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Author: Athea (athea_holmes@yahoo.com
The Baths of Eros

Hercules was worried. No, he decided, he was beyond worried and headed straight to panicked. The storm was getting wilder and even with him breaking a trail through the knee high snow, Iolaus was having a tough time keeping up. He cast another quick look around but the mountainside was devoid of cover. No trees or handy woodsman hut in sight. If they couldn't find shelter soon, they'd freeze to death.

Iolaus staggered into him. "Why'd you st-t-t-top, Herc-c-c?"

Hercules did not like the unfocused gaze or the tinge of blue lips or the tell tale white spot of frost bite on his cheek. "Just checking to see if there was a place we could stop and get warm."

"Warm is g-g-good." Iolaus was beyond smiling as he clutched his blanket around his shoulders. "But-t-t, let's k-k-keep going."

Hercules clenched his fists and headed towards the next outcropping of stone. A cave, an overhang, anything to get Iolaus out of this storm. A hundred feet more and he caught a whiff of water, not snow but warm water. A narrow slit between two granite monoliths seemed to lead deep into the mountain. They squeezed through and paused to let their eyes adjust to the cave. It wasn't completely dark, Hercules could see the walls were faintly glowing.

"Herc-c-c, I c-c-can hear water." Iolaus managed to get out.

"I think there may be thermal springs deeper in the mountain. Let's take a look and see if we can find them. Stay close behind me, just in case anything else had the same idea of taking shelter here."

"Sure." Iolaus clumsily grabbed a corner of Hercules' blanket and tried to make his fingers grip.

They slowly crept forward, the glow increasing with every step they took into the rough hewn tunnel. Gradually it opened up into a chamber with a pool of clear water. When they approached the pool, thirty candles nestled into the nooks and crannies of the stone walls came to life. The sudden light blinded them for a moment but not before Hercules saw the carved stone letters above the pool.


He knelt down to test the water and found it tepid. Stopping to think for a moment, he decided it would do, especially with Iolaus' dangerously lowered body temperature. Now, to get him out of his clothes. Don't go there, he reminded himself. *This is just to get him warm.*

"Iolaus, you need to get undressed."

Iolaus just stood there uncomprehending. Hercules sighed and stood. *Maybe if I start it will get through to him.* Dropping the blanket he'd had wrapped around his shoulders, he unfastened his shirt and shrugged it off. The room was warmer than outside but not warm enough to prevent a shiver from rippling across his chest.

"Herc, why are you g-g-getting nak-k-ked?" Iolaus' eyes were having trouble focusing.

Naked. A fine choice of terms that warmed Hercules with visions of naked, sweating bodies that held and ... *I warned you not to go there* his moral half reminded him with another shiver. "We're going to get warm, Iolaus, by getting in the pool. Please, take off your clothes."

"Ok-k-kay." Letting the blanket drop, he began to fumble with the clasps on his vest. But the numbed fingers weren't working too well and Hercules had finished stripping before Iolaus had gotten a single clasp undone.

Hercules took a firm grip on his libido and stepped forward to finish undressing Iolaus. Who stood unresisting while, Hercules peeled him out of his clothes and knelt before him to remove his lower garments. Hercules tried to ignore the lax genitals that almost brushed his cheek when he raised Iolaus' leg to finish removing his boots and pants. *I am strong. I am tough. I can do this. Look at all those golden curls. I bet they're soft.* He shook his head and stood abruptly, almost over-balancing Iolaus who was steadying himself with a hand on Herc's shoulder.

"In you go, Iolaus. Let's start getting you warm." Hercules guided him into the pool and followed quickly. The room seemed colder than a moment ago. He watched his friend, looking for other signs of frost bite or storm damage. Iolaus had submerged his whole body except for his nose and he rose streaming water down his face and neck, looking for all the world like a male naiad arising from the pool.

"Oh, this is better, Herc. I can almost feel my hands and feet again." He wiped his face dry and grinned.

Hercules felt his heart jump at the sight of that grin which had been missing for too long. His even white teeth flashed in the candlelight and his firm mobile lips were back to their usual rosy hue.

"Herc, what are you staring at?" Iolaus poked his leg with an outstretched foot.

