Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, ATF universe
Pairing: Ezra Standish and Vin Tanner
Summary: Vin begins his campaign.
Date: 23 March 2001
Vin, part eight

I could see he was real skittish but when his shaking fingers began to unbutton me, I knew that he was going to try. I was still mad as hell at the stupid man who'd called him frigid and walked away from him. I could tell that Ezra was spooked by my declarations. But he liked them too. I had the feeling that I had my work cut out for me in gentling my friend.

But Ezra was worth every moment of effort that I could devote to him.

I knew he didn't believe me when I called him beautiful but he surely was. At the moment though he was shivering as if it was freezing. It had to be the last of those damn drugs that Munson had tricked him into taking. I wasn't much for tea drinking but I knew that Ezra loved his tea so I'd enjoy it for his sake.

"You are the beautiful one, Vin." He'd finished unbuttoning me and I let the shirt slip from my shoulders while he touched me hesitantly as if he couldn't believe he was allowed to. I shook my head but he smiled real shy-like at me and undid my jeans before kneeling to slide them down my legs. I'd a been self-conscious but his look up at me was so full of amazement that I just reached out and stroked his hair to remind him that I was real.

The water was just six inches from the top of the sides when I leaned over and turned off the taps so we didn't overflow. He's so graceful when he moves but this time I could see the tremors rippling over his skin while he shivered in what felt like too warm air to me. Holding out my hand, I took his and helped him into the tub. The water was super-hot but he just sighed real quiet-like and sank down.

I joined him and for the first time realized just how big this tub really was. It was deep and wide with plenty of room for the two of us. The water came almost to the top of his shoulders and I watched him scoop up a double handful and pour it over his head with a look of bliss on his face. He was so beautiful with the beads of water catching on his eyelashes and his hair turning sleek with water.

Those big green eyes of his opened to find me watching him and he blushed just a bit. I smiled and drew him closer, moving my hands slowly over his skin. "You look even better without your clothes, Ezra. But I don't want anyone else seeing you like this. I'm afraid that I'm going to a mite possessive. Is that okay?"

"Oh," his gaze looked so bewildered that I just had to pull him all the way into my arms.

I kind of scooted down so I could recline against the sloping back of the tub while he rested on my chest. He wasn't as heavy on me as I thought he should be. "Ezra, did you lose some weight? You don't hardly weigh anything at all."

He smiled. "I always lose weight when I go undercover. I think that all my energy is devoted to staying in character and usually the food doesn't taste very good. We could have dinner tonight at Daisy's?"

"That sounds just about perfect, Ez'. You feeling any warmer?" I couldn't help asking since I could feel his cock starting to harden against mine.

"Yes, thank you, I'm nice and toasty." He wriggled just a bit and I knew he could feel me too because his eyes were glowing. "Speaking of toasty, I'm feeling a little hungry right now. Would you mind if I nibbled on a little something?"

"God, no!" I barely had time to say before his mouth latched onto one of my nipples and began sucking. I'd never felt anything like it before and I couldn't help but moan. His head came up at once to check if it was a good-moan or a bad-groan. I trailed my fingers over his lips and smiled so's he'd know to keep on suckling.

And he did, pretty soon switching over to the other one. Little bolts of lightning were darting through my whole body from just that innocent caress. And I don't think my cock had ever been harder in my whole life. He wiggled again and grinned at me before sliding down between my legs. His hands brought my hips up so my cock broke the water.

"You're even more beautiful here, Vin." His gaze was as reverent as any one of the Sisters of Mercy in church. And when his mouth took me in, it felt like he was worshipping me. Charlotte had done this to me once and it had been good but somehow knowing that it was Ezra's mouth pleasuring me made it a whole lot better.

He nibbled real gentle-like down to my balls before sliding his tongue all the way back up one side. Then he did it to the other side and it felt so good that I had to groan. Ezra checked me again then went back to nibbling his way around my cock, pausing every now and then to suck real hard on my crown. That rough tongue of his made me shudder all the way down to my toes.

I could feel my balls start to tighten and he must have too because he widened his mouth or something until I could feel him everywhere. The sight of him taking me all the way in took my breath away. I tried not to thrust up and floating in water made it even more difficult but he just hummed around me. The vibration shook me hard and I came into his throat while he swallowed around me.

My whole body jerked and jerked again but Ezra kept me safely from drowning. It felt like I'd never come so hard in my life. And the little shivers that kept racing over my skin felt just as good. If I hadn't of been in hot water already, I think my skin would have boiled it for us.

I slipped free of his lips and he gently let my hips sink while he licked his lips. For some reason, I found that a real turn-on but my cock had decided to take a nap for the moment so's I couldn't do anything about it. He was still stroking my stomach while he hid his eyes from me and I wondered what he was thinking.

"Was it ... all right?" He finally looked up and I immediately pulled him up into my arms for a hard hug.

