Author: Athea (
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Pairing: Horatio and Captain Edward Pellew
Title: Shore Leave, part six
Summary: They continue their idylls on Edward's estate.
Date: 30 March 2002

I watched Lady Jane shape the rose bushes with a pair of sharp shears. She first gently separated all the tangled branches then unhesitatingly snipped some of them away. Even some of the ones with buds got shorn and I tried to figure out why those and not others were her targets. But I finally had to give up and ask her.

"The rose bush tells me which ones are weak and need to be pruned. They need light and air just as we humans need those two resources to grow." She smiled at me from under her large hat. "Sunlight helps all living things to grow and nothing is as necessary to us all as the air we breathe. To those two ingredients, I add some water and voila -- the rose bush will bloom for us."

Thus gently reminded of my duties, I hastened to water the newly pruned bush. She patted my arm with a smile and moved onto the next one. While Sir Edward was in the village speaking with the Vicar, I had asked Lady Jane if I could help her endeavors. She agreed with a sweet smile and promptly set me to work bringing water from the garden pump to the plants that needed it.

After several trips with the heavy watering can, I was beginning to feel the stretch of seldom used muscles in my upper back. They went quite well with the slightly sore muscles elsewhere. I flexed my buttocks with a secret grin. Edward had awakened me this morning with a gentle thrust through my small hole, sliding deep inside of me and nudging that gland that gave us both so much pleasure.

Slowly but surely he'd possessed me with all his strength, his thrusts speeding up until the entire bed vibrated with his ardor. I'd braced myself the best I could and met him with my own pushes back until his warm hand caressed me just a little too hard and I poured forth my seed into his keeping and he poured forth into mine.

That was why I ached so wonderfully.

I'd grown insatiable and wanted that ache all the time. Pumping the handle at the outside water tap, I filled the watering can once more and carried it out to the rose garden. Lady Jane had started close to the manor house and I could already see what a difference a real gardener could make. She brought order out of chaos with her discerning eye and the plants seemed to perk up and grow right before our eyes.

The sound of horses arriving made me tense with anticipation. Lady Jane stopped her pruning and looked toward the stables. Her eyes were slightly afraid until she heard Sir Edward's laugh float above the rose bushes. Then her gaze met mine and she shared my smile. I could hardly wait to see him. But an unfamiliar voice joined with his and with a look of agreement, we turned back to the house to see whom he'd brought home.

Home. It seemed very odd to have a home other than the Indy.

"Jane, how wonderful the patio looks." Sir Edward's eyes were busy taking in all the changes we'd made this morning. "My dear, I'd like to introduce an old friend, Sir Lionel Collins. Lionel, this is my wife, Jane and one of my Acting Lieutenants, Horatio Hornblower."

Sir Lionel was a little taller than Edward but much heavier. His poor horse must have had to rest often when carrying such a great weight. But his face was genial and his smile merry when he bent over Lady Jane's hand and welcomed her to the County. He nodded to me and I gave him the slight bow that I'd learned so recently.

We adjourned to the patio and I took the watering can and Lady Jane's basket of clippings to the kitchen garden. I told Wenton of the visitor while I washed at the kitchen sink and he nodded, telling me of the lunch that was almost ready. Curious as to how good a friend Sir Lionel was to my Edward, I straightened my clothes and went back to the patio.

Sir Lionel was telling a funny story about a hunt on Edward's last shore leave. I sat on Lady Jane's other side and watched my captain's face crinkle into suppressed laughter with each outrageous incident in what appeared to be a comedy of errors. I could not envision Edward being awkward at anything but then I was prejudiced. We went into the dining room, Dorcas relieving Lady Jane of her hat and gardening gloves.

The cold squabs and sautéed carrots were simple but filling with the still warm croissants that Dorcas had baked. Edward chose a simple white wine to go with the meal and the single glass that I had was sufficient to give me very wanton thoughts. I was praying that his old friend would leave after our luncheon so I could perhaps maneuver Edward into the billiard room. We had yet to make love there and I was ready to play a game or two.