*Oops.* Hercules scrambled for a reason for zoning out on his friend's lips. "I thought I saw a patch of frost bite on your cheek earlier. Now, I can't tell."

Iolaus ran his hand carefully over his face. Those strong, perfectly formed hands, scarred by sparks from the forge but still shapely and agile. The long fingers, nimble and quick. The short nails, practical and even.

"Nah, feels all right to me." Iolaus gave a little shiver and looked in concern at the candles which were slowly going out, one by one. "Uh, Herc, I get the feeling that our time is up, here."

Hercules twisted around and peered through the opening just beyond the pool. The phosphorescence glowed just beyond the arch. "Well, maybe there's warmer water ahead. Let's gather up our clothes and head further in."

They waded out of the cooling water and grabbed the blankets to put around themselves while they explored deeper into the caves. Fifty paces down the long tunnel, they hurried into warmer air and another chamber of briskly lighting candles. This pool had steam rising from the faintly green surface and Iolaus quickly dropped his bundle and waded in with an exclamation of delight.

"O-o-oh, this feels good. Hey, look Herc, these pools must belong to Cupid or Aphrodite." He pointed to the word carved above the pool.


Hercules shook his head and placed his clothes to one side before sinking into the warm water with a sigh. "Could be, Iolaus. I've heard that the Grotto of Cupid was located in this mountain chain. Maybe this is it. If it is there should be one more pool beyond this one. A hot pool for lovers."

Hercules caught a downcast look on Iolaus' face before the golden haired mortal shrugged and smiled. "Oh well, I guess Cupid wouldn't begrudge his favorite uncle shelter from the storm even if you don't have a woman with you. Hey, there's soap in this niche. I guess we're supposed to wash up."

And suiting his actions to his words, he scooped up some of the creamy soap and began to lather his hair and face. Hercules found some on his side of the pool and joined in. It had been at least a week since their last bath and it felt good to be clean again. Iolaus stood to lather his chest and Hercules could feel his groin tighten at the sight of those hands combing through the silky curls, touching the small rosy nipples and gliding down the firm stomach to his ...

Hercules ducked his head to stop his eyes from continuing their journey. The ache was growing and if he didn't think of something ugly pretty quickly, he was going to disgrace himself. Snow, ice, monsters, his stepmother, Hera. A-h-h-h, that did it. Hurridly, he soaped his own genitals, giving his penis a quick squeeze of apology, then rinsed.

"I'm going to check out the next chamber, Iolaus. See if there is something warmer. And maybe a place where we can sleep tonight." Without another look at his friend, he waded out and grabbed his clothes before heading down the tunnel.


Iolaus sighed and slowed his rinsing. *Damn, who am I trying to kid? Why would Herc want me when he could have the pick of any woman in the known world?*

"Don't be so down on yourself, Iolaus. Uncle Hercules has really strong feelings for you." A voice from the other side of the pool started Iolaus.

"Um, Cupid. I hope you don't mind our using your pools."

"Nope, that's why they're here." Cupid smiled from where he sat crosslegged on the rim of the pool, his white wings folded shut behind him. "But I need you to make the first move, Iolaus. Uncle Herc is like totally clueless about how you feel about him."

"Oh, right! I'm supposed to go up to my best friend, who as far as I know has never even looked at a man as a lover before, and tell him - Hey, Herc, I love you. Let's get horizontal." Iolaus sputtered.

"Exactly." Cupid nodded. "He loves you, you know. But he's afraid that you'll get pissed off and leave him if he ever shows it. Not that he doesn't show it, every time he touches you or so much as looks at you. You've been dancing around each other for years now. It's time to get serious."

"He's ... you mean, he loves me?" Iolaus squeaked.

"Is there an echo in here?" Cupid rolled his eyes. "He loves you and he is in there right now, lusting after you and trying to talk himself out of it. So, go in there and do me proud." And with that, he winked out of the cave, leaving Iolaus steaming with the desire to follow Hercules and wring his neck before he ...

