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Disclaimers: somebody else owns Millennium characters. I'm just putting a little love in their drab lives. A little color and joy because they deserve it.
Rating: NC17, Frank/Sin/?
Series: Um-m-m, this seems to have become a crossover between Millennium and X-Files. Something I swore I'd never do. <sigh> Never say never!
Something's Up at the Hoover

Frank Black read the file in his hand and tried to ignore Agent Hollis' expectant silence. Interesting but he didn't see why she was so insistent that he see it. It looked like a rather ordinary case of homicide, although the pink feathers were a rather intriguing touch. Especially, where they'd been found in the victims bodies.

He leaned against the wall and felt the cotton of his chinos rub against his skin. Gritting his teeth, he fought back the instant reaction. Ever since he'd been shaved for his day of pleasure, the teasing textures of the regrowing hair had been driving him insane. Every movement reminded him of the hedonistic torture he'd endured.

Sighing, he closed the file and removed his glasses, pinching the bridge of his nose to try and stop the incipient headache from starting again. Opening his eyes, he tried to think of something to say to the pretty young agent before him but what he saw over her shoulder silenced him completely.

There she was, obviously asking directions of one of the agents. He went hot and then cold. His first instinct was to stride up to her, slip on a pair of handcuffs and arrest her for abduction. His second choice was to move a little to one side and hide behind the nice, tall figure of Agent Hollis.

"Why Agent Black, how nice to see you again." Her voice poured over him like honey and his cock filled immediately at the sound. "I hope you're treating yourself better after our last session. Did you make an appointment with the Massage Therapy Center for further treatment?"

Her hand rested gently on his arm and he felt his mouth open and close, reacting as if still under the influence of the drugs he'd been dosed with. Her light earthy scent filled his nostrils and he found himself taking a deep breath, then another before looking her right in those deep brown eyes and answering.

"No. There hasn't been time." There, he'd managed words. Coherent ones, too.

"You FBI agents are so dedicated to your work but you do know, you'd do a better job if you gave yourself a day of pleasure now and then? I'm sorry to interrupt your discussion, ma'am. I was just so pleased to see Frank again. My name is Sin Harris and my specialty is treating sore backs." She smiled up at the young agent and held out her hand.

"Agent Hollis, Ms Harris. It's a pleasure to meet you." She shook hands with the slender woman and smiled. "Agent Black was just going over a case with me."

"I won't keep you then. I have an appointment here in the building. It was a pleasure meeting you Agent Hollis. Don't let your back get into the terrible shape that Frank did." She patted her arm and turned to leave them.

Frank grabbed her shoulder and opened his mouth to say something. Anything, but his mind had gone fuzzy. She simply smiled up at him and stepped aside, taking his arm and pressing it against hers. Against that lovely warm, curvaceous hip and side.

"You could walk with me, Frank, if Agent Hollis doesn't mind. And tell me just why you can't find the time to take care of yourself." Her tones were warm and caring and he felt himself wanting to put his body into her hands again.

"That would be fine, Agent Black. Maybe, you'll have some thoughts on this case when you've had time to think about it." And the tall young agent took back the file, nodding at them both and heading off down the suddenly deserted hall.

"Why don't we duck in here, Frank, so you can yell at me in private?" Sin pulled him through a door about six steps away. He followed like a lamb to the slaughter, all his verbal skills leached away by the insistent hardness at his groin.

He heard her lock the door behind him and recognized one of the conference rooms with table and four chairs. Taking a deep breath, he shoved his hands in his pockets so he wouldn't reach for her throat. "How could you take advantage of me like that? And how many others have you tortured?"

Sin sighed and leaned back against the door. "Pleasured, Frank, not tortured. The day that loving becomes a torture, I give up. And the answer is thousands. My life has been devoted to the giving and taking of pleasure. One person at a time." She shrugged and grinned wryly. "At the very most two. Although a trio seems to be in my immediate future. Some of you FBI agents are very inventive."

