Author: Athea (
Title: Before the Night is Over
Series: Set in the ATF universe
Sequel: to Anchors Away
Summary: Chris has been a very bad boy and Ezra knows exactly what to do.
Date: 16 November 2003
********* Chris *********

I was about to go right out of my tiny little mind.

Ezra had been teasing me all evening with snippets of conversation in his Southern drawl.

The plug kept massaging me into steel and I was a little afraid my groin was bulging.

I'd had to dance with every woman in the room and twice with Mary Travis.

She'd copped a feel while we were waltzing and I'd almost stumbled in amazement.

The nerve of her, I thought uncharitably and hoped Ezra hadn't seen it. Then again, I sipped on a glass of Owen's scotch and leaned back against the wall, if he did see it, I could almost guarantee I'd be face down on our bed with silk binding me to the four posters while he teased me past all endurance.

"You want to tell me why you're grinning like the Cheshire Cat and scaring all the nice people who know you." Buck startled me and I almost dropped my glass. He was wearing his Navy dress whites and every woman in the room was lusting after him. "Nice move with Mary."

"Damn, did Ezra see her?" I cast a quick look around but couldn't spot him.

"Oh yeah, Chris, he saw her. He bristled all over for a minute then he got that 'cat with a canary look', you know the one I mean." Buck smiled knowingly and winked.

If I'd been a woman, my panties would be wringing wet. As it was, I felt like adjusting myself in way-too-tight pants. "Well, I guess it's a good thing you guys aren't coming out until Sunday. I should be done screaming and pleading by then."

He barked out sudden laughter and shook all over with the force of his mirth. I tried on a glare but he saw right through it and kept on laughing. JD joined us then, splitting his glance between the two of us. He was dressed as the stereotypical computer nerd with taped glasses, a bow tie around his neck, slicked back hair and a pocket protector bristling with pens.

"What's so funny, Buck?" He asked and I watched Buck get that tender look in his eye.

He had it almost as badly as I did, I thought with an inner smile, trying to keep the glare on my face. My eye was caught by Nathan dressed as a doctor dancing with his wife Rain dressed as a harem girl. That led to a flashback of one of my very favorite memories of Ezra dressed as a pleasure slave for the bust of a Middle Eastern potentate dealing in illegal arms.

He'd kept the costume complete with veil and every once in a while we'd play the Pasha and the concubine. Thinking about that wasn't helping my problem and now JD was grinning at me, too. I'd missed Buck's explanation but it must have been complete because JD's eyes were bright with laughter. It was a good look for him and Buck must have thought so too because he'd gone sultry and his voice dropped even deeper.

"I think it's time we depart, Mr. Larabee." Ezra's voice came from behind Buck and I straightened with an almost audible snap.

I was so owned by the green-eyed beauty gazing at me with loving promises in his eyes.

"That's a real good idea, Ez'," Buck smiled down at my lover. "JD needs his beauty sleep and I need to tuck him in."

"TMI, Mr. Wilmington," Ezra shook a finger at him. "Much too much information."

"Nothing you're not already thinking, Ez'." Buck grinned. "I'd like you to take it easy on ol' Chris here. He's not as young as he used to be."

I tried to protest but Ezra silenced me with one heated glance. "I shall take very good care of Mr. Larabee. Do not come out to the ranch until after noon on Sunday." Another sizzling look and I tightened all over. "I shall be . . . taking care of him for quite some time."

Oh god, I was going to be rode hard and put away wet.

I could hardly wait.

We all four said our goodbyes to Evie and Owen, making our way out of the party with waves to the rest of the seven. Josiah looked like he was ready to leave, too but Vin was still dancing with Selma from the secretarial pool. The black robes of a Jesuit priest suited the gentle man with the craggy face while the tanned buckskins were a great look for my brother-in-arms. That was still a pairing that amazed me but they'd been together almost two years, too.

Ezra's hand at the small of my back sent a tingle right to my groin. "I believe I'll let you drive the Jaguar tonight, Mr. Larabee." His voice caressed my full name while I tightened all over. "I think a little chastisement is in order."

"Play nice, boys." Buck said jovially and opened the door of his truck for JD.

"We always do, Mr. Wilmington." Ezra's sassy smile was flashed at our friends.

I accepted the keys from my lover and opened the passenger door first so he could get in. Then I gingerly got in the driver's side, sitting on one hip so I didn't arouse myself any more by pushing that damn plug in. We were two blocks away from the Travis' when he put his hand on my thigh.

The muscles bunched and jumped in an almost Pavlovian response while my poor cock wept salty tears. "Ezra, Mary didn't mean anything by it."