"I've never felt anything like it, Ezra. I didn't choke you, did I?" I wondered what he was thinking when he shook his head slightly and kissed the hollow of my throat. I'd never known that that was a hot spot for me but at the moment I needed to find out why he was being so quiet. "Would you think it real selfish of me if I wanted you to do that again on dry land?"

This glance was shy but determined and a hint of a smile flickered over his lips. "I think that could be arranged, Vin. You taste of ambrosia."

I'd never heard of that before so I asked him what ambrosia was. He smiled a real smile for me and while we soaped each other, he told me stories about the ancient gods on Olympus. I listened with only half of my attention because the sight of soap bubbles sliding over his skin was mesmerizing. When his nipples peeked through the white suds, I knew that I'd have to taste them soon.

My gaze must have looked a mite lustful because his voice faltered and he blushed for me. "Um, Ezra, I think I see something that I need to taste. Would you mind if we changed places?"

He shook his head and soon I had him lying in front of me with those brown nipples of his hardening under my eyes. I rinsed him good then leaned in to lap at them with my tongue. His sigh was a contented one and I used my teeth just a little to nibble there over his heart. Ezra's moan was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard and I could feel his skin ripple beneath my touch.

My touch. I was the one who brought him this pleasure. Me and only me. Somehow, I knew that I was going to be a real possessive lover. I'd have to make sure that Ezra was okay with that but later. Right now, I had to take care of the beautiful cock that was rising in the hot water towards my chin.

His hands threaded through my hair with fingers that shook. If I live to be a hundred, I'll not ever get used to the feeling of that hot hard cock pulsing out his seed for me. There wasn't much left for me but enough to remind me of his salty taste. He was trembling all over again and I held him close while he calmed down. Those damn drugs had to still be in his system a bit and I probably needed to make sure he rested.

"Vin, thank you." He kissed me real sweet-like and I returned the favor. It was odd to taste him and me at the same time but I was hoping that I'd get used to it. "I think I need to get out of the tub now."

I nodded and knelt up so's I could stand to help him get out. But he was looking at me again and when he touched me gently, I swear my cock all but stood to attention even though I'd just come. "Ezra, you got the magic touch. Let's get out of here before I come all over you."

He laughed and accepted my hand up. "I would enjoy that, Vin but I was hoping that you'd want to come inside me."

Now it was my turn to blush because I'd read about that in the books that Buck had got for me. It sounded pretty scary to me and I wasn't sure that I wanted to try that yet. "I read about it, Ez' but I don't know if either of us is ready for that. I want the doctor to tell me that you're okay first. You bled last night because of that Munson and I want to make sure that I don't hurt you."

He nodded and accepted my hand to steady him while we got out of the tub. "I shall endeavor to wait patiently, Vin."

"That doesn't mean that you can't show me what it will feel like when you come inside of me." I teased him gently and he froze while he was toweling himself. He looked as if he couldn't believe what he'd heard and I pulled him into my arms, wondering what I had said to shock him. "Ezra?"

His eyes looked so bewildered when they met mine. "You ... you want me ... inside of you?"

I was going to gut the man who'd hurt him so.

Or stake him naked to an African anthill and spread honey over him.

Better yet, I'd find him and send him into a high security prison right after telling the inmates that he liked to molest young boys.

But that was later, right now I had to make sure he understood me. "Of course I do, Ezra. I love you and I want to know what brings you pleasure. The books say that it feels real good when your pro ... prostate gland is stimulated."

"You want me ... to ..." he was having a real hard time saying it so I kissed him as tenderly as I knew how and he opened to me so we could taste each other. When we finally had to breathe, I hugged him close while his arms slid around my waist and hung on.

"Ezra, I promise that we'll go slow. Real slow so's we can enjoy every little bit of our lovemaking." I whispered in his ear and felt him shiver against me.

"I love you, Vin. Are you sure?" His voice was real husky and low.

I'm never going to get used to hearing that and I hugged him tight. "I love you, too. And I'm just as sure as sure can be." He nodded against my shoulder and I felt his tongue come out to taste my skin with a little lick. I chuckled and nibbled on the ear closest to me. "What say we take this party to bed for a nap? I want to wake up with you wrapped around me."

I could feel his smile against my shoulder along with the yawn he tried to hide. We were mostly dry by now and I got us moving towards the bedroom that I'd seen once when we came to play poker and we'd thrown our coats on the bed. One of these days, I was going to ask him why he had so little furniture. But not now - not when his eyes were sleepy and content.

Pulling back the covers, I slid him between the cool sheets and told him to stay put while I went back for the tea tray. The doctor had said he needed to replace the fluids he'd lost and flush the drugs out so I was going to make sure that he did. Bringing it back to the bedside table, I poured us both a cup. He'd stuffed both pillows behind him so he was half sitting up and half reclining.

