Author: Athea (
Title: Interludes, part three
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: Buck and JD
Summary: Buck finds that JD has a few surprises for him.
Date: 9 July 2001

I swear to God, the kid is going to kill me.

He's got the recovery time of a mink as in 'fucking like a...'. He likes touching every square inch of me over and over until I swear my skin is going to wear off. My nipples are sore and aching from constant loving. And my cock comes to attention every time I hear his voice.

I was loving every moment of it.

Work was hell. I tried to concentrate on the damn Henderson case that we were still trying to close but I had the attention span of a gnat. All he had to do was move or ask one of the others a question and I was lost in watching him. His eyes sparkled when he was on to something and all I wanted to do was take him into the conference room for a quickie.

But Chris actually wanted us to finish this miserable case before Ezra got out of the hospital. So, I pondered wearing earmuffs so I wouldn't get distracted and turning my desk around so I couldn't see him. It wouldn't work though because he was an addiction that I couldn't let go of.

So, I buckled down to work and managed almost half an hour of solid effort before my phone rang. "Team Seven, Buck speaking."

"Buck, they're letting Ezra go today. I'm taking him home and we'll see you all at the warehouse tomorrow about ten. Okay?" Vin's voice was happier than I'd ever heard him.

"Good going, Junior. We'll see you tomorrow. Give him a hug for JD and me." I smiled at his enthusiastic goodbye and hung up with a grin for the rest of the office. "Hey, guys, they let Ezra out today. Vin is taking him home."

"It's about time. When are we meeting them tomorrow?" Josiah was beaming like a proud father at the thought of his favorite son.

"Let's meet at the warehouse a little before ten. I've got the garage door opener and I think Jase said that they'd be there too." I told them and with a little more talk, we had it all planned. I could hardly wait to see Ezra's reaction to all the work that had gone on while he was in the hospital. And I wanted to sit down with him and ask him about the floor that I'd started to think of as JD's and mine.


But it was Monday before I had a chance to sit down with him. And I certainly hadn't expected to be having the conversation while a kitten perched on my head. Ezra's phone call had seemed a little bizarre but once we'd carried in all the supplies up to the fourth floor, the kittens had taken us over in a heartbeat. JD was lying on the floor with a striped gray cat sitting on his chest, purring so loudly that I could hear it from the couch where his twin had finally taken up residence on my shoulder.

"Thanks, Buck. I think we're well supplied for the foreseeable future. Now, what do you think about the third floor?" Ezra was curled up at the other end of the couch with an orange striped tabby in his lap.

"JD and I like the idea of living here. Were you thinking of selling or renting?"

We hashed out the pros and cons with help from JD and Vin. But the big surprise came when we talked about the cost of finishing up the floor. I could hardly believe it would cost another $150,000 to put in all the appliances and finish off the rooms. I didn't have near enough to pay for that. I had the sixty thousand from the sale of my mother's house when she died that I tucked away in some treasury bonds for when I retired.

A few thousand in the bank and the paid for truck were pretty much the sum total of my assets. But JD was nodding and agreeing that we could swing it before I could say anything to the contrary. I must have looked kind of idiotic sputtering that way but he just sat up and slid over between my legs.

"Buck, I've got a little confession to make." He looked real apologetic with his hands on my knees, rubbing little circles on them. "When I joined the team and took you up on your offer to share an apartment, it wasn't because I couldn't afford one on my own. I'd just sold the software company that Danny Jones and I had started in college. Most of it's invested but taking out some for our home won't make that much of a dent."

"Software company?" I wasn't sure that I understood.

"Danny and I invented an application for voice recognition security that Microsoft wanted really badly. He wanted to move on to something else and I'd just been accepted by the ATF so we sold it to Gates. I don't want to brag or anything but it was really a good program and we sold it for $7.8 million."

$7.8 million? Jesus Christ and all his saints, JD was worth more than I'd ever make if I worked the next hundred years. I must have had a real shocked look on my face because suddenly I had a lapful of lover. He was kissing me hard and the kitten he'd dislodged was protesting loudly from beside us. My arms came up around him automatically and I even forgot that Ezra and Vin were there.

