that brought out the color of his eyes; Vin looked wonderful in sky-blue; JD sported a sherry colored robe; and Nathan wore one in deep chocolate brown.

"Come, little one, we need to eat our dinner." Josiah put out a big hand and placed it on the small of his back, guiding him out into the tunnel and down a short way then into another cave. Torches lighted the oblong cave with the dining room table and eight chairs in the center. The prince helped JD set the table with the pewter plates and gleaming silverware.

Josiah, Buck and Vin brought in several platters of both cold and hot foods. Once they all sat down, Josiah said a short prayer then Buck poured a deep red wine into each heavy glass goblet. The platters made the rounds of the table and everyone ate heartily while talking quietly about what they'd been doing during the day. The prince listened to everyone and asked shy questions about their work.

They were each mining something different and he learned much about life underground and the digging out of the treasures he'd always taken for granted. The crown jewels, now in the Count's hands, had each been mined here in the mountain guarding their kingdom. The crown held a 100 caret diamond mined by Josiah himself when he was younger.

"I'm the lapidary of our brotherhood, Snow. Once the gem stones are found, I cut and polish them so they can go to market." Josiah drank another sip of the delicious wine. "I've a pair of emeralds I've been working on for almost a year. They hadn't yet told me what they wanted to be but now I see your beautiful eyes, I believe they'd like to adorn your shell-like ears."

"Ask them tomorrow, 'Siah." Vin yawned and barely covered it up in time. "For now, let's go to bed. The gold vein in tunnel three was tough today."

"My poor love, I shall massage it away for you." Josiah's look was almost incendiary and the prince wondered what he meant about massage.

The wine had loosened his tongue so he asked. "What is massage, Josiah?"

"Good heavens, Snow, you do have a lot to learn." Josiah looked sad for a moment then he smiled at him. "Up my dear ones, let's stack the dishes and put away the leftovers. I'm sure the kitchen gnome will reward us with a hearty breakfast tomorrow morning."

The prince wondered about that so he asked another question, which Vin and JD answered in unison. The mountain gnomes helped out with the cooking and cleaning in return for certain gems the brotherhood mined for them. It was then he realized that they weren't really blood-brothers but siblings of the heart. That made him feel much better about the way they held and kissed each other. He didn't want to be a prude but he was pretty sure that brothers weren't supposed to do that to each other.

He helped JD wipe down the table then joined them for the trip back to the bathing cave where they took turns using the magical chamber pot for their wastes. Vin had whispered in his ear what to do with the comfortable round wooden seat that sat over a hole through which the wastes disappeared. He told him while they were waiting for their turn about the compost the gnomes made for the oread's garden on the surface of the mountains.

Snow asked what an oread was and Nathan answered him with a soft smile. "Every mountain has a nature spirit who guards and protects her realm. The spirit in human form reports to the ancient gods of our world. They don't take much notice of mortals anymore but we try to take care of our home and not hurt her unnecessarily. Our oread is named Rain-Flower and she is the most beautiful spirit ever born."

Vin nudged Snow and whispered. "Nathan loves her very much and twice a week, he leaves us to spend the night with her. She only visits us once in a while since she's really shy and we can be a kind of noisy bunch."

Snow thought about that while he took his turn peeing through the round ring. So, the brothers didn't exclusively love each other, they also liked oreads and gnomes. Then he smiled to himself and wondered if Chris did, too. Vin had waited for him so when he came out of the little room that housed the hole and hand in hand, they returned to the bedroom. Vin pointed out the vein of pink granite connecting the two rooms so Snow could find his own way there if he had to get up in the middle of the night to use it.

JD and Buck were already in the big bed and Snow shivered when Vin showed him where to hang up his warm robe before getting in, too. They seemed to sleep nude and he shyly bared his body to them before crawling in one side. Vin slid in right behind and urged him into the center so he was sandwiched between Buck and him. It felt so odd to have all their warm, naked flesh next to his and his shaft was rising in response.

Josiah joined them then, sliding in next to Vin. "Nathan is going to Rain-Flower tonight. Will you be all right sleeping with us, Snow? I know it's not what you're used to and we do have a guest cave where we could put you for tonight."

Snow shook his head vigorously. "No, I don't mind. If it pleases you, I want to know more about how you can pleasure each other. I need to learn all I can before . . . Chris comes for me."

Josiah smiled at the way he verbally caressed his brother's name. "Very well, little one, we shall do our best to show you how to make love. Did you like your kiss?"

Snow nodded dreamily. "It made my stomach quiver and when his tongue touched mine, I felt like my . . . um, shaft was going to stand up."

Buck chuckled and slid his hand up the prince's arm to his shoulder. "Touch is a big part of making love, Snow. There's no single place that feels better than another although each man has their hot spots. How does this feel?"

"Warm but my skin has goose bumps like I was cold." Snow was a little bewildered but when Vin started on his other side, he moaned happily.

