Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: Ezra Standish and Vin Tanner
Title: Matchmaker, part 16
Summary: Vin discovers the surprise that Ezra has planned for him.
Date: 28 May 2001
Vin, part 16

I knew we shouldn't be doing this here at work but something about his scent was driving me crazy. Maybe it was seeing him and Michael get along so well that was making me jealous. I didn't know exactly why but I just knew that I had to erase any other touch but mine. He'd been lit up most of the morning after a phone call that had brought out his biggest smile. All he would say was that it was a surprise and he'd tell me later.

Now wasn't the time but I needed to remind him that we were going home together. His lips were opening under me and I finally tasted him. I will never get used to his taste or the little sounds he makes when we are locked together like this. I wanted to eat him alive, which flashed a picture into my mind that had my cock all but jumping to attention.

Ezra, naked on the conference table while I took his cock deep inside my mouth and drove him absolutely crazy.

Or maybe Ezra fully dressed sitting in one of the chairs with just his zipper open so that great big cock of his stood out against his dark gray suit.

I had him backed up to the table but his hands were busy pulling out my shirttail so his fingers could slide over my skin. I all but came in my pants when he slid a long finger down my crease. He swallowed my groan and pulled just a bit away to look at me. He was all tousled and his eyes twinkled up at me. "Vin, we can't continue this right now but I promise that one of these days, we'll come in here, lock the door and make love right on the table."

Little shivers raced up my spine along with those elegant fingers of his. "Promise, Ez'?"

"I promise, my Angel-Vin. We'd better get back out there or Mr. Larabee will be knocking on that door." He leaned in and took a deep breath. "I just needed a Vin-fix to get me through the rest of the day."

"Me, too." I gently touched my lips to his for one last connection before I stepped away and tucked my shirt back in.

He ran his fingers through his hair and I had an instant urge to do the same thing but I kept my hands to myself with an effort. Ezra seemed to understand, smiling at me and running his hand gently over my cheek. "Soon, my Vin, we'll be going home soon."

The day seemed to last forever. But when we went down to the garage, we saw Miss Clover and Michael getting into her old Honda. Her smile lit up the whole garage and I heard Ezra sigh. But when I looked at him, his smile was just as bright. Without another word, we got in Pegasus and drove home. I couldn't stop touching him and it felt like I'd been hard all afternoon when we pulled into his parking spot.

"Vin, it should take us approximately four minutes to get inside our front door. Can you wait that long?" He had my hand in his and his lips grazed my palm almost making me come right there.

"Barely. Let's hurry." I got a good grip on my will power and got out on my side. It felt like my jeans were strangling me and I just knew I was walking funny.

We'd no sooner gotten into the apartment than Ezra pinned me up against the door and kissed me like we'd been apart for a month instead of a few hours. His kiss almost distracted me from the aching relief of having my jeans unzipped, his warm hand fishing my cock out. Then he was dropping to his knees and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Whether its words or action, his mouth is a deadly weapon. I knew I was already leaking and he sucked hard once before deep-throating me. Swallowing around me almost made me come but he pressed that nerve and went back to sliding me in and out of his hot, wet mouth. I was shaking all over and the door was the only thing holding me up, well that and my locked knees. But when he rubbed his tongue over my crown, the roughness was all I needed to let go.

I pulsed out my seed forever. When he finally let me go, I slid down the door and hit the floor with a plop. He pulled me close and kissed me gently, sharing my taste with me. I didn't taste as good as he did but then nothing did. When I opened my eyes, I started to laugh.

"What?" His smile was tinged just a bit with uncertainty.

"We haven't even taken off our coats." I chuckled and used the green scarf to draw him closer. Kissing him hard, I felt him smile. Letting go for the moment, I looked into his eyes and shook my head. "Fifty years from now, I will still think you're the sexiest man in the universe."

He stilled, looking startled and a little disbelieving, then he blushed. "Fifty years is a long time, Vin, but I agree ... I will always know that I made off with the most beautiful man on the planet."

I chuckled, pulling him closer for another kiss. But when I felt him shiver, I knew we had to move. Even if it wasn't a 'cold' shiver, I didn't want him having a relapse. "Ez', how about we take off our coats and you let me take care of that dangerous ... weapon I can feel in your pants?"

He blushed again and smiled at me. "That would be a very good first step. But I'll need something more. I need you to make ... make love to me tonight. If you don't mind?"

It took me a moment to figure out what he meant but when I did, I could feel my cock agreeing wholeheartedly. Being inside of him felt better then anything I'd ever felt in my whole life except maybe for him taking me. "I think that sounds like the best idea you've had today. We'll need to eat something real nourishing so's we'll both have enough ... energy to do it right."

