Author: Athea (
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, Old West
Title: Dust to Dust, part 16
Pairing: Ezra/Nathan
Summary: The building begins.
Date: 5 April 2003
********* Ezra *********

I sat in the shade with Amanda on the blanket that Nathan insisted I stay upon. He wouldn't let me lift a finger and if I wasn't so tired, I might have pouted. But he was right; I wasn't up to much these days. My bout with pneumonia had taken all my reserves with it and it seemed to be taking forever to come back to normal. I napped several times a day with Amanda but still fell asleep by nine most evenings.

Not at all like normal but I was resigned to slowly coming back from the brink. Vin told me how bad it had gotten and how frightened Nathan was when I sank so quickly. My lover didn't want to talk about that time but I'd catch him looking at me with such a sorrowful gaze that it broke my heart. Little Will could tell me how scared he'd been but my Nathan just kept it all inside of him while treating me like a piece of fine crystal.

It had been almost three weeks since I came out of my coma and today I was determined to reassure him in the most basic manner that I was getting better. I was not a fragile flower but his partner in all ways and so he would soon learn. I watched the others of the seven finish framing our outer walls while Will trotted between them with the bag of nails. He was growing so quickly, his limp almost totally gone.

I was truly blessed with a wonderful family. Amanda made another determined effort to crawl off the blanket but I caught her up in a hug while she giggled happily. The jingle of harness told me that Mother had arrived in the buggy they'd bought in Santa Fe, which meant that lunch had arrived. She stopped on the other side of the tree so Agamemnon, her bay horse would have shade.

Josiah crossed the grassy meadow the moment he saw her and I heard her hum contentedly when he helped her down. I was sure that they were kissing but I wasn't ready to see that just yet. I still had a bit of trouble thinking of them as passionate partners. Nathan smiled over at us and Will trotted over to say hello to his Nana.

"Sweet William, what a good helper you are. I brought something extra special for all of you for lunch. Why don't you go with Josiah and bring back some water from the creek so you can wash up? By then, lunch will be all ready." Mother's voice was contented and cheerful, something that I was beginning to get used to hearing.

I was a very lucky man, I decided, watching my friends and family begin to put down their tools for a much needed break. Soon they had joined me in the shade of the old oak tree and our feast was spread out before us. My diet was still rather restricted since the blood I'd been coughing up had come from an inflamed stomach and not my lungs, much to Nathan's and my relief. But the clear broth and plain bread seemed to have soothed it into healing so now I could at least taste some of the other dishes.

I'd even begun to appreciate beans although I would never admit it to a soul.

"Ezra?" Nathan's voice was a little anxious and I brought my attention back to my dearest love.

"I'm fine, Nathan, just enjoying the fresh air and the company." I leaned into his arm and felt it come around me. Amanda giggled and crawled into her Pa's lap, trying for a bite of his fried chicken.

"Papa, she ate some of my beans." Will giggled.

"Oh dear, I was hoping to keep her from that dire habit." I sighed theatrically and shook my head.

"Sorry, son, I'm afraid that she's a Western girl now so beans are in her diet to stay." Josiah grinned at me and I stuck out my tongue at him.

"Ezra, we'll just have to work a little harder to bring her to an appreciation of the finer things in life." Mother said graciously before wiping a speck of chicken from Josiah's lips with her napkin.

That was such an unexpectedly erotic gesture that I was speechless. It seemed that Nathan was right about the passion in their marriage. The rest of our lunch disappeared quickly including the apple pie that she'd baked and Mother took Amanda back with her in the buggy so that she could have her nap in comfort. I refused to leave the others so Nathan settled me down with a light cover and a pillow he stored under the seat of our wagon. With a gentle kiss and a request to Will that he stay with me until I woke up, he left me to nap while they kept on working.

