Author: Athea (
Series: Millennium, Frank/?
Rating: NC17
Note: Just a little something I woke up with and hurried to write down. It was in a basement at first but I moved it up into the light, just because I could. <g>
Date: 18 November 1998

I entered the penthouse suite humming. My next client was sprawled across the green silk coverlet of the king-sized bed. I checked his pulse. Nice and steady, just the way I like it. He was already naked and I checked the note to see what he'd been shot up with.

Hm-m-m-m. Very nice, twilight and aphrodisiac. This was going to be fun. Leaning over his body, I took a deep breath. Then another. Grinning, I went in to prepare the bath. Most of my supplies were laid out already, but I always prefer to choose the massage oil after I've met the client. Each of us has our own base level scent and whatever oil you use should compliment that. I piled my own clothes on the shelf provided, right next to his.

Rustlings from the other room alerted me to my client's awakening. I came out and settled by his side, laying a warm hand on his chest so he'd know he had company. It can be so disconcerting to wake up in a strange place.

"Frank." I murmured softly.

Those beautiful blue eyes opened slowly and focused slowly on my face. I'd seen pictures of him before but they couldn't prepare me for the sheer beauty of that brilliant azure gaze. He was having trouble focusing, an unfortunate side effect of the twilight.

"It's all right, Frank. You're safe here. My name is Sin and I'll be taking care of you today. Your friends have booked you in for an entire day of pleasure and I'm here to help you enjoy yourself." I drew both his hands up into mine and tugged him upright on the bed. Holding his head to my breasts, I steadied him while he got his equilibrium back.

"Nothing but pleasure today, Frank. Nothing but pampering and joy." I crooned in his ear. Like most of the professionals I service, his back was one big knot beneath my hands. Why don't they take the time once in a while to relax?

When he raised his head, I knew it was time for the next step. He was trying to say something but the words were a jumbled whisper. I pulled him upright and kept an arm around his waist while leading him into the bathroom. The warmth of the moist, humid air caressed us with its hint of sage. I helped him to the tub and lowered him into the hot water.

Pillowing his head on a rolled towel, I reached for the soap to begin his bath. His hand grabbed my wrist and held on weakly while he struggled to say something. After two attempts, he formed the word he wanted. "Why?"

I smiled kindly at him and kissed his hand. "Because you deserve to be given pleasure. You work hard, long hours at a job that leaves you feeling dirty. You give everyone a piece of your time but yourself. So, your friends have given you a day of pleasure. An entire day when the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself."

Lathering my hands, I began with his left arm and slowly worked the rich creamy soap from his fingertips to his shoulder. His eyes slowly closed but the little frown line remained between his eyes. His other arm got the same treatment before I lathered his chest with light teasing strokes that soon had his nipples perking up through the foam.

Good. His reactions were right on schedule. Pulling up one of his long legs, I washed from his toes up to his groin. A couple of twitches proved that even hot water and drugs couldn't dull his body's response to the right stimuli. Excellent. I smiled and pulled him upright so I could wash his back.

He was almost purring by the time I got done with his scalp massage. Rinsing the soap from his dark hair, I watched him carefully. The next part sometimes spooked my guests. But nestling his head back again, I lathered his cheeks and got out my razor. His eyes flew open at the first touch of the blade but I just smiled reassuringly and continued shaving him.

That went well but the next part could be tricky. Men can be so anal sometimes about their body hair. As if hair or the lack of it really meant anything. Oh well, I pulled the plug and let the water slowly drain away. Helping him from the tub, I led him to the shower for his rinse.

While he was leaning against the wall regaining his equilibrium, I snapped the restraints on his wrists and leaned down to fasten his ankles as well. His reactions were still slow enough that it took him a moment to realize that he couldn't move more than six inches from the wall.

"I'm really sorry about this, Frank. But your next little bit of pampering is usually not something that you would have asked for." I smiled and got the can of shaving cream, shaking it vigorously while I reassured him. "Most of my women patrons just love this part but you men seem to have such a fixation on hair. Once I'm done, Frank, you are going to feel so good. Trust me on this."

