Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, ATF
Series: Anchors, part nine
Title: Beauty and the Beast, part 1
Summary: Ezra spins a fractured fairy tale for a sick Chris.
Date: 4 January 2004
********* Chris *********

Once upon a time, long, long ago - a merchant lived in a small village with his three beautiful daughters. His wife had died when they were still young and as a consequence they were rather spoiled young women. But very beautiful and since he was moderately wealthy, they had excellent dowries to find them good husbands.

Unfortunately, the shipping trade can go bad in a heartbeat and since the merchant had insufficiently diversified his holdings, he lost his whole fortune. Now word came that one of his ships survived so he journeyed to Port Royal to find out if it was true. His daughters bade him a fond farewell and he rode off on his mighty steed.

The good news was the ship survived but the bad news was the cargo had not. He didn't have enough gold doubloons with him to spend the night in the expensive inn so he decided to find a nice hay stack and sleep there. On his way out of town, he came across a beautiful garden with high stone walls and what looked like a small stable. Thinking quickly, he knocked at the gate and waited for a reply.

"Who goes there?" A deep voice asked.

"I am a poor merchant looking for a place to stable my horse. I was hoping I could perhaps sleep in the stables just overnight. I promise I'd be no trouble and I'd be willing to do any chores you might need to have done." The merchant asked.

"Hm-m-m, it's been a long time since I had a good sword fight. I see by your sheath that you take care of your blade. Lodging, a meal and some sword play, is this agreeable?" The silky voice asked.

"Yes, thank you that would be fine." The merchant replied as the gate swung open.

"Meet me in the great hall. The servants will show you the way."

The deep voice then disappeared while the merchant followed the sound of a hammer rhythmically beating an anvil. At the stables, he found a tall dark man, working near a forge. He'd been working without his shirt and the merchant gulped when confronted with the massive chest covered with dark hair and the well-muscled arms flexing in the heat of the fire.

But the blacksmith smiled at him and introduced himself as Nathan. He took the merchant's horse with a gentle pat to his arching neck and gestured him towards the large manor house that could barely be seen behind the thick pines. The merchant took his saddlebags and trudged up the long lane to the imposing stone mansion whose front door stood wide open in welcome.

The butler, who gave his name as Josiah, showed him up to a beautiful room with its own bathroom and took the saddlebags from him to unpack while the merchant took a nice hot bath. When he came out wrapped in a large white towel, the butler had laid out an outfit he'd never seen before although the fresh underwear was from his bags. The merchant was a little taken-aback when the butler matter-of-factly finished drying his back and began to help him dress.

"The master was pleased to loan you some evening clothes." His big callused hands stroked the merchant's skin while he laced up the crisp white linen shirt. Then he knelt to help him step into the delicate ivory hose that stopped just above the knee and secured them with a beautiful green garter that the merchant had never seen before. But before he could ask from whence it came, the butler slid up the second leg and secured that one, too.

Then those big warm hands were sliding tight black leather pants up his legs and the merchant was shocked to find his manhood rising to meet the soft touches he'd missed so much from when his wife was alive. The butler tsked-tsked and nonchalantly sucked the lovely peach's-and-cream cock into his mouth while the merchant gasped and held onto the graying head giving him such pleasure.

"Josiah?" I gasped and looked wide-eyed into a sparkling green gaze.

"It's a slightly different fairy tale, my love. May I continue?" He grinned at me and I nodded weakly.

It took no time at all for the merchant to release into the voracious mouth and while he was still reeling with shock, the butler calmly finished dressing him. "There, the master will be pleased with your appearance. Now, there is something I must warn you about. The master must leave you by 10 o'clock. He has a . . . medical condition that must be seen to at the same time every night. Sometimes he gets a little irritable just before he leaves. Please take no notice, simply bid him goodnight."

"Yes, I will," the merchant pledged while following the butler from the room. This manor and its inhabitants were stranger than anything he'd ever seen before.

"Oh, one other thing," the butler stopped and smiled down at him. "You taste delicious, Sir." His eyebrows wiggled. "I'll be back to help you change for bed."

They descended the stairs into the great hall while the merchant was still grasping for something to say to the odd man. But all thoughts fled his mind when he saw the twelve foot long dining table with fourteen high-backed chairs around it. His host was standing by the roaring fire dressed all in black. Green eyes stared at him and the lips quirked up in a sinister smile.

