Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: Ezra Standish and Vin Tanner, just a hint of Buck/JD <g>
Title: Matchmaker, part seventeen
Summary: The infamous conference room scene.
Date: 3 June 2001
Ezra, part 17

Vin had taken the news much better than I could have ever hoped. Once again, it pointed up the differences between us. He'd have been just as happy with a smaller place but once I told him about the warehouse and he'd taken in the amounts involved, he accepted it. Just like that. I was very glad that I'd told him all of it, up front as it were. Maude would have been aghast at my candor.

He deserved nothing but the truth from me. I just hoped that I could manage it. I was trying very hard to go against my early programming. Vin was being a good influence on me already. I'd made very sure that both our names were on the deed, shocking my lawyer I'm afraid. It might be time to bring my business out to Denver. I'd get a recommendation from Judge Travis.

That wily old man was sure to know a good lawyer or two.

Of course, Mr. Kennedy would be on the phone to Maude within a day or so. He would have to find her first. The last I'd heard, she was in South Africa with her fifth husband. At least, I thought she was still married to that one. I'd met him briefly at their reception two years ago. He seemed very nice but a little shell-shocked. Maude tended to have that influence on men. Even Josiah had fallen briefly under her spell.

But then Maude has always been one of those 'forces of nature' they talk about on the news. Oddly enough, the older I grew, the more tolerant of her I became. She was who she was and nothing I could ever do would change her. And she seemed to be trying to change me less and less as time passed. Maybe, she too, was growing more tolerant.

These thoughts occupied my time while I admired Vin's profile. It was his turn to drive and he dearly loved driving the Jag. I had to figure out a way to get him a new vehicle without him thinking I was trying to keep him. If worse came to worse, I'd hire someone to steal it and take it far, far away from Denver.

"What in the world are you thinking about, Ez? That's an awful silly grin you're sporting." His voice brought me back to the here and now.

"Silly? I'll have you know that my thoughts were weighty, very weighty." I sniffed in my best supercilious manner.

"Silly, Ez'. But if you don't want to tell me, I can take a hint." He pouted just a little and shot me a sultry side-glance that curled my toes.

"I think we will have to go into the conference room the moment we reach the offices." I licked my lips and listened to him groan. It's amazing that I got to this age without realizing that love could be fun. And suddenly, I needed to touch him and make sure that he was real. He grasped my hand immediately and shot me a look that seemed to read deeply of my soul. Then he smiled sweetly and raised my fingers to his cheek.

"I love you, Ez'." That was all he said but the touch told me so much more. It told me that he could read my mind and emotions the way as a tracker, he could read signs in the snow.

Thank goodness.

However, once we arrived on the seventh floor, we were swept up into an urgent mission to help out Team Four. Vin was co-opted to work with Valerie to provide backup and I was assigned to work the van surveillance with Josiah. It was the first time we'd been separated on an assignment and I felt a twinge of unease at his going into danger without me. I knew that he could take care of himself but for some reason listening to him on band three was making me twitchy.

"Brother Ezra, you seem to be feeling some anxiety. Brother Vin is being his normal careful self." Josiah's wise eyes met mine and I couldn't help a smile at his insight.

"I know he is, Josiah. But I find that I am no longer able to view the likelihood of anything happening to him with any equanimity." I wondered for a moment why he was grinning at me then I realized that I'd used his first name instead of my normal formality.

"My petitions to the good Lord seem to have taken care of all of us for some time now. I'll be sure to keep you both in my prayers." He touched my shoulder gently and I smiled at him, wondering not for the first time why his concern made me feel so cherished.

"Thank you, Josiah, I appreciate it. I never before had anyone to lose but being posted to Team Seven has given me a ... a family of men for whom I have great ... affection."

"And love, Ezra?" His eyes gleamed with good humor and I blushed.

It seemed to be such a huge admission to make but of them all, Josiah was the one who would most understand. "I never expected to ever love the way I love Vin. It still has the power to astonish me that he ... loves me in return."

"You are both good men who deserve only the very best, Ezra. And I think you've found that with each other. I'm very happy for you both." And he patted my shoulder again.

"Yo, Val. Movement at 11 o'clock." Vin's voice came over the radio.