Spraying the foam all over his torso and legs, I took a selection of razors and slowly began depilitating his entire body. His muscles twitched involuntarily when I moved carefully around his nipples and his breathing shallowed when I neared his groin. But I was careful and took it slow so he could enjoy it. His legs took no time at all and he was soon ready for the next step.

Taking the handheld sprayer, I made sure the water was nice and hot. He gasped as it washed away all the hair and stung against his suddenly sensitive skin. Nudging his legs further apart, I knelt and gently began the process of shaving his groin. Taking a brief detour to slowly mouth the balls which would soon be nude, I felt his stomach muscles tighten under my fingers.

Licking tenderly up his shaft to the pale pink head, I briefly tongued his slit and felt him shiver. Oh, good. His reactions bode well for the rest of his pleasuring. Very gently, I shaved him clean. Rinsing him again, I undid the restraints and rubbed his wrists. Placing little kisses on the reddened skin and gently biting the plump Mound of Venus on his right hand, I watched his penis begin to lift.

Turning on the showerhead, I let him stand under the steaming water while I moved behind him. One last spot and we were done with this part of his bath. Moving my hands down his back, I massaged away the tension of the last few moments. He shivered when I spread his cheeks wide and breathed a hot breath across the small pink entrance to his body.

The first touch of the razor there turned his body rigid and I patted him gently to remind him not to move. A few quick strokes and he was done. Using the handheld spray, I rinsed him clean and leaned back in for a little rimming. The rasp of my tongue against his now over-sensitized skin shook his whole body.

A few more licks and one little jab and he was beginning to shake. The next part was going to be fun, I grinned to myself. Rising, I hugged him from behind and ran my hands over his hairless body. So smooth. So deliciously smooth. He turned under my hands and faced me, his hands coming to my shoulders. That sexy whisper was stronger now.

"What ... next?" He struggled so to get out the words. I expect he's a very verbal kind of guy normally.

"A massage. I picked out a very nice oil for you. Just a hint of sage with a little rosemary to stimulate your skin. It's going to feel wonderful!" And it was too. All that newly depilated skin was going to soak up the oil like a sponge. "You've got some dry flaky patches on your elbows and your eyebrows. Men never take care of their skin." I jokingly complained while I led him out of the shower stall and over to the massage table.

I had to help him up onto the table onto his back and I turned on the heating element under the absorbing towels so he wouldn't get cold. Covering his legs with a heated towel, I slathered my hands with the oil I'd picked and began with light strokes across his forehead. The scalp massage had him purring again. Well, they do say that the head is the most erogenous zone of the body.

He squirmed under my long sliding strokes over his chest. His nipples perking right up under my teasing touch. I just couldn't resist a little lick and a gentle tug with my teeth, which almost brought him off the table. So sensitive. I like that in a man.

Covering up his torso with another heated towel, I removed the one from his legs. Oh, yes, he was responding beautifully. His long shaft was hardening and rising above his groin, the head a lovely shade of rose. Right on time. I gave it another lick and a promise before beginning the long strokes that would ease the tension in his long legs.

His legs really were lovely. Long and lean with well shaped knees and almost delicate ankles. I tickled the high arch on one foot and he chuckled under his breath. That purr came back while I was working on his heels. Very little fluid retention so his circulation was working well.

Which meant the second half of the drug spectrum should be kicking in about now. I watched his penis harden a little more while I stroked his inner thighs. I noticed his hands were flexing in the towel beneath him in the same rhythm I was using on his skin. Lovely responsive man. I reached his groin and putting another heated towel across his legs, I left just his sex exposed.

Gathering his balls in one hand, I took the flaring head of his shaft into my mouth. He arched up but I easily held his hips down with my left arm. Rolling the silken sacs back and forth in my tender grasp, I could feel him trying to control himself. But the aphrodisiac had started its work and his body knew what to do.

Letting his penis slip from my lips, I reassured him. "Frank, please let me pleasure you. I've been wanting this since I first saw you. You taste so good everywhere else. Please let me."

He tensed and then relaxed. Asking for my own pleasure always allows them to give into their own. The serve-and-protect guys are the absolute worst at accepting pleasure. I used my free hand to stroke the base of the hardening shaft and went back to teasing him with my mouth and tongue. It didn't take long at all before I'd coaxed the first orgasm out of him.