"She most certainly did, Chris. And you let her." He said mildly while my heart began to beat a little faster. "Touching while dancing is acceptable but her lurid grope of your privates was completely unacceptable." His hand slid up a little farther and brushed feather light strokes across my aching cock. "I'm afraid I shall have to make sure that every square inch of skin she might have possibly touched is branded . . ." his voice dropped even further if that was possible, "mine."

My hands tightened on the steering wheel while I bit my lip. "All of me belongs to you, Ezra. I never forget that."

A soft kiss was brushed across my cheek. "And all of me belongs to you too, my dearest Chris. But I am still going to possess you completely tonight." That Southern drawl caressed my ears while his hand slid up to tease my nipples. "I'm going to let you undress me first so the wool doesn't hurt either of our skins. Then I'll slowly . . ." he tweaked my right nipple and it sent a shock all the way down to my groin. "Slowly, I'll peel you out of these lovely leather pants. Did I tell you I had it made especially for you?"

I grinned and risked a look over at his dreamy face. "Your tailor must think I'm a kept man, Ezra. What does this make, five or six costumes fitted exactly to my measurements?"

He smiled and slid his hand up to toy with my earlobe. I shivered all over, he knows what that does to me. "This one is the sixth and I believe it is a success."

"Yes, it is, love." Finally we were out of the town center and on the interstate where I could go faster. Another twenty-five minutes and we'd be home. After all the years of just going to an empty house, I had a home again. "Which one is your favorite?"

He chuckled and dropped his hand to the waist band of my pants, slowly pulling off the sash he'd wrapped around me. He trailed it over my chest, tickling my nipples again. "They all call to me of your beauty and spirit but I think Jungle Chris is my second favorite."

I caught my breath when he unsnapped my pants and folded the edges open so the cool Fall air hit my groin with the force of a great wind. "Yeah . . . oh yeah, that's one of my favorites, too. But if it's second, which one is first?"

The tips of his fingers brushed through the wiry curls of my groin. "I believe I enjoy being the Pasha buying a new concubine for his harem. There's something about you standing naked on the auction block with only a jewel in your navel, your hands tied with silk behind you and the steel bar keeping your legs apart. I love inspecting you with my fingers and tongue then whisking you away to my desert tent and dressing you in those low slung belly-dancer's see through pants. That makes me need to possess you from the tips of your hair to the end of your toes."

My hands were getting sweaty while I thought about that first play. I'd felt so vulnerable with the steel bar keeping my feet almost two feet apart. My hands tied behind me increased my feeling of helplessness but once Ezra started touching me, I soon forgot anything but him. By the time he told my imaginary slave owner he'd buy me, I was hard with need and aching for him to brand me as his. He'd chained me to the hook in the ceiling we'd installed a few weeks before and left the bar in so I was spread wide for him. I came so hard, I blacked out that time.

But our last session of love-making had been even better. I hadn't thought I could do it but I'd managed to dance for him with the little chimes on my fingers that kept my rhythm going. My veils had fluttered around me and he'd practically tackled me onto the floor, slicking his fingers and getting me ready with almost feverish haste. The harem pants had no crotch so I was achingly open for him when he flipped me over onto all fours and thrust inside of me without any of his usual care.

He'd burned all the way in and I'd almost come at the first thrust. It had felt like a red hot poker impaling me and I'd shouted my surprise and joy. He'd calmed down a little then, stroking my hips and kissing his way up my spine. I loved making him lose control like that but it didn't happen very often.

"But the black motorcycle leathers are good, too. I love seeing you wearing just the chaps with your pretty cock bound up just like this." His fingers eased into my pants, caressing the root of my cock. "And the black vest with the golden chain of your nipple clamps gleaming against your skin. It just makes me want to tie you to your motorcycle and have my wicked way with you."

Oh yeah, that was one indelible memory of a hot summer day working on the bike. Ezra had come out with the chaps, vest and the nipple clamps. He'd had that 'I'm going to make you come so hard, you sneeze semen' look about him and he'd stripped me bare then re-dressed me in the tight costume. The nipple clamps always hurt a little when they first go on but he'd kissed and licked my nubs to diamond hardness before clipping them and pulling gently on the chain.

I came back to the here and now when he finally got my cock out of my pants. His cool fingers wrapped around me while my eyes watered with the need to come. But the leather cock ring and ball harness kept me from shooting. I almost missed the turn off for Highway 6 but finally we were on the homestretch. Another fifteen minutes and I was hoping to finally come.

