Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, ATF universe
Title: Demons
Summary: Willow challenge 2004
Note: Um, kind of nasty really - torture, violence, a little S&M thrown in.
Date: 24 April 2004
********* JD *********

My head feels like someone has been using it for a punching bag.

And what in hell is with the dripping?

Clunk? I try to open my eyes but it feels like they're glued shut.

Nah, it's more of a clip-clop. Am I in a stable?

I force my eyes open and feel my brain try to understand the images. Red lights flash off and on in front of me. Everything else is dark but now and then I can see something . . . metallic.

I try to turn but suddenly realize I can't move anything but my head. And everything hurts like I've been beaten with boxer's gloves. I turn just enough to see my arms stretched out on either side like the letter 't'. The metallic shine is like handcuffs but these are thicker and heavier.

"They're called manacles, little one." A gravelly voice whispers in my ear from behind me.

I would have jumped but I found my feet were secured to the floor, too. The hoarse chuckle made the hair on the back of my head stand straight up. Where am I? Who the hell is this guy? And what does he want? Oh god, I'm bleeding. That must be what's dripping.

"Who-o are y-you?" The damn stutter from grade school was back.

Another chuckle then the weird . He was big and hairy all over. The sound was some kind of boots. There was something different about him but my blurring sight couldn't seem to focus right.

"Don't you recognize your old friend?" His voice was deep and gravelly but I did kind of recognize it.

"J-j-josiah?" I blinked rapidly to clear my eyes. "What's going on? Is this a joke?"

His smile grew bigger and he clip-clopped closer. What the hell kind of boots was he wearing? The closer he got, the stranger he looked. There was dense hair all over his body and it looked like he was wearing hair pants. He wasn't wearing a shirt and I could have sworn he'd grown thick fur all over his chest and arms.

"No joke, little man. You're just seeing my true form." His hand reached out and lightly scored my hairless chest with long sharp nails.

I tried to jerk back but the chains held me tight. When I looked down, I could see four glistening scratches start to bleed. "What do you mean - true form?"

I've always liked Josiah's booming laugh but this chuckle was low and intimate and made me shiver. "Your team mate is an aging man of 45 but I'm almost four thousand years old." His other hand came up and scratched my chest in a perfect circle around my right nipple. "He is a confused idealist while I am a very focused being who knows exactly what the world needs."

Blood was oozing from the scratches but it didn't really hurt . . . yet. Part of my brain was gibbering in terror but part of my body was perking up and taking notice. I tried to tell my cock to just go to sleep but it wasn't paying any attention. But while I was looking down at him, I noticed it wasn't pants Josiah was wearing. It was all him.

"4,000 years old?" My brain caught up with the conversation. "That's impossible."

"Not for a satyr beloved of his demon Master," Josiah said calmly while his nails trailed down to my stomach, leaving fiery trails behind. "We've been watching you for some time. It's time for you to join us."

My cock was rising to the occasion and I noticed something start to protrude from Josiah's furry groin. It was big and brown and it just kept getting longer and longer while I tried to breathe and not panic.

"So innocent," Josiah leaned in and licked away the blood from over my nipple. "Such purity of spirit is like a drug for my Master." His tongue rasped over my skin while my trembling reached all the way down to my toes. My eyes fell to the floor and I saw Josiah wasn't wearing boots.

Hooves, he had hooves instead of feet - cloven hooves.

"Delicious," his voice deepened and he stepped away. "My Master will be pleased. I must just warm you up for him."

That's when he picked up a shiny black whip. Before I could even try to plead, I felt the sting of leather. He laid each new blow precisely above the last one while he worked his way up my body, avoiding my steel-hard cock. I was red-hot and my skin sported thin red weals that stung more than actually hurt. But when he moved behind me, I really got worried.

It hurt and yet . . . my cock has never been this hard, I thought in a daze. Every once in a while, he'd lean in and lick a welt he'd just whipped onto my body. I was shaking all over and when the whipping stopped, my head hung forward while my cock dribbled tears of cum onto the cold stone floor.

Before I could try to plead with him, I felt those long nails lightly scourging my back down to my buttocks. I blushed and went rigid at the thought of what might come next.

"Relax, little one, this is not for me." His whisper made me shudder especially after he bit my earlobe. Something probed between my cheeks and I instantly clenched them as hard as I could. His chuckle made my stomach flutter right before something hot and hard and slippery was thrust through my hole.

