Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent 7, Old West
Title: Settling the Dust, part 5
Pairing: Ezra/Josiah
Summary: Josiah is read to.
Note: I've got two Kama Sutras in my collection, one classic m/f and one for m/m. A lingam is their word for cock in case you don't want to go get a dictionary.
Date: 6 April 2003
********* Josiah *********

I cuddled Ezra closer and read from the Kama Sutra that he'd sent away for. He was right, the pictures were inspiring. I just couldn't help comparing him to the painted beauties that graced the heavy sheets interspersed with text. They didn't hold a candle to him and so I'd told him when he asked me if I thought them beautiful.

"Josiah, did you ever bed a woman like these on your travels?" He turned his head just far enough so he could turn that curious look on me.

"It was a very long time ago, Ezra and yes, I did." I caressed his cheek and gently kissed him. "I was staying with a minor noble named Rashid in his summer residence in the far north of India. It was the custom to gift a guest with a woman of the harem for a pleasant evening's entertainment. I remember her name was Pearl and her skin was like honey. Unfortunately she stank of some unguent that the Indians found desirable. I didn't want to be rude so I complimented her on her dancing before telling her that I'd taken a vow of chastity."

Ezra had started off frowning but by the time I was done he was smiling again. I didn't intend to ever tell him that Rashid had been quite insistent and replaced her with an exotic beauty with doe eyes and a truly amazing limberness that had exhausted me completely. That had happened to another man entirely.

"Good," he kissed me hard before turning to another scene of debauchery. The reds and blues of the picture practically leapt off the page. "Oh my, Josiah, all the men have really big cocks like yours." And he confidently stroked me back to life after our earlier bout.

I chuckled and snaked a hand under the book to his pretty cock. "I never actually saw any of them but I think we can take it for fact that the artists were exaggerating a bit."

He stuck his tongue out at me and I swooped in to suck it into my mouth. Ezra still tasted of our afternoon tea and I searched for the honey that he delighted in drizzling on the scones. He is sweeter than anything I've ever tasted. But finally we had to breathe and he grinned up at me.

"That's very sad, Josiah but I'm glad that they never saw this beautiful organ or you might have never come back to the United States. And that would be very terrible for me." He gripped me a little tighter and I felt myself harden a bit more. "But you liked her dancing, didn't you?"

"She was a very good dancer, sinuous and limber." I admitted and turned another page.

"Hm-m," he said while his eyes widened. "Josiah, is that even possible?"

A woman was bent over backwards between two men, one of them fucking her while she sucked the other's cock. "Just barely possible, Ezra and she'd be in danger of choking if the second man thrust too hard into her throat."

"Josiah, if you had a harem who would be in it?" His tones were playful but I heard a tiny note of insecurity.

"Just you, beloved, only and ever you," I said fervently. "I'll never need another soul as long as you stay with me."

He dimpled up at me before going back to looking at the vivid drawing. "Not even Miss Duke?"

Ah, I saw his real question. Miss Duke was a new inhabitant of Four Corners, coming here with her married sister and brother-in-law to open a restaurant in our growing community. "Certainly not, Ezra, she's much too tall and too blonde."

He relaxed a little against me. "Oh good, she's very pretty and she's traveled a lot."

"True, I enjoyed my brief chat with her when I helped Daniel with the new windows." I nonchalantly turned another page to a man standing while fucking the woman he had lifted in his arms. "But she's also rather opinionated and a little proud. I could see that she had already dismissed me as a potential mate because of my age and appearance."

"She's a fool then," he said flatly. "You are the most desirable man in the whole of Four Corners. But I'm glad that you don't want to add her to your harem." He traced her position. "I think we could do this one, Josiah, although we'd have to improvise. If I faced away from you, held onto the back of a chair and let you pick me up, I could wrap my legs around your waist so you could slide right in and fuck me hard."

My cock jumped at that wanton picture. I had to clear my throat before I answered him. "I think you're right, little love. Would you like to try it now?"

He twinkled up at me. "I think that you should get me ready for your beautiful big cock. Your little concubine needs reminding who his lord and master is."

I almost lost it then and there at the rather shocking picture he'd painted in my mind. He saw my reaction and closed the book, lithely getting up to put it on the bedside table before returning with the liniment that we kept near the bed. His grace put those dancers of my past to shame. He moves like a cat, all sinuous lines and liquid gestures.

If I wasn't to disgrace myself by coming too soon, I was going to have to calm down. But having Ezra stretch himself over my lap wasn't helping nor was his delicate licking of my rock hard cock. He knew the signs though and pulled sharply on my balls, taking away the immediate need to come. I took a deep breath and slid a slick finger between his plump cheeks.

He wiggled all over when I sparked his gland, the velvet channel grasping at my finger when I slid it out and came back in with two. He was panting by the time I got to three and flexing around the blunt intruders with little mewls of pleasure.