But I was surprised when Sir Lionel invited us to a small soiree at his home on the next evening. Lady Jane's eyes met Edward's and they conversed with only that single look. It was too soon after her bereavement to be seen at a party, no matter how small. She declined with regret and asked leave to be asked again in a few months, which Sir Lionel accepted with a graceful bow over her hand.

What a lucky escape, I thought silently while breathing a sigh of relief. I was curious about Edward's neighbors but wanted nothing to do with mothers who had marriageable daughters to put on display. There were sure to be a few of those and I wanted to keep myself out of harms way. Edward was all I needed and I kept silent with a smile to him that probably said exactly what I was thinking.

The glint in his eye made my heart beat faster and it was all I could do to attend to the conversation going on around the table. Luckily, I was the youngest and therefore could be seen but not heard. Thankfully, the meal ended on a genial note and an invitation for the baronet's wife to call on Lady Jane. I stayed with her in the drawing room while Edward walked his friend to the stables.

"Thank goodness." Lady Jane sighed dramatically. "I dislike soirees like that and if I have to stay in mourning for the rest of my life, I shall do so to avoid them."

I smiled at her. "Then you won't be able to dance with Edward and that would be a great shame."

She winked at me. "I shall leave that pleasure to you, Horatio."

Blushing, I thought about being held in his arms and swaying to the music while moving across a polished marble floor. It would be heaven to dance so but a scandal the likes of which this County had never known. He came back while I was still contemplating our mythical dance.

"It's time for my nap, Edward." Lady Jane rose and kissed his cheek. "I think that Horatio would enjoy a game of billiards. I will see you both at dinner."

I couldn't help my hopeful look at my captain and he chuckled when he saw it, saying with a glint in his eye, "A game is just what I was thinking of."

We heard her laughter from the stairs and when he beckoned me, I swiftly crossed to his side. "Perhaps you could teach me how to play better, Captain Pellew?"

His hand was warm on my back and when we entered the billiards room, it slipped to my nether cheek with a caress that made me start to tingle. "I shall endeavor to show you a move or two that will help your game immeasurably."

The door shut behind us and I heard the snick of the lock, then two strong arms came around me. I tilted my head back against his shoulder and he obliged me with a series of soft kisses down my neck that made me shiver.

"You're wearing far too many clothes to play billiards well. I'll help you dress more appropriately." His hands began to unbutton my shirt while he pressed his groin against me so I could feel his hard bulk growing.

Turning in his arms, I began my own unbuttoning. "I'm sure that this leather must be hot and bothersome, my dear Sir Edward. Permit me to free you of its burden."

"How kind of you, Horatio." His hands were swiftly pulling my shirt out and off me. "I seem to have worked up a sweat on my ride."

My hands trembled at the thought of his strong masculine scent released by the leather. Then his shirt was off that broad chest and I could lean in to lick the damp trails left by his exertions. One brown nipple beckoned me and I slowly tongued it while he pushed my breeches off my hips so they fell to the floor. Then I was flying and came down on the edge of the billiards table.

He removed my shoes and hose, leaving me quite bare. Half-naked himself, he finished his undressing with a stern look to stay where I was. I grinned at him and began to stroke my cock with gentle fingers. I was pretty sure that he didn't have anything to soothe his way inside of me but we'd used my seed before and I thought it might suffice now.

"Impudence," he growled and removed my hand, replacing it with his mouth.

I almost fell off the table when I felt his warm tongue bathing me so intimately. Looking down, I watched myself slide in and out of his mouth until I had to close my eyes. It was no time at all before the need rose in me and I had to spend myself. I shivered and came into hand and mouth, while relaxing so much I almost fell off of the table.