Frank felt his mind start to head down that intriguing tangent but he hauled his thoughts back to the topic at hand. "Drugged, shaved, whipped, made to do ..." His treacherous memory supplied some of what he'd been suppressing and he shuddered.

"Oh, Frank." She left the door and stood before him so close he could touch her. But of course, he didn't want to touch her. Did he?

"You were loved, Frank. I love each and every one of my clients. Otherwise, I couldn't do my work. And you gave me exquisite pleasure in return for yours. Why can't you just accept that and move on?"

He closed his eyes against her pleading look. She was just trying to manipulate his senses like she'd done with the shaving and massage oil. His cock twitched at the thought of the hints of sage that had tantalized his nose for days, no matter how often he showered.

"And your friend loved you so beautifully, Frank. Is it that part of our day that has you so upset?"

He blushed hard and shook with the assault of memory that filled his body and mind. Peter. Peter fucking him into oblivion and then letting him into his own body. Tight and hot and so very, very good. He kept back a moan with all the self-control he had left.

Sin gathered him into her arms and held him. "Oh, Frank. I don't know why you can't be together but it hurts me to see so much love going to waste. You men lead such short lives, it really is a shame to waste them without your soulmate."

"He doesn't love me. He betrayed me." Frank forced out while his arms developed a mind of their own and closed around the slender body holding him so tightly. His legs parted to allow her between them and he found himself sitting on the edge of the conference table while she drew her hands under his jacket and murmured soft phrases in his ear.

"Perhaps you don't have all the facts, Frank. But I have to tell you that he does love you. With all his heart and soul. I got the impression that he was booking you in for a day of pleasure while he was looking over his shoulder and watching for someone to come after him. I don't think he's very safe where he is." Her voice soothed him while her hands stroked up and down under his leather jacket.

He found himself mimicking her movements on the lean back under his hands. The silk of her dress was cool and soft beneath his fingers. She purred and nuzzled his left nipple through his cotton shirt and he felt a flash of aching need arc through him.

"Oh dear, Frank. You are the most sensuous man. Would you mind if we took a little pleasure in the middle of the day? My appointment can wait." One of her hands snaked to the front of his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping in one swift movement. He felt himself pop out, fully hard and aching. He tried to convince himself that this was not what he wanted. He wanted hard answers not a noontime quickie on top of a table in a room that anyone could walk in on.

"Oh, gods. Don't stop," was what his wayward tongue said instead.

"Thank you, Frank. I love the way you feel in my hand, all hot and hard and smooth as silk." Her fingers caressed him with a combination of hard and soft movements that excited him to madness. Moving his hands up under her dress, he quickly discovered she was wearing no panties, only a garter belt holding up her silk stockings.

In turn, she had unbuttoned his shirt and was nibbling on a nipple. When he slipped a finger inside of her, she bit him and moaned at the same time. Palming her buttocks, he lifted her up and her legs went around his waist in one swift movement. Positioning himself at her entrance, he waited a moment.

"Frank!" Her panting whimper became a muffled shriek as he impaled her on his aching cock and took her mouth with his. Turning, he laid her on the table and began to move in and out of her, slowly and with great precision. Feeling in control for the first time in almost a week, he watched the look of passion on her face while she writhed beneath him.

"Oh, Frank, you are such a natural. Quit the FBI and come to work with me. The people we could pleasure." She sighed and slid her hands over his bare chest, tweaking his nipples with her short nails. Suddenly, her inner muscles were massaging his cock and he started to leak. Bringing one hand from her hip, he searched for and found her clitoris.

She bucked beneath him and moaned. He leaned over to muffle both their groans with a kiss and felt the long forgotten flash point arrive. The suspension of feeling for a brief moment and then the prickling tingle that flushed through him like a tidal wave, sweeping all his senses into one crashing explosion of heat and sound. Jerking with repeated pulses of climax, he quivered deep inside her body.