He laughed and stood up, pulling me up with him. "Nourishing, it is."

I undressed him right there in the foyer, well, the top layers anyway. But I didn't let him get any further than the couch before I had that nice big cock of his out of the gray suit pants. He's so beautiful there, tall and thick with a velvet crown that reminded me of a ripe plum. When I took him into my mouth, he shivered all over. I hadn't yet figured out how to relax those muscles that the Book talked about so's I could take him all the way in like he had me but I'd figure it out eventually.

He didn't seem to be feeling the lack if his little moans were any indication. I loved reducing him to sounds instead of words. He told me once that the whole world went away when we loved each other. I liked that thought. Then he quoted some famous poet and I made him promise me that he'd read me the whole poem some day. Maybe tonight would be a good time.

The little pulse in his cock sped up and I knew he was close. He was gripping the couch with a death grip that had me smiling. So I sucked real hard and tongue washed his crown, listening for that keening cry that he always gave before he let go. I pulled back a little when it came so's I could taste him better. His whole body jerked and I swallowed again and again until he'd gone limp.

He's real sensitive then and I cradled his cock gently so the cloth and zipper wouldn't hurt him. "Vin, you were inspired. What were you thinking about?"

"You remember that poem about a room and the world that you quoted to me a while back? I was thinking that maybe you could read it to me tonight." I kissed the head of his cock before tucking him away in the snow-white boxers he always wore.

"What a good idea, Vin." He smiled up at me and let me pull him upright. His arms slid around me and I held him close while he nuzzled my neck. "John Donne must have dreamt about you when he was writing the poems to his wife. It's the only explanation of why they are so perfect for us."

I thought that was a compliment but wasn't quite sure. Ezra had told me he'd been dead for centuries so there was no way he could have dreamed me. "Let's get comfortable and cook dinner. I'm starving."

His warm breath gusted into my ear, making me shiver. "Yes, let's. I have an appetite again."

And that made me feel much better because he'd been a real picky eater while recovering from that drug concoction. "Good, what are we having?"

"Pasta. I've got some frozen sauce that will thaw while the noodles are cooking. And if you don't mind, a salad to start with?" He let me pull him up from the couch and he wrapped an arm around me while we walked back to the bedroom.

"Sure, Ez', when you make one, it doesn't taste half bad." I knew he was trying to get me to eat more healthy-like but I wasn't lying when I said his salads were good. They made a restaurant one taste like pabulum, all lettuce and no flavor. His were full of unexpected things like almonds and oranges that gave a real different taste to the greens.

We got comfortable in sweats and I almost immediately began to harden again when Ez' put on a pair of white sweat socks. There's something about his beautiful long feet in those shapeless socks that made me want to slowly peel them off of him so's I could taste each toe. I hadn't told him about that little fetish yet but I thought that maybe tonight I'd just show him.

When we finished cleaning up after dinner, he went to one of his bookshelves and pulled off a real thick, leather bound book with gold-edged pages and a crimson ribbon for a bookmark. It looked real important and the way he handled it told me that it was one of those treasures like the sampler from my family.

"This is one of the few things that Grandmother Eugenia left me." He smiled at me and held out his hand. "Except for the gift of wonderful summers she gave me until she died."

"How old were you when she passed on?" We hadn't talked about that and I took his hand to lead him into the bedroom.

"Thirteen. It was the worst spring of my life. Maude isn't a very sentimental person and when we went to the funeral, all she saw was the hassle of cleaning out a house and selling it. I took this book down to the librarian and asked her to keep it for me until I could come back to get it. Miss Angle knew Maude from the old days and she took it after shaking my hand and promising to keep it safe." He lay it on the bedside table with a gentle caress to the worn leather binding. "I'd almost forgotten about it but when I came back to this country after my years in Central America, I visited Tarboro to lay flowers on Grandmother's grave. Miss Angle was still at the library only a little grayer and she recognized me at once. We had tea that afternoon and she returned this book to me. For a moment, it was like Grandmother was there again, her lips soft at my temple."

"That's a good memory, Ezra. I'm glad you shared it with me." I held him close and ached to take away the echo of old pain. "What did you do after she died? For the summers, I mean."

His smile was sad. "Maude sent me to summer camps for the next five years until I turned 18 and could make my own plans. Usually, I worked at part time jobs and spent the rest of my time in the university library. It was an even better education than the classes I was taking."

I had to bite my tongue hard to keep back my opinion of his mother. It had never occurred to me that he'd been passed around like I had been. Funny how we'd ended up together. "You don't mind that I'm pretty slow when it comes to reading?"