... touched him everywhere, slid his hands up and down those muscles, tongued his nipples to stiff peaks, licked his manhood to life and sucked him dry. Iolaus grinned evilly and leisurely made his way to the next chamber. Hercules was nowhere in sight but Iolaus could hear him in the room beyond. This chamber had a hundred candles sparkling around the ledges that lined the room. The pool was marble with whimsical dolphin spouts that kept up a steady stream of water into blue green tub, the overflow gently carried away by small pipes set into the walls.

This room was hot and steamy. *No need for clothes here.* He laid out his wet garments on ledges away from the pool, setting his boots to dry near a thermal vent that gusted warm, if somewhat sulfurous, air into the cave. Easing himself into the hot water, Iolaus could feel all his muscles relax. For the first time since they started this journey, he felt warm and cared for. His thoughts stilled their scurries into 'what if' and 'how do I' and 'why does he' and just waited for Hercules to return.

The demigod came back into the spa without his clothes. Iolaus watched him through slitted eyes, for the first time catching the look of longing that Hercules arrowed straight at him. Exaltedly, Iolaus sent a quick 'thank you' to where ever Cupid was lurking and slowly opened his eyes.

"Hey, Herc. This feels great." Iolaus scooped up some water and slowly let it trickle down his arms. His hearing picked up a sigh from his friend and it was all he could do to keep the grin off his face. "What's further on?"

"Um, there's a sleeping chamber. I laid out my clothes to dry. There's only one bed but it's nice and big." Hercules stumbled over his words.

"Great. It won't be the first time we've shared a bed before. As long as it's warm and dry, it will be heaven. Come on in. There's a jet here just under the surface that really feels great on my back. You try it." He offered generously, moving out of the way and sitting on the underwater ledge nearby. *Come on in, my friend. Let me get my hands on you. Just a little closer. That's right. It's just me, your buddy, your pal, your ... soon-to-be lover.*

Hercules' eyes opened in surprise at the force of the water that gushed from the underwater pipe. "Wow. You're right, this does feel good. I didn't realize I was so stiff."

Iolaus smiled at the blush that crawled up Herc's neck and face. *Not the only that's going to get stiff, big guy.*

"Here. Let me take out a few of those kinks." Iolaus ducked under the water and grabbed a foot, surfacing to a look of consternation on his companion's face. "It's the least I can do since you broke through all that snow to make us a trail. Zeus, your calf muscles are hard as rocks." He kept up a steady kneading of the firm flesh as he spoke, listening for the hiss of release when he loosened a particularly tight group of muscles. Hercules had well shaped feet, with a high arch and graceful ankles that drew Iolaus' fingers like magnets.

Finishing the left leg, he pulled up the right and continued to work his magic on the relaxing demigod. His eyes spotted a jar near one of the water spouts and praying devoutly that it was oil, he let the other leg drop and slid a little closer to his friend. Unstoppering the cobalt blue ewer, he took a deep breath and smiled at the scent of spruce and eucalyptus. Perfect.

"Hey, Herc. You still look sore. Let me massage your shoulders. It looks like Cupid thought of everything." He waved the jar under Hercules' nose and the demigod opened his eyes and looked nervously at the man who was sliding closer.

"Uh, that's okay, Iolaus. I'm fine. Really!" He sidled a few inches away from the advancing man at his side.

"No you're not, Herc. I can see how tense you are. You usually love back rubs. What's wrong?" Iolaus let his lower lip quiver and his eyes open wide in a world-class pout. *You are so evil, Iolaus.*

"Nothing's wrong." Hercules rushed into speech and halted his flight. "I guess I could use one of your famous massages. Unless you need one more?" He ended on a hopeful note.

"Sounds great, Herc. But you first, I can't wait to get my hands on ... those sore muscles." Iolaus smiled sunnily and poured some of the viscous oil onto his hands. "Turn around and pillow your head on your arms, the ledge you're sitting on should be wide enough for you to sit crosslegged. Comfy?" And he moved up behind the wide back, rippling with muscles.

The first touch was light and he spread the oil across the silken skin in long sweeps that stayed impersonal but soothing. All that flesh, firm and tight with tension, smoothed out under his fingers, coming alive with color. Iolaus could feel the blood rushing into the muscles and tendons while he worked to relax the big man in front of him. Starting from right to left, he massaged first one shoulder then the other before working his way down the strong back.

