Author: Athea (
Title: Interlude, part four
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: JD and Buck
Summary: Their new home gets finished.
Date: 28 July 2001

I sat on the floor in the middle of our new space. The kitchen was done and both bathrooms were in and working. My computer lab was in the same spot that Ezra's study was on the floor above. Our exercise equipment was in the other short leg of the 'L'. The room was pretty empty because some of our furniture was in pretty bad shape and I'd dragged Buck out to do some furniture shopping.

He'd been pretty good about the money but I could see that it still spooked him. So, I made sure that we 'tested' all the sofas. Buck really liked the leather chair that we'd helped Vin pick out for Ezra so I took him back to that store and watched him without seeming to watch. When I caught him stroking the low arm of a soft brown sofa, I slumped on it then made sure he saw me bending over the back.

I caught a lustful look that made the rest of the shopping a lot more fun. When we hit the bed section, Buck gulped and decided to flirt with Mindy, the sales woman while I bounced on the mattresses. But I could see him keeping track of me while I lay down on every mattress they had.

We'd kind of broken his bed the night before.

I was pretty sure that a waterbed was right out of the question.

So, I picked out a four poster with solid oak posts and a flat wooden canopy that just might take a mirror. I smiled sweetly at Mindy and told her that I wanted the pillow-top mattress to go with it. Her eyes widened even bigger then they'd gone in answer to Buck's flirting. But my platinum Visa card went through the machine without any hesitation.

They were going to deliver everything today but right now, the silence in the room was just what I needed. We'd met with some of the newly created Team Beta this morning and I was still mulling over my impressions of the guys. Maybe loving Buck had changed the way I looked at people or given me a different set of eyes but I was getting a real odd feeling from one of the men I'd just met.

He'd been polite to all of us but I could see him dismiss me without a second thought. His name was Frank Sully and he was Buck's age. He was supposed to be their profiler but I'd seen the little frown between Josiah's eyes after they'd talked. His laughter had been polite when Nathan teased Ezra about one of the kittens who'd gotten all the way down to second floor. We'd decided early on that it was nobody's business but our own if we all wanted to live under one roof.

So Chris had explained that the warehouse was cooperatively owned by a little over half the team. Frank had smiled then but said he hoped that wasn't the kind of thing they'd expect 'his' team to do. That proprietary tone hadn't set well with me for some reason. Heck, I'm proud of Team Seven and can't imagine being on any other team but we didn't own each other.

Well, Buck owns me but that's different. He tells me that I own him, too. Body, heart and soul was the way he put it last night. I smiled at the memory of him holding me close while our breathing slowed down from another round of lovemaking. It had been our last night in the old apartment and the mattress was on the floor since the frame had suffered a splintery death.

Everything was packed and the movers were coming in a few hours but we took our time and made love slowly until we were both shaking. I will never get tired of feeling him inside of me. Every time I moved this morning, I could feel that little ache deep inside of me where he'd been and would be again if they ever brought our new furniture.

Buck had taken the morning off to cope with the movers and we changed positions so I could be off this afternoon to wait for the furniture store guys. Everything was ready for our first night in our new home. I had a bottle of Asti Spumati chilling in the fridge along with a few other treats.


I realized that I'd been so lost in my thoughts that I'd forgotten I was playing with Snoop, the gray striped kitten that had chosen us two weeks ago. So, I went back to playing the long white feather along the edge of the brown and crimson Oriental carpet while she wiggled all over and got ready to pounce it. The chime from the garage door echoed eerily in the silence and she jumped a foot before fluffing out her fur and looking for the odd sound.

An hour later, I signed off on the delivery and made sure the furniture guys were gone and the garage door was secured. My list of to-do things was long but top of the list was letting Snoop out from the spare bedroom where she was meowing pathetically. When I opened the door, she shot out like a bullet intent on seeing what all the noise had been about.

She stalked the sofa, investigating it above, upon and below while I chuckled to myself and went in to make up our new bed. Buck looked beautiful on the crimson sheets that I was smoothing onto the new mattress. It could still get cold at night so I put the cotton comforter on as well but folded up at the foot of the bed so it wouldn't be in the way.