He is always gentle after I come when my skin is so sensitive that the slightest touch makes me jump. He arose and shared my taste with me while I clasped my legs around his waist and pulled him in closer. Chuckling, Edward pulled me almost off of the table edge before laying me back onto the felt top. It felt extremely odd to be lying exposed on the game surface but when I felt the first stroke of his fingers inside me, I forgot anything but that.

Small kisses were scattered over my chest and he made sure that he loved each nipple to a hard peak before moving down to my navel and tickling me with the slight afternoon bristles on his chin. I tried to stay solemn but he soon had me laughing and groaning at the same time. I must have still been relaxed by my coming because I barely felt three fingers before they slid out and I felt something much bigger nudge my hole.

Pushing out, I felt the hard velvet crown breach my pucker and surge inside while I moaned helplessly at the burn. His thrust was hard and he didn't stop until he was so deep, his balls slapped my cheeks. Possessively, he claimed my mouth with his tongue and I felt him everywhere inside of me. My hands tried to pull him closer yet along with my legs but alas, we were already so skin to skin that not even a breath of air could come between us.

I gloried in his possession, loving every pulse of the large cock that stretched me so wide. His tongue stroked mine slowly and I knew that this time would be slow. He would test my endurance with his deliberate thrusts until I was writhing in almost pain. Then he would begin the quick deliberate strokes against my sweet spot until I exploded between us.

And I would love every moment of it.

"Sweet Horatio, how very well you take my pole. One would think that you'd played this game before?" He teased me with the carefree grin that I'd grown to love.

"Oh, Sir, but no, I have never played billiards with only four balls and two poles before." I smiled sweetly at him and pretended ignorance. "I'm so very lucky to have such a masterful instructor to teach me."

"Really?" His eyes gleamed down into mine and he slowly pulled back until his crown stretched my hole wide again. "I see that I must show you how to handle your pole then. It wouldn't do to have you missing a shot."

I bit my lip at the new burn of his thrust while I began to sweat in the too warm room. "No, Sir, I could see the difference that the ... size ..." I groaned at his new angle while the fire inside of me grew hotter. "Your pole must be the biggest one in the whole County."

He chuckled and thrust again then once again before stilling deep inside. "Your pole may not be as ... long as mine. I've heard it argued that a more slender pole is the better for targeting your opponent's balls."

My eyelids flew up in time to catch the tail end of his grin. "Oh no, Sir, your thick pole is exactly right for sinking my balls. I hope that my small hole is not a bother for you?"

He quickened his thrusts until the whole table was quivering. Or that might have simply been me while I shook around him. Now I was on fire inside and out but again he stilled, pulsing so deep within me that I could feel him in my spine.

"I have never felt a tighter more appealing hole in my life, dear Horatio. But it appears that your pole is ready to shoot so it would only be courteous for me to let you take your shot." His warm, callused hand took my cock in hand and that must have been what it was waiting for because I shot myself to pieces in his hand.

"Dear God, how beautifully you shoot, Horatio." I struggled to open my eyes for I loved watching him lick my white come from his fingers. "Yes, a tasty treat for all my senses. But I fear that this angle is not good enough. You need a better view of the table, young man. So, I shall postpone my shot so you can move."

He tenderly pulled out of me, the bulbous crown of his cock stretching me again but then leaving me empty. I moaned pitifully while my legs shook with sudden tension. He kissed me gently then helped me sit up and slide from the too warm felt topped table. I almost fell into his arms and he hugged me close while we traded tongues in my very favorite of his kisses.

Naked kisses are the very best ones, I thought dreamily. Finally he turned me away from him and I lay back down onto the tabletop. His broad hands raised me up just a little until I was nicely exposed to him. Those strong fingers of his stroked my cheeks and I spread my legs wantonly to coax him back inside.

"Yes, this will give you a whole new outlook on sinking your shots, my dearest Horatio." His thumbs teased my hole and I could feel my entrance muscles spasming open for them. He'd never done that before and I shook while they seemed to fight to enter together. "Your little hole looks quite unsure of whether or not these callused thumbs should be allowed entrance."

