Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: Buck and JD
Title: Interlude, part one
Summary: Set in the Matchmaker series, chapter 20 - What happened when J.D. took Buck home to molest him? <g>
Date: 4 July 2001

I was nervous as hell. I'd been pining after the kid for months but never thought it could come to anything. I was even jealous of Vin when he went after Ezra and caught him. Watching them together made me want ... something I couldn't have. But the day that Ezra asked JD about his favorite slash author, I just about lost it. Why the hell didn't I know that about the kid?

Damn -- he doesn't like me to call him that. I shot him a look where he sat next to me in my truck. He was looking at me like I was one of his favorite candy bars. I could still taste a hint of chocolate from when he kissed me the second time. I'd actually kissed him. Kissed those pouty lips that I'd been dreaming about.

"Buck," those lips were moving. "I think you need to start the truck so we can get home."

"What?" I had an urge to taste him again.

He laughed at me and scooted closer. Then he turned the key and the roar of the engine brought me back in a hurry. "Buck, I love you and I want to take you to bed so you can show me how to make love. But you need to get us home first."

"Yeah, okay. I can do that." I looked behind us and backed up carefully. Maybe if I didn't look at him, I could keep my mind on my driving. We'd gone a couple of blocks when he sighed and I shot him a quick look.

"If you don't want to, Buck, I won't make you." He sounded so dejected. "I don't want you to feel like you have to."

"What?" I pulled off to the side of the road so I could concentrate on him.

"You can't even look at me." He was blinking away tears and I knew I had to fix this.

"JD, if I look at you then I can't drive." I turned to him and took one of his hands in mine. "You've got me so wound up that I'm already on fire and we haven't kissed but twice." I rubbed small circles on the back of his hand, sighing a little myself before placing it over my rock hard cock.

"Really?" He perked up and I could see his mood instantly get better. But it was his tentative fingering of the bulge in my pants that almost made me come right then and there. "You feel good, Buck. Real good."

"All for you, JD. Now sit back over there on your side and fasten your seatbelt. I'm going to take a few shortcuts." I squeezed his hand and checked on getting back on the road. This trip was going to be a fast one.

"Okay." And just like that he was back to watching me with a big smile on his face.

I loved that enthusiasm of his and I was already planning on checking with Ezra about herbal supplements. JD had all the stamina of youth and I was going to need an edge if I was going to try to keep up. I had to smile at that thought. I'd always thought that I would die with a big smile on my face and damned if I didn't think he'd be the one to put it there.

Wait a second, did he say show him how to make love?

"JD, have you ever made love to a man before?" I risked a look and surprised a little blush on his face.

"No, I've read about it and I even rented a couple of gay videos but they were pretty stupid and all they did was fuck each other." He said matter of factly. "I always knew that you'd be the one to show me how to do it right. And if you never wanted to then I just wouldn't know what it feels like."

I don't think I've ever been so dumbfounded in my life. I literally didn't know what to say to him. He was a virgin. I never got involved with virgins. They expected too much. They wanted forever and I couldn't give forever.

Except with JD -- my treacherous thoughts told me.

Shut up. He doesn't want an old man like me forever.

That's not what he said.

I risked another look at him and wondered what he was thinking. Could he really want me that much?

"It's okay, Buck. I love you but I'm willing to take whatever you can give me." He said gently and reached over to pat my hand.

He loves me.

And my brain stopped working right there.

That was without a doubt the most astonishing thing that I'd ever heard in my entire life. The kid loved me. So, what did I feel? Lust wouldn't cut it because he deserved much, much more than that. I wasn't sure that I even knew what real love was. I thought I was in love once but she turned out to be a real fickle lover. And I refused to do that to J.D. He was my friend and fellow team member. Adding lover to that list could hurt him.

"Um, JD, could we go a little slow here?" I cleared my throat and wondered why the truck cab was so stuffy.

"Sure, Buck. I'd like more kisses and I definitely want to taste your cock."

He was back to blowing my mind with those little sentences with the unbelievable words in them. The thought of those pouty lips stretched around me and that agile tongue licking me made me grip the wheel so hard that my knuckles turned white.

"We're almost home, Buck. Are you going to be okay or do you want me to unzip you right now so I can try out a move that I read about last week?"

I looked wild-eyed at him and wondered when the alien wearing his face had taken over. "You sure there isn't a pod under your bed, JD?"

He laughed out loud and patted my hand again. "No pod, Buck, I'm finally letting you see the part of me that I didn't think you wanted to know about."

