Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: Buck Wilmington and JD Dunne
Title: Interlude, part two (set after chapter 21 in Matchmaker)
Summary: JD helps out a friend and gets an award.
Date: 7 July 2001

I know the others think of me as the 'Kid'. I'm the youngest and the least worldly. Sometimes that's a good thing. I had a great childhood, a loving family, and good friends in school. So, I'm probably the best adjusted of the entire team. It doesn't stop them from being a bunch of well-meaning big brothers intent on taking care of me.

Buck was the worst of the bunch but now I know that he was just trying to protect me from himself. Thank goodness Vin had the guts to finally break through the paralysis that both of us were feeling. I was afraid to say anything for fear of losing my best friend and he really does think he's not good enough for me.

And that's about the silliest thing I've ever heard.

I love him and now I know he loves me.

It's been a week now since Vin sent us home to love each other. Boy, have we been busy. I'd read a ton of stuff on male sex but I forgot most of it the moment I got to touch him. Really touch him. He's been super patient with me and I've learned a lot from him but he says that I've taught him something, too. He likes my enthusiasm and the way I concentrate on his body when I'm exploring it.

Well, like who wouldn't? He's tall and muscular and so beautiful that women take one look and go all sultry on him. I don't think he even sees that anymore but I do. He flirts with them still but he doesn't mean anything by it. It's second nature for him to be charming, the way it's my nature to be a computer geek.

We're both pretty good at what we do.

And when I found Vin breathing fire and brimstone about the physical therapist who'd hurt Ezra, well I just naturally had to help. Our lives are cataloged by computers that we use every day, our financial lives especially. So while Buck was taking a nap because I'd exhausted him, I took a little walk through the hospital computers. Once I hacked in, I could have looked at anybody's records but that would have been a real unethical thing to do.

The therapist, on the other hand, deserved everything he got. Payments from the hospital led me to three different banks. That was interesting because who has more than two these days? One of them turned out to be what we needed. He'd been taking cash payments under the table from some of his clients. But when I traced some of how he spent that money, I found a nest of white supremacists at a website that triggered alarms all over the place.

I got out in a hurry and sent the address to the FBI. I'd gone in with an altered persona so they couldn't get back to me here at home. The rest of the information I downloaded to a disk that we could send to the IRS. Not quite like going Old Testament on him, more like 'do unto others, etc.' I thought I could talk Vin around and I knew Ezra would find my solution elegant.

Aside from Buck, Ezra was the man who'd helped me mature the most. From the moment he joined the team, he always treated me with scrupulous respect. He took me seriously, asked my opinion on the information you can put in computers and made me feel like a valued member of the team. Not that the others didn't treat me well, of course. It just seemed to come more naturally to him.

"JD, what are you working so hard on?" Buck's voice came from the doorway to his room and I turned to see him leaning against the jamb, beautifully naked and kind of sleepy-eyed at the same time.

"I think I came up with a way to take care of that physical therapist who hurt Ezra." I grinned at him and got up to join him, shedding my robe on the sofa on my way to him.

Holding out his arms, he gathered me in and kissed me gently while I hugged him close. Each kiss is better than the last one although the first one in the hospital was a real special memory. Slipping his lips to my ear, he nibbled on my ear. "That's ... good . . . JD ... I know that ... Vin will ... appreciate it. How about you come back to bed and I'll give you a proper reward?"

I love it when he waggles his eyebrows. His face is as mobile as Groucho Marx's was and he could always make me laugh. "Really? Can I have anything I want?"

He laughed and swept me up in his arms to carry me in to bed. I loved the way that made my stomach jump. "You, darlin', can have anything I have."

"Good." I chuckled at his leer and once we were in bed, I leaned up over him and trailed my fingers down the warm skin of his broad chest to his cock. I'm uncut and I'd never seen a circumcised penis before him except in a couple of porn films. He was beautiful, tall and thick. In fact, he was so thick that I hadn't figured out how to deep-throat him yet. But I would.

"That look is making me real nervous, darlin'. What are you thinking?" His voice was curious but unafraid. He really would give me anything I asked for. And it was time to ask for something more.

We'd done everything but anal penetration although he had shown me what it felt like when he stimulated my prostate with a couple of fingers. The flashfire had almost scared me, it felt so good. I'd explored him too and I thought that maybe I was ready to ask him if I could come inside of him.