Delicious. He really tasted delicious and I licked my lips to make sure I'd gotten it all. Slightly sweet unlike most men who are mainly bitter. I wondered if he drank a lot of beer. I'd have to ask him for my personal survey. Removing both towels, I kissed him gently and waited for his eyes to open before I spoke.

"Frank, thank you for sharing that with me. You are delicious. Do you drink beer at all?" I waited for his nod and smiled down at him. His answering smile was so shy, it was endearing. You could see why his friends had given him this treat. "I thought so. I enjoyed it immensely. Are you ready to move to your front so we can work out those knots in your shoulders?"

He thought for a moment then nodded slowly. I had to help him shift since his muscles were like so many wet noodles. Covering him again, I proceeded to massage him into sleep. The slot in the table cradled his face and he was faintly snoring by the time I finished lightly stroking his back.

Filling the bag at the sink, I made sure the water temperature was just right. Wouldn't want to hurt him now. Dropping in the solution that always worked the best without undue side effects, I rolled the IV stand over to the table and hooked the bag to it. Gently parting his cheeks, I inserted the enema tube and unpinched the line.

He started to wake up and I went back to his shoulders to calm him. He squirmed a little as the warm liquid flowed into him and I watched the clear two-liter bag empty slowly. He was moving more now as the water and solution moved deep into his colon and triggered the beginnings of another erection.

I gently removed the nozzle and tickled his anal area, which brought a gasp from him. Smiling, I helped him from the table and over to the toilet. Men can be such big babies sometimes. When I lowered him onto the commode, he spoke again.

"Why?" That deep voice really did something to me. I was so looking forward to the next bit.

"Frank, we hold a lot of our tension inside. I'll bet you don't eat properly either. A nice, soothing enema flushes out all the toxins that could impede your enjoyment of our lovemaking." I stroked his shaft and watched him squirm on the velvet seat. His blush was truly delightful.

Men can be so shy sometimes. So, I knelt between his legs and kissed him again, while I stroked his penis to hardness. The stimulation was too much for him and his bowels let go while his shaft jerked in my hand and his tongue quivered in my mouth. Lovely man. Just so responsive to his own pleasure.

I used a warm washcloth to clean him and I wouldn't let him hide his eyes. The shamefaced blush was just too delectable. "Oh, Frank. Don't hide your pleasure from me. I love your responsiveness. It gives me great pride to know that I drew forth your delight. But let's move to the bed for your next pleasuring. I can see you're ready to enjoy again."

He was iron hard by this time and he followed me quickly. I pushed him down onto the silk cover and followed him, flowing over his body like a living blanket. His oiled skin glistened in the sunlight that poured through the skylight at this time of day.

"Frank, you are truly beautiful. So smooth ... and oiled ... and look how hard you are." My breasts brushed against his nipples and he shivered. His hands moved to my hips while I straddled him. Ready to ride.

Using one hand to guide him home, I sat back and took him in with one long glide. His fingers tightened involuntarily and a look of anguish crossed his face. They'd told me of his dead wife so I knew his memories were bittersweet at this moment. So, I used my voice to remind him it was me.

"Oh, Frank. I knew you'd feel like this. So big inside me. So warm and deep. Impaling me with your strength." I rocked back and forth gently and heard him hiss, the anguish fading away. Those blue eyes looked at me in a daze while my fingers went to his nipples to play. "Look how responsive they are, Frank. Women don't seem to realize that men's nipples are just as tender as theirs. I love having my breasts touched so why wouldn't you? And you do love it, Frank. Look how nicely they rise to my touch."

Leaning over, I licked them while I slowly rose and let him begin to move within me. Back and forth, up and down. A little friction against my clitoris and I was one happy camper. When his hands moved up to my breasts and began to gently caress them, I moved right into nirvana. He had a tender touch that spoke volumes of how much love he had to give.

Poor man. Why had he let it go so long? He was moving more quickly now and I began to squeeze my vaginal muscles to give him a different kind of massage. He moaned and moved his head from side to side. That little worry line was back, damn it. So, I bit his nipple and he arched hard up into me.