Will and I both fell asleep to the sound of hammers ringing through the still air and we awoke refreshed almost three hours later. The water in the earthen ware jug that we kept in the shade was still cool and Will took everyone some before going back to helping. They'd gotten a lot done while we slept. Indeed, it looked like they'd finished the framing and had started boarding up the walls.

I daydreamed a bit about how nice it would be to have our own house with enough room to hold all of us. The kitchen was going to be full of every modern device including a pump in the sink and a hot water heater that would serve the bathroom as well. Mother had insisted on the Majestic stove since she held stock in the company. Three of them for the first three houses to be built were even now sitting in the storage shed at the church.

Once our home was built, the work on the next house would begin. That one was Chris and Vin's and it would go up about six city blocks distant from ours. The corral and barn would fill up some of the space in between us. Thus we would have privacy and protection both. It appeared the horse breeding business was closer than we'd thought. I know that Vin was chaffing at living in town.

His soul was made for open spaces. Luckily, Chris understood that and they'd been camping here for the last week while the cement dried. Termites were always a problem in the desert and we were building for the future so our floors were cement with inlaid tiles that would be easy to keep clean. I'd kept our growing family in mind and insisted on something we could mop and let dry.

Nathan had approved of my ideas and was working mightily to make all my dreams come true. Shading my eyes, I found my lover pounding nails above his head into part of what would soon be our bedroom wall. He'd removed his shirt and I had to catch my breath at the beautiful sight before me. The sweat gleamed down his back, highlighting all those lovely muscles that flexed when he moved.

Good Lord, that dark skin was like melting chocolate, gleaming in the sun. I was mesmerized by his beautiful body and I watched longingly while he moved this way and that. A bead of sweat rolled down his long spine and I thought about following that slick path with my tongue. He was salty sweet and just what I needed to counterpoint my bland diet.

"Ez', ya goin' ta trip Nate tonight?" Vin's laughing voice broke my abstraction and I tried to frown at him. "Oh yeah, I can see that maybe Chris and me should take Will campin' tonight."

I perked up at once. "Would you really be willing to do so? He's been asking if we can camp but Nathan doesn't want me exposed to the damp."

"Chris and I'd be right pleased ta have him. Maude brought some clothes for him and your old bedroll so he doesn't even have ta go back ta Four Corners." Vin grinned at my surprised look. "You're a lot better now and we've all seen that Nate's been slow ta let ya try your wings. Call it a get-well present."

What very good friends we were blessed with, I thought with a little hitch in my breathing. But Vin just patted my shoulder and winked at me before heading over to our son and kneeling by his side. Will's joyous smile and quick look over at me to make sure it was really all right came simultaneously. I nodded and watched him almost strangle the blond tracker with his hug.

Nathan looked between them then to me and I let all my hunger appear on my face. I've been told that I can be quite . . . expressive that way and it must be true because a hungry look appeared in response to mine. Oh yes, tonight would see us alone and together. I licked my lips and watched his eyes glaze over. Tonight might even be . . . noisy.

********* Nathan *********

I knew that I'd been holding back. The thought of losing Ezra had chilled my body to the point that I didn't think I could get it up even if I tried. I knew he'd begun to fret but watching him have to sit down after a brief ten minute walk to the saloon had corralled any urge I might have to make love with him.

It looked like my time was up. The urge to hold him close and make love was going to be fulfilled tonight. Will asked my permission to stay with Vin and Chris so I said yes then a minute later hit my thumb with the hammer. My concentration was shot all to hell and I could feel my body begin to tighten all over. I'd gone over two years without any relief but my right hand.

But a year with Ezra had spoiled me completely. It just wasn't enough anymore to hold him and kiss him gently. I needed to hear those little moans he made when I was stroking his satin skin; to taste the seed leaking from that pretty pink cock of his; to watch his eyes go almost black with just a tiny ring of green; to touch him deep inside where that sweet spot made him pant and moan my name.

"Nathan, I think we're finished for the day." Josiah plucked the hammer from my hand before I could hurt myself even more. His knowing smile made me blush and I could just tell that he knew it, too. "Maude and I have kidnapped Amanda for the evening so I guess that it will just be the two of you tonight."

