Author: Athea (
Series: Magnificent 7, ATF universe
Pairing: Ezra Standish and Vin Tanner
Title: Matchmaker, part ten
Summary: Vin gets to dispense some TLC.
Date: 26 March 2001
Vin, part ten

He liked to scared me to death when he got so sick so fast.

The next three days passed real slow but it was kind of a contented time all the same. Ezra spent a lot of time sleeping off the last of the drugs, but when he was awake, we talked. He liked hearing about when I was little and I liked his stories about his Grandmother Eugenia. I knew he was leaving out some things but then so was I. Some of my foster homes were pretty grim and I didn't do much thinking on them.

But along with the memories, we were also exploring each other's body. His was a wonder to me all clean lines and powerful shoulders. His suits tended to smooth out all his features but when I looked at him naked, all I could see was the strength of him. He confessed that he lifted weights when I asked him as if that was a fault instead of a plus.

He liked being touched but he still started when I slipped my arms around him. I could tell that his family wasn't big on touching because of the wonder in his eyes when I leaned in and trailed a hand down his body. By the end of the third day, he was feeling better and our caresses began to heat up. I've always believed in tasting what I touched and Ezra tasted better than anything I'd ever tasted before.

Even his sweat was sweet and his seed was something that I wanted to taste again and again. But when he touched me, it was like no one had ever allowed him to take his time before. He was hesitant but when I encouraged him, he smiled and let his fingers do the walking. My nipples were sensitive and he loved to suck on them while I writhed beneath him.

In fact, the afternoon of the third day, he'd made me come just from that. He looked real pleased with himself and I held him close and thanked god that he was getting better. He'd scared me good with his nausea and blurred vision. Nathan tried to explain what the drug blend was but it didn't make any sense to me or to Ezra. The drugs they gave him to counteract the effects had sent him right to sleep and kept him sleepy for the first two days.

But today, he'd decided not to take them and so far he was doing fine. I was watching him though and at the slightest hint that he was having a problem, he'd be taking his dose if I had to sit on him. Of course, that thought made me grin suddenly when I thought about sitting on him.

"That's an evil smile if I ever saw one, Vin. What are you up to now?" His voice was lazy and content, just the way I liked to hear it.

Putting a shocked expression on my face, I leaned over him and kissed him gently before putting just enough space between us so I could watch him. "Well, you know I've been doing some reading? I was thinking that it might be time to have you ... explain some of those things that have me a mite puzzled."

He got serious real fast and even looked a little nervous. "I'll do my best, Vin but I'm not very good at explaining something I've never done before."

"Well, then we'll just have to explain it to each other." I leaned in and kissed him slowly while his hands slid over my shoulders and down my back, shifting us so I was resting on top of him.

Our cocks nestled between us content for now to lie quietly together. His hands stroked my cheeks gently and I let my legs fall to either side of his hips. The first tentative caress down my crease made me shiver and he paused to make sure I was okay before brushing over my entrance and gently rubbing it.

"There's a lot of nerve endings here, Vin, that's why it's so sensitive."

"It feels good, Ez'. I want to know more." I reassured him and he rolled us over until he was on top of me.

"We're going to go very slow and take our time, Vin. I don't want to ever hurt you." His voice was tense and I could tell that this really mattered to him.

"You aren't going to hurt me, Ezra, any more than I'm going to hurt you. But I got to admit that I'm real curious as to why it feels good." I smiled up at him and watched him relax a little. "If it didn't then men wouldn't keep on lovin' each other."

He finally smiled. "Indeed, Vin, I'm aware that it can feel good when the proper preparation is done."

Reaching over to the bedside table, he snagged the bottle of massage oil that I'd used to give him a back-rub every night. I could feel the anticipation mounting while he coated his hands with the sweet smelling oil. Then he was smoothing my stomach muscles with long languid strokes that made me feel like stretching all over. He smiled down at me from between my legs and began to trail his fingers down my inner thighs.

That felt real good too and when he leaned over to suck my cock into his hot, wet mouth I just had to thrust up a little. And that's when he rubbed that finger over my entrance again but this time he slipped inside just a bit. I tensed then relaxed so I didn't spook him. It felt full even though it was just his finger and it felt a little funny when he eased it in further then out again. Concentrating was hard with his tongue wrapped around me but I needed to move again 'cause I had a restless feeling inside of me.

His thumb was rubbing the skin behind my balls and I was starting to shiver again when his finger went as deep as it could go and I felt a flash of ... something that really startled me. "Ezra, what is that?"

He slowly let me slip from his lips, leaving me all wet and shiny. "That's the prostate gland. Did it feel all right?"