For a moment I saw stars. Oh yeah! So, I bit the other one and watched him shudder. Sitting back onto him, I took him deep and clenched around him, watching him carefully. Such a lovely look of passion crossed his face while he let go and flooded me with his warmth. Reaching down, I triggered my own orgasm and we both closed our eyes for a moment.

I really do enjoy my work. I watched him go to sleep again and felt him slip from me as he softened. Leaving him, I cleaned myself up and came back with a warm washcloth to clean him. His skin rippled beneath my touch. So responsive. I could hardly wait for the next round. But I let him have an hour's nap to recuperate.

He was still half-asleep when I eased him from the bed and guided him over to the sliding doors. The warm summer air caressed our bodies and when I guided him over to the chair, he followed with his eyes closed. It was a shame to have to use restraints again. But the chair really was rather scary looking.

He obviously thought it was another massage table so he laid his torso on it and therefore missed the restraints until I'd locked his wrists to the padded arm rests. He struggled a bit then but I'm stronger than I look and I got him edged forward and his legs up and splayed wide into the restraints, while I soothed him with my voice and hands.

"There, there, Frank. It's going to be all right. I promise. Nothing but pleasure today. You're going to enjoy this, Frank. Really you will. The restraints are just to keep you still. How is the padding beneath your stomach? Comfy?" I checked to be sure that it hadn't bunched up on him.

His shaft was already starting to harden again. Just in time. I stroked his quivering buttocks and spread his cheeks again. Taking my time, I rimmed him with the edge of my tongue. Once . . . twice ... three times. This shiver was different. This shiver told me that he was going to be okay with this.

Curling my tongue, I laved his puckered little muscle until it spasmed open for me. Darting inside, I heard him moan again. "Delicious, Frank. You're all nice and clean inside and I'm going to make you feel so good. There's one part of you I haven't massaged yet but I'll be there shortly."

"Sin." He whispered my name and I kissed him again on his most private mouth. Sliding my tongue up and down the crack, all the way to his balls, which hung so enticingly in front of his hardening shaft. I slicked my fingers with a lovely little lubricant, very appropriately called Wet before slipping one finger just inside the tight ring of muscle.

Oh, he was tight. A virgin, I suspected and when he tensed, I feathered a caress down his flank. "Gently, Frank. I know this is new to you. But it feels wonderful to me. You're so hot ... " I slid in a little deeper, "and tight ..." moving my finger in and out tenderly.

"I'm so proud of you, Frank. You're letting me pleasure you and that makes me feel so good. Let me make you feel good as well." I slid out my finger and relubed. I could afford to take my time with this so this time when I slid in two fingers, I also stroked his penis.

His tight little ass jumped at the duel sensation and I wriggled my fingers in, feeling for the little gland that would give him so much joy. Ah, there it was. I grazed it just once and he jumped like I'd sent a jolt of electricity through him. But that was another scenario entirely.

"Does it feel good, Frank? I think it does." I bumped it again and heard his moan. "I love giving you pleasure, Frank. It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Now I want to make you feel all warm and tingly too."

I continued the deep strokes with two fingers before I added a third that brought a note of uncertainty to that whiskey soft groan. I held still while he got used to the fullness, all the while I kept up a steady caress to his hardening penis.

"No fair, Frank. You need to relax for me. I won't hurt you, ever. Just pleasure you. Relax ..." I crooned while I slid my fingers back and forth, making sure I grazed his prostate every other stroke. He was almost ready.

When I felt him completely relax, I smiled and reached for the tray that stood nearby. Taking the butt plug from the hot water, I dipped it in the bowl of Wet and made sure it was well covered before I slid my fingers out of Frank and the plug in. Such an ugly name for such a wonderful toy.

He squirmed when he realized it wasn't my fingers anymore. I used both hands to stroke over the pale buttocks before me. "It's just a plug, Frank. One to stretch you and make you feel good." I pulled on it and watched his whole back flush as it brushed across his prostate. Pushing it back in made him moan again.