It hurt. It was so big I felt the skin tear a little inside of me. I panted through the pain and tried not to cry while it moved in and out. All the while, Josiah laughed and whispered disgusting suggestions in my ear. "This is just a taste, little one. Our master will eventually offer you to his satyrs for our pleasure. Or maybe to his dragons once you're properly broken in. He would think this a mere toy. He's so big, he'll split you in two with his cock when he takes you."

He twisted it and I felt ridges on it, what ever 'it' was. "This is just to open you up for him. His cock is bigger than my arm. It's covered in shiny green spikes that will feel like invisible thorns against your skin."

I shuddered and got even harder when he touched something inside of me that actually felt good. When I gasped and pleaded with him to stop, he just laughed some more.

"You see, there can be pleasure mixed with the pain." He thrust a little deeper and sparked that spot again. "Our Master will find your pleasure point . . ." he brought one hand up around me and lightly ran a nail down my cock. "And if you've pleased him, he'll stimulate it until you come screaming his name."

No, this was not happening - I was *not* responding to this torture.

"But if you've displeased him," his low whisper made my skin ripple at the same moment his hand clasped my cock lightly, the leathery palm hot against my tender flesh. "Ah, little one, you don't want to ever displease him or it won't be a simple whip he fucks you with."

A whip - I tried to think through the pleasure/pain. It could be a whip handle he was raping me with. He hadn't moved away from me after he'd scored my back. "You're wrong, Josiah. I'm going to get away from here and turn you in."

He laughed at me and pulled out what ever he'd been using on me. Standing in front of me, he raised my chin and forced me to look into his glowing red eyes. "Escape and tell them what? That I'm really a satyr who likes to whip little boys before raping them with my big cock - hm-m-m?"

He forced my head down to look at his groin and I finally started to panic. He was huge, longer than my forearm and twice as thick. If he tried putting that thing in me, I was as good as dead. "No! Josiah, don't do this."

Harsh laughter filled the room while I struggled to get loose. Then something touched me from behind and Josiah fell to his knees in front of me. "Master."

I screamed.


"JD, wake up. JD," a voice was calling to me while strong hands shook me. "Damn it, JD. Snap out of it, buddy."

Buck - it was Buck. I opened my eyes and looked frantically around the room. I was in my own bed in my own bedroom in the apartment I shared with Buck. "God, Buck, I just had the worst nightmare."

He stopped shaking me and hugged me close, petting my hair with his big, warm hand. "It must have been, JD. I heard you scream and thought the boogey man was getting you."

I wiped the sweat from my face on the sheet and tried to slow down my heart rate. "Not the boogey man, Buck, something worse."

"Hold on there, little buddy. I'll get you a glass of water then you can tell Ol' Buck what's wrong." He dropped a kiss on my forehead and left me for the bathroom.

I tried to straighten the sheets and my comforter up. I'd done a pretty good job of destroying my bed. I finally had to get out and strip it down to the bottom sheet and start from scratch. Buck came back in and helped me then fussed until I was back in bed drinking the water he brought me.

When I was done, he set the glass aside and curled in beside me. "Okay, what was the bad dream?"

I was kind of embarrassed but I needed to tell somebody and Buck is my best friend. He listened intently and let me finish before saying anything. When I faltered to a close, he thought for a long minute then cuffed me up side of the head. "No more super-spicy nachos for you after ten, JD. See what happens?"

I chuckled. "I promise. In fact I may never eat them again."

He laughed with me and stroked the hair back from my forehead. "Good to hear. Now about Josiah as a satyr," he paused before giving me that shit-eating grin of his. "I think you may have something there. I got to tell you, the man is hung like an elephant."

When I looked at him wide-eyed, he chuckled again. "Saw him once in the showers at the gym, the man is seriously equipped and something tells me he knows how to use it, too. But I can't believe he'd ever be able to whip anybody except for himself. He takes things to heart and I have to say he might be into self-flagellation for his supposed sins but I don't think he's into S&M."

I laughed a little and felt my eyes start to close. "I think you're right, Buck. I'm glad you were here to wake me up."

He dropped another kiss on my forehead and pulled the sheets up a little higher. "I'm glad I was here, too. Now go back to sleep, little buddy. Buck will be right here to chase away the bad dreams."

I nodded sleepily and curled up a little tighter. With the light still on, I wasn't so afraid of the dark. Buck would keep me safe, I knew that will all my heart. Falling asleep was easy with my protector by my side.


Buck smoothed the hair back from JD's forehead. He knew to the exact moment when the young man went to sleep. And that's when he smiled down and let his eyes glow red.

The end