"You look like one of those gods you were telling me about." I crawled in beside him before handing him his cup. "This is one of those bags that said it was non-caffeine so's it won't hurt you to drink it now."

He sniffed once and smiled at me. "Mango is one of my favorites. Thank you, Vin."

We drank our tea with the hands that weren't holding on to each other. It was real cozy here under the light green cover that felt like goose down. Warm but not heavy. I could feel my own eyes want to close. Usually I can go without much sleep but with all the emotions of the night before and the uncomfortable chair in the hospital room, I was ready to catch forty winks.

When he finished his tea, I took both our cups and set them aside before drawing him down flat. He rolled towards me and I gathered him in close. I kissed him gently and he responded before tucking his head into that little spot between my neck and shoulder that must have been made just for him. He was asleep before he could take a deep breath and I wasn't far behind him.

I don't know what woke me but it was quite a bit later 'cause the sun was coming through the windows on this side of the apartment. Ezra was still asleep and I watched him breathe. All the lines of worry were gone and he looked much younger than he did normally. I thought about what I knew about his past and wondered if he'd ever felt loved the way that I wanted to love him. Unconditionally.

Maybe his grandmother had? He had a lot of good memories of her from what he'd told me. But the once that Maude had blown through hadn't been a very good visit. He'd developed a little tic in his temple and a permanent wrinkle between his eyes about five minutes after she arrived. I'd been real lucky to have the mother that I remembered even if I hadn't had her for long.

I wondered what she might think of Ezra and if she'd be okay with me loving another man. Somehow, I thought she'd like him and welcome him to the family with open arms. He muttered something that I didn't catch then he wiggled a little before starting awake and looking around him as if he didn't know where he was.

But his eyes cleared when he saw me and we shared a smile before he leaned down to kiss me. He tasted just a bit like the mango tea and I thought that I might just get used to that taste. We cuddled together and it felt good to be lazy for once. Usually I've got a million things to do; play basketball with the neighborhood kids or help the Sisters or exercise the horses out at Chris' ranch.

"Ezra, you ever been riding before?"

"I learned from my Grandmother Eugenia's cousin." He smiled at me and started placing little kisses down my throat and onto my chest. "He had ... a palomino ... who was very ... gentle." He gently bit each nipple before continuing down to my belly button. "She was a good ... horse to learn on." He lapped at the small navel and I shivered all over.

"I was thinking that maybe this weekend we could go out to Chris' ranch and exercise some of the horses." I was having a hard time concentrating on my suggestion because he had slipped between my legs and was kissing the soft skin of my inner thighs.

"That would be fun ... if the sun comes out ... and the wind stops howling." He was rolling my balls between his fingers real gentle-like and I was tense all over. "We can talk about it later, Vin, I can see that an afternoon snack is in order."

And he was opening wide to suck me straight down his throat. I'm usually real quiet but it felt so good that I just had to moan. He flattened his tongue and flicked it against the underside of my cock while I quivered. He was still rolling my balls between his fingers but his other hand was underneath them and his finger was sliding down my skin to my entrance and back again.

It all felt good although I was a little afraid of what we'd talked about before. But he didn't put it inside of me or anything, just rubbed the skin lightly. I could feel little tingles spread through my privates and I was moaning again when he slowly raised up to tease the crown and lick the little slit there. Then he was sliding me back in and the heat of his mouth almost destroyed me. But he was pressing something at the base of my cock and the urge to come went away a little.

He did it again and again until my hands were on his head and my hips were thrusting up a little to get deeper inside of that hot wet mouth that was pleasuring me so much. Then he swallowed around me and I let go and came ... and came ... and came. It felt like all my muscles had just died and gone to heaven. Ezra swallowed every seed as if he just couldn't get enough of it.

But finally, he let me go and slid up beside me. My arms felt like lead weights had been attached but I got them around him and pulled him in close. He was smiling and he kissed my shoulder. "Thank you, Vin. I still think you taste like royal ambrosia. Food fit for the gods."

"Well, I don't know about that but I got to say that you taste better than Miss Daisy's coleslaw." I waggled my eyebrows at him and tried to look innocent but he could see right through me. He bit his lip but the laugh got out anyway. I just grinned while he laughed into my shoulder.

"Vin, you are an amazing man. Thank you." He pressed his lips real tender-like against the soft skin under my jaw and it made me shiver.

"I thank God everyday for you, Ezra." I kissed the soft hair on top of his head and breathed in the scent of him. Twenty years from now, I'd still be able to track him by his scent alone. There was just a hint of the magnolia oil that he put into the bath water and I thought that he was kind of like that shrub.

Ma had always said growing magnolias in Texas was a lot of hard work but when they blossomed, it was worth all the effort. Ezra was too, although I could see that some serious pruning of the bad memories in his past was coming up. I thought that maybe I wouldn't share that idea with him just yet.