"So good, Frank. You respond to everything so well. It's a joy to touch you. But I don't want you to come too soon." I slid his shaft into the cock ring harness and snapped it shut. His whole body shook once then stilled. I kept up my soothing strokes on his lovely white ass while he adjusted to the leather straps that held him so securely.

"Lovely skin, Frank. You really do have a nice tight ass. Have you ever made love to another man, Frank? I've watched before and it really does look like fun. Do you think you'd enjoy that, Frank?" I pulled on the plug again and watched him move restlessly. Almost time for the next stage.

The black silk I trailed up his body made him shiver in the warm sunlight. "The sun through the lattice work makes little lines across your skin. Very sexy, Frank. We're very private here. No one can see us. We're completely safe and sheltered here. Now, just raise up a bit for me so I can tie this across your eyes."

"Why?" He managed to husk out while I tied the black silk over his eyes. His mind still kept trying to work.

"I want your whole attention on your skin, Frank. No visual stimuli. Ear plugs too. I want you to concentrate on your body. Just your body, Frank." I made sure the ear plugs were warm and I tongued each ear before inserting them, giving his ear lobes a sharp nip and a gentle kiss before moving down to his throat.

I gave him another body massage with the same oil as before but this time there was a touch of menthol in it and I felt him shiver occasionally when a passing breeze caressed his naked skin. Such a lovely day for a seduction. Although a rainy day and a fire in the fireplace also produced good results for me. But then I'm an adaptable kind of woman.

'I removed the earplugs while I stroked his back with light teasing touches. "How is that, Frank? I know it's a little cool but I think you'll like what comes next. A little something to warm you up. It may sting a bit but I just know you're going to enjoy it."

Picking up the small whip, I gave the plug another push and watched him jerk. Using very little energy, I proceeded to warm his back and buttocks with the leather. Very gently, of course. I *am* a professional. His moans went from scared to needy. Every time I laid one across the plug, he writhed on the padding. I've been told the pleasure is excruciatingly good at this point.

Something about the endorphins and prostate stimulation. Of course, his skin was extremely sensitive as well after his shave. Really, such a responsive man. It was a shame I didn't have him for the week. But today was all I had so I'd better make sure he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Pressing the button beside the chair, I waited for his friend to come in. Such a sad man. So many worries in his face and eyes. But at the moment, those brown eyes were drinking in the sight of Frank, all rosy skin and husky moans. I've always found that seeing your partner all defenseless and naked brings out the real man behind the social mask.

And this one was tender and loving, not commandeering and ruthless. What a relief! You just never know with some guys and I really did want Frank to enjoy himself. And he was going to enjoy himself. His friend was naked as well and more than ready to make love. He had a lovely straight penis, long and broad with a clear drop of fluid already seeping from the rosy tip.

"Frank, I'm going to remove the plug now so I can massage your prostate again. You liked that, didn't you?" I moved to the side and laid down the whip. "You're all tingly and warm now, I hope. You should see your lovely skin. All flushed and rosy." I trailed a finger down his back and over his freshly spanked ass cheek. He moved restlessly and moaned.

"So responsive." I soothed him and pulled once on his leather-clad shaft. He moved his hips back and forth enticingly and I saw his friend grit his teeth to keep back his own groan. The pair of them were going to be just lovely to watch. "Ear plugs back in, Frank. I need you to concentrate for me."

I inserted the earplugs again and nipped his ear lobe again. I'd made a mental note about how much he'd enjoyed that before. I toyed with the plug, pushing and pulling it to stimulate him before taking it out with a moist little popping sound. He pushed his ass into the air and wriggled it a bit.

I thought his friend was going to loose it right there. The look of hunger on his face was that of a starving man who'd just seen his first meal in days. I reached over and pressed hard against the base of his shaft. He nodded his thanks and took a deep breath. Slicking up both hands, I began a dual massage. Sliding my thumb in and out of Frank and thoroughly lubricating his friend's shaft.

Really, they were made for each other. Frank was going to fit him like a glove. A few moments of massage and they were both ready for the next step. Taking a moment to wipe my hands, I removed Frank's left earplug.