Groaning quietly, I finally pulled into a parking spot behind our apartment building. The click of his seatbelt releasing brought my gaze back to him. And suddenly I realized that nothing mattered but him. "I love you too, JD. But you could do a lot better than a thirty-eight year old man with a lot of hard miles on him."

"Buck, you're an idiot." He smiled at me and opened the door. "But you're my idiot and I intend to keep you young with long bouts of lovemaking."

And with that amazing statement, he got out of the truck and sauntered up the walk. Cursing under my breath, I finally got the seatbelt unbuckled so I could follow him. He and I were going to have a long talk -- just as soon as I got him upstairs and naked. The thought of that made me shiver and I amended that thought. Later, much, much later.

I caught up with him at the mailbox on first floor and he handed me my mail while tucking his under his arm and bouncing upstairs. We'd done this a hundred times and just like always, I was right behind him so I could watch that tempting ass of his. But this time, I shivered all the way down to my toes while my cock started strangling behind my zipper with each step.

Thank God, we lived on second floor or I'd of had to unzip just so I could walk. The little tease was grinning at me over his shoulder and my grimace just made him giggle. From anybody else that might have sounded silly but not to me. It had tugged at my heartstrings since the moment I first heard it. He was so serious about his computers that he hadn't had much time in his life to just play like kids should. Some of the other teams called him childish but not around any of us. And they didn't call him that after he solved a computer problem or tracked something down that they hadn't been able to.

We were all real protective of him and that was part of the problem I was having right now. Part of me felt like I should definitely be protecting him from me. He deserved someone bright and young to learn these love lessons from not an old love-about like me.

"Buck, would you please come in?" Those bright eyes looked up at me with all the yearning that I'd seen at the hospital. And that decided me right there.

For whatever reason, he wanted me to teach him about making love. And God knows, I wanted to be the one who showed him how wonderful it could be. Walking through the door, I shut it behind me and dropped my mail on the floor.

"JD, could you please kiss me again?"

His eyes lit up and he threw himself into my arms, standing on tiptoe so he could get his arms around my neck. His lips opened right away and I slid my tongue in to taste him again. He was shaking like a leaf and I realized something else. He wasn't as sure about this as he wanted me to think he was. It had to have taken all the courage he had to talk me around.

So, I tickled the roof of his mouth and watched him try not to laugh. But heck, that's half the fun of making love. Laughing and enjoying yourself ranks right up there with all the other parts. I pulled away just a little and waited for his eyes to open. I could feel his cock battling mine for the tiny space between us and I knew he had triple the chances that I had to come tonight.

"Buck?" He looked a little uncertain and I knew I had to stop thinking and start doing.

"Your bedroom or mine?" I asked him.

He bit his lip before looking kind of shy up at me. "Yours, please."

"Mine it is." I scooped him up and carried him through the living room to the right where my bedroom door stood open. "Now, I'm going to ask you a couple of questions and you need to tell me true, JD. I don't ever want to hurt you and there's all kind of things that can do wrong if we're not up-front with each other."

"Sure." He hugged me tighter and I could feel his heart racing.

"You ever experimented with yourself?" I set him down by my bed and started unbuttoning his shirt.

He blushed hard and nodded while he tried to work on my shirt with hands that shook. "Yeah, I read about masturbation and how to do it. When I was fourteen, I got a crush on a girl in my biology class." He was back to biting his lip. "She had breasts and everything and sometimes it felt like I was going to explode when she brushed up against me. I'd get home and go in the bathroom to pull on my penis until I came."

"Yep, that's how I started too, JD. Her name was Bobbie Sue and she made me feel faint when she talked to me." I smiled down at him and he smiled back, working the buttons open with a little more assurance. "So, when did you start thinking about guys?"

He leaned in and kissed the bit of skin that he'd just revealed. "When Chris introduced me to you. I shook your hand and felt like I was going to explode again. You're so beautiful and you smiled at me like you'd just been waiting to meet me."

My fingers stilled. "You didn't start thinking about men until me?"

"Nope," he shook his head and lifted his hands to place them flat on my chest. "When you offered to share this apartment with me, I thought that I might get a chance to know you better. And you became my best friend so I started looking on the Internet to find out what men do with other men. The chat rooms were kind of fun but a little scary too. Some of them wanted to meet me but I knew I couldn't do this with a stranger."

I hugged him tight. Just the thought of some of the sick perverts in those chat rooms even coming close to him made my skin crawl. "Damn, JD, I'm glad I didn't know you were doing that or I'd have locked the doors and never let you out of my sight."