"Yeah, Nate, we're thinking that it will be 'most ten o'clock tomorrow before we get back to work here." Buck winked at me and handed me my shirt. "And it looks like we all need to bathe tonight."

I fumbled my buttons just thinking about bathing with Ezra. His chuckle was all the warning I got before he batted my hands away and nimbly finished getting me presentable. The next few moments were kind of chaotic, what with making sure all the tools were locked up in the water proof box and that Will had everything he needed to camp with Vin and Chris.

Then we were in the wagon heading back to Four Corners with Ezra by my side, tormenting me with teasing little touches to my thigh that had me hard as iron. But it was his soft Southern accent detailing everything he was going to do with me when we were alone that had me almost coming in my homespun pants. Once at the livery, I actually let Mr. Brewster un-harness and take care of the horses so's I could 'help' Ezra back home.

We tipped our hats to the ladies walking on the boardwalk but didn't stop to chat the way that some of them wanted to. I needed to be home right now and I could feel Ezra's little shiver when my arm grazed his. He radiated heat but not the bad kind. I was going to explode like a cheap firecracker the moment he really touched me. His hips swayed just a bit when he moved gracefully up the stairs to our home above the clinic.

And I wanted him so badly that I could taste it.

He opened the door and ushered me in before pushing me up against the wood and bringing me down to his lips. I almost missed his other hand unbuttoning my pants when his tongue surged inside and slid against mine. Our loving had been non-existent and I finally realized how much I missed the hot, burning kisses that singed me with his fire.

Then his mouth was gone and so was he, while I blinked in dismay. But he'd freed me of the constricting pants and his mouth was hot and moist around my poor cock. I shot my seed with no more than a lick and little bit of suction. It felt like I came forever and all my muscles relaxed into limp putty. I couldn't even keep standing, sliding down to the floor with a bit of a thump and a sigh of relief.

"Well, that was tasty." Ezra smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me again. I welcomed him in and tasted myself on his tongue. We always tasted good together and today was no different. When we broke apart to breathe, he twinkled at me from my lap. "My diet has been so bland lately that I'd just like to thank you for thinking up such a treat for me."

"I'll always have that treat for you, Ezra." I brushed back the curls that always wanted to fall into his face. "I think maybe I need a little snack myself. Let's move this to the bedroom so I can make sure that you're all right."

"I'm fine, Nathan, actually better than fine." He rose gracefully and gave me a hand up. "I think we'll leave our boots here so we don't track anything in." He made short work of both pairs while he started flirting with me. That little upswept look through his dark lashes always made me start to tingle. And just like that, I started getting hard again. "Yes indeed, Dr. Jackson, I believe that some of that special medicine you inject into me so well will be needed shortly."

I picked him up in my arms and stepped out of my pants, leaving them by the door. "I'll do a real through examination, Mr. Standish."

"Yes please," he wound his arms around my neck and nipped tiny kisses all over my face. "I have some swelling that probably needs looking into and I think that fever may be back. You're the only one who can possibly heal me, Dr. Jackson. Will I have to remove my clothes again?"

"Definitely, but I'll be glad to help you with all those pesky buttons." My fingers itched to strip him bare. Between us, we soon had both of us naked and aching. I laid him on the bed and sucked his pretty cock straight away down my throat. Oh, I had missed this. He moaned my name and shot as quickly as I had. We'd both needed this.

"Dearest . . . beloved . . . Nathan," his voice was husky and hardened me still further. "I love you more every day that is ours. Please don't withhold your love from me even when you think you must. I was so lost without your beloved touch."

"Ah, Ezra, I didn't want to," I crawled up over him, looking him right in the eyes. "I love you so much that I was afraid I'd lose you if I went too fast. A hundred things could have gone wrong and I kept on seeing you get sicker. My body just . . . shut down until today."