When we finally had to breathe, I opened my mouth but nothing came out. That was all right because he was already talking. "Buck Wilmington, if you even think of trying to weasel out of loving me because I've got a few dollars put away, I will take you home, tie you to the bed and make love to you until you give up."

I had to close my eyes against the rush of tears. "JD, are you sure?"

"Sure that I love you? Yes. Sure that I want to live here in a space that we get to help build? Yes. Sure that I want to spend a little money on the two of us? Yes." He was shaking me a little at every 'yes'. "Sure that you love me enough to let me do this for us? Well, you're the only one who can answer that."

Hugging him close, I rested my cheek against his and felt moisture there. Pulling back just a little, I spotted the tears in his eyes. "I love you, JD, more than anything. My pride will survive but I wouldn't if I lost you."

"You're not losing me over a silly little thing like money. Are we okay?" He was stroking my shoulders and I could feel his touch all the way down to my toes.

"We're better than okay, we're perfect." I managed to get out before he beamed all over and kissed me again. If I hadn't been wearing my boots, my toes would have curled at the urgency of it.

The sound of a throat clearing finally brought us out of our kiss-induced haze. Ezra was smiling at us with Vin grinning away at his side. "Boys, I think you'd better go home now and take care of any other . . . reassuring you need to. We can meet again on Thursday."

"Yes!" JD shot off my lap and pulled me up in almost one motion.

"Remember, JD, you need to go careful or you could break him." Vin reminded us again with an almost straight face.

"I'll remember." My lover said almost angelically.

Damn, I was definitely going to be loved to death.


We barely got home before I was tackled to the bed and stripped to bare skin by the whirling dervish who was my lover. I was groaning in between panting while he slid his mouth around me and sucked hard. Shaking all over, all I could do was hang onto his head while he tried to take me all the way in. I was too thick but damned if he wasn't trying his best to love all of me.

But just when I thought I'd have to let go and come, he pinched the nerve at the base of my cock hard and left my crown with a swirl of hot tongue. Moving up and over me, he smiled down into my eyes. "Not yet, Buck. I've got plans for you. Did you wonder why I left you for a few minutes at work before we went to pick up that kitten stuff for Vin and Ezra?"

I blinked and tried to remember back that far. He'd come out of the bathroom kind of solemn and I'd asked him if he was okay but he'd just grinned and said he was fine. "Were you feeling poorly, JD? And did it come back?"

"Well, it's 'back' all right, at least it's in back. Stretch on down a little further." He wiggled while my hands ghosted down his back to his perfect ass. But there was something there that hadn't been there before. "Oh yeah, push it in a little. So good, that feels so good."

"Which one is it?" I could hardly believe that he'd had one of those damn plugs in all this time. "How does it feel? Are you sore?"

His grin could light the whole apartment building. "It's the orange one and it feels fine although those last couple of potholes just about made me come in my pants."

I shifted us to our sides and slid one of my legs between his. He arched towards me with a sigh of relief and I ran a hand down past his cock and around to where the plastic sat lodged inside of him where I wanted to be. He'd taken the orange one several times and I thought that maybe he was ready for the next bigger size.

The one time he'd put the purple dildo in me, I damn near snapped my spine in two when he turned on the vibrator. I know I passed out and scared him half to death. Luckily it was only a few moments before I came to because he was about to call Nathan. And that would have been embarrassing to say the least. 'Come quick, I think I broke Buck' would have been a long time living down.

"Buck? I'm not sore, really I'm not." His voice was a little plaintive and I hurried to reassure him.

"Good, 'cause I think that such wonderful initiative deserves a reward." I kissed him slowly and tucked his breathy groan into the large part of my brain that was labeled 'JD'.

"Please ... please come inside of me." He pleaded when we finally broke apart to breathe. "The plastic never feels as good as you do even if it's just your fingers."