Hercules had given up trying to be silent and was giving little moans that arrowed straight to Iolaus' groin. *Time to open his eyes before he gets too comfortable.* He moved closer and used his thumbs to stroke up and down the tight neck muscles. He let his erection brush against Hercules' lower back. It took three more pokes before he felt Hercules tighten under his hands.

"Oops, sorry, Herc. Must be the idea of hot water and massage oil. I'll take care of it later. You're tightening up again. Relax, I'm not going to jump you." He sighed sadly, putting just the right amount of pathos into his voice and moved away just far enough that his hands were the only thing touching his friend.

"Iolaus?" Hercules voice was hesitant.

"Hey, Herc, don't worry. You're my best friend and I wouldn't jeopardize our friendship just because ..." He let his voice trail off into another sigh.

Hercules turned and caught Iolaus' hands in his own. "Just because - what? You can tell me anything, you know that."

Iolaus cast his eyes down and stood between Herc's legs. *Yep, he's interested all right.* He took a deep breath and tried to find the words that would woo and win the gentle man before him. Raising his eyes, he realised that this was for real, not a game. This was for their future together ... or not.

"We both have loved and lost a lot of beautiful women, Hercules. But lately, they haven't been ... enough. I know you think I've been screwing my way up and down the Grecian coast, but I haven't really been with anyone for almost three months." Iolaus smiled weakly. "There goes my reputation, huh."

"Why isn't it enough, Iolaus?" Hercules' eyes seemed to glow bluer.

Iolaus moved restlessly. *Gods, this is hard.* He found himself, stroking his thumb over those long fingers that held his. "There was no love. I think maybe, I grew up somewhere during the journey. Sex without love is just not satisfying. So, I took a look around and realised that the only person, I really loved ... was ... you."

*Here's where he kills me and buries me outside in the snow.* Iolaus held his breath. *Please, please, please, please* was his incoherent prayer to whatever deity was listening.

Hercules pulled him forward, slowly, the water swirling between them until they were nose to nose. "I love you too, Iolaus." With a simple pull, he closed the remaining gap and kissed him.

Iolaus was drowning in sensation. Those lips were so soft, the hint of beard so erotic against his sensitised skin, that he moaned into the kiss. They broke apart to breathe and just looked at each other. Hercules traced Iolaus' lips with his thumb, a look of wonder shining in his eyes.

"I always wondered why so many of your women looked dazed after kissing you. Teach me."

"Only if you only practice with me," Iolaus leaned forward with slightly open lips and breathed the words into Herc's mouth. He took the smile as a yes and sent his tongue in to investigate the spicy depths of his friend.

They kissed for long moments, angling for different positions to improve their access. Their hands slid across slick skin, adding to the sensations, until Iolaus reached Hercules' groin and grasped his cock firmly. Herc gave a tiny whimper and spent himself against the milking hand.

Iolaus drew back in surprise and Hercules dropped his eyes. "Hey, big guy, it's a compliment."

Hercules smiled faintly, "It's been over six months for me. I came to the same realization as you. But I didn't think you'd ever ... care for me."

"Love you." Iolaus broke in firmly.

Herc nodded. "Love me ... the way I love you. So, I just did without."

"We're a pair of idiots." Iolaus hugged Hercules to him and rested his head on his broad shoulder.

"You are braver than I, Iolaus. I didn't have the courage to risk losing you by telling you the truth." Hercules buried his face in the curls on Iolaus' neck.

Debating the pros and cons of telling him about Cupid, he decided that truth was the basis of a committed relationship. "Cupid came to me while you were in here. He said that I'd have to make the first move. He was tired of us dancing around each other."

Hercules' head came up and stared in disbelief at Iolaus' statement. But gradually, the look changed to amusement. "My family. They are the biggest group of interfering busybodies in the world."

"Hey, I resemble that, Uncle Herc. Look where you are." Cupid's laughing tones came from somewhere over their heads. "But you're on your own from here on out, I've got an orgy in Thessilonika to attend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" And the laughter disappeared.

Iolaus smiled, "Think he's really gone?"

Hercules listened hard, going completely still. "Yes . . . we're alone."