"Buck, may I ... make love to you?" It wouldn't be fucking because that was for porn films.

"Yes!" He whooped and rolled me over so he blanketed me. "Yes," he kissed me. "Yes, please yes." Each yes brought me another kiss. I was giggling by now. I hadn't known that he was so ready for it. "I was kind of hoping I could talk you into taking me tonight so I cleaned myself out after dinner."

"Really? Cool." I'd asked Ezra about getting ready to make love since some of the gay sites had conflicting ideas about how to prepare. He'd nodded and told me that he preferred cleanliness since there was a risk of infection if you didn't.

Buck was still kissing me all over and he'd gotten to my cock, which always stood at attention when he was anywhere near. It was a darn good thing that I didn't like to wear my pants tight because our secret would be out big time if I did. It seemed like I was constantly hard these days. He liked playing with the foreskin and I no longer thought that he might prefer a cut cock.

He seemed to think mine was just right. I'm kind of slender and long but he said that was the best kind for making love. I was about to find out. We'd gotten some KY jelly and we'd already used up the first tube playing with each other. I'd bought three more only to find that Buck had too. So we were well supplied. I'd had some of my fingers inside of him and he was so hot and tight that I was afraid that I'd hurt him with my cock.

But he told me that he was going to enjoy it even more than I would. Buck hadn't lied to me yet so I was really looking forward to sliding inside of him. He had me hard as all get out with just his mouth and he pinched the nerve to keep me from coming too quick. His smile was so bright when he slid up beside me and kissed me again.

I really love that. But right now, I had some stretching to do and I broke the kiss by pushing him onto his back and crawling on top of him. "Where'd we put the lube, Buck?"

He chuckled and fished under the pillow, handing me the half-empty tube. "I'm thinking of buying stock in the company, JD. Maybe we should ask Ezra for investment advice?"

I squirted some cool gel onto my fingers and wiggled down between his legs. "He is definitely the one with the Midas touch."

He sighed when I slid two fingers inside of him. "I like your touch better, darlin'. Oh, yeah, right there."

His heat wasn't like anything I'd ever felt before, so hot and tight with little ripples around my fingers that it had my cock leaking salty tears. But I wouldn't hurt him so I came back out for more lubricant and a third finger, the way my favorite site on gay sex had said I should. He moaned a little and I watched him real close to be sure that it was a good sound and not a pained one.

"Buck?" I flexed my fingers a little and watched him shift beneath me. "Is it all right?"

"JD, please come inside of me. Fingers aren't enough." His blue eyes were on fire for me.

Me! I was the one turning him on. I pulled out and slicked my cock with the leftover lube. I bent his knees back towards his chest and pressed against his entrance with my really ready cock. His eyes held mine when I pressed inside of him and waited for a moment but then he was pulling me in until I slid up flush against his cheeks.

"B-buck?" It felt like my skin was too tight. All of me had swollen until the pressure was like a too tight tie that just had to give or strangle me.

"I've got you now, JD. And I'm not giving you back." His deep voice calmed me a little while his hands came down to caress my face. "I belong to you and you have to promise that you won't give me back either."

I wanted to cry and moan and explode all at the same time. Just a little thrust and he was rippling around me until I had to let go and flood him with everything I had. I shook myself to pieces and fell forward, knowing that he would catch me. I think I might have passed out because I don't remember coming out of him but he was spooned behind me when I next felt him.

"Buck, I love you." I pulled his long arms tighter around me. "I promise that I won't ever give you up. Love you too much to ever want anybody else."

His lips grazed the back of my neck and I shivered. "Good. 'Cause I'd just have to hurt anybody who tried to get to you."

And that's when I realized that he hadn't come yet. His nice big cock was brushing my balls from behind and I tightened my legs around him before moving just a little to squeeze him. "Are you going to make love to me now?"

"I never stopped lovin' you, JD, and we've got plenty of time for me to come inside of you." He licked behind my ear and I shivered again. "Hot spot, lover. Rock a bit with me and I'll come this way."

We'd done that before and I knew the hair on my thighs added to his pleasure so I wiggled a little to seat him more firmly and listened to him catch his breath. He teased me with some gentle pinching of my nipples and darned if my cock didn't get interested again. He and Ezra had a running joke about the special herbs that helped them keep up with insatiable younger lovers.