Josiah smiled and began touching Vin's chest. "I know it's odd but our bodies react to both hot and cold in some of the same ways. Watch what happens when I touch Vin here."

Snow's eyes widened when Josiah's big fingers slid over the nipple above Vin's heart. It peaked for him instantly and seemed to swell a little. When Vin copied the same touch on him, he realized why. "It feels . . . good. The stomach butterflies are back."

Buck tweaked his other nipple gently then leaned over and kissed it, letting his tongue out to lick it into a hard peak. "What fingers can do, so can tongues and lips. How does this feel?"

"Oh-h-h," Snow couldn't manage any more for his body was reacting enthusiastically to every touch. He felt like he was on fire and his shaft was so hard, he was afraid it was going to leak that odd stuff.

"I'm going to touch your shaft, Snow." Buck pushed the blankets off of him, which felt good because he was so warm. "Holy Mother of the Mountain, what a work of art your cock is. Oh boy is Chris going to be surprised."

Snow blushed and looked worriedly at each of them. "Is there something wrong with it?"

Josiah laughed out loud and reached a hand over to stroke his shaft tenderly. "Nothing wrong, sweet Snow, you have a beautiful cock. It will give our brother much pleasure and you'll feel that, too. It's all right for it to grow, Snow. Watch what happens when Buck and I touch it together."

The prince watched and panted while their fingers wrapped around his shaft and moved up and down it. A tear of liquid appeared at the long slit and he watched in disbelief when Buck bent his head and licked it away. He wanted to close his eyes but didn't want to miss anything they were doing. Josiah's big hand wrapped around him and gripped tightly and just like that he shot out thick ropes of white stuff over both of them.

His whole body convulsed and he fell back onto the warm sheets senseless. The two men smiled at him compassionately and then licked him clean while Vin and JD stroked his upper body. He came back with a rush, his whole body feeling new. Snow wanted more than anything to feel his Chris' hands on him. But then he realized he could touch him too and that gave him a whole new set of ideas.

"Thank you, all of you." He shared his beaming smile between them. "I can hardly wait to do that with Chris. Will he let me touch him, too?"

"Of course he will, Snow." Buck moved back up and propped himself on one elbow while his finger traced patterns on the prince's pale skin. "Making love is a gift of taste and touch that each man gives to the other. Anything that isn't mutual is just plain wrong. One person who takes another without their permission is called a rapist and he's evil."

"Chris said something about taking before he left. What does that mean?" Snow asked innocently.

"It's a euphemism for penetration and you're still too young for penetration, Snow." Josiah said, shaking his head. "Once you're sixteen, you can make the decision whether or not making love that way is for you. But we can show you how it's done."

Snow frowned. "What kind of penetration can take place?"

Josiah smiled. "Both men and women can experience penetration, Snow. A woman has an opening between her legs through which a man's shaft passes into her body to give her pleasure. It's also where a child must pass when it's time to be born from the womb inside her body."

"A woman carries a baby inside of her?" Snow's eyes were like a little round owl's. "Did my mother carry me like that?"

Josiah realized the little prince really didn't know anything about the workings of either men or women's bodies. "Yes, she did, Snow. I've got a good book on the subject and we'll read it together tomorrow. I'll answer all your questions I can."

Snow grinned and nodded. "Thank you, Josiah. I look forward to learning more. But a man doesn't have an opening between his legs so where does a shaft go?"

Buck moved his big hand down the prince's body, under his shaft and between his legs. Snow's legs automatically moved apart to give him room and the smiling man thought again what a natural the boy was to loving. "There's an opening just here." He rubbed his finger gently over the small hole between the prince's cheeks. "It's a place that brings great pleasure to both partners, both the taker and the giver. But making love this way should never be done lightly for there can also be great pain involved if both men aren't prepared."

Snow was moving restlessly and his cock was rising again. Josiah thought with a grin about the recovery time for a young man. He continued with the lesson. "It's all right, little one. Getting hard again is perfectly normal for someone your age and so are your questions. Lay back while Buck and JD demonstrate how it's done. Remember it must be done with love and great care so neither one is hurt. The taken man must be relaxed and well stretched before the giver of the pleasure ever slips inside of him."

"A man doesn't have any natural lubrication," Buck had rolled over and onto JD and for a moment while they kissed, the lecture was postponed. Snow couldn't help but notice the tenderness they shared. He thought it beautiful and he ached to know that feeling for himself.

When Chris returned for him, he would know this then. He hugged that knowledge to him with a feeling of joy. Soon he would be with the man who made his stomach flutter and his spirits soar. But for now, he was going to learn every single thing about how to make Chris feel good.

Buck and JD were now scattering kisses all over each other and Vin was showing him a bottle with pretty golden oil within it. "What Buck was saying about lubrication is important, Snow. You've got to put oil inside your lover and your cock has to be slicked up, too. It's all part of making love. Some men like being taken so much that they never want to take another. I'm like that. I love Josiah inside of me with all my heart so I rarely take him. Buck and JD like to switch back and forth. That's a decision you and Chris will make together."