Iolaus moved suggestively against the body plastered against his. "How about we take this into that big ...warm ... dry bed you told me about. That way, we don't drown when we make love."

Hercules closed his eyes and sighed deeply, matching the movements with some thrusting of his own. "Oh, yeah. Somebody got left behind."

"Years of stamina, Herc." He groaned when the big hand closed around his aching cock. "Years ... of ... keeping ... all . . . those ... partners ... happy. Ye-s-s-s-ss." He came with a hiss of delight, pulsing out his loneliness where Hercules could catch him.

They rested together. Hercules exploring a shell-pink ear with the tip of his tongue. Iolaus tenderly stroking a brown nipple into a hardened peak.

"Some of those partners were men, weren't they, Iolaus?" Hercules' question broke the silence.

Iolaus heard the note of uncertainty in his friend's voice and stopped what he was doing. He pulled back so he could watch Herc's eyes. "Yes. For some reason, I appeal to men as well as women. Is that going to be a problem?"

"No!" Hercules held him tighter. "It's just that I've, um, never, I mean ..."

"Never?" Iolaus asked incredulously. "I always figured that you and Ares -"

"What?" Hercules almost dumped Iolaus off his lap. "I have never - I mean," he searched for words, "why would you think that?"

"When ever the two of you get together, there's so much tension."

"He's the god of war. I disagree with almost everything for which he stands. Of course, there's tension. It's not sexual!"

Iolaus nodded seriously. *Whoa, hot spot. Not the reaction I expected. Maybe later, he'll tell me just why there's so much passion behind the denial.* Cradling the demigod in his arms, he set about soothing him into a state of calm.

"I'm sorry, Herc. I didn't mean to upset you. I guess I have a hard time believing that men haven't always been as attracted to you as I am. You're so beautiful ...and strong ...and warm ...and caring" each word was punctuated by a moist kiss along the tender skin of his throat.

"Never." Hercules voice was a whisper of sound, echoing his earlier request, "Teach me."

Iolaus pulled back and left the warm lap where he'd been curled, never letting go of the hand entwined with his. Backing up the steps, he pulled Hercules after him, enjoying the way the water cascaded from his body, dripping from every curve and angle. *He really is beautiful. What in Hades does he see in me? Why is that glow in his eyes for me?*

He picked up the blanket by the side of the pool and began to dry the body before him. Hercules took the other end and reciprocated. Pretty soon they were both laughing as they tangled together. The warm air in the room dried them faster than the cloth did. For a long moment, they simply stood and looked at each other, then Iolaus held out his hand and Hercules met him halfway. Smiling, Iolaus led them into the last chamber through the archway with a single word carved above it -



Hercules couldn't believe he wasn't more nervous. While it was true that he'd never been with another man before, he'd seen enough in taverns and after battles to know some of what went on between two males. It was a rather daunting idea, this giving up of control to another person. Except, this was Iolaus and Iolaus loved him, so everything would be all right.

The bed was soft and yielding beneath his back. The cool green linen felt wonderful but Iolaus felt better. The warrior lay full length on top, touching all along his body, skin sliding against skin. Iolaus was delicately lapping at one of his nipples, his tongue rasping over and around the rapidly rising peak. Switching to the other side, he tormented that one as well until Hercules was panting.

Hercules didn't know what to do with his hands, so tentatively he stroked the broad back within reach. Gliding up and down, he searched for sensitive spots and found one just above the left hip. Iolaus arched into him and quivered for a moment before licking his way down the flat stomach. Iolaus paused for a moment to stab his tongue into Hercules' navel and now it was the demigod's turn to quiver at the new sensation.

Iolaus wriggled Hercules' legs apart and gently stroked the soft white inner thighs. He watched Hercules writhe beneath him and the demigod almost came from the salacious look on his friend's face. The feeling of those strong fingers so tenderly moving across his skin was an aphrodisiac in itself. They trailed languidly up his thighs and finally ... finally curved around his cock. A single finger stroked up the underside of the long organ and Hercules shivered.