"I've never really believed in the fire and brimstone god of Grandmother Eugenia's Baptist church." His voice sounded kind of far away and I listened intently for another clue to what had shaped him into the man that he was now. "Josiah's beliefs are much more palatable in our line of work. His god is one of love and caring and sometimes I let myself think of him. But my favorite deity is Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy. She reminds me of my other grandmother who I only met three times in my life."

"I been meaning to ask which grandmother Eugenia was, your mother's mother or your father's? And why didn't you meet your other grandmother more often?"

"Eugenia is Maude's mother. Grandmother Esther was my father's mother. Their family wasn't pleased when Maude landed Elijah Standish. I think even she was surprised at the extent of the opposition but since she was pregnant with me within a month of the wedding, his family accepted her with rather grim disapproval. When I was born, the christening was held at his family home in upstate New York. Maude says that Grandmother Esther even loaned her the christening dress that my father had worn when he was born."

I could see that something was bothering him and I didn't know if I should ask more questions or back off and let him take his time. My curiosity was huge but I didn't want to spook him. "Is that why you're circumcised?"

He came back to me in a rush, a twinkle in his eye. "Indeed, it is, Vin. Maude told me once that I didn't even cry when they snipped the skin away."

Shuddering at the thought of a knife anywhere near his cock or mine, I was glad that my family hadn't had the money for 'extras' as old Doc Easter called them. "Do I taste different because of the foreskin?"

"You taste like Vin, a little musky but like a fine wine I want to drink again and again." He reassured me. "You keep yourself so clean that it's a pleasure to taste you there."

"Good, I don't want to be the only one who likes it." I hugged him close then reached for the tray on the bedside table. "Doctor said that you need to drink more fluid to replace all that you lost because of the drugs. Tea's gone cold but just pretend that it's supposed to be."

He sat up gracefully and reached over me for the tray. I was just at the wrong angle to grab it but he set it down so's we could both get to our cups. The tea was room temp but it still tasted good and I asked him how they got it to taste like mango. He knows so much that it's like having a walking, talking encyclopedia by your side.

We finished the pot of tea then cleaned up in the bathroom. It felt a lot warmer to me but he was still shivering every now and then so I left the thermostat alone. He'd let me know when it got too hot. I watched him shave his five o'clock shadow away. He's even graceful doing something that ordinary. I didn't usually have to shave more than once a day so I just watched every stroke.

His eyes met mine in the mirror and he smiled a little at my intent gaze. "Vin, I'm not that fascinating."

"Yeah, you are, Ez'. I don't think I ever watched another man shave before. You make it look real sexy."

He blushed and almost cut himself. "I've never heard shaving called sexy before."

"That's 'cause you don't watch yourself, Ezra." I shrugged and leaned against the marble-topped sink. "But then, I think you look sexy just walking across the room."

He rinsed off the razor with downcast eyes and the remains of his blush still red on his cheeks. "I don't believe I've ever had such a nice compliment, Vin. Thank you."

"Shucks, Ez', I'm just saying the truth. Chris and Buck said that you're the most lusted-after man on our team." I watched him pat his face dry and wondered why he suddenly smiled.

"Not quite correct, Vin. Of our team, you're the one most highly desired." Ezra leaned in to kiss my objection away and distracted me real good.

"How about we split the difference and be a little smug that none of them can have us?" I suggested when I got my breath back. He laughed out loud and I felt pleased as punch that I'd tickled his funny bone.

"I think that is an excellent idea, Vin. Now, I'm feeling a little hungry. Why don't we get dressed and go to Daisy's for an early dinner? If we have to be into work bright and early tomorrow morning," he rolled his eyes at the thought, "then we should probably go to bed at a reasonable hour."

"Yeah, Ez', I think I'd enjoy taking you to bed real early." I waggled my eyebrows again and he laughingly tugged me into the bedroom and his clothes closet.

We dressed pretty casual for him and kind of dressy for me. If we could just keep those compromises going in other parts of our relationship, we'd have that fifty years I was dreaming about. And although the other members of the team had often speculated on whether or not Ezra owned any jeans, I now knew for sure that he did. 'Course, they were pretty fancy as jeans went and the long-sleeved Henley had a snazzy name on the label but other than that they were just fine.

He had a black leather short coat that made him look real sleek and dangerous. I must have had a kind of lustful look in my eyes because he blushed again and dropped his wallet into the outer pocket. Taking up his keys from the bowl on the table behind the love seat, he led the way out the door. Walking behind him, I watched that graceful walk of his.

"Ezra, I hope you don't mind if I lust in my heart over the way you walk." I asked him and watched the back of his neck turn red.

"No, Vin, you save it up for my delectation later tonight." He sent me a real heated look over his shoulder and I licked my lips in anticipation.

Dessert was looking better and better.

End part eight