"I thought I was going to get to be the Beast." I said indignantly. "You know, get to glare and be nasty."

"That's a different tale entirely, my dear man." Ezra chuckled. "I can change it if you wish although this version is rather naughtier than that one."

"No, no, you go ahead with yours." I hastily curled a little closer to him and made sure I was plastered to every square inch of skin I could reach. "Are the daughters even going to be in it?"

He kissed me silly then slid his leg in between mine, up snug against my balls. "They come in a little later. Now, shall I continue?"

Nodding, I rocked a little to get more comfortable. I hoped he got to the good parts soon.

"Good evening, Master Merchant. I am Lord Standish and I welcome you to my home. Did Josiah take care of all your needs?" He asked.

The merchant promptly blushed and cast a quick look over his shoulder at the grinning butler. "Um, yes, yes he did, thank you. The room is very nice and so was the hot water. I am Christopher Larabee."

Lord Standish nodded then gestured towards the table. "I'm glad, Master Larabee. If you'll be seated, we can begin dinner."

The butler pulled out his master's chair and seated him before crossing to the other end of the oak table and seating the merchant. Flourishing the snowy white linen napkin, he placed it in the merchant's lap, taking care to caress his leather bound genitals before stepping away. The poor man squeaked at the unexpected touch and he caught his host raising an eyebrow at him.

He just blushed again and dropped his gaze to the solid gold plates with polished platinum rims. The crystal was thin and beautifully etched with grapevines. A young man entered the room just then and the merchant gaped at the sight of his beauty. Tall with blond hair that rippled over his broad shoulders, he wore a pair of blue tights, soft black slippers and a simple white tunic slit up both sides to reveal creamy flesh with every movement.

He came to the head of the table with a wrapped bottle of wine and poured a sip into his lord's glass. Lord Standish tasted it before nodding approvingly. "A good choice, Vin. Please continue."

The wine steward smiled and poured him a full glass before crossing to the merchant and filling his wine glass.

"A toast, Sir." Lord Standish raised his glass and the merchant made haste to do the same. "To weary travelers and grateful hosts."

The merchant smiled and nodded before sipping the crimson brew. It flowed over his tongue like purest ambrosia and before he knew it, he'd finished the glass. But the wine steward was right there to refill it and then the butler was serving him a delicate porcelain bowl of steaming soup. He tasted scallions, celery and something else he couldn't quite identify.

"Anise seeds crushed and added at the last moment before removing it from the heat." His host answered his question before he could ask it. "The next course is one of my favorites, steamed asparagus with a touch of basil butter."

A moment later and the merchant hummed in delight at the way the tender stalks of asparagus melted on his tongue. He almost blushed again when he looked up and saw his host poised in mid-bite, watching him enjoy his food. With a blink, Lord Standish returned to eating and the odd moment passed with the introduction of the third course, a bed of oysters lightly seasoned with garlic and cumin, nestling in their shells.

The merchant found the slippery oysters surprisingly tasty and barely kept a little moan of appreciation back. Looking up, he was transfixed at the sight of his host; head tilted back a little while an oyster slid from its shell to his waiting tongue. It suddenly felt very hot in the hall and he shifted uncomfortably, realizing for the first time that he'd become aroused again.

I was rock hard and it felt like my fever was back. Ezra was stroking my stomach languidly while I trembled and tried to recall something right on the tip of my tongue.

"Is there something about these dishes, Ez'?" I felt his lips brush softly over my throat.

"They are all thought to be aphrodisiacs. We should try them some evening." He teased the nipple over my heart then nipped gently. "Not that we need them, my dear Chris."

"No-o-o, oh there, Ezra, right there." I rocked back and forth while he kissed his way down my chest and finally sucked my cock into his warm mouth. I moaned over and over until with a final swallow around me, he hummed and drank me down.

I lay, loose and limp under him and he licked me clean before slipping from the bed to get a warm wet cloth. Eyeing his return, I could see his cock jutting firm and proud out into the air. "Come here and let me pleasure you, Ezra."

"Not just yet, sweetheart. I have more story to tell and some stretching to do." He'd brought the damp cloth and the jar of special lubricant with him. He kissed me slowly then coaxed me onto my side, facing away from him.

Sighing in pleasure, I urged him to keep spinning his tale.