A thump turned my head while Snoop investigated. I smiled and gave her a quick ear-rub but she was impatient with me, preferring to check out 'her' new bed. I went into the bathroom and filled the whirlpool tub to the middle of the jets. Once Buck got here we'd put in the hot water and fill her up but this would save a little time. I took a quick shower, cleaning myself inside and out before putting on a pair of bicycle shorts in tight black spandex with a loose v-neck crop top in crimson.

Looking at myself in the mirror above the dresser, I grinned. I'd wager my next paycheck that this outfit screamed 'fuck me now' and I could hardly wait to have Buck see me in it. I went barefoot into the kitchen and opened the wine so it was ready to pour when he got home. The ringing of the kitchen phone caught me by surprise while I was peeling an orange. Licking my fingers, I grabbed it and went back to work.


"Hey, kid, I'm on my way home. Did everything come?" Buck sounded peaceful.

"Yeah, we got it all in place. Snoop is investigating everything with nose and paw."

He chuckled. "I'll bet. Do I need to pick up anything?"

"Nah, I've got everything. We've got about half a gallon of lube left so that should take care of tonight."

Catching his breath, Buck moaned in my ear. "You always do this to me when I'm stuck in traffic, JD. I'm going to make you pay big tonight."

I groaned a little then licked my fingers, making sure I gave a little slurp. "I kind of started without you, Buck. There's just something about that soft ... leather ... sofa that makes me hot."

"Damn it, JD, don't do this to me. I'm already hard."

"Good, Buck, I need you inside of me. Should I just make sure that I'm all slick and open for you? The purple dildo looks pretty good right now." A moan was my only answer and I grinned. I had already made sure that I was ready for him. "You know the back of the sofa is just the right height ... for you to bend me over . . . and slide right inside of me."

I heard the garage door go up since I'd left the two-way intercom on. Buck was almost here and it was a damn good thing because I'd made myself just as hot as he was. Putting down the orange and knife so I didn't hurt myself, I quickly washed my hands and dried them before going over to perch on the back of the new sofa, which was about to get baptized.

When the elevator whirred, I felt my stomach clench in anticipation. A minute later and our door opened to reveal Buck already half undressed. His pants were undone, his big, beautiful cock already hard as a rock. Our eyes locked and it was all I could do to stay right there and let him come to me. His gaze was hooded and predatory, the easy going Buck nowhere in sight. He left his shirt by the door and then he stepped out of his pants at the edge of the rug. His shoes were kicked off and then his boxers.

This was hunter Buck and I was his lucky prey. Then he was in front of me, slowly trailing a hand over my top to my stomach. "This is a new look for you. I like it."

"Think I should wear it to the gym?" I said huskily.

"Nope, this doesn't leave home ever or I'll just have to kill whoever sees you in it." The scary thing was the absolute assurance in his voice. "I believe we have an experiment to make, JD."

Then he was kissing me and those strong hands were pushing the shorts down past my hips to my upper thighs. There hadn't been room for underwear so my cock leapt out to duel for space with his. And that felt so damn good that we both moaned. His big hands held me briefly then slid around to trail purposefully down my crease. I shivered, needing more and he obliged me by slipping one long finger inside of me.

I arched up into him, clinging to his waist. "More, Buck, more."

He chuckled and slowly eased out of me while I whimpered. Then he was turning me so I was bent over the back of the sofa and two fingers tested me. But I was ready for him, more than ready and when they came out, he slid inside in one long thrust that took my breath away. Full ... I'd never felt so full before. The slippery leather under my hands didn't give me anything to hold on to so I was at his mercy.

"So beautiful, JD ... you're the most beautiful ... man I've ever seen. Tight ... hot ... just the right size for me." Every pause was another deep thrust and I was burning from my toes to my fingers. "Just thinking about ... coming home to you ... and I space right out of my mind."

A groan was all I could answer to him. His hands held my hips against the broad, soft top of the sofa back while my legs had come off the floor between his. The shorts kept them together and that seemed to make his thrusts deeper or something.