"Got it." Her soprano accents were calm and steady. The air seemed to hum with tension then the ping of distant gunfire filled the air.

It sounded like a small war zone while I counted the different kind of munitions by their distinctive sounds. My thoughts were fragmented prayers for all of my family but most assuredly for my lover. However it wasn't really all that long before the sounds dissipated and the team members began to call in. Hearing Vin's voice report that his area was clear made me finally relax my shoulders. But it was almost three hours later before I could see him for myself and truly know that he was all right.

Larabee and Buck had worked most closely with Team Four and they went upstairs to the debriefing with Judge Travis while the rest of us sat down to finish our reports to add to the final package. It appeared to be a corollary operation to Munson's empire building and I wondered if Michael had had input into this part of the investigation. But that was only the outer part of my mind.

The greater portion was plotting a way to get Vin into the conference room.

I finished the bare facts of my part of the operation without any of the detail that I might normally include. I had a different scenario to plan and I thought I could pull it off with just a touch of luck. Printing out the two pages, I checked it for accuracy and signed it before heading into Mr. Larabee's office to place it on his desk. J.D. was done about the same time and I co-opted his help in my little seduction.

He was so wistful that I made a new resolve to work on that situation. After ... after I made one of my fantasies real. What an astonishing thing that was for me to even think after all this time. J. D. began to smile when I outlined my plan and he even threw in a suggestion that enhanced my original scheme. We were going to need a distraction and he had just the thing.

I slipped down the hall to the semi-private bathroom with the shower and made sure that I smoothed enough of the gently scented cream that Vin seemed to like the most inside of me so his way was ready. If I were very lucky, I'd be taken right on the table where we met every few days. It would certainly present us both with a different memory for some of the boring meetings we attended.

At the very least, it would provide us with a slightly dangerous use of furniture. That necking on the couch had freed a need in me that I hadn't even known existed. I now had plans to christen every place we met regularly. The Jag would be a challenge but I was working on it. When the weather grew nicer, I had plans for Mr. Larabee's upper meadow near the small mountain lake where we'd picnicked last year.

Vin blossomed in the open air and I'd long cherished the picture of him standing on the shore of the blue, blue water, watching a hawk fly high overhead. If it were at all possible, I would someday be able to give him the same freedom that he'd granted me with the gift of his love. Hopefully, I would have enough time to work on that miracle.

A lifetime might just be enough.

For now, I made sure that I was ready before making my way down the hall to the darkened conference room. Shutting the door behind me, I debated what chair to take before deciding on the one farthest from the entrance. That it was Mr. Larabee's usual seat was entirely serendipitous. I sat down, undid my belt, slid my zipper down and let my cock free.

Half-hard from just thinking about Vin coming in and finding me like this, I pondered the light and if it would be enough to light our encounter. Soft slats of light came through the cracks of the blinds and I decided that it would be enough. I slowly stroked myself after pushing back from the polished cherry wood table. If someone else came in, I could slide under its protection.

J. D.'s excited voice came to me through the muffling walls. I leaned my head against the tall seat back and thought of Vin's reaction when he came through the entrance. But my musings were interrupted by the quietly opening door, the hall light shone on his fair hair and the click of the lock echoed about the room.

Our eyes met and he stalked towards me like the cat to which I compared him. Putting his hands on each chair arm, he leaned in and took a deep breath. "Mine."

"Yours," was all I could say before his lips took mine in a searing kiss.

He mapped my mouth slowly with his tongue, saving the tickle of my palate for last so he could savor my shiver. Then he pulled away and slid to his knees between my legs, removing my hands and replacing them with his own. But when he wrapped his tongue around me, I shivered right down to my toes. He seemed determined to send me right out of my mind. I was already leaking salty tears, which he sucked lightly away with a bit of a slurp.

Far from being a turn-off, his obvious enjoyment of my taste hardened me further. My hands dropped lightly onto his hair, my fingers combing through the silken strands while he pleasured me into climax. I released endlessly into his hot, wet mouth, jerking a little while trying to stay quiet. A soft, "Vin", was all I allowed myself.

Kissing the depleted cock in his hand, Vin looked up at me with a soft smile. "Ezra, you sure know how to give a good meeting. Why do you smell of magnolias?"

I chuckled silently. "Ah, but this meeting isn't done, my love. I believe that I have just the place for that hidden weapon that you're carrying."