Dinner continued and ended with a lightly whipped chocolate mousse with shaved white chocolate sprinkles on top. The merchant couldn't keep from moaning just a little at how very good it tasted and that earned him another odd look from his host. But after moving from the table to the comfortable study off the great hall and a pair of arm chairs, the merchant found conversation with his host was almost as fascinating as the meal had been.

Lord Standish drew him out about the shipping ventures, his family and his plans for the future. The merchant found himself pouring out his hopes and dreams while sipping slowly on a delicious cognac. Burning green eyes mesmerized him while the lord asked delicate questions about his personal life. But suddenly they were interrupted by the butler who simply pointed to the grandfather clock in the corner of the room.

It read five minutes to ten. Strange, it sounded like Lord Standish growled, the merchant thought in confusion. But then the man was standing and bowing slightly to him. "I have enjoyed our conversation, Mr. Larabee. Tomorrow, we shall have that sword match. Goodnight."

Then he swept from the room, leaving the merchant to rather mournfully regret their intimate speech and the ambiance of the cozy study. The butler gazed at him appraisingly before offering him a hand out of the comfortable wing chair. "I'll show you to your room and bed, Mr. Larabee. It should be nicely warmed by now."

The merchant appreciated the steadying arm since the room had a tendency to swirl around him when he stood up. He thought hazily the second cognac might have been too much for his system. The floor seemed to dip and move beneath him but the butler kept him upright all the way to his room. They'd just reached it when a mournful howl echoed through the halls, gaining in loudness before slowly fading.

"What in God's name was that?" The merchant started and stared about him.

The butler calmly opened the door and ushered him inside. "Just the cat, Sir, he's been loosed for the night so I'll ask you to remain in your room until dawn. He's very . . . protective of the master's property."

"Oh, I see," said the merchant who didn't understand at all. He puzzled over the interesting evening while the butler slowly stripped him of his borrowed finery. He only woke to the fact he was completely naked when warm hands gently held his shoulders and turned him towards the bed. A not empty bed but one that held the lithe form of the wine steward. Only this time, he was naked, too.

"The master doesn't believe in using hot coals in a warming pan to heat up a bed." The butler whispered in his ear while the young man in the bed sat up gracefully and pushed the covers back enticingly. "We'll be joining you tonight to make sure you're completely comfortable. Let us take care of everything."

The merchant slid into the bed and into the strong arms of the wine steward. Their cocks dueled between them and he couldn't help moaning a little at how good it felt. But then Vin was whispering how delicious he looked and his fingers were plucking at suddenly aching nipples while his long blond hair tickled the merchant's skin.

"Turn a little, Sir," Vin whispered in his ear. "Watch Josiah."

Merchant Larabee turned his head on the satin pillow and watched the big man slowly undress by the side of the bed. His eyes widened at the sight of the grizzled chest hair, the long arms and then he gasped when the pants slid down the strong legs to reveal a cock twice the size of any he'd ever seen. He gulped hard and wondered why his mouth was so dry with all he'd drunk that evening.

"He's so beautiful," the young man said with a happy sigh. "Come to bed, my love so we can pleasure our guest."

The butler smiled back at him and slipped into the suddenly crowded bed. "I told you, Master Larabee that you taste quite delicious and Vin would like to taste you, also."

"I . . . I don't know what to say." The merchant could see himself blush from head to toe. "I've never, ever lain with a man before."

"Then we'll show you some of the pleasures to be had between men, Sir." The butler smiled and caressed the merchant's chest. "We'll do nothing to make you uncomfortable or to hurt you. If something feels wrong just tell us and we'll cease."

The merchant was still eyeing the huge cock that brushed against his leg but Vin laughed merrily and brought his eyes back to him. "Don't worry, Sir, I don't share Josiah's cock with anyone, but we can show you how two men take each other. First though, I want to taste you."

And saying that, he brushed his lips over the merchant's who opened and allowed the kiss. It was almost sweet and rather chaste but it brought tears to his eyes for it had been so long since he'd shared a lover's kiss. After that, the merchant was treated to tender touches, soft kisses and delicate caresses that made him ache and burn in turn. But the kiss that moved him the most was the one his bed warmers shared above him. The two of them had kissed their way down his body only to meet above his cock. They shared a long look then the butler tenderly kissed Vin with such sweetness, the merchant felt privileged to witness it.