He thrust a little, his cock slippery with lube and sweat. Nudging my balls one moment and sliding over my entrance the next, I tingled all over at the thought of him coming inside of me. I'd only been able to take two fingers so far and he was a lot bigger than that. But I wasn't worried because I knew he'd never hurt me. It's funny but even though he's so much taller and stronger than I am am, I trusted him with all of me.

Body, heart and soul, I'd given all of them to him and never doubted that he'd keep me safe. But I knew that I had all of him too and I promised myself to never, ever hurt him by taking his love lightly like so many had before. For all that he's a tough guy, his heart is fragile and easily broken.

But not by me.

Never by me.

I hugged him tighter and listened to the little pants that told me he was getting close. Squeezing my thigh muscles as tightly as I could, I felt him thrust once more and release against my hole. It even felt like some of him squirted inside of me and I grinned at the thought of his hot seed right where I wanted it. Someday, I'd be able to take all of him for real.

Someday soon.

But right now, he was sighing and petting my stomach muscles. "Darlin', you make feel a man feel like he's flyin'."

I turned enough so I could see him and he got us untangled so he could pull me up over him like a blanket. He told me that he liked feeling all of me with all of him and I did, too. It felt safe to me. "Buck, what else can we use to stretch me? I want to know what you feel like inside of me."

Chuckling, he traced my lips with his finger and I sucked it into my mouth to get some of his taste. "Well, I seem to remember somebody telling me about a site on the Internet that had fun toys for lovers."

Letting go of him for the moment I nodded. "Good Vibrations is an awesome site with all kinds of stuff. That's where I ordered some of the gay movies that I watched. Hey, I ordered something and never really used it. Wait here."

I slid off of him and dashed across the living room to my bedroom. I didn't use it much anymore because I couldn't sleep without him now that we were lovers. The one night that I'd gone to bed while he was working late, I'd tossed and turned until I was about to go crazy. So, I'd gotten up and gone to his room. Hugging his pillow to my chest, I breathed deep and fell asleep almost instantly. The best part of that night was his waking me up when he got home.

I knelt and pulled out the bottom dresser drawer, looking for the items I'd ordered a few months back. I wasn't sure what I was doing and I'd hurt myself trying to force the plug up inside of me. I guess I hadn't stretched myself enough first or used enough lube or something but I'd put it away until I had a little more experience.

The plastic bag had three different sizes of plugs in real bright colors, pink, purple and orange. The purple one used batteries and I wasn't sure quite what to do with it. But I was pretty sure that Buck would know. Standing back up, I grabbed another tube of KY from the top of my dresser. Maybe we should start buying it by the case, I grinned to myself.

Walking back into his bedroom, I hid the bag behind my back. He was stretched out on the bed in the sprawl that made me want to crawl between his legs and worship his cock. "I've got a surprise for you."

He laughed out loud and held out his hand. "JD, you're the best surprise I ever got."

I slid in beside him and laid the bag on his stomach. "Well, I was hoping that you could explain the vibrating one to me."

"Vibrating?" He picked up the bag and his eyes widened when he saw them. "Good Lord, JD, have you been playing with these all this time?"

"No! I mean," I blushed, "I, ah, tried the orange one but it kind of hurt so I didn't play with them after that."

"Hurt as in bleeding or hurt as in sore?" He frowned and cuddled me closer to his side.

"Just sore, Buck, I don't think I used enough lube or something. It's kind of awkward trying to do it to yourself." I let my fingers slide over to his nipples and pinched one gently. For some reason they fascinated me. I really liked sucking on them and one night I sucked so long that I fell asleep on top of him with my mouth still attached to him.

He chuckled, pulling me up and over him again. "Straddle me and I'll see if I can do any better."

"Which one are you going to use?" I watched him dump them onto the white sheets and he plucked the diamond shaped pink one from the bed.

"This one will do quite nicely, JD." He flipped open the top of the KY tube and squirted some onto the soft plug. "It's about the same size as my fingers so it won't hurt going in. You have to tell me if there's any pain, darlin'. Promise me?"

"I promise. But there won't be, Buck because I want it so much." I was up on all fours with my knees on either side of his hips and a hand on each of his shoulders. The first touch of his fingers sliding over my entrance always made me shiver. Now that I knew what was coming, I could feel goose bumps all over my skin.

"I love the way you enjoy this, JD. Never hide what you're feeling from me." His voice was suddenly real serious and I opened my eyes to look down into his.