"So true, JD, not even the vibrating one feels as good as you when you're deep inside of me, making me yours." I scattered kissed all over his face while my hand kept pressing the plug in against his gland.

He was whimpering when I finally rolled him over onto his stomach. "Buck?"

"Hush now, darlin', I'm going to see how ready you are." Pulling the lubricant out from under my pillow, I had him come up on all fours for me to relieve the strain on his hard as steel cock. He was learning control and no longer shot off so quickly but he still had me beat when it came to recovery time.

I got my fingers around the wide base and pressed on the nerve in his cock while I slowly pulled the orange plug out. When no blood appeared, I said a silent prayer of thanks to the deities who take care of young lovers.

"Oh, Buck," JD whimpered again and I thought for one heart stopping moment that I'd hurt him. "I need you. Please."

His muscles spasmed open for my fingers and I made sure that he took all three fingers easily before I smoothed more gel as deep inside of him as I could get it. He was moaning my name over and over until I eased him down on his side then over onto his back. When I sucked him into my mouth, he shouted once and came, flooding me with his bittersweet taste.

He went limp all over and I chuckled while turning him onto his side again. Spooning up behind him, I slicked myself and gently slid inside of the tightest, hottest place I'd ever been in my life. Laying my hand on his flat stomach, I rubbed little circles there and tried not to move.

"Buck, you're inside of me." The awe in his voice made me want to hold him close and never let him go.

"Yes, I am, JD. You hurt anywhere?" I kissed his shoulder and leaned a little so I could see his face.

"Wow. Full, really full but there isn't any pain. Not really." He turned his head to see me, too. "You feel wonderful, Buck. What happens when you move?"

"You're always so impatient, JD." I teased him before giving just a little thrust and watching his eyes go wide.

"Do that again."

"Tell me if there's pain."

"All right, but do that again."

So, I started a gentle rocking that made him shiver all the way down to his toes. I took it real slow and sure enough, his cock came back to life, hot and hard in my hand. When he realized that he could flex his inner muscles around me, I knew I couldn't last much longer. It seemed like I'd been hard forever and his little moans were setting me on fire. Only the fact that this was his first time kept me under enough control not to thrust as hard as I wanted to.

"Oh, Buck." He gasped and came in my hand, his spasms catching me off guard and pulling my own climax right out of me.

We rested there together until I felt myself start to soften enough to begin backing out of him. He protested sleepily but I knew he was going to be sore and the sooner I was out, the sooner I could get some analgesic cream inside his over-stressed muscles. "I've got you, JD. Let me slip out, darlin' or you're going to be sore tomorrow."

When I finally popped out, I checked him hastily for any signs that I'd been too rough but there was no bloody discharge and I sighed in relief. He turned with a groan and burrowed into my arms. "Buck, I love you, but it feels like you parked your truck inside of me."

I snickered and pulled his head up so I could see those beautiful chocolate brown eyes of his. "I love you too, JD. How about I run a hot bath so you can soak some of the soreness out?"

He nodded and then leaned in to kiss my cheek. "I'm pretty sure that I'm going to want you again. It felt like ... like I was a part of you or maybe that you were a part of me."

I hugged him close. "That's exactly what I felt when you came inside of me. For a few moments, we were one person."

"I like that feeling. Will I stretch for you?" He pushed me onto my back and slid up over me.

"If you want to. Of course, I expect you to come back inside of me at least half the time. I like it, too."

"Am I big enough to really give you pleasure?" He said with a little frown.

"Of course, you are, JD. Any woman will tell you that it's not a man's penis size but what he can do with it that's important. When you're inside of me, I feel like I could tame a tornado." I smoothed a thumb over his cheek and he turned just far enough to suck it into his mouth. That made me shiver and he finally smiled at me.

"Okay, I guess you're right."

"Of course, I'm right." I said in mock indignation. "I'm always right."