"God! So tight ... you've never been so tight since the first ... time we made love." His strokes never varied but kept hitting my prostate until I thought I'd die if he didn't let me come. "JD!"

With a final thrust, he exploded inside of me while finally grasping my neglected cock. I erupted like that volcano in Italy from the noon news. In fact, I think I passed out because when I came to, we were lying on the sofa while he massaged my neck with gentle fingers. I wiggled a little, loving the ache deep inside of me.

"You okay, darlin'?" I heard the rumble under my ear and licked his nipple in reply. "I'd say that this sofa was a good buy."

I hummed agreement and decided to make his nipple get really, really hard. Slowly I tongued, nibbled and licked it into a stiff hard peak. When he started to chuckle, I looked up to see what was so funny. Snoop was sitting on the coffee table, watching us like we were her favorite show.

Every time she watched us make love it felt weird. But I was going to have to get used to it since she hated being shut out of whatever room we were in. "It's not polite to watch us, Snoop."

She meowed as if she understood me, jumping down and trotting into the kitchen to see if her kitten chow had miraculously appeared. Buck laughed. "Well, that tells you, kid. Now that I've worked up an appetite, what are we having for dinner beside each other?"

I wiggled over him and dropped my voice. "Wine, oranges and chocolate for starters while we take a long, hot bath. Then, there's steak to grill on our new cook-top and fresh cauliflower ready to steam in the microwave."

He grinned up at me. "That's good, JD. I can see I'm going to need my strength."

We got up slowly and meandered into the bedroom with a tray of wine and snacks . He stopped cold at his first sight of the bed and matching tables on either side. Shaking his head, he dropped a kiss on the top of my head and steered me into the bathroom. He relieved himself while I started the hot water running. The instant heater that served both the bathrooms was more efficient than a normal hot water heater would have been.

All the floors had two, one for the bathrooms and one for the kitchen. I slid into the hot water with a bit of a hiss when my thoroughly stretched ass met the soothing heat. Buck joined me after a moment and he hit the switch for the whirlpool jets. I floated against my sloping end while he matched me at the other end. I sipped my wine and watched him nibble on a chocolate. I wasn't the only one who liked sweet things.

"JD, what did you think about Team Beta?" He had a thoughtful look on his face and I wondered if he'd seen the same thing that I had.

So I told him my impressions without telling him the name of the one who worried me.

"Frank Sully." He watched me nod agreement. "It's only the first meeting but there's something about him that makes me want to watch my back. He wants power and doesn't really care what he has to do to get it. He's letting Benson take the lead role but he's pulling the strings behind the scenes."

"He'll try to do the same with us. Divide and conquer. He dismissed my input and watched Nathan come to my aid. He tried the same thing with Vin but nobody paid any attention. Ezra got real quiet and I don't think it was just tiredness. He had all his walls up like when he first came to us. Chris made sure that he sent him home right away. I checked on him when I got here and he said he was okay."

"We'll check with Vin later. The best thing about Team Seven has always been the way we didn't have to play those kind of silly games. You really think he's doing it on purpose?" Buck sounded worried.

"Yeah, I think he calculated every move. I wonder if Judge Travis planned it this way?" I wasn't sure what I was feeling but I didn't like the uncertainty.

"We need a team meeting to talk about what's going on. I'll give Chris a call after dinner. Now that we've got all this new furniture, we can have them over here." He soaped up his hands and began to wash my chest, making sure he tweaked my nipples.

"Good, call him later. Much, much later." I writhed beneath his teasing fingers and felt my cock begin to harden again. He brought my hips up and sucked me down while I held onto the sides of the tub and panted beneath his talented tongue. He made it last a long time but once he slid a couple of fingers deep inside of me and sparked my gland, I let loose and came.

And came and came.

I was limp when he finally let go of me and pulled me into his arms. The flip of a switch calmed the water and we rested a while before getting out. We fixed dinner together while Buck talked to Chris. It came as no surprise that our leader also had some misgivings about this new team.

But that was for tomorrow.

Tonight was for loving.

I planned to drive Buck absolutely insane.

End Interlude four