His eyes lit up and he sprang to his feet, pulling me up with him. Hands quickly slid my pants and boxers down while a finger slid into the heart of me. "Ezra! I think that this calls for some investigation."

"Yes, indeed, Vin. I believe that a solid ... probe is called for." I leaned against the table and spread my legs as far apart as I could.

His body was a furnace of warmth, searing me with his heat. He soon had two fingers stretching me and my cock tried to come to life with the first soft push of the large intruder against my muscle. We both groaned when he slid inside of me, the sounds echoing softly in the still air.

Deep, was all I could think coherently, he'd never felt so deep before. The long slow slide out and the slightly quicker thrust back in felt better than anything I'd ever felt before. The location may have had something to do with it but I think it was just the fact that it was my beloved Vin taking me as his. And heaven knows that I was his in all ways.

He was speeding up his thrusts now, a slight grunt joining the sound of his balls hitting my cheeks. I was completely at his mercy for the polished surface gave me nothing to hold onto. His hands held my hips still as if he thought I would try to get away while he pounded into me with all his strength. The friction was extreme and I knew he was close when he gave a little gasp.

I rippled my inner muscles around him and he managed one more volley before jerking into climax. The hot liquid flooded me at the same moment that he slumped atop my body. His solid weight was comforting and warming although I could already feel the sharp edge of the table pressing against my abdomen.

"Ezra." He nuzzled at the back of my neck. "This is the best meeting I've even been to."

"Oh, the feeling is mutual, my Vin. It gives new meaning to the phrase 'I took a meeting'."

"Kind of like 'doing lunch'?" He snickered. "I'd say this was like a whole meal."

"A banquet of the senses, my angel-Vin, that's what you are to me." I stretched a little and he immediately stood up.

"That can't be too comfortable, Ezra. Hold on while I make sure I didn't hurt you." He began the slow rocking that let him ease out without doing damage. "How does it feel?"

"Like I've been loved, Vin, that's how it always feels when you love me." I let him go with a sigh and wondered how I could mop up without staining my suit pants. For some reason, I hadn't thought that far ahead. Or as Mother would say - I'd let my other head do the thinking for me.

"You're a little red, Ez'. You sure it's okay?" He was wiping me with something soft and I twisted a little to see what it was. A handkerchief, how appropriate and how very farsighted of him to be so prepared.

"I'm quite sure that I'm more than fine." I stood up and stretched a little, popping several of my vertebras back into position. "However, I may need the loan of your handkerchief until this evening."

"Sure, Ez'," he layered it several times between my cheeks before pulling up my boxers and possessively easing my cock into the silk. "I love the way these feel on you."

And suddenly, I realized another fantasy had been born. Vin, in our apartment, wearing nothing but a pair of white silk boxers and the anal plug. I shivered and he hurried pulling up my pants, thinking that I was chilly. I let him zip and button me while my hands rested lightly on his shoulders and I told him of my fantasy.

"Ezra Standish, that's a real evil picture and I can hardly wait to make it come true." He kissed me softly and I hugged him close.

The sound of the others returning broke into this enchanted conference room and we separated regretfully for our return to the 'real world'. I trailed a hand down his cheek and he turned just enough to kiss my palm. "Vin, next time, I believe we shall see how quiet you can be while I swallow you whole."

It was his turn to shiver but he strode to the door while his eyes laughed over his shoulder at me. "I was thinking that our sofa back is high enough for you to take me over it."

That picture was the one I took out into the common room. Vin was proving to be just the playful lover that I'd always fantasized existed. I was one lucky ATF agent. A phone call from the architect brightened an otherwise dull afternoon. We agreed to meet at the warehouse right after work. I was looking forward to his ideas but I was determined that the space would reflect Vin's and my needs.

Luckily, the rest of the day went quickly and I was even able to give Buck something to think about. With him near by, I casually asked J. D. about the web address to one of the gay sites that needed registration. He matter-of-factly gave it to me and mentioned another one for stories. He laughed when I asked him about the author and said that she was one of his favorite slash writers. I had him explain slash while Buck listened in with wide eyes.

Hopefully, that gave our tall Lothario something to think about.

I was so happy that I wanted the entire Team to be happy, too.