Iolaus leaned forward and breathed on the crimson head before that maddening tongue reached out to lap, just once, at the weeping slit. The alternation between hot and cool was sending him mad. Hercules wound his hands in the sheets to keep them from bruising the man who was tormenting him with wave after wave of pleasure. Iolaus had stretched those perfect lips around his cock and his tongue was flicking back and forth in nerve wracking patterns.

When Iolaus began to gently roll Hercules' balls between his fingers, the demigod gave a heartfelt groan and began to thrash his head back and forth on the pillow.

"Close, Iolaus. I'm close." He barely managed to speak the warning, his body arching towards the source of the pleasure.

Iolaus chuckled and the vibration was enough to send Hercules over the edge in pulse after pulse of fullfillment. The maddening mouth sucked him dry and the tormenting tongue licked him clean. He lay satiated, a boneless heap of demigod. Iolaus slithered up the sensitised body and lay at Hercules side, pressing a kiss onto one sweaty shoulder. Hercules found enough energy to hug him into his side, taking note of the hardened cock that poked his hip but not able to do anything about it.

"We're going to need another bath." Iolaus was licking the sweat from all the skin in reach.

"Not yet. There's still something you need to do, Iolaus." Hercules took a deep breath and opened his eyes. He met the puzzled blue gaze. "I need you to make me yours."

Iolaus' eyes widened. "You mean? Are you sure, Hercules? I always thought that ... you would be the one ... to take me."

Hercules felt that thought give him strength and he pulled the smaller man up onto his chest, kissing him, tasting his own essence on the mobile tongue. "How will I know what to do if you don't show me? In whatever bed we find ourselves in after this, we are equals, Iolaus. We're just two men who love each other."

"Partners? In all things?" Iolaus sighed against Herc's lips.

"Partners." Hercules affirmed.

"Well, o-o-okay." Iolaus grinned. "Let me up. We're going to need the oil."

Hercules stretched and took inventory of his body. Every inch of skin felt alive, his muscles hummed with energy and his strength was flowing back. Remembering what he'd seen once at a beach in Macedonia, he turned over and scattered the pillows to one side. His erection was returning so he shifted one leg up to relieve the pressure. He looked up at Iolaus's gasp and met a burning gaze of lust that disconcerted him.


"You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you, Herc? You're what they think of when someone says 'You look like a Greek god'." Iolaus set the jar to one side of the bed before kneeling near him and running a hand up the bent leg.

Everywhere he touched, Hercules burned, mesmerized by the look in Iolaus' eyes. "You just laugh them off, never realizing how sincere they are." He kissed him hard then slipped back and picked up the jar. Pouring oil into his hand, he set the container aside, never breaking eye contact.

"I never got to finish your massage, Herc. Why don't I just keep on going?" Taking agreement for granted, he moved between the long legs and began to smooth long strokes from the middle of Hercules' back down over the buttocks and upper thighs.

Hercules closed his eyes and just concentrated on the feelings. The light strokes made him shiver but the deep ones seemed to reach the nerves that led directly to his cock. When Iolaus slipped a finger inside of him, he started, tensing at the new sensation. But Iolaus just pushed it in and out, letting him get used to the feeling. Soon there were two fingers relaxing the tight muscle and Hercules was beginning to enjoy the circular rhythm of the caress.

When Iolaus started to gently finger his balls at the same time, Hercules began to feel a restless urge to speed up the movements. Pushing back in counterpoint to Iolaus' thrusts, he felt a starburst of heat explode inside when Iolaus' fingers hit a new spot deep within him.

"What?" He gasped and moaned.

"A pleasure spot that just gets better, my friend." Iolaus kissed his back and licked up the vertibra, one at a time. "How you doing, big guy?"

"More." Hercules could feel the sheet beneath him rubbing his erection sensuously, but it wasn't enough. "Not enough," he managed to gasp.

Iolaus chuckled, "Oh, there's more, Herc. Just stay relaxed for me, now, all right?"

Hercules managed to nod but was unable to stop the restless pushing back to meet Iolaus' massaging fingers. He barely managed to keep from moaning out loud when Iolaus took his hand away and poured more oil on it. But then both his hands were parting his cheeks and something warmer rubbed against his opening.

"Breathe out, Herc. Push out against me." Iolaus crooned softly in his ear.