"And I love being inside of you, sweetheart," Josiah kissed Vin's shoulder and then dipped his big fingers in the bottle, covering them with oil. "Snow, sit up so you can see how to get the oil inside of your lover. I can start with two fingers because Vin is used to me but if you and Chris decide to try this out, you're going to start with one finger only. Turn for me, angel-eyes."

Vin handed Snow the bottle of oil before turning and kissing Josiah hard. Josiah's glistening fingers slid slowly down the shadowy crease between Vin's taut buttocks and the blond immediately moved his top leg over his lover's hip. Snow watched wide-eyed while the two fingers began to disappear within the tiny hole. His breath was growing short and his shaft had never been this hard, not ever he thought dazedly while his hand reached for it.

They were still kissing while the fingers disappeared deeper and deeper inside Vin. It felt like the temperature of the room had soared and Snow found himself stroking his shaft harder. Vin was making little moans and flexing his muscles in evident enjoyment of his impalement. Snow noticed Buck and JD were watching them, too. With a big grin, JD's fingers had dipped into the oil and he was behind Buck while the bigger man flexed and did a little groaning of his own.

But Snow's eyes kept returning to the slender blond and his larger partner. They were so beautiful together, their love shining around them like a golden shroud. He wanted to look like that with Chris. With wide eyes, he watched a third finger move in to stretch the muscles guarding Vin's entrance. They looked impossibly thick to him but when Vin stretched and moved away from his lover, he saw Josiah's shaft for the first time.

"Just how did you know Josiah was so big, Ezra?" I asked him from my comfortable position with my head in his lap while he fed me a slice of apple.

"When we were on the Perelli case three years ago we both got sprayed pretty good with that toxic sludge he was passing off as liquor. I was starting to itch pretty badly and Josiah kept twitching. Once we got back to the offices, we hit the showers together and I think we both got a surprise." Ezra chuckled and brushed a kiss across my frown. "We nodded to each other and that was it, sweetheart. I simply remembered when I started spinning our tales."

"Okay," I said. "I was just curious. More story, please. When is Chris coming back?"

He laughed and kissed me sweetly before getting another apple slice and feeding it to me. "Soon, my love, don't be so impatient."

Snow watched in awe at the large organ standing tall above Josiah's flat stomach. It looked even bigger than his and he couldn't believe it would ever fit inside of Vin. But his new friend was happily going onto all fours while Josiah knelt behind him. Snow was sitting up and splitting his gaze between Vin on his knees with the big man sliding in and Buck on all fours with JD about to pierce him.

He didn't want to blink in case he missed something. Snow held his breath when Josiah fit the mushroom head into Vin and slowly slid inside. The look on Vin's face was pained but then a big smile began to bloom and he sighed happily. Snow gulped hard and switched to his other side where Buck was wiggling back to seat JD deep inside of him. They were both laughing and Snow thought wistfully how much he wanted that wonderful feeling for himself.

"Oh, Josiah, harder," Vin sighed and pushed back while Josiah's big hands held his hips still for him. "More, love, give me more. I've got an itch that really needs scratching."

"My impatient love, you really need to relax and let me take care of that itch." Josiah chuckled and began to thrust in and out of Vin slowly building up speed until it felt like the whole bed was shaking.

Snow hugged his knees to his chest and watched JD for a little while moving really fast in and out of Buck. His lover was pushing back to get more of him inside and once there he must have been doing something that made JD laugh and tell him, "No fair, Buck. Stop rippling those muscles or I'll come too fast."

Buck took pity on the prince and explained what he was doing. "You've got inner muscles as well as outer muscles, Snow. With a little practice, you can learn to flex your inner channel around your lover's cock and believe you me, Snow, he'll love it and so will you when it's your turn. Oh yeah, JD, right there."

"See, Snow, a man has a spot inside of him that really likes to be touched with either fingers or cock." JD explained while keeping on thrusting with little grunts at each snap of his hips.

"And that feels good?" Snow asked, going back to watching Vin groan around the thick shaft impaling him.

"It feels great, Snow," Vin said with a big smile and a loving look over his shoulder at Josiah. They kissed softly but awkwardly then they went back to making love with all the passion they had.

Snow watched and hugged his knees tighter. He made a silent vow to learn all he could so he would be able to make it as joyful and wonderful for Chris as these four were making it for each other. He wanted to belong to someone the way they belonged to each other. He wanted the same love they shared. And if he was very lucky, he'd be able to pleasure Chris so he'd never want to leave him.

He was a quick learner and he wanted this more than anything.

I held Ezra tight and wondered if something from his past had crept into the story. I knew he'd been hesitant about making our relationship more formal. He was afraid of getting hurt and I'd been a pretty tough nut to crack. I'd obviously not given him enough reassurance that we were together forever and I was the most committed man on the planet.

I'd have to do better.

The end of part two of Snow White