"Almost home, love," his accent smoothed my senses while his fingers gripped me tightly. "Then I'm going to get out first and come around to your door. Once I open it, you're going to swing your legs out and then I'm going to swallow you whole and unsnap the cock ring so you can feed me a little protein."

I was almost whimpering, I needed to come so badly. But his hot breath in my ear made me shiver again. "Need you, Ezra, I need you so much."

"I need you too, Chris. Never doubt the love and joy you brought into my life. I've loved you for so long." The note of longing in his voice matched mine and sent me back to the memory of that day in the barn with my motorcycle.

I was sweating all over while his fingers, slicked with the motor grease I'd been using to oil the cycle, teased my hole. His voice whispered all the things he was going to do with me once I was stretched wide for him. My legs straddled the leather seat and I had to stand on my toes to give him room to work. He told me he was going to ride me until I begged to come and I heard his need for me in every word.

He'd folded in the fourth finger so I was wide-open and begging him to come inside and put out the fire. Then he swung his leg over the seat and told me I had to keep the bike upright while he rode me hard. I was shaking all over when his cock breached me slowly and I cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain. He slid deep, his arms around me and his hands playing with my nipples.

The leather feels so good against my chest, he whispered in my ear while he pulled on the chain. My hands were holding onto the handlebar grips with a death grip while I struggled to keep my balance. My cock was being strangled by the leather hood he'd fastened around it and my balls were tight and hard. Holding onto my hips, he'd begun the rapid in-and-out thrusts that targeted my prostate with every 'in' and left me empty with every 'out'.

We couldn't last and he shot deep inside of me the exact moment he un-hooded my cock. I exploded all over the bike and barely managed to keep us upright. My legs were like noodles and my arms were so relaxed that I think he was the only reason we didn't just fall right off the leather seat. I couldn't even ride the damn thing without getting hard now and I blamed Ezra for that every time he so-innocently asked me if we couldn't go for a ride.

Finally, I saw the porch light the timer had turned on. I stopped the car with a screech and turned a pleading look on my grinning lover. But he was already unbuckled and out of the car door, coming around to my side and opening me up in more ways than one. I arthritically got my legs out and he was as good as his word, swallowing me with a single inhalation and unsnapping the cock ring.

I shouted and came just like that, not even caring that the night was cool and a brisk breeze was sailing through the car. It would have taken ice to un-relax me at that point. I pulsed out my seed in seemingly never-ending squirts while he hummed and drank me down like his favorite whiskey. I wanted to come forever but he was pushing in that plug and I was starting to tingle again. It would be a while before I could get hard but that would make his chastisement all the sweeter.

"Dear one, that's an extremely good look on you." He said with satisfaction, pulling my pants off over the boots. "Sit up for me, love so I can get your shirt off. I fancy seeing you in just these sinfully decadent boots."

That sounded good to me and I struggled to sit up, using the steering wheel to help me. But he saw my dilemma and used his strong grip to get me up the rest of the way. The air was chilly but it felt good on my overheated skin. Once my shirt was off, he stepped back to look at me and his eyes went hooded.

Oh yeah, I was so getting taken tonight.

"Inside, Chris," he stroked his crotch and I wanted to knock his hand away so I could do that instead. "You need to undress me."

So, I moved away from the Jag and strutted into the house. He was right, the boots were soft as butter and they smelled like sex. I heard the car door slams and then he was right behind me, his hands caressing my buttocks and his voice telling me how beautiful I looked wearing only the black leather boots. "Maybe I'll let you keep them on, Chris. They'd feel good against my skin while I'm sliding in and out of your tempting body."

I tightened all over and barely made it through the front door before my hands were at his waist. He laughed and let me strip him of the sword and gun belt while he was shutting and locking the door behind us. I laid them carefully aside because knowing Ezra, they were museum quality and worth a fortune. But the uniform could be fixed and I impatiently unbuttoned every button I could find.

He threw his hat over onto the coat rack then began to run his hands over my chest, pinching my nipples into peaking for him again. Finally his jacket came off so I could peel him out of the fine linen shirt underneath. His chest with the curling chestnut hairs was revealed and I took a moment to kiss each of his nipples while my hands kept on unwrapping him.

Kneeling, I helped him out of the polished leather boots so I could slide his pants off those sturdy legs. His cock strained against the white silk long underwear he'd worn to protect his skin from the wool and I slowly peeled them down and let him spring free. Licking my lips, I leaned in for a taste of salty-Ezra. I still couldn't deep throat him like he could me but I kept trying. Nibbling on the flared crown, I bathed the long slit with my tongue and tasted a salty tear.