He looked at me as if I was crazy. "Vin, dyslexia isn't something you chose to have. You're doing just fine the way you are. Besides, this way I have an appreciative audience since you don't mind my reading aloud?"

"Heck, no. I'd listen to you read a grocery list. Your voice makes me feel warm inside." I told him truthfully and he kissed me with a big smile.

"Then I shall enjoy reading even more. Now, I believe you promised me something earlier." He started sliding his hands under my sweatshirt with a little flirty glance that started hardening me all over again.

"Really? Gosh, I guess I kind of remember. Maybe you could give me a little hint?" I teased him while he pulled off my shirt and I started on his.

We took a long time getting undressed. Partly because he had to hang everything up right away but mostly because we had to touch every little bit of satin skin that was revealed. I love sliding my fingers over his skin and drinking down his little gasps of pleasure. Maybe I'd get used to it but I was betting that he'd still be a turn-on for me when we were old and gray.

I'd been having those thoughts for a while now but I was still going slow so's I didn't spook Ezra. He was more comfortable around me but he was still real skittish and I could tell that some more gentling was needed. When we were both naked except for his socks, which I kind of forgot to take off, I pulled him close and kissed him hard. We were both getting aroused but I pulled back just far enough to ask him a question.

"Bath first or after?"

He opened his eyes dreamily and gazed into my eyes. "Your choice, Vin."

So, I pushed him onto the bed and crawled over him. "Later. Much, much later."

We took our time and I learned a new hot spot when I tongued his navel and he damn near came off the bed. I filed that away for later, too intent on driving him nuts at that moment. It still seemed like a real intimate thing to do, sinking a finger inside of his hot tight channel. His muscles there seemed to pull me in and it wasn't long before he was pleading with me to take him.

Sinking into him felt better than anything ever had in my misspent life. He was so hot around me and with those inner muscles of his already rippling around me, I was afraid that I'd come too soon. So, I leaned in real close and kissed him while he shuddered around me. He was already leaking big time and I knew that I needed to take it slow and sure so he'd enjoy it.

The rhythm I set soon echoed in his body as well. His hands gripped my shoulders while his legs wrapped around my waist. Those little moans were back and I knew that we were both going to explode any moment. If anything, I got harder and he got tighter. My strokes were hitting that gland of his over and over. He was shaking again and the moment he began to keen, I sped up and volleyed hard over his magic spot until he clenched hard around me and began to spurt between our stomachs.

And that was all she wrote for me, too.

We finally stopped shaking and I rolled us to our sides to take some of my weight off of him. His lips were gentle on the pulse in my throat while his hands stroked my spine. I loved the gentleness of him and the way he filled my arms with his heat, not to mention the soft curly hair on his chest that tickled me. There just wasn't anything about him that I didn't love and I needed to tell him that.

"Ezra, I love you." It didn't seem like enough to say but his eyes lit up and that bright smile was back.

"I love you, too. I never thought I would get so lucky, Vin. You are such a miracle to me." Those beautiful green eyes shimmered with tears and I leaned closer to kiss them gently. "I've never felt so happy and that frightens me a little."

"Don't ever be scared of me, Ez'." I lifted his chin so I could his eyes. "Although I do need to tell you about a little kink that I seem to have picked up recently."

"Really?" He started to grin. "What kind of kink?"

So I pulled back far enough so's I could slide down his legs, slowly peeling the right sock off that elegant foot of his. I kissed each of his toes real gentle like before licking his high arch. His laughter turned to little gasps of pleasure and I made sure that every square inch of skin was licked or kissed before laying that one down and tending to his other foot. I could see him start to harden again just from that little bit of loving and I grinned at the thought of taking him inside of me.

"Oh god, Vin, that's the sexiest thing anyone has ever done to me." His voice was husky and a little breathless, which made me feel real good.

Sliding up the bed between his legs, I leaned in to kiss my way up from his belly button to his lips. Taking my time, I moved in for his mouth and he opened to me instantly. There was a hint of sauce from dinner and a little orange from the salad. All of him tasted good to me. When we broke apart to breathe, his hand came up to stroke my cheek.

"You're real." It was what he'd said while we were still in the hospital the first time and the note of wonder was still there.

"We're real, Ezra, both of us are just as real as real can be. Now we'd better take a hot bath so's you can bring me back here and make love to me. If'n you want to?" I made it a faint question just so I could see him light up.

"Really? I think that can be arranged, Vin." That shy look was definitely getting a reaction out of me.

"Bath. Now." I rolled off the bed and held out my hand to him. He chuckled at my demanding tone and joined me.