He giggled and kissed me so sweetly that I almost started to harden again. But he'd gotten all of me and I knew that he'd be sore the instant he tried to really move so I slowly broke the kiss and rolled us both out of bed. He winced immediately and I picked him up to carry him to the bathroom.

While I turned the water on, I contemplated the whirlpool tub that Vin had installed in their bathroom. "JD, what about the tub in Ezra and Vin's place? Could we get one of those too?"

"Sure we could. In fact, I think we'd better." He stood gingerly on one leg, one hand rubbing his lower cheek like a small boy after a spanking. "I like showering with you but I think soaking with you would be even more fun."

The first few inches of water were in the tub and I gave him an arm to hang onto while he slowly sat down with a hiss in the hot water. He sighed with relief and I got a few more supplies out for after our bath. But he wanted me in with him if his pout was any indication so I slid behind him in the too small tub while the water crept higher and higher.

Before it could overflow, JD reached over and turned it off. Then like a slippery eel he turned over and lay on top of me while my hands traced the long muscles of his back. He was kissing me again, slow and sure of himself. I let him control it while I reached for the soap.

He moaned a little at the touch of my soapy fingers, especially when I slid them down his crack past the little hole that had taken me in so well. "Buck, it's so weird. It's sore but not that sore. I don't want you back inside of me so soon but ... but I do."

"It'll be a few days before we can even think of it. Tomorrow is going to be a little uncomfortable for you. You stretched muscles that have never been stretched before and even sitting is going to feel real different." I could barely move in the narrow tub so it was hard to wash him but he helped and eventually we stood up and rinsed off with a shower.

Back in bed, I spread some analgesic cream inside of him and listened to his little sigh of relief. When I got back in after putting it away, he snuggled close to me. "Buck, we need to call Jase tomorrow and tell him what we want on our floor. I've got a list of some of the things but over breakfast we need to go over it so we don't forget anything."

I was still a little astounded by his revelations of the afternoon. "JD, tell me about Danny and how you got together."

He opened his eyes and slid up a little more so we were sharing a pillow. "I grew up with Danny living next door. We played together, got in trouble together and we even built our first computer together. We were brother geeks." He chuckled. "We went to MIT together and that's when we started fooling around with computer software. First, it was just games and little programs like a label-maker for our dorm-floor mentor. Then we got challenged by another kid to build a security program that he couldn't break into. So we did and he couldn't. We even turned that one in for credit in class and got an 'A' for it. That's when we decided to incorporate and get paid for our hard work. We wrote about fifteen programs, two of which are still in use by MIT. We get royalties for those and will so long as they use them."

"Wow, that is really something. You are really something. I'm lucky that there's at least one smart person in this relationship." I shook my head.

"We're just smart in different ways, Buck. I know that sometimes I'm pretty naïve about people and events. But you've experienced so much that you can always explain what I don't understand. Don't ever think that I'm something special because I can write silly programs."

"You are special, JD. But not just for your programs." I kissed him softly then pulled far enough away so I could see him. "For your sweetness, for your generous heart, for your ability to concentrate when all hell is breaking out around you, for your ..."

He kissed me hard, interrupting my list of what made him so special to me. When he pulled away, there were tears in his eyes. "You're the special one, Buck. I'm learning so much from you but mostly I'm learning how to love. You're my anchor when I get too involved in my research. You take care of me and love me. I know you're afraid that I'm too young for you. But age doesn't matter any more than the fact that we're both men matters."

"I love you, JD. Please don't ever stop loving me." I could hardly see him through my own tears.

"Never happen, Buck." He snuggled close under my chin and licked the hollow of my throat. "I could no more stop loving you than I could stop breathing."

"Me too, JD." I breathed him in like oxygen. "Sweet dreams, darlin'."

"Sweet dreams, Buck." He yawned and I had a sudden feeling that he'd look just like one of the kittens had at Ezra's.

And the urge to call him 'Kitten' was growing. I just prayed that when I slipped and said it out loud there wouldn't be any witnesses.

Or I was a dead man. Grinning, I fell asleep.

End Interludes three