Those long elegant hands of his framed my face while he looked earnestly into my eyes. "I do understand Nathan, but you are the other half of my soul. It felt like part of me was missing when all you would do was hold me and kiss my cheek." I nodded, the lump in my throat too big to swallow. But he seemed to understand and he went back to scattering kisses over my damp cheeks. "Now that we've both taken the edge off, why don't we take a cool bath and come back to bed." One hand slowly slid over my cock and it twitched, leaking a little fluid. "Then you're going to slide this magnificent organ deep inside of me, Dr. Jackson so the medicine can get right to work."

And I almost lost it right there and then. But I tightened my control and gingerly arose from our bed before pulling him up beside me. A bath with just the two of us was a real treat. The day was so hot that a single three-gallon of heated water from the kitchen stove sufficed to warm the cold well water enough for our bath. I was really looking forward to the hot water heater in our new home.

Our home - that still kind of amazed me when I thought about it. We were building our very own home with the help of our friends and family. We'd fill it with our love and children, surrounded by the homes of our friends. I sat while Ezra lathered his hands and washed me from head to toe, all the while telling me how much he wanted me, how much he missed me, how empty he was when I wasn't inside of him.

I admit to hurrying a bit when it was my turn to wash him. He was hard again and I rejoiced at this evidence of his healing. He really was getting better and soon I'd have him back to normal. He'd be back to teaching and cooking within the month, I was sure of it. Getting out of the tub, I picked him up and carried him to bed, not even bothering to dry us off.

The heat would do that for us and what it missed the sheets would blot up. I needed him so badly that nothing else mattered. The oil that I massaged him with each night was right there and I slowly started stretching his tight hole while he moaned my name and shifted restlessly on the light green-colored sheet. I worshipped his pink nipples until he was clutching my shoulders and thrashing his head against the pillow.

"Now, Nathan, please now, please come inside me," he moaned continuously.

And there was nothing I wanted more, slicking my cock with an oily hand and nudging the small hole. We both went silent when I popped inside the tightest, hottest place in the West. There was a little pain on his face and I stilled to make sure he was all right. But he squeezed his legs around my waist and silently urged me on until I was balls deep in him.

"Yes-s-s," he sighed and opened his eyes to give me a sultry look. "My wonderful Nathan, make love to me until neither of us can move."

That sounded perfect to me and I slowly began to pull out before thrusting back in. His muscles rippled around me while his body slickened with sweet-smelling sweat. Our mouths met again and again in achingly good kisses until we had to breathe. We were both panting when he came between us and I seized up, flooding him with my seed.

I think he blacked out then but I'd come close myself so I wasn't too worried. Easing myself from his body, I checked the trickles for blood but he was fine, just a little messy. I got up and brought back the basin of cool water to sponge him down. He made a sleepy little moan that almost got me hard again but I'd shot my bolt for the moment. Sliding in next to him, I gathered his lax body into my arms and pulled the sheet up over us.

"So good, Nathan," the sleepy murmur made my heart clench. "You're always so good to me."

"Sweet Ezra, you are easy to love." I kissed his temple. "Go to sleep now and we'll see about making love again after dinner."

He chuckled, never opening his eyes, just tucking his head beneath my chin. "Maybe I'll have that dream about getting pregnant again." His hand gloved my cock and it firmed at just a touch. "We need to practice that a lot. You'll slide inside of me so deep that all your seed will stay there waiting to be fertilized . . . soon to be fertilized."

I chuckled, too. "We'll practice until we get it right, sweet cheeks. Another baby would be fun to have."

He wiggled against me and fell asleep, still holding my cock in his warm hand. I nudged my leg between his so I could feel him everywhere. Some might think that a sick fantasy but I understood that this man who loved me had an infinite supply of love to give his family. It looked like we'd be rescuing another soul soon. I was beginning to think that my Ezra was kind of psychic that way.

I kissed him again and let myself fall asleep.

The end of chapter 16