"Felt good but real different. Do it again." I could still feel his finger inside of me although he hadn't moved since he let me go.

"Your wish is my command." He smiled tenderly and went back to sucking on my cock while his finger twisted inside of me.

The flash-fire was back and I moved my hips a little, trying to get the feeling back again. But he was pulling his finger out and I moaned in disappointment only to feel him wiggle two fingers inside me. That felt really full and I squirmed at the sensation.

"Too much?" He'd let me go again and was watching me like a hawk.

I blushed. "It feels like I've got to ... um, you know ... go."

He chuckled. "But is there any pain or discomfort?"

"Nope, just really full and ... oh!" He'd moved them deeper and I felt a fire start deep inside of me. "More. Please more."

He began an odd scissoring motion that brushed against that gland every once in a while and I was moaning pretty much non-stop when he deep throated me. The dual sensations were too much and I felt my cock burst while he was sucking me. His fingers stopped moving while I shuddered in release and when he slowly pulled them out, I felt like protesting.

Except that there was a little soreness and it felt good to not have that urge to push.

"All right, Vin?" He was holding me close and watching me even closer.

"I'm just fine, Ezra. It feels real odd but kind of good at the same time. I think we're going to have to practice it some more." I grinned at him and he relaxed enough to kiss me, sharing my taste with me.

We kissed for a long time until I felt him start to yawn. I pulled up the comforter and he snuggled close to me, falling asleep between one breath and the next. I held him and thought about what we'd just done and where we were going from here. Ezra was on sick leave while I was using up some comp time. Chris had taken it real good when I refused to leave Ezra alone. One of the team had stopped by once a day to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed.

I could tell that Ezra was used to suffering through things on his own and was a little taken aback by the pampering that we were showering him with. But he deserved all of that and more. I was determined to show him what a wonderful man he was and how he should be cherished. I think some of it was getting through and so long as we took it slow, we'd be all right.

Flexing my ass muscles, I contemplated the small ache and what it would feel like when his cock was in there. I'd taken the time to compare us side by side and he was surely bigger than anybody else I'd ever seen. It wasn't so much the length, since he was only an inch longer than me, as it was the thickness. When he was hard, he was a lot thicker than I was and I wondered if I'd ever be able to stretch enough to take him in.

If he hurt me, he'd just shrivel up and die. But if there was a way to stretch myself for him then I would do what ever it took. I needed to know what it was like to be so possessed by him. Maybe J. D. would have some websites where I could order something.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" His sleepy voice brought me back to the here and now.

"Just thinking." I blushed a little and knew I'd have to tell him the truth, he always knew when someone was lying to him. "I'm going to need some stretching if you're ever to come inside of me. Do you think that there are things that would help out there at some adult bookstore or website?"

He bit his lip and worried at it until I made him stop with my own lips. It was a short kiss but powerful and he seemed a little calmer when we were done. "There are indeed things that will help if you're sure. I don't have to ever come inside of you except with my fingers to stimulate your gland."

"Nope, that ain't an option, Ez'. I want to know everything about male loving or maybe it's just Ezra-loving that I need to know about."

Shaking his head, he contemplated my mouth for a long moment. "I have something that might help if you are very, very sure."

I kissed him hard, once for every word. "I ... am ... very ... very ... sure."

He nodded and let me go to roll to the side of the bed and the table where the green lamp sat. Opening the drawer, he pulled out some real odd shaped objects and put them on the bed between us. "These are just a few ... toys that I find useful when it's been a long time without sexual relief."
Ezra was blushing and I knew what it had cost him to admit that to me. "I know just what you mean, Ez'. What's this one?"

I had picked up a flesh colored kind of triangle shape with a big base and a ridged body that was about four inches long. He took the small bottle of lubricant and spread some on the ridges until it was real slick and shiny.

"It's a plug to help stretch the anal channel and entrance. The flared base keeps it from going in too far while the ridges massage your inner passage."

I held it and thought about wearing it inside of me. It was thicker than two fingers but no where near as thick as Ezra's cock. The plastic wasn't hard and brittle but soft and yielding. "Put it in me and let me see how it feels."

He kissed me quickly before rolling me over onto my stomach. I splayed my legs for him and heard him catch his breath. "You look like a sleek mountain cat, all muscles and grace. Are you sure you want to try this now?"

I came up onto all fours and threw him the sexiest look I knew how over my shoulder. "I'm really sure that I want you to put that nice little plug inside of me so I can get ready for your nice big cock."

He shivered all over and moved between my legs, leaning in to blow hot air against my hole. But what really amazed me was the feeling of something hot and wet right there against my tender skin. After a moment, I realized it was his tongue and the very thought of him licking me there made me start to harden all over again.