"Your wish is my command, O Masterful One." He pulled me towards the bathroom while I was still snickering.

He's got a vocabulary on him that can stop a whole room of bad guys while they figure out what it was he said. Honest, I'd seen him do it a while back when the rest of the Team was a little late getting in position. I thought on that while the water filled the tub and Ezra got out two clean towels for us. It was real handy having a washing machine right there in the apartment.

"Ezra, if we find a place together, I think it better have a laundry like this here. I hate having to find quarters so's I can head to the Laundromat with all those ladies there, snickering at my underwear." I got in at one end while he was sliding into the other. When I opened my eyes, he was looking real spooked and I wondered what I'd said to scare him.

"Well, Vin, I ... have some good news. At least, I hope you think it's good news." And he stopped just like that, looking all over the bathroom except at me.

"Ezra, I love you and there's nothing you could tell me that would make me stop loving you. So, just take your time and let me in on it." I spoke real slow and gentle, scooting up until my legs slid under his and I could pull him into my lap.

And he did. He was real hesitant at first but pretty soon it all spilled out of him. How he'd sold the Atlanta property, bought the warehouse we'd looked at and hired an architect to start designing the interior space. I was shocked silent with the vast sums he was talking about and when I came back from the little place I go to think, he was shaking in my arms. His eyes were down and his mouth trembled with fear. And that just wasn't right for him to be afraid of me, when all he'd been doing was trying to take care of us.

"Ezra." I waited until those big green eyes of his raised up to mine. "I love you." I kissed him real gentle like before pulling back so he could see my eyes. "And I love the way you take care of me. Are you sure that you want to take this step right now? You may find that I can be hell to live with. I've only got one kink right now but you just never know when another will appear."

He was slowly relaxing. I could feel his back muscles begin to loosen. "Vin, I love you and I never thought I'd get to say that to anybody. I should have talked to you first but everything moved so quickly that before I knew it, I was getting the lawyer's call telling me that we had it."

"Sure you want to use your money that way?" I had to be sure that I wasn't forcing him into anything. Millions, he'd talked about millions.

And that smile broke free, the one that made my heart glad. "Oh Vin, I can't think of anything I'd rather buy. It's a place where we can be together. Live ..." he kissed me once for each word, "love ... cook ... and yes, do laundry. Together."

That sounded pretty damn good to me. "Then that's what we'll do. I won't be contributing much to this arrangement but maybe I can do some of the work refinishing the floors and such."

"Vin, you bring yourself into this arrangement and that's worth everything to me." Ezra's eyes were flashing green sparks at me and I had to smile when his hands gave my shoulders a little shake. "Don't ever think that we aren't equal partners in this relationship, because we are."

"Got it, partner." I leaned in and kissed him not at all gently. When we finally had to breathe, our cocks were dueling for space between us. "I promise to be there for every decision and every step of the whole building process. We'll build something so nice, the guys will want to always come to our place."

He smiled finally. "Our place. That sounds so very, very good."

"Yes, it does, Ezra. Is there enough money left over to have the rooftop garden?" I grabbed the soap and began to lather his chest.

"Indeed there is, my Angel-Vin. It's when I saw you on the roof, outlined against the sky that I knew we needed to buy that warehouse." He took the soap from me and began to wash me.

We traded back and forth until we were both squeaky clean. His surprise was still meandering through my brain and every once in a while I just stopped dead and wondered at the vast sums he'd mentioned. But he needed me to share the commitment to our love that he'd just made and most of me was ready for that, because losing him over something as trivial as money just wasn't going to happen.

"Vin, what's wrong?" He was still holding up the corner of the duvet for me and I shook my head free of the cobwebs and slid in beside him.

"Just thinking that I'd really like to hear you read that poem to me." I gave him my best pleading look and he chuckled.

"Very well, my Vin, I shall read it just for you." He reached a long arm over me to the table and grabbed his grandmother's book. "It's called 'Good Morrow'."

"I wonder by my troth, what thou and I
Did, till we loved? Were we not weaned till then?
But sucked on country pleasures, childishly?
O snorted we in the seven sleepers den?
T'was so; But this, all pleasures fancies be.
If ever any beauty I did see,
Which I desired and got, t'was but a dream of thee.

And now good morrow to our waking souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room, an everywhere.
Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone,
Let maps to others, worlds on worlds have shown,
Let us possess one world, each hath one and is one.

My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears,
And true plain hearts do in the faces rest,
Where can we find two better hemispheres
Without sharp North, without declining West?
Whatever dies, was not mixed equally;
If our two loves be one or thou and I
Love so alike, that non do slacken, none can die."
(John Donne 1572-1631)

End part sixteen