"Such a good pirate," he crooned and slid his hands through my hair. "That's it, love, bathe him well and he'll give you nothing but pleasure in our bed."

I hummed agreement and took in another couple of inches. But he was too big and too thick for me to get anymore in my mouth. I shivered a little remembering how it felt stretching me. I was suddenly a wanton slut and I wanted to be face down with him buried so deep he would come out my throat.

So I pulled away and stood up, hugging him close and sharing his taste with him. His arms held me just as tightly while his cock slid under mine and between my legs. We both groaned and pulled apart. It wasn't enough and we quickly left the foyer to climb the stairs to our room. When Ezra moved in, I'd bought a new bed for us. The king-size four poster gave us more room to play and tonight was no exception.

He let me keep on the boots but he positioned me at the foot of the bed, tying my arms to each of the pillars but leaving a little slack so it wasn't too tight. But then he gagged me with the green sash from my costume and my cock decided to get interested. But then he went over to the play chest and pulled forth two of our toys while I groaned pitifully. Ezra grinned and came over, moving my legs apart and fastening the bar between them.

I wasn't the only one who'd been turned on by that slave auction play. His hands stroked down my back, over my taut buttocks and down my legs to the tops of the boots. "Yes, I knew they'd feel like this on my skin. And now for another little enhancement."

He circled me and knelt on the end of the mattress, homing in on my nipples and kissing them gently. But I craved more so I moaned and swayed between the thick oak posts. He chuckled and bit them both before clipping the clamps onto them. Only Ezra could get me this hard, this fast, I told myself while panting to catch my breath.

"Yes, Captain Larabee, you're not such a fearsome pirate now, are you?" He smiled and moved off the bed to get the bottle of oil/lotion we kept by the bed. Then he disappeared behind me, plucking the plug out and plunging his slick fingers in. I was already stretched but he still took a few moments to play with my hole, folding in all four fingers while I writhed in my silken ties.

"You look so beautiful like this," he calmly edged his thumb into my hole and I shook hard, wondering if this was the time he'd fist me. "Not yet, love, I'm not sure of my way with that caress and neither are you."

I whined through the gag, wanting and yet not wanting it. He kissed the top of my spine and pulled out all his fingers. But then his cock was sliding in and sliding in and sliding all the way to my heart. I panted some more and wondered if my stretched legs gave him better access and really let him go deeper. His hands stroked down my side then around in front of me so he could play with my cock.

"So responsive, my love, you're so open and accepting of everything I do." His kiss came again a little further down my spine and I wiggled at the love in his voice. "Others fled from me in terror once they saw my shaft but you . . ." he licked my spine and started rocking his hips into me, moving his cock over my prostate. "You welcomed me in even though you were a little afraid I'd split you in two."

I hummed through the silk and remembered the first time when he gently and tenderly took my other virginity. I had been afraid but not enough to do anything but help him seduce me.

"You do remember, don't you, Chris?" His rocking became thrusting and my cock rose to the occasion. "You were so sweet and you tried so hard not to show how much it hurt. But it doesn't hurt now, does it, my love?"

I shook my head and whined again to get his hand back on my cock or nipples. He chuckled and licked my shoulder blade before biting down gently. He liked marking me as his and I wore each bite-bruise proudly. One day I hoped I'd get him to mark me some where so others could see it. But for now, I reveled in his possession and pushed back to get him to take me harder.

"So impatient, dear one, perhaps I should slow down?" He paused, his fingers pinching my nipples and I held still, biting my tongue and silently willing him to continue. And he did, picking up speed, his hands bracing my hips so he could hold me still and push in further. My eyes were watering again and when one hand gloved me, I tightened all over and came.

His hand milked me while he thrust twice more and flooded me with hot seed. It raced through my bowels and I relaxed all over, his arms holding me up. I felt a little sting and knew he'd bit me again on the other shoulder. He rarely softened much when he'd only come once so when he pulled out, I whimpered with the loss of his hot bulk.

"Sh-h, sweet heart, I've got you." He undid my arms, never completely letting go. Then when I was leaning forward, he knelt and undid the bar so I could fall forward completely onto the bed. "Poor love, I've exhausted you. I'm going to go run a bath for us. Stay right here and I'll come back to help you into the bathroom."

He left me with a kiss on each cheek and a lick of my spent hole. I undid the gag and slowly rolled over. Yep, rode hard and now I get to play with wet-Ezra, my very favorite bath toy. It just didn't get any better than this.

The end of Before the Night is Over