While we were riding down in the elevator, most of team four joined us on the second floor and Valerie asked us to join them for a drink to celebrate the conclusion of their case. I had a moment of outright panic when I saw Vin smile at her. But when I finally got control of myself, he was gracefully taking a rain check for both of us. He told her that he was looking for a new place to live and I was helping him.

I couldn't have done better myself. But now I had a new fear to overcome. Sooner or later, our fellow agents were going to notice that we were still living and commuting together. And what would they think when we moved into our new building? And what if Vin wanted to date someone, especially a nice woman like Valerie? Panic was the least of what I was feeling when we got in the Jag. I should have known that Vin would notice.

"Ezra, I am not going to leave you for Valerie. I like her but I love you. I belong to you just the way that you belong to me." My psychic lover told me calmly.

"We're still so new, Vin. I guess I panicked." I smiled sheepishly at him and he reached over and took my hand.

"There is no one who compares to you, Ez'. You make me happier than I've ever been in my life. Eventually, someone will find out about us but we'll deal with that when it happens." His blue eyes glowed passionately and I gripped his hand tightly.

"I love you, Vin. I still have some insecurities with which to deal." I risked a quick kiss to his knuckles. "But never doubt that I will do whatever it takes to keep us safe and together."

"Good. Now get Pegasus in gear so we can go meet this guy." He settled in and waved his hand while I chuckled at his lordly gesture.

Driving us to Adams Street, I coaxed him to tell me what he might like in the perfect living space. Vin wanted light and lots of it. He also wanted space to move in and a lockable gun safe for his weapons. And that brought the first real show of emotion about his apartment that I'd seen. His favorite 9mm Glock had perished in the blaze and he sighed wistfully when he spoke of its seasoned leather grip.

I immediately put it on my Vin-list along with a new vehicle and a leather jacket to replace his scruffy brown one lost in the fire. Although I was practicing some of his detachment when it came to things, I still wanted to give him those few items that he would allow me to. Perhaps we could go gun shopping together or maybe I could get a pair of Glocks so that he could teach me how to shoot one?

That might work, I decided and put the scheme into my mental file cabinet. Pulling up at 221 Adams St., we found Jason Arnold and his partner, Leland White, leaning against an old pickup. I'd met Jason during an investigation almost a year ago and we'd stayed friendly acquaintances. I'd thought of him at once when I knew that I had the property. Introducing Vin to them, we had them open the delivery door so we could drive in and leave our vehicles in safety.

Two hours later, we had walked from top to bottom and the two of them had filled one notebook apiece. We adjourned to Miss Daisy's and ate heartily while still talking about the spaces that would become our home. I especially enjoyed sitting next to Vin instead of across from him. It was over dessert that we discovered that Jason and Leland were life-partners and had been for almost ten years. I was envious of their comfortable ease with each other but hopeful that some of their contentment would grace us.

When we left them outside of the restaurant, we drove home in a contented silence. I had hopes that our visions would coincide in livable spaces on all four floors. Vin was still silent when we came into the apartment, but he was thinking, I could tell.
Hanging up our coats, he wandered into the kitchen for some cold water and finally told me what he was 'studying', as he was wont to say.

"Ezra, you think that someday we'll be like them?"

"I hope so, Vin. They are both different just like we are but they work together in a seamless whole. That's what I'd like for us, ten years from now." I took a sip from his glass and watched his smile light his face.

"Yeah, that's what I liked about 'em too. Different but kind of like that yin and yang you were telling me about a few months back." He pulled me closer and drank from the same spot from which I'd just sipped.

That had to be the most erotic thing I'd seen him do today. Of course, I thought he was erotic just stretching. And the small ache inside of me reminded me that he was also the sexiest man on earth. I tugged him closer and watched his eyes go sultry when our groins matched. Water was forgotten while we kissed slowly, tasting dinner's spices again.

We showered since it was so late and I sucked Vin into release before the hot water ran out. When we snuggled into bed, he lazily brought me to climax with hand and tongue. I fell asleep in his arms and slept like the dead. The next day brought us a new case and we settled into the routine of work, warehouse and home. Luckily, I didn't have to go undercover this time.

I wasn't sure that I ever wanted to go undercover again.

And that was something that I would have to think about.

End part seventeen