Author: Athea (
Fandom: M7, Old West
Title: Dust, part nine
Challenge: Ash '07, one of the elements in 15 minutes
Date: April 28, 2007
********* Ezra *********

I've always enjoyed a crackling fire.

It cooks our food, warms our homes, lights up our nights.

Whether it's the small flame of a wax taper or the comforting flicker of logs on our hearth, fire soothes and enriches our lives.

Without it, I couldn't roast a delicious chicken; boil new spring potatoes; brew a cup of tea; bake a chocolate cake; toast zesty garlic bread; grill a trout; or broil a thick steak.

Even worse, I couldn't luxuriate in a steamy bath or warm cold sheets with a hot water bottle.

But there is a fire I could do without. I wouldn't mind weaning Chris from those smoky cigarillos with the obnoxious fumes. The living room curtains may never come clean. I'll work on that.

End of part nine