"Really?" He perked up. "I like the sound of that. Some of what they wanted to do to me sounded pretty weird. I thought the whips and chains were a little kinky. Although, the thought of you in leather made me harder than hard."

Jesus Christ and all his saints! I was a dead man. He was going to love me right into a heart attack. "Honey, you're about to make me come right now."

Those clever little fingers of his attacked my belt while I practically ripped his zipper right out of his jeans. With a push, his jeans and shorts were down past his hips and his cock sprang up as beautifully uncut as the day he was born. He gasped and held onto me tight while I slowly tipped him down onto the bed. On my knees by his side, I slowly pushed the foreskin down and watched the large crown emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

"You're absolutely the most beautiful cock I've ever seen." I told it while he shivered and moved restlessly on the comforter. But when I kissed the crown and lightly sucked on it, he cried out and came. He was frowning when I finished drinking him down and I smiled at him. "Honey, that was just the first of many to come. You taste good. Thank you for sharing yourself with me."

"You're not disappointed that I didn't last longer?" He said hesitantly.

"Nope. I don't have as many shots in my locker as you do. That just took the edge off so we can take our time and learn what each of us likes." I had to finish undoing my jeans or I was going to strangle right there. Sitting back on my heels, I unzipped and celebrated the blessed relief from pressure with a sigh.

"I'll help." He was kicking off his shoes and wiggling out of his jeans while his eyes stayed glued to my crotch.

That look of his like I was Christmas and Easter all tied up in one package was just about to make me explode. I eased my pants down over my hips but then I had to sit on the edge of my bed to get my boots off. JD was peeling off my shirt and I quickly unfastened my cuffs so he could get it off. He traced the scar on my back with a gentle finger before leaning in to kiss it from one end to the other.

It was my turn to shiver and he giggled again right before he tried to tickle me. I'm not all that ticklish but I figured that I'd better hurry up or he have me off of the bed and on the floor and I was way too old for the floor. His fingers seemed to be everywhere and the second I finished undressing, he pulled me back onto the bed with my cock pointed straight to the ceiling.

"Wow, you're even prettier than I thought you'd be." He extended a finger and gently slid it up my cock. "Why did your mother have you circumcised?"

I was going to explode but I had to let him take his time to explore me. "I'm not sure, JD, but she probably just liked the look. Oh!"

He'd closed his hand around me and was sliding it up and down. "You're so soft and smooth but hard at the same time, just like velvet."

I gritted my teeth but when he leaned forward and licked me, I lost the battle. He slid his mouth around my crown and tried to swallow all my come but most of it spurted out, no matter how hard he sucked. I relaxed all over and barely kept my eyes open so I could watch him. That little pink tongue of his was darting in and out, lapping at the ropy strands like a kitten with his first bowl of milk. And he'd probably kill me if I slipped and called him 'Kitten'.

"You're salty. What do I taste like?" He glanced over before continuing to clean me up.

"Everybody is a little different, JD, but you taste just fine to me. Maybe a little sweet like all that chocolate you eat." I let my right hand reach out to trace a path down his arm to his hand where it rested on my stomach.

"What else can we do, Buck?" Those bright eyes looked so enthusiastic.

"My body is yours to play with, JD. How about we take a shower and play 'drop the soap'?" I waggled my eyebrows and listened to his laughter with relief.

"Please." He slid up and into my arms, resting his head on my shoulder. "Reading about it just doesn't do it justice."

I smiled and rolled us so we were on our sides, looking at each other, eye to eye. "Making love with your best friend is just about the most wonderful feeling in the whole world."

I kissed him again and he shared my taste with me. We were going to get really good at this because I was getting addicted to him. And his cock was already beginning to fill again. I was going to be a dried up husk by the time we were through tonight but damned if I wasn't looking forward to it.

He pulled away with a chortle and ran a finger over my mustache. "You tickle. I always wondered what it would feel like."

"It'll feel good other places, too." I sat up and pulled him up with me. He was laughing again and I wrapped an arm around him and led him out towards the bathroom. He barely came to my shoulder and I had to look down to watch him begin touching my chest. My nipples seemed to fascinate him and he touched them as if they might fall off.

Our bathroom was small and the shower was inside the tub. I barely had room for myself let alone another person but that might be all to the good while we were exploring each other. He let go of me and leaned in to turn on the water while I got out some clean towels. Part of me was thinking about the bathroom that Vin was putting in the warehouse for Ezra while another part was admiring JD's compact body.