"Frank, I have a lovely surprise for you. A friend is going to help me out for this next round of lovemaking. He's very nice and gentle and he won't hurt you. But he will make you feel better than you've ever felt before. He's done this before and you are going to feel something that you've never felt before." I felt him tense but it was too late.

His friend had already popped the flared head of his penis inside of Frank, his hands gentling the heaving flanks that tried to dislodge him and I could see the beads of sweat that gathered on his friend's brow while he restrained himself from thrusting. I placed the earplug back and moved under the chair to give Frank something else to think about.

It's not my favorite position but I figured I could get one of the other girls to give me a neck rub tonight. I took him in with a sideways lunge that had him groaning with surprise. Don't you just love the taste of semen and leather? Really yummy. I fingered his balls while I was there and felt him jerk. Pressing a finger to his perineum, I stopped his potential explosion.

Cock rings only work to a certain point. Most people don't know that. But he had a lot of pleasure to enjoy before we let him release. I could see his friend move slowly but inexorably deep inside Frank's ass. The man in the chair was panting now and I could smell the lovely mixture of sweat and massage oil released from his skin. A great combination.

His friend was gazing down at Frank with such a look of adoration that it made me tear up. It might not be true love but it was the next best thing to it. He began to slide out and Frank moaned in protest. Then he was thrusting back in and he must have hit the prostate because Frank's whole body quivered.

Now his friend was panting and trying so hard to move in an easy rhythm for Frank but I could see the need building in them both. This time wouldn't last long at all. There was too much desire stored in them for a patient fucking. No, they were going to hit critical mass very shortly.

I unsnapped the cock ring and tugged the harness off slowly. This could hurt, as swollen as he was. He hissed a bit in relief then went back to moaning his pleasure into the chair. I took him in; all the lovely wet heat of him and felt him swell in my mouth. Using both hands again, I cradled both sets of balls and felt the moment when they exploded.

Twin cries of relief echoed through the room and his friend collapsed on Frank's back for a moment of quivering release, his forehead resting between the oiled shoulder blades. I swallowed down Frank's seed and licked my lips. Really delicious. I couldn't wait until I got to taste his friend.

I crawled out from under the chair and moved to tidy up. We could all use a nap right about now. I unlocked the leg cuffs and massaged the poor abused flesh. I noticed his friend gently caressing Frank's back. He was beginning to soften and he looked so sad again. I touched him reassuringly and showed him how to sweetly stroke Frank's penis so he wouldn't notice, quite so much, the large intruder leaving his body.

They were so sweet together. His friend so worried about hurting him and Frank so unknowing of his love and caring. Sometimes I think the world really is crazy. I mean, why can't a man tell another man that he loves him? What is so wrong with love? I'd just like to shake a little sense into some people. Life's too short to waste on an uncaring, soul-destroying job.

But then, not everybody has a great job like mine. Really, I'd pay these guys for the pleasure. Luckily, my agent collects for me and handles my investments so I can just concentrate on giving pleasure. He was all the way out now and he helped me unlock Frank's wrist collars. I made sure the blindfold was tight around his eyes. Now was not the time to spoil the gift.

His friend and I walked him back into the bathroom and the three of us took a shower. Frank stood passively while we soaped and rinsed him. He let us dry him and lead him back to the bed where he drank a glass of water, curled up under the silk comforter and went straight to sleep. His friend sat on the edge of the bed and just watched him while I went back into the steamy bathroom to prepare for round three.

Frank should be out for a good three hours this time while his body replenished itself. I called down to the kitchen for room service at about 4:00 p.m. That would give us all time for a refreshing nap. His friend came in and I beckoned him over to the massage table. It was time for a little pampering of his own.

I think he enjoyed his massage. I know he enjoyed his enema. Such a look of bliss on his face as he voided himself. You have to love a man who knows what's good for his colon. He kissed me very sweetly afterwards even though I knew he'd rather be tonguing his friend. We went back into the bedroom to find Frank had moved to the middle of the bed.

In his sleep, he was constantly moving his body back and forth across the silk sheets. Newly shaved men are so sensitive to stimulation. His friend crawled in beside him, gathering him into his arms and settling the dark head into the crook of his shoulder. I detoured over to the balcony for something I'd forgotten.