"Never, I'll never hide what I feel for you." I knew that was a long ago fear of his. "I love you, Buck. You won't ever hurt me."

His fingers slid inside of me and the cool gel trickled inside of me like little ants creeping in. I had to wiggle a little at the tickling and he smiled at me before pulling them out for some more gel. My balls were hanging down against his stomach and my cock was hardening for the third time tonight. I felt open and kind of wanton to be so exposed to him.

I hadn't thought of myself that way before but Buck made me want to be as uninhibited as he was. I leaned in to kiss him and he had his tongue in my mouth so fast it made my head spin. Serious tongue fucking ensued and I almost missed the moment when he pulled out his fingers and slid the plug inside of me. Somehow he'd warmed it and I wiggled all over with the sweet sensation of it sliding deep.

The flashfire was back when he pushed it all the way in and I gasped, pulling away from him so I could catch my breath. "Wow, I'm really, really full."

"No pain though, right?" He was watching me like a hawk and I shook my head. "Good, now it's my turn to play."

With a quick flex of all those muscle of his, he had us reversed with me flat on the bed and him between my legs. His slick hand played with my balls while the other hand pressed the plug in, over and over again. Then he bent and sucked my cock into his hot mouth and I just about lost it.

The too full feeling was long gone and the sparks each time he hit my prostate were getting hotter and hotter. His tongue fluttered against the underside of my crown and I reminded myself to try that on him later. It felt so good. My hands had gone to his head again and I tried not to pull on his hair, I really did but his chuckle told me that I hadn't succeeded.

I love the feel of his hair against my fingers, my throat, and my nipples -- heck, just about everywhere. My skin was tingling all over and I couldn't help thrusting up a little. Suddenly I was burning up and I felt my cock explode into his mouth. I shook all over and felt like all my muscles dissolved into the sheets. When I slipped from his mouth, he slid up and hugged me close.

This was my favorite time. I latched onto one of his nipples and slid my arms around him. He was half-hard again but I knew that I could take care of him in a little while. Right now was just for snuggling close and feeling loved. One of his hands stroked my sweaty back and every once in a while he'd push the plug back in. It felt warm but not hot and I wiggled a little just because I could.

"JD, we need to shower and remake this messy bed." He kissed the top of my head and I reluctantly let go of his nipple.

"Okay, but I want to leave the plug in." I pulled back a little so I could see his eyes. "Tomorrow, I want the orange one."

"We'll see." Buck smiled at me then rolled us both out of bed.

It felt really odd to walk with the plug still inside of me. The warmth was back and I could feel little tingles start all over again. The tub was really too small for the two of us and I decided to ask Buck the question that I'd been mulling over for the last few days. "Buck, do you think that Ezra would really like us to live on the third floor of the warehouse?"

He chuckled and started rinsing my hair. "I think he might just mean it, JD. Would you like that? We'd have a lot of work to do but it would be fun to make it our space."

"Yeah, it would. We could have a really big shower and maybe a king-sized bed so I had more than a foot of space when we finally fall asleep." I was soaping his chest hair and tweaking his nipples with slippery fingers when he pouted down at me.

"I like sleeping close to you, JD, but I guess I could try to stay on my side of the bed." It was meant as a joke but I heard a note of hurt beneath the words.

"No, you don't, Buck Wilmington." I hugged him fiercely and yanked his head down to my level. "Don't you dare ever stay away from me. If I need more room, I'll just climb up on top of you."

"Yes, dear." He spoke meekly but I felt him relax under my hands and knew that I'd said the right thing.

"Okay, we need to talk to Ezra and Vin. I wonder if they want to sell it or rent it? We could even take it condo with the first floor held in common and the three floors all owned by different people. I think Nathan really liked what he saw when he was there two weeks ago."

"He and Rain are real serious about each other, JD. They're talking marriage and kids." Buck was kneeling again and soaping my legs.

That felt so good that I almost missed his quick nudging of my semi-hard cock. Like I said before, just being near him makes me hard. But now, I get to do something about it and that feels better than anything in my whole life. Not even cracking a computer code feels as good as Buck making love to me.

We rinsed off and stepped out to dry ourselves. He was really hard by now and I took his hand to lead him back to bed. I was going to try and get a little more of him inside my mouth. Not to mention, try that flutter thing he'd done to me earlier. Every step reminded me that I was stretching myself for him and soon he'd be coming inside of me.

I could hardly wait.

End Interlude two