"It would be nice if we had a bigger shower." It was kind of eerie how he echoed my thoughts. "I like the one that Vin showed us on those plans."

"You read my mind. 'Course, this way neither of us can get lost." I preened my mustache like an old time villain and watched him laugh again. He got in and left the sliding door open for me.

I laid the towels within arms reach and got in with him. He was already wet and the water beaded off his eyelashes like tears. Suddenly, I had to catch my breath at how endearing he looked gazing up at me with all his love right there in his eyes. I pulled him close and kissed him again to remind myself that this was really happening.

He leaned into me and the water hit us both while he moved us around so I could get wet. It was time to slow things down a bit so I made sure that we took turns soaping each other. He was learning all my hot spots and his inquisitive fingers tried to slide over every inch of skin. But I was touching him too and I loved his gasps and moans every time I hit a good spot.

I was kneeling and washing his legs when I realized that he was hard as a rock. After washing and rinsing him, I slid his foreskin back and took him in. He was shaking like a leaf and the wall was the only thing holding him up. His hands rested on my head, trying not to hold too tight but needing to touch me. I rolled his balls gently in one hand while I slid a finger behind them to a hot spot he might not know he had.

That brought me a groan and his fingers tight in my hair. "Buck ... oh, Buck ... oh-h."

And he came again while I suctioned a bit to make him shiver all over. The dark hair on his legs was going to feel really good when I got him between my thighs. It was time to take this back to bed. He was carding through my hair with gentle fingers when I finally let his spent cock slip from my mouth. And just for fun, I let my mustache tickle the small slit.

"Oh God, Buck, you were right. That does feel good." He helped me to my feet in time for the cold water to hit us both.

Yelping, he jumped out while I fumbled for the handle to turn off our suddenly freezing shower. When I finally climbed out, he was right there, wrapping a towel around me. I pulled him close and dried his back while he dried mine. He was so quiet that I had to ask. "All right?"

He nodded and leaned in to lick the nipple over my heart. It peaked for him instantly and he smiled. "I've never felt like this before, Buck. It's like I'm flying but I don't have to worry about falling because you're right here to catch me."

"JD, I will try to always be here to catch you." I promised him quietly. "You make me feel like I've finally come home. I haven't dared let myself even dream of that lately."

He nodded. "I asked Vin what it was like loving Ezra. He said it was like he found the other half of his soul. The apartment was just the place where he slept. Home was Ezra."

I smiled. "They're real lucky, JD. And now it looks like we're lucky, too."

He grinned all over and pulled far enough away so he could kneel to dry my legs. "We're even luckier because neither of us were hurt like Ezra was."

My cock thought JD was in just the right position to maybe bring him back to life but I tried to ignore that and concentrate on what he was saying. "Vin said something about an asshole who hurt him real bad and that he might need some help once he found him. He had murder in his eye when he said it."

JD nodded. "That's kind of what I thought. I know I'm young and inexperienced but you wouldn't ever hurt me."

And that was the amazing thing about JD, his innocence tempered by a faith in me that I was going to do my best to live up to. "I'll try not to, JD. I don't have a very good track record with relationships."

He grinned up at me and stood, but not before licking my crown with a hot tongue. "Yeah, I know but you're really good at being my best friend. I'm hoping that we can take that friendship and just add love to it."

I hugged him close and closed my eyes, resting my cheek on his damp hair. "When did you get so wise, JD? I'll try if you will."

His arms were tight around me. "I love you already and I'll do whatever I have to, to make you enjoy loving me."

I swung him up into my arms and headed back to my bedroom. "You don't have to do a thing but smile at me, JD. You light up the whole room with that smile of yours."

He was giggling again and kissing my ear before biting the lobe, sending an electric jolt right to my cock and making me growl. "Cool, the stories were right. That is a hot spot. Can I explore some more?"

I dropped him on the bed and crawled in after him. "You bet you can, but I'm going to be exploring too, hotshot."

"Oh, good." His eyes lit up and he slid aside so we were side by side. "Are you going to fuck me today?"

Damned if my cock didn't sit up and beg. "Not today, JD, we've got a lot of ground to cover before you come inside of me or I come inside of you."

"Cool," he sat up and scooted down to my hip. "I wanted to taste you some more anyway."

I held onto my willpower and said a quiet prayer to the patron goddess of lovers for the strength to keep up with him. He was a quick learner and I had the feeling that I'd be learning a thing or two myself.

End Interlude one