Thinking back over the last few moments, he realized that he had brought her over the edge as well. Her arms had fallen to her side and her face had smoothed out with the release of tension. Her sigh gusted gently in his right ear and she licked it tenderly. He buried his forehead a little closer into her neck while he tried to decide if he should just shoot himself now. Or wait for later.

He couldn't blame this on the drugs or mind control or anything but satisfied lust. What did he tell himself now when he replayed these new memories? When had he started thinking with his dick instead of his brain?

"Frank, honey, stop beating yourself up. I can hear it in your heartbeat. Don't do this. We made love or had sex or what ever you want to call it because we both wanted to. Nothing but a few lusty pheromones and us. Thank you for my pleasure." Her hands were gentle on his head and neck. "Good heavens, love. You really do need a massage if this is what you're going to keep doing to your neck muscles."

He choked at her tone of voice and began to laugh, muffling the sound in the soft skin of her throat. She chortled with him while her strong fingers massaged away the tension of the last week since he'd awoken with a set of memories that had shocked him to the core. He could finally admit to himself that part of the shock was the beauty of the experience and the rest was the feelings they'd evoked in him.

Lust. Passion. Feeling. Pleasure. And not least, love.

It would take time to come to terms with some of them. Especially, being fucked. Because his sense of smell had told him quite quickly that the man inside of him was Peter Watts. Friend, companion, traitor. But was he? Was there something he was missing? What had Sin seen that he'd been unable to see when he last looked in Peter's eyes? Something to do with the Group, certainly. But what?

"Frank, dear, as much as I love you inside of me, I really do have another appointment here in the Hoover. Now, that you're going to be all right with this, you need to get back to that lovely young agent and her case." Sin said gently and bit his earlobe.

He raised his head and looked into her expressive hazel eyes. They shone with humor and love. Nodding, he slipped from her body and helped her to sit up on the table. Sliding off the edge, she watched him button his shirt while she fluffed her hair and pulled her dress into order.

"There, you hardly looked ravished at all." She grinned up at him and adjusted his collar. "There'll be a way, Frank. I just know there will. True love always wins. Especially, when I help."

He laughed out loud and opened the door for her. "Goodbye, Sin. I don't know if I could survive any more of your 'help'. Let me recover from this one."

"I will be a little busy for a while. This next case is rather tricky. Much like Agent Hollis'. But mine won't be solved by knowing that the pink feathers are from an emu. Take care, Frank." And with a little wave, she walked away, hips gently swaying in catlike grace.

Wait a minute. How did she know about the pink feathers? Frank opened his mouth to call her back but she was gone. Shaking his head, he went to find Hollis and ask her to have an analysis of the feathers.

And hadn't Sin's eyes been brown?


Well, that had been a little unexpected, I thought to myself while I ducked into the Ladies Room to clean up a bit. Thank goodness for those little alcohol wipes. I always keep a few in my purse for just these kind of encounters. Smiling, I think back on Frank's reactions and his release of the guilt he'd felt for being forced into the pleasuring.

He really is a natural, I think while I brush my hair and make sure I'm fresh and sweet smelling instead of tousled and smelling of sex. Lovely scent of course and normally I'd enjoy wearing it for awhile. But my appointment was bound to be skittish and I wanted him calm not aroused and not knowing why.

I wasn't kidding about those pesky pheromones. They can sneak up on you without you realizing it and wham, you're in bed without really knowing why. Or if you should be. No, this was just a friendly appraisal of a potential new client for a couple of friends who were hurting.

Finding the right hall, I stop at his secretary's desk and give her my name. Smiling, she announces me and opens the door into the huge office. The man behind the desk rises to his feet silently with a puzzled expression on his face, which he's trying to hide. I'm not what he expected at all.

But the feeling's mutual because this tall, broad shouldered Olympic god isn't what I'd envisioned either. Woof! This was going to be *so* much fun if he passed a few little tests.

"Ms Harris. It's a pleasure to meet you." He'd come around from his desk and took my hand with sweet old fashioned courtesy.

"The pleasure is all mine, Assistant Director Skinner." And it looked like it might be a pleasure indeed.

The end for now