"Now, Josiah, please now," he panted then sighed unhappily when I took them out. But he abandoned my cock at once and got up to lay his hands on the back of the chair that we kept in the bedroom. He cast a sultry look over his shoulder while I made my way off the bed, still afraid that I'd come prematurely.

"If you feel any pain, Ezra, you must tell me at once." I kissed him slowly and ran my hands over his silken skin.

"I promise, my Lord," he wiggled back against me. I had a strong urge to forget what we were going to try, throw him over my shoulder and head straight back to bed.

"Little love, hold on tight." I waited until he was holding on to the top rung of the chair back before getting a good grip on his hips and raising him up until he was parallel to the floor.

Guiding his legs around my hips, my cock slid between his cheeks and nudged his suddenly impossibly small hole. Ezra was chanting my name over and over while I pressed inexorably inward. He felt tighter than he had when I took his virginity. There was something about the angle that was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

"Dear God, Josiah," he was panting and I could see his arms trembling. "You feel huge. So good, so very good and so deep that you're about to come out of my navel."

I chuckled and stilled balls deep in him. "Is there any pain, little love?"

He clenched around me. "No pain, love, just a burning pleasure that makes me want to scream. Please move now."

So I adjusted my grip on his hips and began a slow pullout before thrusting back in. He didn't scream but I'd never heard my name shouted quite so prayerfully before. It was like making love for the very first time and I knew it couldn't last. He was trembling all over and I wasn't far behind. There was no way that either of us could touch his cock but that didn't matter because when he suddenly burst, he took me right along with him.

We rested a moment before I had a thought. Sliding one hand from his hip up to his chest, I got him balanced just right. "Sweetheart, let go of the chair and let's see if I can carry you back to the bed without coming out."

He let go at once, reminding me of the great trust he placed in me. For a moment we teetered a bit then I brought him up against my chest. And that was when he did shriek my name and start growing hard again. Slowly, I walked across the room back to our bed while he moaned and clenched around my still firm shaft. Going to my knees on the mattress, I gingerly laid him face down onto the soft sheets, still pillowed on my thighs.

"Josiah . . . oh love . . . Josiah," he groaned and flexed around my bulk still firm but not really hard enough to come again this afternoon. "Stay inside of me."

"Sweetheart, you're going to be sore if I don't come out soon." I was torn by never wanting to leave his tight warmth and the fear that I would hurt him.

"No, I won't." He cast a bright look over his shoulder. "I think you like having a harem, Lord Josiah. And the Book says that you have an obligation to keep your concubine satisfied."

Dear heavens, he was right. I stroked my hands down his back to the firm cheeks that pillowed my cock. "Do you mind if I like that fantasy, little love?"

He grinned and wiggled a little. "I like it when we play games, my lord. I never want you to need any additions to your harem so I promise to always please you. Why when you leave each morning, I promise to be waiting here for you, naked and oiled so you can come home each night and plunge your mighty lingam into me."

And my traitorous cock jumped at that wanton picture. His delighted laughter told me that he'd felt that. "Ezra, no man could possibly resist that promise." I rocked in a little then out, taking it slowly this time. "Of course, some days I think I'd like to be the weary preacher who stops at the country estate of a young Rajah. The Prince would begin to teach me what ignorant Americans don't know about the sacred art of love between men."

He buried his head in the pillow and moaned again. "And the traveler would be a virgin in the ways of love, wouldn't he?"

"Indeed he would be untutored and shy about his hairy old body when confronted by the smooth young skin of the beautiful Rajah." I thrust a little harder and felt my balls draw up. My control was never strong around my Ezra.

"I will be your Rajah, Josiah so long as you let me be your concubine." He was pushing back against me, trying to get me deeper.

"We'll take turns, beloved," I impaled him one last time and released the tiny bit of fluid I had left deep within his hot depths. He moaned and came in my hand.

This time I gently eased my way out of his body and rolled him over so he wasn't suffocating himself in the pillow. We were both limp all over and I lay down beside him with a little moan of exhaustion. I'd need a steak and about 24 hours of sleep to gain back the energy I'd expended this afternoon.

"Josiah, we need to take a nap before we go to the saloon for dinner." He fit himself into my side and I drew up the sheet over us. "Love you, Josiah."

I held him close and kissed the top of his curly head. "I love you too, Ezra. Go to sleep and dream of me."

He chuckled and yawned against my nipple, giving it an idle lick before sucking on it. "I will dream you on your hands and knees, I think. I will have just shaved you all over so you won't be so affected by the heat of my country. You'll be slick with oil, begging me to put out the fire inside of you."

I blinked and thought about that decadent picture. Coughing a little to clear my suddenly paralyzed vocal chords, "I'll dream that too, beloved."

"My Josiah," his voice trailed off and I smiled into his curls.

All our dreams were bright.

The end of chapter 5