"Ezra!" I was rocking back and forth in time with the thrusts of his rolled up tongue stabbing through the tight muscles. I was shaking all over and when I felt the first ridge of slick plastic, I pushed back to take it inside. This time the shuddering wasn't as much fun while it moved deep inside of me. It felt much thicker and longer than I knew it was and I was just about to tell Ezra it was too much when it touched that gland.

The heat was back and his warm hands stroking my lower back muscles gave me back my confidence. "Too much? I can take it out."

"No way. It was kind of uncomfortable at first but when you pushed it in," he did it again and warmth blossomed all through my groin. "Oh yeah, just like that, Ez'. Damn, why didn't anybody ever tell me how good this feels?"

"It's a closely held secret between men and a few women. Most men don't know anything about their bodies and few take the time or effort to find out." He was leisurely pushing the plug in and out of me with one hand while the other gloved my cock with slow, almost lazy tugs.

"God, Ezra, it feels so good." I felt like the fire would never go out and when the doorbell rang, I was just on the verge of coming again.

"Damn!" Ezra stopped what he was doing and scrambled from the bed. "That will be Josiah with our dinner and he has a spare key. Hold on, Vin, I'll be right back."

I moaned and tried to relax but once he'd thrown on a robe and left, I crept slowly to the side of the bed. I could do this, I told myself. Sitting up was harrowing because I drove the plug in all by myself but once I stood up, it felt a little better. That is, until I started walking to the chair that held my robe. Every step felt so odd that I found myself doing a kind of bowl-legged walk.

The plug was pure torture but for some reason it never occurred to me to take the damn thing out. I was bound and determined to get myself ready for Ezra without it killing me. I pulled on my robe and tried walking normally to the door but I could feel a hitch in my gait that would hopefully go unnoticed.

Josiah's deep rumble was coming from the kitchen and hearing Ezra laugh at something he said made me once again thankful for the members of our team. There was a special closeness between our profiler and my Ezra. When Josiah called him son, I could see Ezra wanting to respond affectionately but too afraid to do it. One of these days, he'd be able to and I'd be right there cheering him on.

"Brother Vin, you look a little tired." Josiah's wise eyes looked straight into my heart and when I blushed, I could see him nod in satisfaction. "I brought your favorites from the Yu Sing restaurant. Perhaps a nap after dinner would not come amiss?"

"Sounds good, Josiah." I leaned against the table, afraid to get anywhere near a chair.

"Yes, indeed, Josiah, I'll be sure to put him straight to bed after we eat." Ezra had an interesting look on his face and while I was trying to decide what it was, he thanked Josiah and sent him on his way.

"Vin, do you still have it in?" He came towards me with that graceful walk of his and I could feel myself blush.

"Un-uh, it's about ready to drive me insane but it's still there." I straightened up and he caught me into an embrace that immediately sent my half-hard cock to full strength.

"I've never seen anything so sexy as you trying to walk with that thing still in you." His arms came around me and one hand drifted down to press the plug in.

I shivered all the way down to my toes and moaned into his mouth while he tried to devour me. The table was right behind me and was the only thing holding me up.

"Vin, do you trust me?" He pulled back just far enough to look me straight in the eye.
"Yes." I kept it simple and was soundly rewarded when he pushed me up onto the table and somehow got my legs over his shoulders. My robe had fallen open and with no warning what so ever, he deep throated me. My hips tried to come up but in this position, he had all the control.

And I did trust him to drive me absolutely,

... positively and

... completely insane.

I was panting and moaning, my hands on his head to hold him right there while his mouth sucked me so hard that I thought he might swallow me. But his hands were busy too, one pushing in the plug and the other rolling my balls like a pair of dice. When I came, I came so hard that I think I might have blacked out for a moment.

The plug was gone and Ezra was still cleaning up my groin of any stray seed he might have missed. I felt so limp that I was afraid that I was going to need help off the table. "Ezra, did you get the number of that bus that hit me?"

He chuckled and kissed his way up to my face. His look of contentment must have matched my own because he chuckled once before kissing me sweetly. When he pulled away to look at me, he shook his head. "Sorry, Vin, I missed it but perhaps if we replay this drama, I can look out for it."

It was my turn to laugh and I struggled to sit up. He let my legs fall to his waist and he made sure I was securely on the table before pulling me on up. I draped my arms around his neck and gazed into those green eyes of his. I loved seeing him happy and content.

"We're going to be replaying it again and again, Ez'. I love you and one of these days it's going to be you inside of me." I promised him solemnly and kissed him gently to seal the bargain.