They pushed in a little further while I panted through the burning stretch. Were they bigger than three fingers? Why did they feel so huge? My back muscles rippled with their inexorable advance and I moaned a little at this new feeling.

"Ah, that's better. I think it may be time for my thick pole to get back to work. Your balls look so tense that they may be ready to be sunk again." His thumbs came back out a little and I felt the familiar flaring crown rock between them. For a moment, I tensed then I relaxed all over and felt him slide inside.

This time he didn't stop until I thought his cock would come out of my stomach. "Oh, Edward, you feel so good that I never want you to come back out."

His strokes were long and even, burning through my guts with their power. "That will make running the Indy a little difficult, Horatio. Although, one moonlit night I may just lash you to the wheel, drop your breeches and free my cock. You won't need any oil because you will have already oiled yourself for my pleasure. Then while you keep our course steady, I will impale you on my hard flesh."

He leaned down a little and dropped his voice while I pictured the scene he was painting for me. "I'll thrust in and out of you until you're begging me for release. Perhaps I'll even hold a class in On-Course-Fucking and young Archie can watch us to learn more."

I gulped and hardened again for the fourth time today. "Oh Sir Edward, that would be dreadfully wicked of you, more like a pirate than one of His Majesty's Captains."

"Ah, yes." His hands held my hips still while he pistoned in and out of me, the sound of his balls slapping mine loud in the room. "I may have forgotten to tell you that at night, I become the dreaded Captain Fuck, pillaging and raping far over the seven seas."

Hiccuping at the beautiful picture of my stern captain in pirate guise, I quivered under the fiery onslaught. "How terrible! But how beautiful you would look in a billowy black silk shirt opened down to your navel. And those tight black leather pants and high boots would surely win you the respect and fear of all you met."

"Really? I'll have to see what I can do about that." He rammed me one last time and exploded inside of me while I anointed the side of the table with my own scant offering. Resting along my back, he licked a wet trail up to the back of my ear. "I can see that more lessons are due. Perhaps I'll see what your tolerance for torture is, my dear ... my very dear Horatio."

I shivered at the silky threat but would have hardened again if I hadn't just come so hard three times in a row. "Edward, I shall look forward to all my new lessons. Especially the ones from the dreaded Captain Fuck."

He laughed out loud and bit my ear lobe gently. "Yes, your special lessons will be great fun once we rejoin our ship. Although how I'll ever be able to keep my hands to myself, well I just don't know. Touching you is more addictive than morphine."

I knew exactly what he meant. "I may have to keep my hands behind my back to keep from touching you also, my dearest Edward."

"Now that's a fine picture to grant your poor Captain when he's too limp to do anything about it. Sixteen lashes for you tonight."

Shivering, I moaned a little and thought about the delicious burn that came from one of his lashes. "I think that might be too few for the stern Captain Fuck. He'd be sure to insist on at least twenty."

Edward laughed out loud and slid from me with a slight popping sound. "We'll see, young man. For now though, I need to check that I wasn't too rough."

His hot seed trickled down my leg and I shivered again when he leaned in and licked me clean. His rough tongue on my sensitive skin felt so good that it was all I could do not to groan continuously. But when he licked around my pucker and lapped at the seeping seed, I had to bite my hand.

"Delicious Horatio, how very beautifully you play billiards." He licked my balls before slowly mouthing them clean, while I shook at the exquisite sensations. "We will have another game tomorrow, I think. You will be a master before you know it."

He arose and pulled me tenderly up from the felt table top, turning me so he could kiss my lips. I held him close, nestling against the warm fur of his chest while our tongues slid together, first in his mouth and then in mine. Playing billiards was fun but I'd rather become the masterful kisser that my captain was. And so I would tell him when we had to breathe.

In an hour or so.

The end for now