Relubricating the plug, I slid it into Frank's anus. He took it with a shiver and a rather wanton arching of his ass into my hand. He was a natural, no doubt about it. Rounding the bed, I bared his friend's backside and teased him with my tongue before sliding in his own plug. His was bigger than Frank's and he moaned in delight when I gave it a little twist and a push.

Frank was going to feel so good inside him. I could hardly wait for our next round of pleasure. But right now I needed a nap. I'm not as young as I used to be. Stretching out beside them, I enjoyed the slide of silk across my skin and the heat of the two bodies next to me. I fell asleep between one breath and the next.


Waking to the sound of the door chime, I stretched and rolled out of bed. The other two were still out and I grabbed a robe before going to the door to get our food. Signing the chit, I wheeled the cart inside. Hm-m-m, everything looked good enough to eat. I grinned and popped a couple of grapes into my mouth. Sweet to the taste.

The cart rolled over to the bed with a minimum of noise. They lay curled up together like two little lambs. So sweet. I wondered why they couldn't be together in the outside world. I often wondered that about my clients. But except for once, I never discovered any of the reasons why. And that had been a fluke. Smiling, I remembered the young FBI agent and his friend with the green eyes.

The rattle of the dishes had awakened Frank's friend and he stirred and opened his eyes, looking first at his lover and then at me. I smiled reassuringly and gestured to the cart and the succulent selection of food. Chilled cranberry juice poured into a glass quenched his thirst and sent him to the bathroom to relieve himself.

While he was gone, I knelt on the bed and gently rolled Frank onto his back. Running my hands up and down his arms, I felt the stirrings that signaled his awakening. Hating to restrain him again, I sighed and brought his hands up to be secured by the silken ties on the headboard. Too much risk that he'd try and pull off his blindfold and see 'my friend'. But I did pull out the earplugs so he could hear us.

The drugs would begin to wear off within the hour or so. But for now he still existed in the twilight world of pure sensation. When his friend came back in, I put my finger to my lips and threw the earplugs onto the bedside table. He nodded and went to the cart to inspect the dishes. It was the first time I saw him smile when he realized what delectable treats we had in store.

"Frank, are you awake? We have some lovely dishes to tempt your appetite. Making love can be so dehydrating. Would you like some cranberry juice?" I kept my voice soft; knowing his hearing would be exaggerated after the long silence. His nod brought his friend to his side with a half glass of juice for him.

Tilting his head up with one hand, Frank's friend helped him drink down the beverage. I could tell he wanted to lick off the drops that had escaped but he didn't dare get that close. Content to use his thumb to tenderly wipe away the dribble, he took the grapes I offered him and fed them to Frank one after the other.

I was busy getting the next round ready. Two bowls of syrupy paste were warming over votive candles and I gave the friend his choice. His eyes lit up when he saw the chocolate sauce. Why do they always choose the chocolate and leave me the strawberry? Sighing in resignation, I waited until the grapes were gone before I handed him his bowl.

"Well, Frank, now that you've drunken and eaten something, it's our turn to dine. I think you'll make a very fine plate for our delectation. I've got some strawberries that I think I'll smear right here." Using two fingers, I dribbled the red sauce down the right side of his chest, making sure I smothered his nipple. His friend did the same on the left side.

Frank moaned softly as the warm viscous liquid began to cool on his skin. But the shaking didn't begin until our tongues began to clean him. The raspy laps and licks tormented his sensitized skin into one giant nerve ending. I kept an eye on his erection and even after our earlier bouts it was swelling to impressive proportions.

The more he shifted on the bed, the more he squirmed with frustrated desire. The butt plug was giving him a little jolt every time he moved. I let his friend have his penis. Chocolate goes better with semen. Something about the sweet and salt together. I concentrated on his nipples and the nerve endings in his hairless armpits. Dragging my hair across his skin was teasing him into a very quick arousal.

"Oh, Frank. You're so beautiful like this. With your skin all flushed and your lovely cock just waiting to burst. Your nipples are almost too sensitive aren't they, love?" I dropped my voice to a husky murmur to hide the sound of his friend removing his own plug and uncapping the tube of lubricant.