"I love you too, Vin. We'll take it very slowly and carefully for I expect you inside of me as well." He promised me right back and sealed the bargain with another kiss.

I would have been glad to just keep on kissing but his stomach growled followed shortly by mine and we broke apart to get supper ready. Josiah had gotten me the Mongolian beef that I loved and Ezra's lemon chicken looked real good. We filled the china plates with rice and meat, taking them back to bed with us.

We watched the news while we ate but the outside world didn't seem to have any significance to us. I felt we were in an enchanted place where just the two of us existed. And I liked that feeling but I also knew that sooner or later we'd have to rejoin the others. I just hoped that we could ease into it kind of gradual-like.

Ezra was yawning a little and he got me doing it too. So we washed the dishes and put everything away before heading into the bathroom for our bath. I was starting to look forward to soaking so long as I had my very own bath toy to play with. Ezra was so beautiful when he was wet. Soaping each other wasn't just for cleaning anymore but for playing.

I got to the loofah first so he had to turn around so I could scrub his back for him. There was hardly any dry skin anymore since I'd been massaging him but he still purred for me when I stroked it over his lower back. And suddenly I needed to taste him the way he'd tasted me earlier.

"Kneel up for me, Ez'. I see a spot that I don't want to miss." I asked him all innocent-like. And he knelt up and stretched a little while I just kept moving the loofah lower and lower. The long muscles of his back were clearly defined here and his ass looked like one of those marble boys in a museum.

Leaning in, I slowly ran the loofah down his crease and then back up over his cheeks. He shivered all over and spread his legs just a little so's I'd know that it was okay to touch him there. We'd been pretty careful to make sure that each new move was all right. Both of us had a little baggage to deal with and we were too important to make any mistakes. So I did the caress again and once more before I leaned in and tasted him.

He hiccuped between a moan and a gasp but since I knew I wasn't hurting him, I just kept on a goin'. I heard my name whispered real urgent-like but I just smiled and kept on teasing that small hole. Then I started stroking his balls real gently with just my hand since I knew the loofah would be way too rough for his tender skin. And he moaned real low while his hands held onto the edge of the tub with a real strong grip.

"Vin ... oh, Vin." was all he could manage to say and I was sure glad that he'd shown me this little move. He didn't taste bad at all, being a real clean person, just a little more Ezra-musk than usual. I remembered that the Book had talked about rimming but until he did it, I just couldn't see how that could be any fun.

Boy, was I wrong.

My other hand was moving on his cock which had gotten hard about two minutes after I started rimming him and between all the stimulation, poor Ezra didn't know which way to move. It wasn't fair to make him wait any longer so I sped up my frictioning of his cock and decided it was time to put a little bit of me inside of him. Hoping that the water and spit was enough lube for him, I tickled his little hole with my longest finger.

He shuddered all over and pushed back so's it went in. I've never felt anything so tight and hot before. I put it all the way inside of him and felt around for the bump that the Book talked about. I was watching his back to make sure he didn't tense up and he encouraged me by constricting his muscles around my finger.

Part of me was thinking that, by God, he was going to feel real good when I finally got up the nerve to put my cock inside of him and the other part of me was wondering if I'd ever find the damn nub. But just then his whole back rippled all over and I knew I'd found it. So, I went back to rubbing it again and again while he moaned so loud that I was afraid that the neighbors would call the cops on us.

He didn't last long after that, spraying his seed into the water and resting his head on his hands while he jerked over and over in climax. I felt pretty proud of myself for making him feel so good and I made sure that I was real slow moving my finger out of his hot channel so's I didn't hurt him accidentally. I leaned in and kissed his entrance to thank it for helping me out.

"Vin, you are an amazing man." He turned around and scooted real close, bringing me in even closer so he could kiss me.

When we had to break apart to breathe, I smiled at him. "You showed me what to do and if it felt half as good as when you did it to me, then that's goin' some."

"It felt like a little bit of heaven and I love you." He had tears in his eyes but I knew he wasn't sad, just maybe a little overwhelmed by what we were doing.

"I love you too, Ezra. We're going to be okay if we just take it one step at a time and practice making love over and over." I grinned at him. "Mama always said that practice makes perfect."

"And how very right she was. I think it may be time for me to make sure that you get washed properly." He said with a gleam in his eye and a quick grab for the loofah, which was floating nearby.

I just sat back and let him start at my feet, however he did it was going to be just fine with me. And maybe I'd learn something new that I could try on him tomorrow. We still had four days to finish healing and keep on loving. And I was looking forward to every minute of them.

End part ten