But then they were back to pleasuring him with soft sucking kisses to his most intimate parts until his shaft spent itself in Vin's mouth.

I was writhing on the two fingers buried inside of me while his voice poured over me like honey. I'd have never thought of fantasizing about two of our teammates making love to each other but I had a new appreciation of Ezra's ability to spin a tale.

He relaxed all over while the wine steward lazily licked his groin clean. They were kissing again and he watched them with a sated feeling and an interested glance at both their hard cocks. The butler's hand was caressing his lover's shaft and the wine steward was moaning softly under his breath. Then they pulled apart and grinned at each other. Josiah reached out a long arm and pulled a small jar from under one of the numerous pillows at the head of the bed.

"This should satisfy your curiosity, Sir." Vin said rather cheekily before kneeling between the merchant's legs. "Get me ready, Josiah."

The butler chuckled and motioned for the merchant to stuff a couple more pillows behind him so he could see more easily. Then he opened the jar and coated his fingers with the slick lotion while Chris watched curiously. His eyes widened when the butler slid two fingers slowly down the shadowy crease between the taut buttocks of his lover. But he gasped out loud when first one than the other side inside the tiny pucker he found there.

"Doesn't that hurt?" He asked with a gulp even though the look on Vin's face wasn't one of pain.

"Did the first time or two since Josiah's so big," Vin sighed happily and wiggled just a little before flushing all over. "Oh there, my love, right there."

"There's a gland inside a man's channel that gives great pleasure when stimulated." Josiah told the merchant. "Lubrication and stretching are the keys to making it feel good. I'll stretch Vin for quite a while before coating my cock with this lotion and sliding deep inside of him."

The merchant was beginning to lose his breath and he actually felt his shaft stir again. Vin laughed out loud and reached back to get some of the lotion on his fingers. Then he slowly wrapped them around the cock stirring in front of him. "It feels quite good, Sir and even better I know it's my very own lover who's going to stretch me for his great big cock. Do you see how the crown flares out so wide, like a giant mushroom?"

He did indeed see the purple crown at least six inches across and the merchant whimpered at the thought of it ever fitting inside the hole, which was even now being stretched with three fingers. He felt restless and his legs spread almost involuntarily as if seeking more stimulation than the slick fingers were giving him.

"I could show you?" Vin said slowly and brushed a single finger behind the merchant's balls to the small hole hidden there. "One finger only and I'd find your gland to see if you like it?"

The merchant froze, his eyes looking deep into Vin's before he nodded very slowly. The feel of that slender finger breeching the tight muscle felt so odd that he almost forgot to keep watching Josiah stretch his lover with a fourth finger. But it didn't hurt, it just felt odd so he smiled at the blond and nodded.

Two minutes later, he was panting and hard again. It felt like he was on fire inside and out. The small burn of the unaccustomed penetration had been overlaid with so much warmth that a delicious tingling swept throughout his whole body. But he forgot to feel for a long moment when Josiah removed his fingers and set that bulbous crown to his lover's stretched hole and pushed.

Vin groaned and dropped his head, everything stilled while the long thick shaft forged steadily into his body. Only when Josiah could go no further did he begin to pant. Chris' shaft had hardened to steel within the loose grasp and after a long breathless moment, Josiah began to move. Vin gasped and moaned louder, his head coming up and showing a beautiful look of pure bliss.

Then he started moving that finger inside of Chris and the merchant gasped and responded with some moans of his own. Josiah kept up the steady thrusting while Vin leaned down and sucked the merchant's cock into his hot mouth. The bed creaked in time to the deep thrusts and they made love for almost half an hour before Josiah came deep within his lover and Chris shot down Vin's throat.

Tired beyond belief, the merchant almost passed out but not before the other two cleaned up and curled around him, warming him all the night through. An approving growl came from the chair near the bed and the castle cat hopped down from where he'd watched the orgy to make his rounds of the property.

Ezra had slid inside of me at the same moment he'd described Josiah sliding into Vin and I'd almost come on the spot. For a sick man, I'd sure come a lot today, I thought through the euphoria of being spitted on my favorite cock. His thrusts were slow and deep while he kept telling me the story and I finally came with a shout when he bit my shoulder and flooded me with his hot seed.

I was asleep almost before I heard him say, "And the rest of the tale comes later."

The end of part one of BatB