Twisting to one side, he slowly stroked Frank's cock to rampant fullness while his other hand prepared himself for him. Frank was beginning to pant again, as if he couldn't get in enough air to fill his lungs. Then his friend was straddling him much as I had done earlier and I was guiding Frank inside the tight channel.

His friend slowly impaled himself to the balls with Frank's cock. They were both panting by now and the dark head on the pillow was moving back and forth in shock. His groans were continuous now and I saw his friend literally bite his own tongue to keep from joining him.

"Frank, I wish you could see yourself and my friend. You're so deep inside of him and you're making him feel so good. Just as good as you made me feel earlier. He's smiling at the size of you. You fill him up with your warmth and your strength." My words served to fuel the fire that was beginning to burn out of control for them both.

His friend was using his strong thigh muscles to raise and lower himself on the thick cock inside him. He shuddered every time it hit his pleasure gland and now it was his turn to shake his head back and forth. I kissed Frank slowly and sensuously, continuing to tease his nipples. He was starting to thrust up into his friend and then back onto the bed where the butt plug kicked in. I swallowed the moans from his own internal massage and watched both their bodies flush with a preorgasmic blush.

"Oh, this is going to be just lovely, Frank. Both of you are going to come so hard, you may just pass out. My friend is swelling larger and larger. Remember, Frank, how it felt inside of you. All hot and swollen and bursting with seed. He's going to spray both of us while you're going to explode inside of him, so deep, he'll be able to still feel you next week."

Moving beside them, I cupped Frank's balls with one hand while I made a tunnel for his friend's cock with my other. It would be soon now. They'd already come several times today and I didn't want them sore tomorrow. Well, any more sore than possible. Virgin Frank was going to be walking very gingerly for the next few days. Not to mention the friction against his hairless body which would probably keep him in a state of arousal for at least a week.

And it was now. I felt his friend explode all over his chest and face and Frank's orgasm was squeezed from him by those internal muscles that gloved him so securely. They were both sobbing with their release and I covered Frank's ears and kissed his eyes through the blindfold tenderly. His friend's semen was just salty. I must remember to ask him if he drinks beer.

His friend leaned back against Frank's raised knees and slowly recovered. With a small groan, he pulled free and rolled to Frank's other side for a brief cuddle. I caught him tenderly licking an armpit and I shook my head. Men. Why can't they just come out and tell each other they love each other? Frank is licking the drops of semen from his face with a very interesting look on his face.

Oh well, I'm only paid to pleasure them, not knock some sense into their heads. His friend is sad again and he's looking at Frank as if he'll never see him again. Memorizing his features and his scent and his taste. There's a patch of chocolate on his right shoulder and he swoops in to lick it away at the same moment that Frank turns his head and grazes his cheek with his lips.

Now, that's what I like to see. They move together like steel filings to a magnet. Strong, sweet kisses that share a longing too long denied. Whew! I think the temperature just raised ten degrees in here. Oh, this is just too good. There has to be a way to get them together here. I'll have to think on it. After all I got green eyes and his FBI man together.

Frank's friend finally wrenches himself away and heads to the bathroom to clean up. Frank is fading fast and I unfasten his arms and rub the circulation back into them. The pins and needles bring him back a bit and his head turns looking for the other man. I smile sadly and caress his cheek.

"Sorry, Frank. He has to go now. You're going to sleep for a while and when you wake up, you'll be someplace very safe and warm." I could see him fading out on me. "I enjoyed today, Frank. I hope all your pleasures in the coming years are good ones."

He murmured something under his breath and if I hadn't been so close, I might have missed it. Just a name. But it made me smile and hope for the best. Maybe they did have a chance for a future. Because the name was Peter.

I know, I know. I'm such a romantic. But as I watched Peter walk out the door with one last longing look back at his friend, I just knew that someday, somewhere they'd be together again. And this time there'd be no masks and no restraints. Just all the strength and gentleness they both could bring.

And if I'm lucky, I'll be able to watch. Yeah, yeah, I know I have these voyeuristic tendencies. It's my job. I stretched and checked Frank's pulse. Another satisfied client and another good day's work. I really am a lucky woman.

The end