Hercules took a deep breath and let it all out while trying to relax all his muscles. The warm invader pushed past the tight outer ring and stopped just inside. Hercules felt himself quiver with the need to expel the unfamiliar intruder. Every instinct said, no! But his heart said, yes, this is my lover. He concentrated on breathing in and out and gradually the pain lessened and he was able to reach back and rub Iolaus' hand.

Iolaus kissed his back again and reached one oily hand around to grasp his waning cock. Slowly, he slid in the rest of the way, all the while providing a gentle friction on Hercules' responding erection.

"Gods, you're tight, Hercules." Iolaus rested his forehead on his friend's back. "I've never felt anything like it. I'm afraid to move for fear I'll hurt you."

Hercules absorbed the burning sensations, the heat that pulsed deep inside him. Tentatively, he pushed back against Iolaus and cataloged the feelings. Extreme fullness, lessening pain, quivering nerve endings that were signaling the need for something to happen.

"You won't hurt me, Iolaus. The pain is going away." He could feel Iolaus begin the long slide out and he actually missed the feeling of being filled. But then he was thrusting back in and that felt even better.

After a few moments of gentle glides in and out, Iolaus urged him up onto his knees, his head pillowed on his folded forearms. The thrusts were getting more urgent, the pain was totally gone and the heat was beginning to spread and tingle throughout his entire body. Iolaus was twisting at different angles with each forward push and suddenly that starburst of pleasure was back and Hercules shouted in surprise.

He heard Iolaus laugh and the next thrust hit the same spot, again and yet again. Hercules was on all fours now and pushing back almost as hard as Iolaus was pressing forward. His friend's hand was stroking his cock faster and faster. Hercules felt the edges of his vision begin to blur and he started shivering with the burning need to come. Two more thrusts and Herc felt the climax reach flash point and he exploded in fierce spasms that shook his whole body.

Dimly, through the gathering clouds of sleep, he felt Iolaus bathe him with a torrent of hot seed. That was all it took to send him collapsing to the bed, a satiated bundle of boneless man. He felt the warm length of Iolaus all up and down his spine before he passed out.


Iolaus felt as limp as the beloved body beneath his. He wanted nothing more than to stay in the warm depths forever. The little muscle spasms that twitched his spent cock sent small twinges straight to his balls. He was rapidly shrinking and with tiny movements, he began the process of backing out without hurting Hercules.

When he was finally free, he rolled to one side and checked his friend's pulse. Slow and steady. *He's out for the count,* he thought affectionately. Calmly, he pondered the question of 'where do we go from here?' Iolaus knew he wanted Hercules forever but would he be allowed to stay with him, now that they were lovers. He'd been a target before but it would only get worse once it was known that they loved each other.

He smiled tenderly and stroked a hand through the long silken hair that fell across the sleeping face. He'd battle the gods themselves to stay with Hercules. The eyelids fluttered against the linen and those beautiful pale blue eyes slowly focused on his face.

"Wow!" Hercules murmured. "Is it always like that?"

Iolaus leaned forward and kissed him gently. "When you love each other it is. Did I hurt you?"

Hercules kissed him hard. "Never. I felt like a bolt of lightning had struck me."

"Hey, that's your department, son of Zeus. Did you learn enough to show me the same lightning?"

Those eyes widened and Hercules grinned, "Oh, I don't know. I think I may need a few more lessons before I try it."

Iolaus shouted with laughter, his arms going around the chuckling demigod. "Well, we'll just have to practice until we get it right."

"Or it stops snowing, say in a week or so." Hercules rolled over on his back and pulled Iolaus on top of him. "At least we've got plenty of hot water to clean up in. We're a mess."

"We've got to think of something really nice with which to thank Cupid." Iolaus rolled out of bed and offered Hercules a hand up. Herc moved slowly with a look of stunned disbelief on his face. Iolaus hid a smile and began to massage his lower back. "A twinge or two, big guy?"

He got a sardonic look in return and Hercules padded gingerly back into the spa. "Anybody that calls you 'short stuff' from here on out is going to get a beating."

Iolaus just smiled and followed his new lover. The foreseeable future looked pretty good. Exhausting but fulfilling. A mortal couldn't ask for more.

The end